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10 Brilliant Pool Noodle Hacks

If you follow this blog with any regularity, then you already know that I love finding ways to make a useful thing EVEN MORE useful! I’ve done several posts in that same vein, highlighting the versatile nature of everything from taco seasoning to kitchen sponges to car wax. Today’s post, however, may just take the cake for the most unexpectedly useful item… the humble “pool noodle!” This long, cylindrical pool toy is a consistent favorite for summertime pool fun, but it actually has many other helpful uses, too!

Here are some of my favorites, which will probably have you running to the store to stock up before they’re gone until next summer! :-)

Clever Ways to Use a Pool Noodle

10 Fascinating Ways You Can Use A Cheap Foam Pool Noodle

  • Make a race track for marbles! Cut a pool noodle in half length-wise. Place the halves side-by-side with the inside facing up, and prop them up against a chair or table. Use the two sides to race marbles down the track, and see whose marble gets to the bottom first!

10 Fascinating Ways You Can Use A Cheap Foam Pool Noodle

  • Use a pool noodle as a goal for outdoor games like croquet or soccer. Stick two wooden skewers in the ground about 3 feet apart. Place a pool noodle over one skewer, then bend it in the middle and feed the other end of the noodle over the other skewer. Wooden skewers are fairly flimsy, so if you want something a bit sturdier, you can use several skewers together, or use a thicker wooden dowel.

10 Fascinating Ways You Can Use A Cheap Foam Pool Noodle

  • Use a pool noodle to create an easy sprinkler for cooling off during hot days. Punch several holes all over your pool noodle. Then close off one end of the noodle by stuffing it with small pieces of noodle, then covering the end completely with duct tape. Stick your garden hose through the open end of the noodle, and enjoy!

10 Fascinating Ways You Can Use A Cheap Foam Pool Noodle

  • Use a noodle to make a fun and safe motor-skills toy for small children. Slice a pool noodle into narrow discs and thread them onto a rope.

10 Fascinating Ways You Can Use A Cheap Foam Pool Noodle

  • Once toddlers start walking, every door in your home can start to become a point of concern. Ensure your little one doesn’t accidentally get their fingers slammed in a door by making a noodle barrier. Using a 1’-2’ section of pool noodle, cut a wedge out of it, like a slice of a pie, all the way down. Then use your fingers to pry it open, and slide it snugly onto the edge of your door. This will keep it from shutting all the way, making it safer for those little fingers!

10 Fascinating Ways You Can Use A Cheap Foam Pool Noodle

Similarly, you can use a piece of pool noodle, prepared as described above, on the edges of furniture to prevent stubbed toes and avoid damage to your furniture.

10 Fascinating Ways You Can Use A Cheap Foam Pool Noodle

  • This might be my FAVORITE clever use of the humble pool noodle…keep your tall boots upright and wrinkle-free by storing them with a section of pool noodle inside of them. I do this every spring.

10 Fascinating Ways You Can Use A Cheap Foam Pool Noodle

  • Slice a few narrow discs off of a pool noodle to use as drink markers. You can use them any time, but I think these would be perfect at a backyard BBQ, or a beach/luau-themed party!

10 Fascinating Ways You Can Use A Cheap Foam Pool Noodle

  • Create a “raft” using a pool noodle, so your cooler can float in the pool with you! Just cut a noodle into a few smaller pieces, then tie the pieces together with some string or rope.

10 Fascinating Ways You Can Use A Cheap Foam Pool Noodle

  • Use a piece of pool noodle to make a card holder for card games! Use a slice of noodle with a slit cut on one side to hold up your hand. This is a great idea for kids who have trouble holding all their cards at once. You can also create a Scrabble-style card holder by cutting a section of pool noodle in half length-wise, then cutting a slit in the rounded part. Slide your cards into the slit to see them all displayed in one line.

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Bright Ideas

  • I have a small garbage shed near my front door. I had added shelves to hold the recycle bins. Unfortunately, every time I bent down to bring out the garbage I would whack my head on the shelf. Slit a pool noodle and pushed it onto the shelf edge – no more lumps on the head. Also put one along the bar, under the cushion of my yard swing. It made sitting on the swing more comfortable.

  • To make shopping more efficient in a huge store in bumper to bumper cart traffic, I often abandon my cart and run back for one item. Then, where did I leave my cart? Oops, somebody grabbed my cart by mistake. To avoid this, I walk in the store through the toy section and grab a pool noodle. Then wedge it straight up in my cart. I now have a 5 ft flag post I can find my cart easily and nobody walks off with it by mistake. On the way out, I replace the pool noodle in the proper place in the store.

  • As a nurse in a home setting, I suggest to my families that they cut open a pool noodle and pad the bedrails. Elderly skin is very fragile, and this seems to help prevent lots of the skin tears and bruises.

  • We have a window airconditioner that is at the perfect height to clobber my grandkids heads. Using cut pool noddles has saved the day …………now no more sore heads…………………..

  • At my son’s camp last summer, they made “Hobby Horses” out of pool noodles – fold over one end, glue on googly eyes and tie the folded end in place with rope to make a halter and reins, then glue on felt ears and a felt mane. He loves playing with it and it is much safer than the stick ones!

  • Cut a piece 12″-15″ long to use as lumbar support in your office chair, car, etc. These can easily be covered with fabric for a more “fashionable” look.

  • I use them to protect my plants from chaffing on structural supports in my garden. Just cut a slit lengthwise in the noodle and then cut a piece to fit your need and slip it over the offending piece of metal structure. And it adds some color into an area covered with too much green.
    You can also use a piece over a section of garden hose that wants to kink. Just use a bit of duct tape to secure it to the hose.

  • Thread tent cords through a noodle so you can see where the tie-downs are and don’t trip over them in the dark.

    Thread them over rope to mark paths for walking so guests don’t drive on the grass to park at a party.

    Use them as bumpers on the slide-out of your campers, so they aren’t bumped into.

    Tape ends together to form an ‘O’ and hang with a rope from a tree for a dog jump.

    In cold climes, slit and cover your water pipes, much bigger and better insulating than the thin pipe insulation you can buy.

    Slit and cover the edges of glass coffee tables so toddlers don’t fall into them.

  • Our team painted designs on our socks this year after stretching the sock over a 6″ length of noodle, then painted the sock, and stood upright in a mason jar to dry. Worked great!

  • I’ve used them to transport framed paintings, pictures & mirrors when moving or taking home after purchase. I’d cut a slit down the length of the noodles & slide over the edges then put in the trunk to keep them safe & from sliding around.

  • Cut in half lengthwise and attach to garage wall to prevent banging the car doors when you enter or exit, especuliar if you have a narrow garage….or wide vehicle .

    • Thanks Leslie. A few weeks ago we put some on the poles in our carport. Every time I parked, I was close to banging the door on the post. Problem solved!!!

  • We cut a pool noodle all the way down one long side so it looks like a C instead of an O. Then we pushed it onto the bottom of the lower rail on the upper bunkbed in our girls’ room. That way the lowerbed sleeper had some cushion if she misjudged the space when getting in and out. #nomoreconcussions

  • Same as the sprinkler idea, make smaller holes and use as a soaker hose
    in the flower garden. Thanks for the ideas. Love the one for holding
    playing cards.

  • Metal bed frames with wheels. I was forever stubbing my toes on them until I wrapped a pool noodle around them. You might have to secure with duct tape because they can pop off.

  • All wonderful ideas. Kiddies will put their fingers at the hinged side of the door ,both my cousin and I did that. He lost his finger tip which was sewn back on and mine had to be stitched up. A problem for sure but kids probably get them caught no matter how we try to protect them

  • I put one under the fitted sheet of my daughter’s twin bed to make a low bumper when she was rolling off the bed (but considered herself “too big” for a rail). Cheap solution!

  • I brought couple noodles while stores have out you never know what you can do with them,Thank’s great idea’s you have as all way’s thank’s !!

  • Some sofa beds have metal frames. When my Mother visited one summer she used it and commented about how hard it was to get in and out without banging her legs or feet on it. We took a pool noodle and measured for length along side the metal frame and placed it over top. It really helped her. Also when some friends visited in the cooler months, the noodle protected you from the cold frame.
    And thanks for all your wonderful ideas. Love them all. Take care and have a great day.

  • I like the ridgey ones : cut off a chunk and use as a tootsie roller for sore feet or cut in half length wise to make two foam rollers for tired leg muscles. I also like the suggestion from Pinterest to use as a base for wreaths.

  • For a port-a-potty, you can cut the noodle to fit a 5 gallon bucket. This makes a comfortable seat when you have to potty when the water is off. Be sure to line it with a couple of plastic trash bags. It makes it easier to get rid of the waste.

  • You can also use a pool noodle to line the edges and/or corners of the slide-outs on a motorhome or camper to head off bumped heads and shoulders. Just slice down the center of the noodle and install!

  • My new office desk does not fit flush with the wall. As a result papers, pens and the like were falling through the small space. Fishing them out was very difficult! So I cut a noodle as long as my desk in quarters and squished it into the space. Problem solved!

  • Ha ha great. The sprinkler, the end of the bed frames I always hit my toes on. The tent lines gave me an idea to put over my clothes lines and maybe no more sagging.
    Love your emails.

  • pool noodles placed under a fitted sheet either side of a toddlers bed will keep them from rolling off the bed in their sleep but they are still able to get out of bed when they need to

  • I’ve made a bracelet holder…..I attached a 12′ piece of wooden dowel into a wood base and then used a piece of pool noodle to cover the wooden dowel and put my bracelets over it to keep them handy and so they don’t clutter up my jewelry box.

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