Here’s 12 Easy Ways To Cool Down Quickly And Beat The Heat

Cool Down Quickly

Ultra-hot summer weather is definitely not for the faint of heart. It can turn even the most level-headed person into an unreasonable grump and the most inviting home into an unwelcoming sauna! Hot weather can also be dangerous, both for humans and our four-legged friends. In either case, it can really pay to know a few tips and tricks for cooling off quickly. And it just so happens that that’s exactly what I plan on sharing with you today!

These tips cover a wide variety of scenarios where you might want to cool something down quickly. From warm drinks to hot cars, and stuffy beds to sweaty faces, there’s sure to be a tip here that will help you “find your chill!” And if you have any brilliant tips for cooling off that aren’t listed here, I’d love to hear about them! Share your tip in a comment at the bottom of this post, and we can keep the conversation going there. :-)

12 Genius Ways To Cool Down Quickly

Cool Down Quickly

1. Ice-Cold Drinks In A Flash

Put your bottles or cans into a tub or container, leaving a little extra room between each drink. Pack the gaps and the area around the bottles and cans with ice. Next, sprinkle one or two cups of salt over the ice, then fill the remaining room in the container with water. (I usually use rock salt for this, but you can also use table salt.)

Salt interferes with water’s ability to freeze, so the water around your drinks will quickly turn colder than normal. It’s definitely the best method to use if you want to cool drinks down really fast! When I’ve tried it, it has only taken about 10-20 minutes to get drinks down to a deliciously frosty and drinkable temperature.

Cool Down Quickly

2. Cool Down A Hot Car

I can’t stand sliding into my hot car during the summertime. Ugh! It’s like sitting in an oven. But I recently learned a trick that cools my car off much faster than simply cranking the A/C!

When you get into your hot car, start by rolling all the windows down. Crank the A/C up, but adjust your settings so that it’s coming out of the floor vents only. This creates an airflow that forces hot air up and out of the open windows. Your car will cool off in record time!

Cool Down Quickly

3. Cool Down Your Bed & Bedding

I don’t know about you, but I personally find it much harder to fall asleep when it’s hot out. I just can’t seem to relax when I feel all hot and sweaty! If you feel the same way, here are a few tips that might help.

Some people swear by putting their pillowcases and top sheet in the freezer before getting into bed. They say that slipping into chilled sheets is downright heavenly, especially if it’s hot and humid! Another way to cool down at bedtime is to freeze a hot water bottle and place it down by your feet. It won’t keep you cool all night, but it will definitely last long enough for you to fall asleep!

Cool Down Quickly

4. Cool Off Overheated Pets

Many pets are sensitive to heat, and they can quickly overheat on very hot days. Keep an eye out for signs that your pet is feeling overheated, including excessive panting, excessive drooling, tongue hanging out, or very red gums. If your pet is showing these signs, make sure they have access to water first. Then soak a couple of towels in cool water (not ice water) and apply them to your pet’s armpit area and groin area. These areas have major blood vessels, so it should help your pet cool off quickly. If your pet’s symptoms haven’t improved after 10 minutes, take your pet to your vet or a pet urgent care clinic.

Cool Down Quickly

5. Make A Cooling Body Spray

If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors in the summer heat, make a simple cooling spray for quick relief! Add one part aloe vera gel and three parts cold water to a small spray bottle. Aloe cools skin by up to five degrees on contact, and it penetrates into the skin which can help keep you cool for a while. Put the mixture into a metal spray bottle to help keep the spray cooler, longer.

Cool Down Quickly

6. Put Your Lotions In The Fridge

During the hottest part of the summer, I like to keep my moisturizers and lotions in the fridge. It feels very refreshing to put on cold lotion, and it has a very soothing effect on skin too. Cold moisturizers and lotions can help reduce redness and soothe sunburns too.

Cool Down Quickly

7. Drink Up!

When summer temperatures get really high, you sweat more (whether you feel sweaty or not!) So it’s really important to drink lots of water to stay hydrated! Avoid drinking too many caffeinated drinks as well, because their diuretic effect will make it harder to stay hydrated.

Cool Down Quickly

8. Run Your Wrists Under Cold Water

If you’re in a rush and want to cool down fast, try running your wrists under cold water. Your blood vessels in your wrists are very close to the surface, so the cold water can actually cool off your blood a little bit. The cooler blood will circulate through your body and you’ll feel cooler in no time.

Cool Down Quickly

9. Snack On Frozen Fruit

Hot weather can have us reaching for frozen treats like ice cream sandwiches and popsicles to cool off. Instead, reach for frozen fruit to help you cool down! It’s a healthier choice but you’ll still get the same relief from the heat.

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Cool Down Quickly

10. Use Fans to Create a Cross Breeze

If hot weather has you sweating yourself silly, use that sweat to cool yourself down by creating a breeze inside your house. Just open windows on opposite sides of the house (or a room, if you’re only cooling down a single room) and place a fan in front of each window, one pointed inward and the other outward. One of the fans will draw the air into the room while the other fan pushes air out the other window. It’s not quite the same as having a functioning air conditioning unit, but it’s a pretty decent solution in a pinch! You may also want to place a bucket filled with ice in front of the fan pointing inward to cool down the warm daytime air.

Creating a breeze like this is even more effective at night when air temperatures are cooler, so be sure to use this trick overnight to get a head start on cooling your house for the day!

11. Sleep Like An Egyptian

I can’t verify the truth of this origin story, but apparently it’s believed that the ancient Egyptians had a method for keeping themselves cool while they slept. And you can use it too! Just dampen a sheet or towel and use it as a blanket. The water will evaporate overnight, keeping you cool. (If a damp towel doesn’t sound like a great blanket to you, try misting your top sheet with a spray bottle before climbing in bed!)

Cool Down Quickly

12. Make Your Own Cooling Pillow

The cool side of the pillow is a magical thing, but it only lasts for so long. But you can make your own pillow that will stay cool for hours! I like to call it the “chillow!” Get all the details and instructions on how to make one at the link below.

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Bright Ideas

  • I have a tip…..I like to put bottled water in the freezer to not only drink but to lay on my chest when I’m really hot, I learned this trick when I was having hot flashes and it really cools you off fast!

  • My grandmother had her own unique way to cool down during the hot and humid Midwest summers…she would stand in the bowl of the toilet and flush. She said the cold water swirling around her ankles and feet was an instant cool down. Incidentally, my grandmother kept an incredibly immaculate home so the typical “gross” factor doesn’t apply!

  • There are different ways you can keep yourself cool in the hot summer. When you are on the move, it becomes different from staying cool as there cannot be any traditional fan or portable AC around you. That is where the neck fan can come to your rescue as you can put them on easily and stay calm and cool. They look great and stylish when you put them on, and they are also adjustable as per your requirements.

  • I leave a couple of inches of water in the bathtub for my dog (I no longer have children at home). She jumps in and out at will then lays under the ceiling fan on her rug. She also has plenty of water to drink if she empties her bowl.

  • When I worked in the operating room and got over heated we put rubbing alcohol on the back of our necks. It worked great. When we were out of power for 10 days after a hurricane and it was 80 and 90 degrees out side the only way I could sleep was to wet our sheets.

  • I carry takcum powder in my purse during the summer. Dusting sweaty damp skinn is
    almost as good as taking a shower and on humud days skeeps you cool amd dry longer. Baby powder works well too.

  • Coming home on a hot day n want to cool down instantly?? Try this it works for sure.when u wash ur face as soon as u come he dont forgetto wash ur ears!!! The moment u cup ur ears with water u will cool down in a second n also feel absolutely fresh!! Do try it n see the wonder. (obviously tap water, room temp running water,not hot/warm)

  • I see so many familiar remedies here!! We used to run out wrists under cold water and put cold water on the backs of our necks at Girl Scout camp. That’s also where I discovered that chewing on spearmint leaves -which grew wild next to the cold water fountain- would help you feel cooler. I now put spearmint oil in front of the fans to have that scent permeate the room to the same effect.
    Mint leaves or cucumber slices in your water -we keep an extra pitcher in the fridge- can make you feel cooler plus make it easier to drink larger amounts.
    Due to my constant migraine we have a number of those masks and head wraps that go in the fridge or freezer (or can be heated) and have found that wrapping these around the forehead or back of the neck are great! They can be purchased inexpensively on Hollar (if you want them quickly) or Wish (if you can wait 4-6 weeks but I’ve gotten them for just the cost of shipping).
    I totally agree with another poster who said soaking your feet in cold water helps, but warm water can help as well, if it isn’t as dire as her condition at the time.
    Misting your feet with a mint foot spray or something along the lines of Biofreeze at night can work wonders.
    We will make a misting spray for our sheets with water and a cooling oil but if you don’t have AC it’s easy to overdo it and end up with gross, humid sheets so be careful.
    I find that drinking hot tea throughout the summer makes me better able to tolerate the heat overall. I know it sounds insane and it may just be psychological, but it works for me and has helped others I know.
    Also, for homemade popsicles, there are all sorts of yummy tea-based recipes out there that don’t have any of the sugar and help keep you hydrated. Berries in hibiscus tea is a personal favorite.
    Finally, I recently read an article on Huffington Post that says caffeine only has a diuretic effect on non-habitual coffee drinkers. They said if you regularly drink coffee you don’t have to give it up for hydration. I’m not a coffee drinker so it doesn’t impact me, but it may be useful for others, or you may want to do more research on it.

    Love you Jillee! Thanks for all the great info.

  • The fastest way to cool off if overheated is to put your feet in cool water. I overheated on a camping trip once. My husband got cold faucet water in a bowl I put my feet in and I felt better within 5 minutes

  • Thank you for sharing: I try to experiment with something from your posts regularly and love how your ideas add a bit of fun and variety into everyday life – as well as so often being really useful… Today frozen banana kebabs were a real hit.

  • A bed with damp sheets/blankets doesn’t seem like a good idea for someone who suffers from night sweats. Nothing worse than clammy, sticky sheets …

  • Great ideas,,I live in the Midwest and it has been very hot and humid. The spray bottle idea sounds interesting. My only issue with this is we are getting ready to travel and can hear the complaints.

    • I tried the spray bottle trick today. My job requires us to go out in the heat. I just used a small almost empty metal bottle that we had around the house. It actually worked pretty good. I decided I wanted to test it before we hit the road. Where can you find the tiny metal mist bottles.? I also hope I got the ratio right. I used a capful of aloe and filled the container all the way with water.

      • Thanks. I’ll have to look. I don’t go in the one in our city very often. My folks go there more often than me. I’ll have to ask my mom to look. The Dollar Trees can vary according to where you live.

  • Cooling drinks using ice water with salt is great but a word of caution; make sure that all the drinks are used or completely rinsed before storing for later use. I used to do this when I ran a tiny concession stand and found myself mystified when some cans started feeling empty. I soon found that salt residue was eating tiny holes in the cans allowing the beverage to be lost.

    My favorite go-to for hot summer nights is dampening the top sheet of my bed. After giving birth to my first grandchild my daughter-in-law was completely miserable from being overheated. The nurses insisted on keeping the heat in her room at an elevated temperature. My son called me for ideas and I suggested they dampen her sheet. They said it worked like a dream and she was finally able to get some much needed rest.

  • There are special towels which you wet, wring out and then snap a few times, you can then put them around your neck, or on your shoulders, or on your torso if you’re lying down, they stay cold fo a good hour, heaven!

    • There are also bandannas that have gel beads sewn into them. After the beads are soaked and chilled or frozen, the bandanna is worn around the neck. The major bloodvessels are cooled and even extreme heat becomes more bearable.

      • Read the instructions on the bandanas. The ones we get at work say not to freeze them. The crystals absorb water and freezing them causes the crystals to burst and they won’t hold water after that.

      • So far none of the beads have burst yet, although I’ve frozen and thawed them for several years.

    • My mom gave my sister in law a cooling towel one year. She loves My mom also has one of the bandanas with the silicone beads. She was roped into going to our Church’s girl camp one year and she said it helped to stay cool.

  • >