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medication list

Your doctor shouldn’t be the only one with a thorough record of the medications you’re taking. My new Medication List printable gives you a place to keep track of what you’re taking, who prescribed it, dosages, and more.

But it doesn’t have to be just for your own use—parents and caregivers will find it useful as well. Caregivers can use it to keep a complete list of what medications the person they’re caring for needs to take and when, whether that person is a child with a health concern or a parent who needs assistance.

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medication list

Another great reason to download and fill out this list is so that you can bring it with you whenever you’re going to meet with a new doctor or healthcare professional. You can pretty much guarantee that they’re going to ask about the medications you’re taking, so bringing this list with you (or snapping a photo of it and keeping it on your phone) can help you give them the information they need without needing to remember all the details on the spot.

Download The Medication List Printable

You can download your copy of my free Medication List by using the button in the box below.

Medication List Printable

Download a PDF file of my medication list printable, print it out, and use it to keep track of medications for yourself, your children, or your parents.

The medication list is displayed in black and white.

Download The Medication List PDF

What other kinds of printables or downloads would be useful to you?

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  • Gosh, I started a comment then got a phone call – no comment left!! So several years ago I retired and so did all my doctors!

    I don’t like having to try to remember everything when I go to a new doctor so I created my own. It includes my former as well as my current medical professionals, my medications/supplements, previous surgeries, previous health issues, my personal health history and finally my family health history. It is a document of several pages and I keep it up to date constantly! Then when I go to the doctor, I take a new and current copy just in case and ALWAYS take a copy when going to a new doctor or clinic. I have one printed out on my fridge so that I can grab it if I need to run to the urgent care and it is also there or replaced as needed in the event the EMTs arrive for an emergency.

  • I carry my phone with me wherever I go, so it makes sense I carry my medication list and calendar on it. I use to keep track of my passwords, personal info, medication list, household items list, replacement items list, etc. It really helps to have it all in one place and it is only .99 charge one time, and it transfers as you change up phones. I don’t like carrying papers with me, too cluttered. I can have all of my info in one place, under one easy code I can remember and that I do not share. It is totally secure and highly rated too. You can also have other household members on your calendar and grocery list, so that members of your family can add items.

  • I have to say that this is nice but my Dr’s nurse appreciated the photos of each of my pills with all the info on it more. They are saved to my locked memos. I never go much of anywhere without my phone. The photos are easier for them to read. Plus they can check how many refills are left etc.

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