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7 Deeply Affordable Organizing Hacks You’ll Want To Try

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When it comes to organizing, my favorite tips and tricks are the ones that are most affordable. Because while certain retailers would have you believe otherwise, the important aspects of organization are more about function than form, and functional organizing can be extremely frugal!

In fact, there are tons of frugal and effective organizing hacks out there, including in this very post! This post will serve as a follow-up to my first collection of cheap and easy organizing hacks, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t already.

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7 Cheap And Easy Organizing Hacks

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1. Store Shopping Bags Near The Door

It’s all too easy to forget your reusable shopping bags when you’re heading to the grocery store, but storing them in the right spot can make it easier to remember them. Mount a magazine holder or file organizer somewhere that you’ll see them when you’re leaving for the store.

Get Organized In Minutes

2. Use A Pill Organizer For Earrings

Keep your earring collection organized and tidy by storing them in a pill organizer. Store one pair in each compartment to keep them untangled and easy to find. (You can use this tip anytime, but I find it especially useful for traveling!)

Easy Organizing Hacks

3. Baskets For Bathroom Storage

Short on cabinet space in your bathroom? Use decorative baskets to store bulky items like extra toilet paper or clean towels. Keep it tucked out of the way, and it will add functional and attractive storage to your bathroom.

Easy Organizing Hacks

4. Think Outside The Nightstand

Speaking of storage solutions, one easy way to add more storage to your bedroom is by replacing your current nightstand. Swap it out for something that offers more storage space, like a small dresser or even a filing cabinet. You can use that extra space to store anything you want to keep out of the way.


5. Treat Your Closet Like An Ongoing Project

The key to keeping your bedroom organized is treating it like an ongoing project instead of a once-a-year effort. Keep a bag or box for donations inside your closet, so you can evaluate and make decisions about what to keep or donate every time you get dressed!

Easy Organizing Hacks

6. Use Clear Storage Bins

Use clear storage bins to corral collections of small items. That way, you’ll be able to check out the contents from the outside, rather than making a mess by rifling through the bin every time.

Easy Organizing Hacks

7. Keep A Household Binder

Keep your important documents in a household binder! Get a large binder and fill it with tab dividers, document pouches, and whatever else you need to keep everything organized.

It’s the perfect way to keep documents, important receipts, user manuals, coupons, and invoices organized. You can even use it to store your recipe collection, or depending on how many recipes you have, store it in a separate binder.

What’s your best cheap and easy organizing hack?

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  • I use the clam shell type boxes that strawberries come in for ribbon storage. You can thread the end of the ribbon through the openings on the side and just pull out what you need.

  • Good idea on the donation bag in your closet.
    But my grocery bags goes in the back seat right behind my drivers seat. That way I just get out and open my back door and get the amount of bags I need. If I kept them in the home. I would forget them. I have my keys and key fob by the front door.

    Important documents goes into my firebox.

  • With the fires we were having in Northern California a few years ago, I finally got serious about having a ready to go GO BAG, which we keep in the coat closet by the front door. I decided that was good a place as any to keep things like passports. It’s half full so I can throw more stuff in in an emergency. In the event of a pending evacuation, I move it to near the front door.

  • I just keep my shopping bags folded up in a larger shopping bag in the trunk of my car. I keep the plastic shopping bags in a Kleenex box in my pantry. (I use those opened out in a bucket for picking up dog waste, and other messy tasks). :)

  • I live in a rented duplex and my kitchen is SO small! I only have two drawers, which hold all of my silverware and other cooking tools like spatulas, ladles, etc. I have become a master of, let’s say, um “shelving and suspension”! Above my stove, I put a shelf with cooking sprays, tasting spoons, salt…things I use when cooking on the stove. Above my air-fryer, same basic thing. Above my sink, in front of the window, I hung one of those three-tiered wire baskets, and put my clean dishcloths in the small, top basket. In the middle, medium one, I put my floursack dish towels, and in the bottom, the large basket I put my terry-cloth and heavy cotton towels. I “roll” all of them and stand them up so they look really fun but yet this has proven to be very functional, as well! Isn’t it crazy how much a real need can send us into creativity? I know I’ve done things that I never, even knew I could do!!

  • When I wanted to start using a home organization binder, I looked at probably a dozen commercial planners. None of them exactly matched my needs (which, as it turned out, were ill defined at the time anyway) and some of them were shockingly expensive. A large three ring binder, a supply of dividers, pockets and tabs and I was loaded for bear. Oh, and my faithful, ever useful P-Touch label maker. I don’t start ANY organizing project without first checking my refill label tape supply.

    • The easiest, cheapish way I know is to take an old pair if jeans, cut off one leg, run a draw string through a hem at the cut edge, run a small length of elastic inside the original ankle hem. You can hang it from a nail by the drawstring. It will hold a ton of the plastic bags.

      • Great idea. We do not get many plastic bags, as we use reusable bags, however, when buying vegetables we do put them into the thin plastic bags which are great for our daily garbage. Often the bags that come our five day a week printed newspaper will suffice.
        With our children and frankly all our grandchildren grown and living in distant places, there are just the two of us at home, so to wait for the bag in our garbage bin to fill up would make our house smell awful.

    • We keep all of my reusable shopping bags in one large shopping bag and keep it in the trunk of the car. Actually we have two cars and each car has a large shopping bag filled with shopping bags. We have a one-car garage, so if we are buying many grocery items we use the car that is in the garage.

    • There is a way to fold them in half lengthwise, then lay them out overlapping the bottom of one bag through the handles of the next, then roll them up and put in a tissue box. Pull one out and the next one pops right up!

  • I have 2 binders for Recipes I find in magazines and such.
    for one I try to keep desserts and snacks the other is for meals also DIY stuff like I printed out your how to make your own paper.

  • We keep the shopping bags in a basket by our front door or in the trunk. We have some customers at our store who have coolers in their trunks. Some have quite a ways to go home.Always amazes me. We use a basket for some of our nice towels in the bathroom. I have a hanging organizer at home for my jewelry. I also use a tiny travel size one on trips . I like the pillbox idea. I’ll have to try packing my earrings like that.

    • I store my clean shopping bags inside a larger bag, then loop one handle over the head rest in the back seat. When I need a bag (s), I lift my hatch and reach for them. I own a Hyndi Santa Fe and find this a practical way to store them…………..

  • I think the best place to keep grocery shopping bags is in the trunk. There’s no way you can go to the store without them! If you do forget to take them into the store you can put all the items after you’ve paid for them into the cart take them out to the car and then put them in the bags. It’s a no lose situation.

    • We have a bigshopper attached to the side of the trunk in wich we have small and bigger bags. And….a peace of a small poolnoodle cut open to the half is a perfect solution to carry plastic bags. This way you do not “cut off”your fingers :-)

  • I love using the clear totes and shelving units. Rather than taping the information on the outside, I create a label and slip it down INSIDE so it shows through the drawer. This way, when I re=organize and want to use that storage piece for something else, I don’t have to bother with peeling off tape, etc.

  • Thanks for the great tips as always – just putting in my 2 cents – for important documents such as passports, car titles, wills, insurance policies, etc. – I keep these, valuable jewelry and some cash all in a small sentry fireproof safe tucked away in the closet of the master bedroom – that way you will know exactly where they all are and they are protected in case of any unforseen disaster such as a fire, etc. – also you can just grab the safe & go in case you would ever have to evacuate for any reason….a must for folks living in Florida during hurricane season!

  • I re-purposed a mission style aquarium stand/cabinet as a nightstand just last week! It has adjustable shelves (which are perfect for storing my bedside reading out-of-the way), is not as deep as most nighstands (so I don’t stub my toes getting in and out of bed LOL), and is taller (which works with my taller bed).

  • I scan and file on my PC everything I can. I scan the small manuals, titles, receipts, income tax items, recipes. I give everything a file name and then put in appropriate folder. If I need to find I can search with a word, but what a time saver!

    • Deborah V: What a fantastic idea! I just had someone recommend something similar for decluttering my children’s handmade art. If you don’t have a scanner or home PC, another good option is to take pictures with your phone and catalog/store it using an online data or picture storage site (or they can be backed up/uploaded onto the cloud/whichever your carrier uses). I definitely prefer the scanner idea though, being able to name and label the items for quick locating later sounds like an even better way to get and stay organized!!!

    • Great idea Deborah! Keeping electronic files is so important in today’s world. With cloud backups, you can always access important documents and files, no matter what type of catastrophe or natural disaster we may be involved in.

  • I have a large collection of earrings and found the best way to store them is to use ice cube trays. It is easy to see what I have and they can be stored in individual compartments without tangling. This method does not take up much room as several trays can be stacked and placed in a drawer.

  • I keep my reusable shopping bags (along with a small cooler) in the car all the time, so I don’t forget them on shopping trips. When I bring them inside full of groceries, I unpack the food and then put the bags on our halltree by the door so that I take them with the next time I go to the car. The extra clutter is incentive to put them back where they belong!

    I use old baking pans for storage and organization. I have two old aluminum muffin tins that I use to organize earrings and necklaces, as our dressers have “hidden”, shallow drawers above the main ones for small and/or delicate items. I group the earrings by color in the muffin tin wells so that it’s easy to find what I’m looking for and I don’t forget what I have. In the bathroom, I use the shallow bar pans in the vanity drawers for everyday items like toothpaste and my hairbrush, and mini-loaf pans to organize makeup containers and brushes. I even use the tiny loaf pans for the smallest items like tweezers that can easily get buried under larger things. In our medicine cupboard I also use loaf pans to organize meds by category – antihistamines, first aid, pain reliever, etc. It’s easy to find what we need quickly and use things up before buying more.

    Lastly I’m a big fan of storing things out in the open when possible, like Jillee’s example of toilet paper. A basket or glass jar can turn everyday things – bars of soap (unwrapped), dry goods, cleaning supplies (e.g., powders, wood brushes, sea sponges), dog treats – into home decor so that I don’t have to buy decorations to fill an empty space. This also makes storage space in closets, cupboards and drawers less necessary. I still like seasonal decor and some things really need to be stored out of sight but I try to find ways to use practical things to accomplish two purposes at once.

    • I also store my shopping bags in the trunk. After unloading groceries I set the bags on my dryer, which is close to the back door, so the bags go back to the car next trip out to the garage.

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