These 15 Surprisingly Cheap Organizers Are Incredibly Useful

collage of various Cheap Organizers You Can Get For Under $15

Useful And Budget-Friendly Organization Products

Getting rid of clutter around the house is easy enough, but organizing is often more complicated. If you’re rearranging things and moving stuff around, you might need organization products like bins, boxes, hooks, and hangers to get the job done.

And while you can easily blow an entire paycheck at the Container Store, organizing supplies don’t have to be expensive! In fact, there are plenty of worthwhile, yet inexpensive, products that can aid in your organizing efforts, and that’s exactly what today’s post is all about! :-)

Below, you’ll find a list of 15 cheap organizers on Amazon you can get for $15 or less. Any of these items may be just what you need to keep things organized and accessible!

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Check out a brilliantly simple fridge organization hack by watching the video at the end of the post!

15 Cheap Organizers Under $15 That Will Solve Your Clutter Problems

Rack For Pot Lids sitting on a kitchen counter holding two pot lids

1. Rack For Pot Lids

I used to pile all the lids of my cooking pots in a stack in one of my kitchen cupboards. It was a horrible system, and I don’t recommend it. I bought one of these racks for pot lids a few years ago, and it ended up being a total game-changer! It takes up less space than my stack of lids did, and it makes it so much easier to find and grab a lid when I need it. View it on Amazon.

6-Drawer Tea Organizer holding tea bags

2. 6-Drawer Tea Organizer

If you’re a big tea drinker, then get this organizer in your home, pantry, or office STAT! ;-) This little chest has 6 individual drawers that are perfect for storing your different kinds of tea bags. Plus, this little organizer is pretty enough that you can display it right on your countertop or desk! View it on Amazon.

4-Pocket Hanging Organizer hanging on the back of a door holding various baby items

3. 4-Pocket Hanging Organizer

This organizer can be hung over a door or on a wall and can be used to store just about anything. With all those deep pockets, you could use it to store things that would be too tall for smaller pocket organizers. View it on Amazon.

S-Type Hanger For Pants & Scarves hanging in a closet

4. S-Type Hanger For Pants & Scarves

You can save a lot of closet space with one of these “s-type” hangers! The 5 parallel rungs make the organization of hanging slacks, skirts, or even scarves super easy. View it on Amazon.

 Loop Hanger holding scarves

5. Loop Hanger

This hanger is a must-have for anyone with an extensive collection of ties, belts, or scarves. The hanger has 23 loops you can hang stuff from, so it can really help free up more space in your closet! View it on Amazon.

3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer hanging on a clothing rack and holding folded clothes

6. 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

A cloth organizer could be the missing piece in your closet organization puzzle. It’s a cheap and easy way to add shelf storage to your closet without having to install a complicated storage system. Use this organizer to store shoes, handbags, linens, accessories, and more! View it on Amazon.

over-the-door "shoe" organizer hanging on a door and holding shoes

7. Shoe Organizer

It’s no secret that I LOVE these over-the-door “shoe” organizers. In fact, a few months ago I wrote a whole blog post about all the different ways you can use them! (If you missed it, you can check it out at the link below.) It’s an easy way to add additional storage space to any closet or room, and yes, it’s good for storing shoes too. :-) View it on Amazon.

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leopard print Purse Organizer sitting on a table and holding various items

8. Purse Organizer

Due to the irresistible prices in the purse section at T.J.Maxx, I have a sizable collection of handbags. I try to use them all regularly, but moving all my stuff from one bag to another got old pretty quickly! So I bought a purse organizer like this one, which makes it quick and easy for me to switch handbags as often as I want! View it on Amazon.

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plastic Crafting Organizer holding various craft items like beads and safety pins

9. Crafting Organizer

If you have any crafty hobbies, then you probably already know that your collection of supplies can quickly turn into a cluttered mess! This crafting organizer can help you control the chaos. This simple organizer has 36 adjustable compartments to keep beads, embroidery thread, and other small items organized! View it on Amazon.

computer and mouse sitting on a table and showing cords wrapped with velcro cord wraps

10. Cord Wraps

Tangled cords drive me nuts! These simple velcro-like wraps are a must-have for keeping chargers, power cords, and other wires organized. View it on Amazon.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer holding various jewelry items

11. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

If you’re short on storage space in your bedroom and bathroom, you can use a hanging jewelry organizer to keep your jewelry collection in your closet! It has plenty of small pockets on the front for rings and earrings, while the back features a series of loops that are perfect for necklaces. Everything is visible and accessible, and the whole hanger takes up very little closet space. View it on Amazon.

clear acrylic Makeup Organizer holding lipstick and lotion

12. Makeup Organizer

An organizer like this can be an effective storage solution for your makeup, and it can help make it more useable too. This is a great way to store lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, concealers, and any other item that comes in a small tube. You’ll be able to see all your options without having to dig through your makeup bag to find them. View it on Amazon.

wood Cord Management Clip on a desk holding various cords

13. Cord Management Clip

Tired of your chargers, USB cables, and other cords slipping off your desk or nightstand? Then this wooden clip is the perfect solution! The 5 slots will hang on to all your cords and keep them handy until the next time you need to plug something in. View it on Amazon.

Letter Holder & Key Rack hanging on a wall and holding keys and letters

14. Letter Holder & Key Rack

This organizer would make a great addition to any entryway or kitchen. Use the hooks to keep track of car keys, spare keys, and other small items, and use the main compartment to keep track of your incoming or outgoing mail. View it on Amazon.

Interlocking Drawer Bins sitting in a table and holding various bathroom supplies

15. Interlocking Drawer Bins

Shallow bins are a good way to keep a drawer organized, but they do tend to slide around. But these brilliant interlocking bins are more likely to stay put. Plus, you can arrange them to create the perfect storage solution for your needs! View it on Amazon.

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  1. I love the suggestions on this website! Many of which I have used over the years. I’m pretty good at keeping things organized. It’s the rest of the family who struggle. Lol. I especially liked the over the door deep pocket holder. Unfortunately the American Amazon is considerably cheaper than here in Canada.

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  2. I feel like we’re really good at organizing except…..we’re not good about putting things back where they belong LOL Is there a product to help with that or ideas someone can share?

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  3. I’ve had the hanging jewelry organizer for years. I love it. My mom bought me one Christmas one year . The store she bought it at went out business. I know she bought another one year for one of my sisters. I’ve had the makeup organizer for years. Probably at least 20., My brother had my name one year and his wife was working for Nuskin at the time. She also had some of the organizers with her and gave me some. This was before the organizers were easy to find. I won’t ever get rid of mine.

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  4. I have something similar to your drawer bins and to stop the sliding, I put a piece of the rubber shelf liner under them and it worked almost perfectly! Only allows sliding if I slam the drawer to make my point, if you get my drift. Question…Jillee, are the tea organizers a good size and way to store my essential oils? I am wanting to sort of categorize them, if you will. Thanks and stay safe!! :-)

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  5. I just started using a jewelry organizer. I have it hanging on a Command hook on the back of my bedroom door. Love it. So easy to see everything I still keep my best jewelry in a box, but for every day things this is great and I have it organized by color to make selection even easier.

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  6. Sometimes you can get great deals at your local dollar store as well. I like that new over the door organizer. The biggest struggle I have with those is when doors close too snugly against the frame and you lack clearance to hang them. Then you have to drill in holes. They are a great way to take advantage of wasted space!

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  7. I’m a quilter and having a sewing room full of stuff. I use a shoe organizer on the inside door of my room. It holds a ton!

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  8. Unfortunately most of these items are no longer under $10. The ones I clicked on were all above $10. Still good ideas for organizing though.

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  9. No comment option on the clothes pin page. I painted a pin to match my mail box. I have used this same pin for nearly 20 yrs. to hold my out going mail secure. Works great! For bag clips, I use the office type binder clips. They are available in various sizes, have a wide gripping surface and are very secure. They don’t slip off easily!

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  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this website . Lots of great ideas. I have used and made many of JIllies’ ideas.

    Jillie check out > SaicleHome Home Large-capacity Travel Organizer Storage Bag Portable Cosmetic Bag Makeup Storage Case Brand:SaicleHome for 4.99 and many colors to choose from. Look familiar?

    I use and give the craft organizer you show as an earring container. I found the best prices for the plastic containers at Harbor Freight which is a tool store so their container is advertised for nails and screws. But as a gift I paint a LARGE wooden letter (the first letter of the persons name) and glue it on the top.

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  11. Wow, I did not know, nor think of some of these, nor how they could be used to help organize. Thank you.

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  12. kitchen silver ware holders also work great for organizing drawers. Use them for brushes, combs, tooth paste, hair bands, make up etc.

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  13. I had a bunch of those makeup organizes you showed, but ended up switching my makeup system – then I figured out those are PERFECT for storing smaller essential oil blends. Now I keep my most frequently used smell bottles in easy reach by my diffuser!

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  14. I bought a crafting organizer that is large and deep. We use it for our first aid box.I am using a couple of the hanging 6 shelves for my sewing supplies of fabric.

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  15. Thanks, Jillee! I just ordered the shoe bag and pants organizer! Have a great week!

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  16. Instead of the defined-purpose velcro cord wraps, go find the gardening roll of velcro that’s designed for staking plants. The home stores have them in their gardening section when it’s open. The hold is somewhat lighter than the heavy-weight velcro and the roll is ginormous for the under $5 price. Cut them to length as your cord size dictates. It’s a GREAT savings and easier to use!

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  17. My husband just purchased an organizer like the one you pictured to organize crafts. He’s using it to organize fishing tackle.

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  18. I use the 5 line hanger for my table clothes and table runners. I got the kind that swing our so I just slide them on and off. I separate by lengths than Holliday’s and colors. My table has 3 leaves and opens to 120”. I than use the hanging shelves for my cloth napkins. Yes, I have way too many linens!

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  19. Good ideas. I have the hanging jewelry organizer and the makeup organizer. It makes it easier to find stuff.

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  20. IKEA also does a lid rack, metal and easily adjustable.

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    • I turned my lid rack on it’s side so the lid has less chance of sliding out.

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