7 Decor Hacks That Will Make Your House Easier To Clean

DecoratingTips That Make Cleaning Easier

What if I told you that a few simple home decor and interior design choices could make all the difference in making your home quicker and easier to keep clean? It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t! And in fact, I’ll be telling you all about those simple design choices in today’s post!

There’s nothing wrong with considering your individual preferences when decorating your home, but it can also be useful to consider how those choices will impact the effort it takes to keep your home clean. While many of the tips that can make your home easier to clean throughout this post are related to purchasing new items, I also included tips for homeowners who aren’t looking to redecorate completely.

Here’s to smartly designed homes and easy cleaning for us all! :-)

7 Simple Decor Tips That Will Make Your Home Easier To Clean

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1. Choose Elevated Furniture

Choosing sofas, side tables, and other furniture on elevated legs makes it a lot easier reach your broom or vacuum underneath them when it’s time to clean your floors, and can save you tons of time and effort. If you’ve already invested in furniture that sits flush with the ground, try placing them on furniture sliders so they’re easier to move around.

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2. Use Easy-To-Clean Paint

Have you ever noticed that the more smooth and shiny a surface is, the easier it is to wipe away smudges and stains? The same thing applies to the finish on your walls.

Paints with an eggshell finish are more resistant to dirt, grease, and grime, so they make a great choice for interior walls. When messes do appear on eggshell-painted walls, you can tackle them with ease using a Magic Eraser.

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3. Select A Durable Sofa

When you’re lounging on the couch, there’s nothing more frustrating than having a relaxing moment interrupted by a food or drink spill. You can’t prevent spills from happening, but you can make life easier for yourself by choosing an easy-to-clean sofa.

Stain-resistant microfiber and easy-to-wipe leather are great choices for couch upholstery if you’re buying a new one. If you already have a couch you love but wish were easier to clean, consider buying a washable slipcover or applying a stain-repelling treatment like Scotchgard.

For more tips on maintaining your couch and increasing its lifespan, check out this blog post.

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4. Skip The Open Shelving

Open, highly-stylized shelving may look breezy and beautiful, but all of that airflow brings in dust and dirt! Glass-front cabinets, on the other hand, allow you to admire your picture-perfect decor while also keeping it clean.

If you already have open shelving, consider treating your decor items with a dusting spray to help prevent dust from settling on them and keep things clean longer.

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5. Put Washable Covers On Everything

Rather than spending your precious free time spot cleaning your upholstery, avoid the problem entirely by outfitting your upholstered items with washable slipcovers and protectors.

You can do this with couches, throw pillows, mattresses, and bed pillows. With washable covers and protectors, keeping things clean gets a whole lot easier.

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6. Choose Furniture With Storage

Is there anything more functional than furniture with storage? Give yourself additional storage and a place to put your feet up with a storage ottoman. They’re the perfect place to stash magazines, toys, video game controllers, throw blankets, or whatever else is cluttering up your living room.

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7. Think Big With Wall Decor

While I love the artful flair of a perfectly arranged gallery wall, I don’t love love the time it takes to dust each individual frame (not to mention that creating the perfect gallery wall can be much more challenging and time-consuming than it seems!)

To avoid all these issues, you may want to consider a simpler approach by decorating your walls with one or two larger pieces of art instead. It’ll save you a ton of time and effort down the road!

Do you have any decorating tips that make your home easier to clean?

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  • In this post you mentioned a “dusting spray” that would help to keep dust from settling on things. If there is such a magical thing, I would love to know what it is. Dust is the bane of my existence.

  • Personally I like furniture that touches the floor more, because I never have to clean under it and I am fine with that. It greatly reduces the amount of floor space I need to clean. Another trick I learned is that rugs show dirt less than hardwood floors. I put a low-pile rug in every room and spend less time cleaning the floors. I used to spend hours each week cleaning floors and still never felt like they looked “clean” when visitors would arrive. Now I spend maybe 1 hour max on floors per week and they always look great.

  • This is seriously all you are killing, right now. The book selections you have posted, I doubt you have read, if you have, you probably would have hated them. If not, that’s great, they are terrible. Everything you are doing, I hate. And I doubt you’d be able to read real books, or want to read them.

  • You mention putting sliders under furniture to be able to move it more easily. I have a throw rug and if I slide ANYTHING it will move and create mounds. I have a non slip material under the rug. I’m thinking that I just have to live with it. Your thoughts?

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