Microfiber Cloth For Cleaning: The Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning almost anything!

The very first time I used a microfiber cloth for cleaning, I remember wondering where they had been hiding all my life! They’ve been one of the most indispensable cleaning tools in my housekeeping toolkit ever since, and I put a lot of time and effort into finding the very best microfiber cleaning cloths to offer in my online shop.

Our waffle weave microfiber cloths have proven every bit as popular as I’d hoped they would be, and I’m excited to announce that new sizes and colors are now available!

In light of this exciting announcement, we’ll be focusing on using microfiber cloths for cleaning in this post. We’ll cover what microfiber cloths are, how they work, which ones are best suited to specific tasks, and how to wash them properly so they can continue making your life easier for a long time to come!

A microfiber cloth is great for cleaning mirrors and glass with no streaks.

What Is A Microfiber Cloth?

Microfiber cloths are made from a synthetic material called (you guessed it!) microfiber, made up of thousands of super-fine fibers with an asterisk-like structure. The microscopic nooks and crannies of these fibers make the material extremely absorbent — so absorbent, in fact, that it can hold up to six times its weight in water. Friction between the fibers also generates static electricity, helping these cloths attract and hang onto microscopic dirt and grime.

There are several varieties and weaves of microfiber cloths for cleaning, some of which are designed for use on specific surfaces like glass. I prefer the waffle weave cleaning cloths I carry in my shop, not only because they look great, but because it makes them even more absorbent and quick drying than other microfiber cloths — more on that below!

What’s So Great About Waffle Weave Microfiber Cleaning Cloths?

Here’s a look at what makes our waffle weave cloths the best microfiber cleaning cloths around — at least in my opinion!

Because it's so absorbent, a microfiber cloth is perfect for cleaning up spills.

1. Effectiveness

The unique waffle weave pattern on these cloths means they have more surface area for absorbing water and picking up dirt. Depending on what you’re using them for, these cloths can hold more soapy water, lift away more food particles, soak up more spilled liquids, and so on.

Waffle weave microfiber cloths also excel at dusting -- they pick up dust instead of pushing it around.

2. Reusability

You can use a microfiber cloth in almost any situation where you’d reach for a paper towel. And unlike paper towels, microfiber cloths can be washed and reused again and again, making them much less wasteful. (Think of all the paper you’ll save!)

Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning your entire bathroom.

3. Economy

Not only are paper towels wasteful, but they can be expensive too. While microfiber cloths cost more upfront than a roll of paper towels, you’ll make back every dollar (and then some!) in savings in short order.

Microfiber cloths can also save you money on cleaning products because a lot of times you won’t even need to use them! A dry or damp microfiber cloth works like a charm for jobs like cleaning windows and mirrors or shining stainless steel. And for jobs where you might prefer to use a cleaning solution, like wiping down surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen, microfiber is so absorbent that your cleaning products will go further than they would with regular cloths or paper towels!

Microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning countertops with no scratching.

4. Versatility

These cloths do a great job of cleaning all kinds of surfaces without any of the smudges and smears that other cloths leave behind. They’re also safe to use on granite and marble, picking up dirt, grime, and even sticky messes without scratching or etching the stone.

A microfiber cloth will make your stainless steel gleam!

5. Cleaner Finish

The texture of the waffle weave tends to leave fewer streaks and less lint behind on glassware and shiny dishes compared to regular microfiber. This is especially beneficial for items like wine glasses or stainless steel that are prone to showing spots.

Waffle weave microfiber cloths are soft to your hands but tough on grime.

6. Softer Texture

Our towels are softer and more plush than other types of microfiber cloths. Microfiber (especially dry microfiber) can have a sandpaper-y feel to it, and may even snag on dry skin. Neither of those is true of our cloths — the waffle weave feels as nice as it looks!

After using a microfiber cloth for cleaning, just rinse it out and hang it up -- the waffle weave cloths are very fast drying.

7. Quick Drying

The waffle weave pattern creates pockets of air within the towel that allow it to absorb even more moisture than your average microfiber cloth. Those air pockets also make these cloths dry more quickly than others, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and helping to keep them clean between washes.

Often all you need with a microfiber cloth is water, but you can use your favorite cleaning solution as well.

8. Durability

Waffle weave microfiber cloths are generally quite durable! They can withstand more washes and tough scrubbing sessions, giving you a longer-lasting cleaning tool that’s a better value for your money.

These waffle weave microfiber cloths clean your best china without scratching.

9. Worry-Free Cleaning

Finally, the weave’s raised ridges offer gentle scrubbing capabilities, so you can use them to eliminate stuck-on food without worrying about damaging your more fragile dishes. They’re even gentle enough to use on non-stick finishes and delicate glassware. No more worrying about abrasive sponges or rough-textured cloths leaving marks on your kitchenware!

What Are OGT Readers Saying About Our Microfiber Cloths?

I’m far from the only one who loves these microfiber cloths! Take a look at what reviewers have had to say:

These are the best quality microfiber cloths I have ever purchased! In my kitchen when there is a spill this cloth picks it up SO QUICK! On top of that, they dry SO QUICKLY! I’VE NEVER HAD A BETTER QUALITY CLOTH of any kind in my kitchen!

Eileen M.

I got two of these towels to try and found them to be the most absorbent, soft towels I have ever used! I have used white cotton microfiber kitchen towels before that would not absorb anything. I threw them away! But these towels are a keeper. I have ordered 4 more and they arrived today. I highly recommend these kitchen towels.

Martha W.

These are the best towels I have ever used! I bought two and started using them as dish towels in my kitchen. It is TRULY AMAZING how quickly they dry my hands or any water that may be on the counter, yet the towel feels completely dry! I immediately purchased two more.

Jacqueline D.
These three sizes of waffle weave microfiber cloths are perfect for a variety of jobs!

NEW! My Updated Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Lineup

After surveying OGT readers and By Jillee Shop customers, it was clear there was a lot of interest in new colors and sizes, and we updated our microfiber offerings with those responses in mind! Here’s a look at the new and improved lineup of waffle weave microfiber cloths, available now in my shop:

All three varieties are available in grey, cream, blue, and pink.

When you buy three sets of towels, you’ll get one free! Just be sure to choose the “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” option on any of the respective product pages.


The Best Microfiber Cloths To Buy For Every Job

The ByJillee Shop has waffle weave microfiber cloths in three sizes and four colors!

By Jillee Shop Waffle Weave Microfiber Cloths

For post-dinner cleanup, drying dishes, and even scrubbing splatters off your stovetop, you need a microfiber cloth with the texture and absorbency to get the job done. I think our waffle weave cloths are the best microfiber towels you can buy, and they’re sure to become your tool of choice for just about any kitchen or cleaning task.

These are fluffy microfiber cloths for cleaning your face - takes makeup off easily.

Best For Facial Cleansing

Fresh Face Microfiber Makeup Remover Cloths

Removing your makeup with microfiber is a no-brainer — it’s so quick and effective! These plush, ultra-soft, reusable cloths are the perfect choice for sensitive facial skin, helping to gently remove even the most stubborn makeup. Simply dampen one with warm water or micellar water, wipe, and watch your makeup disappear.

Wet or dry, a microfiber cloth is best for any cleaning job in your home.

9 Ways To Use Microfiber Cleaning Cloths For Household Cleaning

You can use a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean just about any household surface. However, if you really want to see microfiber’s unique capabilities shine (pun intended), try them out on these surfaces:

  1. Stainless Steel – Nothing works better than microfiber for removing smears and smudges, and it leaves behind a great shine!
  2. Cabinets – Microfiber reaches deep into the cracks and crevices around cabinet doors that other types of cloths routinely miss.
  3. Granite & Marble Countertops – Microfiber picks up dirt, grime, and even sticky messes without scratching or etching natural stone.
  4. Chrome Fixtures – After cleaning chrome fixtures, buff them with a dry microfiber cloth for an ultra-shiny finish.
  5. Windows & Mirrors – No need for a special microfiber glass cleaning cloth — our waffle weave cloths leave windows and mirrors sparkling clean and free of both lint and unsightly streaks.
  6. Tubs & Showers – The easiest way to keep your tub or shower clean longer? Give it a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth after each use to prevent soapy residue from building up. (You can even speed-clean your entire bathroom with a microfiber cloth!)
  7. Dusty Surfaces – Our waffle weave microfiber cloths work great for dusting when dry! Waffle weave has more surface area for trapping dust and dirt than other types of weaves do.
  8. Glass Shower Doors – A microfiber cloth makes glass cleaning shower doors and enclosures a breeze! You can leave the glass sparkling with a lot less effort.
  9. Cars – No need to buy special microfiber towels for cars — our waffle weave cloths are perfect for car cleaning! Use them to dry your car without leaving behind spots, scratches, or swirls.
If they get heavily soiled, you can wash a microfiber cloth in the washing machine in cold water with a gentle detergent.

How To Wash Microfiber Cloths & Microfiber Towels

Keeping your microfiber cloths clean helps them work effectively. If they aren’t particularly dirty after use, just rinse them thoroughly with water and hang them from the loop to dry. Wash microfiber cloths as needed, ideally by hand in cold water, or in your washing machine washing in cold water using a mild detergent. (If your cloths or towels are heavily soiled, try soaking them in an oxygen bleach solution overnight, then washing as previously mentioned.)

The best way to dry microfiber is to either air dry or tumble dry on a low/no heat setting. Avoid using fabric softeners, dryer sheets, or dryer balls with microfiber cloths. That’s all it takes to clean microfiber cloths!

What’s your favorite microfiber cloth for cleaning?

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  • I have some microfiber cloths and wanted to dust with them. We washed them separately with just a small amount of detergent and put them in the dryer for about 5 minutes on low. Before and after washing, I can’t get them to pick up the dust. It pushes it across the surface like crazy, but at the end of the swipe, it doesn’t take all of the dust with it. What more can I try?

  • Because of your original recommendation for microfiber cloths, I now have many. I use them for dusting and general cleaning. So mush better than using anything disposable. The small microfiber face cloths are the best! I give them as gifts regularly.

    Another great item for the kitchen and wiping counters are Swedish Dish Cloths.

  • Hi Jillee,
    We use microfiber cloths for virtually all our cleaning tasks in the home and cars, the reasons they work so well is that:
    a) because of the asterisk shaped fibres a microfiber cloth of 12 inch square will have an exponentially greater surface area than a cloth of the same size of cotton; as you said, “more nooks and crannies” to collect dust, grease particles from whatever you are cleaning.
    b) they also work on capillary action, which is the ability to soak up moisture, spillages etc. again this is greater than other cloths due to the asterisk fibre shape.

    When mopping floors, drying surfaces, drying objects etc. the fibres need to be loose, so shake loose your mop after wringing it out so it can have optimal absorbence and NEVER iron towels as this reduces the surface area thus reducing aborbing properties
    Likewise, don’t iron underwear or it will not absorb perspiration and can lead to chafing

  • Microfibre cloths are so underrated. As window cleaners my wife and I would be up the proverbial creek without microfibre cloths. We use them to wipe the edges and frame of the windows/glass and to fix any mistakes we’ve made with the squeegee. A dry tight weave microfibre works almost like a chamois to clean off the water without leaving a smudge or water marks.

  • Microfiber cloths are made from nonrenewable resources and are not biodegradable.
    Microfiber cleaning cloths are made of microfiber fabric comprised of polyester and nylon. Microfibers are much thinner in diameter than human hair. Those used in cleaning textiles are split in a way that creates spaces within each fiber.
    We should be more ecofriendly conscious and use other products different than microfiber because of the plastic pollution.

  • I’m all for making cleaning easier, but I do have some concerns about these cloths contributing to the microplastic pollution problem. From what I’ve read (and you can google “dangers of microfiber cloths”), tiny bits of the fibers wash off and eventually end up in the oceans. The fish ingest them, and then we eat the fish (and the plastic). Ugh! Something to consider.

  • How do you let them air dry at the sink. If they are not died each time….the smell to high heavens. I hang my up after each use and let them dry clothes pinned to a hanger.

  • I’ve been doing lots of demos for friends coming over to check out the PSVR. Sweaty foreheads have moistened the glasses every time and I’ve been wiping it using the mircofiber cloth. So, how do we clean/wash the microfiber cloth?

      • Hi Jillee! I love this thing. I use mine for wine glasses.

        I’m curious, have you ever used nylon mesh cloths?

        They’re non-scratch, don’t smell and durable. The downside is that they’re also not as absorbent, but they’re cheaper.

        I found mine on Amazon. Bought it from a seller named, The Crown Choice. They have affordable cleaning stuff like this one.

  • I purchased sone microfiber cloths from QVC for removing makeup without cleanser. I do that and then I use my cleanser and wipe away with cloth. Soft for my face and does a great job. Love your posts always interesting

  • If you buy microfiber cloths at Target, look in the automotive department. The cloths don’t come in fancy colors like the ones in the housewares department, but you get more cloths for less money.

  • I’ve been using microfiber cloths since the mid 80’s! Only, they cost me $40 then. I still use those that I bought in the 80’s and they are still brand new. I keep one by the sink and wipe off the faucet when I’ve washed my hands. I never put them in the dryer.

  • I love my Norwex cloths and even the few cheap cloths i have. The key to cleaning the cloths is to never wash with regular towels as the fluff will stick to microfiber and not be lint free. I also presoak in hot hot water with some detergent and agitate with potato masher. Amazing how brown the water is. Then i wash in machine on hot.

    • The Norwex are the greatest and much better than any microfiber that I’ve ever used. Amazing! I had a lot of stains, one was ice tea that had been in my car mats for a couple of years and I seen were a lady used just her “enviro” cloth from Norwex and water and had removed stains. I tried it thinking, oh, sure? It worked fabulous. Just water and norwex. It took some rubbing but car floor looks like new. My car is a 2011 Tahoe and I haul grandkids all the time so you can imagine the spills.

  • I would love to use the several microfiber cloths I’ve purchased, but I continually fight with them leaving behind lint from the cloths themselves. And, I don’t like the idea of running a small load of wash to clean a few microfiber cloths so I’ve hand washed them, but nothing seems to work well. Any specific recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    • I don’t have too many problems with lint – especially with the cloths shown in this post. :-) Maybe yours just need to be washed a few times to get the lint off?

    • Get the Norwex and you can wash them with other items. I just have so much of it that I wash mine all the same time on Sunday evenings. The BEST!!!! I should be a dealer I love and use them so much. The floor mop system is the greatest for wood floors. Mop and water. No chemicals whatsoever.

  • What I like about the packs with different colors are that you can assign certain colors to certain functions. Green for counter tops, blue for appliances, yellow for the floor …. and so forth. That way there can be no cross contamination through cleaning.

  • Love all the helpful hints! I would like to suggest one for you this time. The refrigerator/freezer doors should be reversed so they open toward the wall and not into the room. That way, you don’t have to walk around the open door. This is just one of those little things that would drive me insane!!! OCD at work! hahahah

  • About a year ago, I began to use a microfiber cloth for my facecloth at night. I have trouble with my skin “burning” (like a chemical burn) wth soaps, and needed something gentle. I read about using them from a travel section of a magazine and since I’ve used them for years in my home, gave them a shot! They are amazing for your face! They take off all your makeup including mascara without any soap at.all! Then just rinse (or soap) them clean. I found that the thin cleaning ones in Target work best for my face and they are a really pretty pink! Lol!

  • This might sound weird but here it goes..haha. I bought the largest size of micro fiber towels from the car care section of walmart. They are 3 ft square. I use them for bath towels! Just one of those will dry up the biggest human made! They take up almost no space in the Cabinent or the washing -machine or dryer. My wash loads are drastically reduced without those gigantic heavy thick towels. At a cost of $3.00 per load at a coin laundy, that is significant. I save the pretty towels for company. I love micro fiber. Thanks jillee for a great website!

  • If one of your hobbies is stamping to make cards – micro fiber clothes are just perfect for cleaning stamps! They can be used between colors and leave no bits of fluff to mess up your next print. If using dye inks, just wipe and reuse the stamp and cloth – then rinse the cloth and let dry. Amazing results!

    • Although I regularly stamp and use the T-shirt I happen to be wearing, as a cleaning tool (shame) I meant to write “cloths” not “clothes” in my comment. LOL

  • I use to have the job of cleaning windows at a Intermediate school. That is where my first experience with the microfiber cloth started. Believe it or not, I didn’t use any cleaner. All I used was water sprinkled on the cloth. Worked like a charm. All the hand and finger prints gone. I use the clothes at home and the chemicals have been used less and less. I use mostly EO’s now.

  • use your micro fibre cloth to rub out stains on your micro fibre furniture. Simply lightly spray the soiled or water marked area with water and rub very hard in all directions with your micro fibre cloth, until almost dry. When you think you are done, rub some more, It eliminates water ‘rings’ and stains.

  • about washing microfiber cloths- I have found that they need to be washed in a small load by themselves.
    I once washed some with a cotton hand towel, and it came out all stringy- the microfibers glommed onto it and it wasn’t pretty!

  • Hi. Micro fibre cloths from Costco are amazing, big and fluffy. My tip is not for household but makeup removers. You will never need cleansers again, use the fluffy side to remove makeup and the rough side afterwards, even takes of waterproof mascara. Try it it’s amazing how it works.

    • I have been using the microfiber cloths from COSTCO for literally years! They are soft, clean anything, and wash up wonderful. They will stain, but are cheap enough that you can replace it with a bright new one for kitchen jobs (yes, I’ve replaced ALL of my kitchen towels with them! Not as pretty but they are so much better for cleaning and drying that I can’t not!) and relegate the stained ones to the rag pile for the dirty jobs like floors or bicycles! I just wish they’d come out with new colors! Lol! BTW, they sell them in the auto cleaning section! That’s fine with me because if they knew? They’d prob raise the price! Hahaha!

      • I use them as kitchen towels too. From Costco, great quality and price. When I use them for floors in my Swiffer holder I mist VERY lightly with lavender linen spray (recipe on OGT). Just that tiny bit of moisture really picks up the dust.
        (Please Jillee stop using the phrase “I personally”. It’s redundant! Either “I” OR “personally” not both)

  • Jillee, I don’t know if you have been able to evaluate the “nano fiber” cloths in comparison to your chosen brand of micro fiber or not. Maybe I’ll try to get some of that brand to compare, but I can tell you that my collection of nano fiber cloths beat regular micro fiber cloths all hollow. I have have one that is a bath towel, and it is such a great bath towel that I took it on my last trip rather than use the plush and fluffy towel the hotel provided! One brand is Persik “Nano Knockout” products, and another is Life Miracle Nano Towels. The sponges are great as well.

  • This is not really about this area, but, in general.
    At times when I scan one of your articles, I don’t have time to make note of directions on doing a project.
    However, when I return later to do so, it has apparently been replaced by something different.
    My question is : Is there someway I can retrieve what I wanted?
    Love your column!

    • Hi Janet! I have a few different options for you! The first is to use the search bar at the top right of the page – you should be able to find what you’re looking for this way.

      You could also bookmark posts by clicking on a star near the URL.

      Or you could use Pinterest to keep track of an organize your favorite posts. Let me know if you have any questions! :-)

  • >