5 Easy And Affordable Ways To Organize All Your Food Containers

Storing Plastic Containers

A few years ago, my daughter Britta wrote a post here on my blog sharing her best tips for getting organized in the kitchen. And as so often happens around here, we received a lot of really insightful comments on that post! (You can check out the post and comments by following the link below.)

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Many commenters shared their own clever kitchen organization tips, while other commenters were curious about topics that weren’t covered in Britta’s post. In fact, quite a few of those commenters mentioned having the same specific organization problem – not knowing how to keep their food storage containers organized!

Storing Plastic Containers

I’ve never been able to keep my own food storage containers organized either, so I figured it was high time that I find some workable solutions for all of us. I refuse to let us all continue suffering from container chaos! :-)

Today I’ll be sharing 5 different ways to organize your food storage containers. Everyone’s kitchen storage situation is different, so these probably aren’t going to be “one-size-fits-all” solutions. But I hope that at the very least, these storage solutions will get you inspired to create an organizational system that works for you!

5 Different Ways To Store Your Tupperware

Storing Plastic Containers

1. For Small Spaces

If you’re short on space, a simple under-the-shelf storage basket can be a really valuable organizational tool! Stack your food storage lids by size, and store them in the basket. Stack the containers by size too, and keep them on the shelf directly below the basket.

Storing Plastic Containers

2. Organized & Accessible

To keep your food storage containers at the ready, use a small dish drying rack. Gather up your food storage lids and arrange them in the dish rack according to size. Stack the containers by size and store them next to the dish rack. This method makes it easy to see what sizes of containers you have, and to grab one easily without having to move a lot of things around.

Storing Plastic Containers

Bonus Tip! – DIY Dish Rack

If you don’t have a dish drying rack at home and don’t want to make a trip out to buy one, make one instead! Place a small wire rack over the top of a small plastic basket. Slide your food storage lids between the wires of the rack to achieve the same effect.

Storing Plastic Containers

3. Clean & Tidy

If your organizational style is more about visual appeal, I recommend utilizing clear storage bins. Sleek bins like these are widely available these days, and they keep everything corralled while still looking sleek and tidy. I don’t personally have open shelves, but if I did, this is the solution I would use for my food storage container collection!

Storing Plastic Containers

4. Best for Oddly Shaped Lids

If your food storage containers vary in size and shape, those lids can be problematic. One clever solution for oddly shaped lids is to store them upright in a magazine holder! Put the magazine holder in a tall cupboard, or lay it on its side to fit it in a shallower cupboard or a drawer.

Storing Plastic Containers

5. Best for Drawers

Deep drawers are a great option for storing your food storage containers, but it can quickly become a chaotic mess. Install a tension rod in the drawer to keep the lids and containers separate, and to help keep the chaos at a minimum. :-)

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  • I have a drawer that I can lay them on the side and nest them by size and put the lids also by size on there sides in back. It works out perfect for me as I can see at a glance the one I need. My husband puts them on the counter for me to put away.

  • Can I ask why you don’t store the containers with the lids on them?

    I do… and there is no scrambling for lids and best, if it can’t fit my space, i know I have too many :)

    • I agree with Jilee! As a professional organizer, if my client has paired down the containers and has the space, THAT IS IDEAL! However, I’ve learned that a lot of people like to hold on to these containers and have little space to store them. But if you’ve got it down to a science, mama, Good for you!!!!

  • Storing something-ware is a necessary evil. I’ve been nesting the containers (and avoiding letting them accumulate to the point of needing more than one shelf) and storing the lids in two hanging “baskets” inside the cabinet door. I keep the larger lids in the bottom basket and the smaller ones in the top basket.
    I don’t want to invest in new tupperware, but if I did, I would try to keep containers the same colors as their lids, to avoid confusion. This would avoid searching for mates.

  • When using plastic containers you need to make sure they are BPA free or you food can be contaminated with chemicals that are in the plastics.

    • So very true, Jeannie! I only use Glass for Storage they still come with Plastic Lids that need organizing. I personally use a clear shoebox type container for all my lids. Easy to grab from the cabinet and select the lid(s) I need :)

  • Great ideas. I have certain containers that I use when I’m working. Certain ones just fit better in my lunch bag. I live at home and I swear some of them disappear. It turned out my mom likes to use some of them for food items. I’ll have to show her this idea. I don’t know how many times we’ve had to search for containers or the lids to the containers.

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