The One Extremely Simple Thing You Need To Do To Your Pillow


While we all already make an effort to clean our sheets and blankets on a regular basis, other bedding items can present more of a challenge. Both for my own benefit and for yours, I’ve made an effort to find and share solutions to help us keep all of our bedding clean (like how to clean and freshen your mattress, for instance!)

I have another bedding solution to share with you today, in the form of a simple way to freshen and lightly clean your bed pillows! But before we get into that, let’s start by discussing why you ought to freshen up your pillows the first place.

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The Problem(s) With Pillows

Our pillows go through a lot as we rest our heads on them night after night. Not only are they subjected to body oil, sweat, and the occasional drool spot, but they are also constantly compressed by the weight of our heads.

These conditions can eventually take their toll on a pillow, leaving it stained, flattened, damp, and even a bit musty-smelling. Luckily, there’s a simple solution that can help you address all of these issues at once—giving it a bit of fresh air and sunshine!


The Benefits Of Airing Out Your Pillows

Our grandmothers were firm believers in the restorative powers of sunlight and fresh air, and for good reason! We now know that ultraviolet rays from the sun can actually kill germs and bacteria, which is part of why airing out your pillows outdoors is such a good idea.

Another reason to air out your pillows in the sun is that it helps eliminate any moisture that may have been trapped inside. Even trace amounts of moisture can attract dust mites and germs, and it can also hinder the fluffiness or loft of your pillow.

After a few hours of fresh air and sunshine, your pillow will be cleaner, fresher, and fluffier—what more could you want? :-)


How To Air Out Your Pillows

To air out your pillows, try to pick a day that’s sunny, warm, and not too humid or windy. (Humid conditions can prevent your pillow from drying out completely, and debris kicked up by wind may leave it dirtier than it was before!)


Start by removing the pillowcase and any protective coverings, set the pillow outside in full sun (on a trash bag if the surface is dirty). After a couple of hours, flip the pillow over to expose the other side.


As far as how long to leave it, the longer you leave it out in the sun and fresh air, the better. But if that isn’t possible for whatever reason, even an hour or two in the sun can make a difference!

Want A Deeper Clean?

Do you use fresh air and sunshine to freshen things up?

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  • I line dry my pillows at least once a week. then I throw them and 2 tennis balls in the dryer with no heat to fluff. Year round, when the weather is bad or wet I hang them on the patio(covered patio) and do the same thing.

  • I like this idea. I’d probably have to do this in our Sunroom. It’s very humid where I live. It’s been about 90 percent lately.Our state is known for high humidity in the warmer months.

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