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Every once in a while, I find a product that I love so much that I simply HAVE to share it with you! Some of the most recent examples include my posts about the knee pillow that solved my back pain, my bottomless appetite for Audible audiobooks, and my favorite set of food storage containers. I don’t share just any product though—I try to only share high-quality products that have genuinely improved some aspect of my life. And I’ll be sharing another product with you today that happens to fit that description perfectly!

Today we’ll be talking about my new favorite cleaning tool: the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop. I originally bought this mop shortly after we had tile floors installed in the kitchen. The mop we had at the time didn’t work very well, and it didn’t help that I hated mopping in general. But I was determined to keep the new tile looking nice! So after doing some research online, I suspected that a steam mop might be a good solution. I browsed through all the steam mops Amazon had to offer, and finally settled on the Bissell PowerFresh model.

When it arrived, I eagerly gave it a try on both the tile in the kitchen and the hard floors in the living room. I was stunned by how well it worked, and by how easy it was to use! Not only did it confirm that steam cleaning was indeed a great method to use on hard floors, but there were things I loved about the specific model I had purchased too. So let’s dive in to both categories!

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Why Choose A Steam Mop?

Steam Mop

The biggest thing that attracted me to steam mops over other kinds of mops is that there’s no mess involved! You don’t have to deal with a bucket of water or wringing out a dirty mop head.

Steam Mop

I also liked the idea of cleaning without chemicals. The steam produced by the mop kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, leaving your floors clean and your home healthier!

Steam Mop

And last but not least, steam mops just WORK. They’re extremely effective at cleaning hard floors like linoleum, tile, laminate, stone, and more. Even stubborn messes don’t stand a chance—just hold the steam mop over the mess for a few seconds and it’ll melt away in a flash!

6 Great Things About The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Steam Mop

#1: This steam mop comes with reusable microfiber pads that trap all the dirt and grime from your floors. Once you’re done mopping, you can just toss the pads into your washing machine to clean them.

Steam Mop

#2: The mop also comes with fragrance disks that smell lovely! You just pop the disks into the microfiber pad before putting it on the mop. Then as you mop, the steam leaves behind a fresh and clean scent that isn’t overpowering.

Steam Mop

#3: The back of the mop has a flip-down scrubber attachment that is really useful too. If you’re cleaning a tough or sticky mess, flip down the scrubber to help power through it.

Steam Mop

#4: This steam mop also has three different steam levels to choose from. For everyday cleanups, the lightest steam setting works well and dries quickly. For tougher messes or dirtier floors, the heaviest steam setting will leave your floors sparkling.

Steam Mop

#5: And for those days when you want to ensure that your floors are extra clean, I like to use vinegar in conjunction with the steam mop. I just spray white vinegar over the floor with a spray bottle, then mop the area with my steam mop. It works like a charm!

Steam Mop

#6: The last thing I’ll mention about this mop is that the Carpet Glider attachment is fantastic. I had to buy it separately, but I’m so glad I did! You just pop the Carpet Glider onto the mop, and it raises the mop enough that you can use it over carpet.

Steam Mop

It won’t clean carpet or rugs, but it definitely helps to refresh and deodorize them. I use this handy attachment frequently to freshen up the rug under our dining table!

Steam Mop

The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop has made cleaning my kitchen and living room floors SO much easier. I used to avoid mopping because it was such an ordeal, but now I eagerly pull out my steam mop to clean up everyday messes! If you’re in the market for a new mop, or a better way to clean your floors in general, I think you’ll like this one as much as I do. :-) Check it out on Amazon here.

Do you use a steam mop or another kind of steam cleaner at home?

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  • Hi Jillee,
    I have old laminate floors. The first Pergo that came out years ago. They are in good shape, but were looking dull. I was considering replacking them, but decided to try the Bissell steam mop first. I am totally amazed! My floors look like brand new. No film from cleaners, no streaks…BEAUTIFUL. Others have said they were told not to use it on laminate. It sure hasn’t hurt my floors. Just don’t over do it by holding the mop in one place too long. It dries very quickly to a perfect shine. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

  • Hi Jillee, I got my mop about 2 months ago & I luv it. Mine came with the carpet attachment from Amazon. You can buy extra cleaning pads if you have a large area to clean do you don’t have to wait while the 1 you just washed gets dry. You can also order the fragrance disks at Amazon too.
    I have also used the machine by taking the bottom part off as a Steemer for getting wrinkles out of clothing use on the lowest setting so you don’t scorch the fabric. It works nicely.
    Sharon Kurland

  • I purchased the knee pillow and absolutely love it! Thank you so much, Jillee. You saved me from all the bulky pillows I have tried before. Those pillows never worked to reduce my hip pain. But this great, little pillow does the job. Thank you, Thank you!!

  • Just ordered this steam mop. Can’t wait to try it. I can no longer get down on my knees to really scrub floors and I am hoping this steam mop will be almost as good.

  • I do have a steam mop though not this brand-I recently had laminate wood floors installed and there were signs all over the store that said do not use steam mops on laminate floors-I asked abt my kitchen laminate flooring and was told by both the salesman and installer not to use steam cleaners on any sort of laminate -it over time will release the glue -I was very disappointed as yes they do an excellent job of cleaning esp kitchen floors w/ their spills and sticky messes-so now I only use on my bathroom tiles –

  • I have all engineered wood floors. I love the BLACK & DECKER HSMC1321 2-in-1 STEAM MOP and Portable Steamer. I use it as a portable to steam my large stone shower stall. You should never use vinegar on engineered wood floors. I lightly mist a lille (really small amount) of GlassPlus (it does not have ammonia like other glass cleaners) and my floors stay I’ll looking brand new. I like that it leaves my floors shiny with zero film or streaking which I have had with every wood floor cleaner I have tried

  • I have the Bissel Crosswave and I LOVE IT! It vacuums and mops at the same time! It has a rotating brush that mops as it vacuums. I like that it does not drag a dirty brush as I clean like my old Swiffer did . That feels counterproductive. You squirt as much cleaner as you need as you go. You can refresh the brush by squirting cleaner while staying still for a few seconds. I thought I was cleaning my floor with a Swiffer but this machine proved me wrong. You would not believe how gross and dirty the water is in the tank!

    The only draw back is the price and the clean up is more involved than throwing away a pad or washing one. It is however worth it!

  • Dear Jillee:

    I am so excited! This is the item I told you that I purchased just two weeks ago because of your recommendation. I totally love it, and every single thing you’ve said about it is so true. You give the best advice ever! Now, I’m going to purchase one of those Everlasting Comfort knee pillows that you say has improved your back issues. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing all of the research for all of us. I just love you, Jillee!

    Sharon >^..^<

  • I was advised by the manufacturer NOT to use this mop on laminate floors because the moisture of the steam can damage the top layer of laminate. However, this mop gets used on our tile and bathroom vinyl floors every week, and is an excellent tool..

  • I have this same mop and have all three kinds of floors, hardwood, ceramic tiles, laminate and have been using it for over a year and absolutely love it and my floors have not lost any shine or had any issues. I love it and would recommend it to everyone!

  • My dear friend tried a machine very similar to this and the polyurethane turned white from the steam and she had to get on her hands and knees for hours to remove it. Did you use this on regular hardwood floors?

  • Just a note to check your flooring warranty before buying. A steam mop will void the warranty on my wood floors. I have a steam mop that I love, but can no longer use since we put down new flooring.

  • I use a Hoover Floor Mate. It washes, and scrubs, and then sucks up the dirty water. You really don’t want to see how dirty that water is. My old method was on my hand and knees, changing water and rags often. We wear white socks in the house, a great indicator of when the floors need cleaning

    • I had a steam mop that stopped working after about 3 months. I then read that it is best to use distilled water in the steam mop – so I bought a 2nd one – and only use distilled water in it – and it has been working fine for over one year. I also put a small bit of vinegar in the steam mop each time I fill it.

  • I think I may have to send you a breakdown of how much I spend each month because of you Jillee (^_^) ! I just bought the Bissell Power Mop and amazingly, we are getting new flooring in about 2 weeks – so your review was perfectly timed. ur column is the FIRST thing I look for when I get up in the morning and turn on my computer ! Keep up your amazing work ….love it !

  • This would be perfect for my mom if it wasn’t so expensive. She still insists on getting down on her knees to scrub the floors in our house.

  • I did my research on steam mops especially on hardwood floors and according to an article on The Spruce, not one manufacturer states that steam cleaning is good for hardwood. The steam can leave water that seeps through the cracks especially as it cools that will cause damage later on. Water on hardwood is not good in general. You may have some protection if you have several coats of polyurethane on it, but it’s a risk I don’t want to take. They also advise that using vinegar on hardwood floors is a no-no. They also say that many warranties become void if steam used on the hardwood. You should check the article out:

  • I love the idea of having a steam mop, especially with a dog and kids!! Any idea if it will be cheaper on Prime Day? Also have they announced when Prime Day is?
    Thanks so much for posting items that you love, I bought my Instant Pot because of your posts and it’s one of my all time favorite things!!
    The only drawback to your blog is that I lose a lot of sleep… I always find just one more post to read!! I really appreciate your research and hard work!!

  • >