How To Wash Your Throw Blankets (Because They Probably Need It)

woman sitting in a chair with a throw blanket over her lap and a throw blanket in a basket

The Ins And Outs Of Washing Fuzzy Blankets And Throws

The only creature I know who loves a soft, fuzzy throw blanket as much as I do is Kell and Aliyah’s dog Kona. I always keep a basket of cozy blankets within arm’s reach of my favorite chair, and he is more than happy to snuggle up next to my blanket whenever I have one on my lap.

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The first time this happened, I thought I’d wash the blanket afterward to rid it of any lingering dog hair. That’s when it hit me—I couldn’t remember the last time I’d washed any of my throw blankets!

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That obviously wasn’t a great sign, so I decided to brush up on my knowledge of exactly how to wash throw blankets and how often I should be doing it. And that’s what I’ll be sharing with you in today’s post!

By the end of this post, you’ll not only know how often to wash throw blankets, but how to do it safely too. With proper care and cleaning, you can ensure that your favorite throw blankets stay clean, soft, and cozy for as long as possible! :-)

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How Often Should You Wash Throw Blankets?

On average, you should aim to wash your throw blankets about once a month. But if your throw blankets frequently come into contact with food or pets, you might want to do it more frequently. (Once every two weeks should do it!)

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woman putting a throw blanket into a washing and pointing to the delicate cycle button on the washing machine

How To Wash Throw Blankets

Wondering what setting to wash blankets on, or whether to use hot or cold water? As with most fabrics, the safest route for cleaning your throw blankets is to follow the care instructions included on the tag.

If your blanket doesn’t have a tag (or the tag doesn’t include care instructions), follow these guidelines:

  1. Wash your blanket alone.
  2. Select a short, delicate cycle with cold water.
  3. Use a small amount of your normal detergent in the wash cycle. (If you use too much detergent, it’s unlikely that your washer will be able to rinse it all out of the blanket. You can always run an extra rinse cycle to be safe, if your washer has that option.)
  4. Don’t use fabric softener. Many delicate and synthetic fibers don’t play well with fabric softeners, and they can actually make your blanket feel less soft over time.

This method is gentle enough for most types of throw blankets. (And yes, that includes minky blankets too!)

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woman hanging a throw blanket over a stair railing to air dry it

How To Dry Throw Blankets

The safest way to dry a throw blanket is to hang it on a rack or line and let it air dry. This is the only way to guarantee that your blanket maintains its shape and stays snag-free. But keep in mind that it could take a LONG time for your blanket to dry completely this way!

A speedier option is to partially dry it in the dryer on a no-heat or low-heat setting. Take it out when it’s about 80% dry, then hang it up somewhere out of the way and allow it to dry completely.

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woman sitting in a chair with a throw blanket over her lap

BONUS: My Favorite Throw Blankets

Do you have a favorite throw blanket at home?

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  • I actually have 2 favorite blankets. They’re both very soft. I about died because I just washed the one I keep in my room. I just washed it. I thought I was doing good to wash it once a year. We really don’t use our blankets in the living room . We just use them in the Winter months. My other favorite is a smaller one. My mom loves to borrow it for taking naps. I’ll never get rid of it. When my last cat got ill and had to be put down we wrapped her up in it to bring her to the vet. Just looking at it brings back good memories of her.

  • I’m so horrible about these types of regular cleaning, but my solution was to buy holiday pillow covers and throws for each month of the year. Now I have something fun each month AND never forget to freshen up the always-in-use family room.. They don’t take too much space to store, but on the first of each month I pull out the next covers and throws, rewash them with the outgoing ones before storing them in jumbo ziplocs and steam cycle the pillow forms while I switch everything out. Thank you for the additional cleaning tips– my memory hack just got new life!

  • I love having throws handy for everyone in the house. My washing machine does have a setting specifically for blankets which is nice. I should put mine in a cute basket like you have.

  • This worked wonderfully. I added some vinegar to the rinse cycle to be sure all soap was rinsed out of fibers and used the permanent press cycle, which has two rinses. Since I was using the low heat on the dryer, I added foil around my tennis balls to transfer as much heat as possible while the tennis balls help fluff the blanket. I use the pay machines at the apartments, so it can add up to do all my fuzzy blankets one at a time, but trying to wash them together didn’t go well…except those that are the same color, if they aren’t both real large. I just rotate and do one or two each time I do any of my other laundry. I LOVE my fuzzy blankets, and before this I was petrified to wash them & ruin their fuzziness. Thanks, Jillee!!

    • Hi Debbie Thomas……

      Though I’ve yet to try the ‘Tennis Ball in the dryer’ trick, I find your idea of wrapping them in Foil to be Brilliant! And it makes perfect sense!

      If/when I get around to using this tip, I hope I remember the Foil.


      And thanks for the article, Jillee!

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