9 Super Quick Cleaning Tasks That Take Just Seconds

30 second cleaning tasks

I know that being able to “do it all” is a lofty (and sometimes impossible) goal, but even when I’m really busy, I still want to feel like I’ve accomplished something around the house. Luckily, there are plenty of quick cleaning tasks that take just seconds to do, and those are the ones I turn to when I’m really pressed for time.

And since I’m far from the only one trying to balance a busy schedule and keeping up with household chores, I thought I’d share some of those 30-second chores with you today. I realize it might seem unlikely that 30 seconds is enough time to clean, well, anything, but give them a try and you’ll see what a difference those seconds can make!

9 Cleaning Tasks You Can Do In 30 Seconds

30 second cleaning tasks

1. Dust The TV Screen

The television screen in our living room almost always seems to need a good dusting. But a quick swipe with a coffee filter will take care of that clingy layer of dust while being gentle on the screen itself.

For more uses for coffee filters, check out this post.

30 second cleaning tasks

2. Change Out Your Towels

Seeing clean towels hanging in your bathroom or kitchen can make the whole space look neater, and swapping grimy towels for fresh ones takes hardly any time at all. Plus, changing your towels frequently helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, so it’s not just about looks either!

30 second cleaning tasks

3. Treat A Stain

The faster you can get to a stain, the easier it will be to remove it completely. It only takes a few moments to treat many common stains, especially if you keep a spray bottle of my ultimate stain remover in your cupboard like I do.

30 second cleaning tasks

4. Shake Out Your Door Mats

I like having two mats at every main door to our house—one inside and one outside—because it really cuts down on the amount of dirt that comes in the house. Shaking them out only takes a few seconds, and doing it regularly helps keep my floors clean and freshens the look of that area too.

30 second cleaning tasks

5. Sort Through Medications

Take a few seconds to check your prescription bottles and get rid of expired and unused prescriptions. You’ll make space for other items and reduce the risks that come with outdated medications.

Find out where you can safely dispose of medications in your area using this DEA search tool.

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30 second cleaning tasks

6. Clean Your Car’s Cupholders

A clean car makes running errands a lot more pleasant, so be sure to use some of your spare moments to address the interior of your car. Cleaning out your cupholders and other nooks and crannies where trash and crumbs tend to accumulate can make a big difference.

30 second cleaning tasks

7. Sweep Outside Your Entryways

Your door mats can help prevent dirt and debris from getting in the house, but they’ll have less work to do if you take a few second to sweep the area around your outside door mats. It makes the outside of your house look tidier and keeps the inside cleaner!

30 second cleaning tasks

8. Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Screen

You may already clean the lint off of your dryer’s lint screen every day, but taking a few second to wash it with some soapy water will take care of any detergent or softener residue that could be limiting airflow. This little task may not make a visible difference, but it could help prevent a fire!

30 second cleaning tasks

9. Check The Fridge

Less than a minute may not be enough time for a thorough cleaning, but it is enough time to pour out that expired milk or throw away that mysterious foil-wrapped something in the deli drawer! A few seconds of effort could spare everyone from some seriously unpleasant smells.

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Do you have a go-to 30-second cleaning task?

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