This DIY Lint Roller Is The Best Pet Hair Hack Ever

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Pet Hair Is No Problem For This DIY Lint Roller

A few summers ago we had what I like to call the “summer of dogs.” Erik and Kaitlyn’s boxer Milo was making regular appearances at our house, and Kell was living with us that summer too, so we saw a lot of his girlfriend (now wife) Aliyah’s dog Kona too.

If there was one thing about having Milo and Kona over so much that required some adjustment on my part, it was all the dog hair. It never failed to shock me how much pet hair those two short-haired dogs were capable of shedding (especially considering that Milo had alopecia and didn’t have much hair to spare!)

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I wasn’t sure what to do about all the pet hair that was suddenly everywhere, because I couldn’t find a lint roller anywhere. Luckily, I eventually came across a brilliant cleaning hack for making a super-sticky DIY lint roller on the fly!

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This hack ended up working better than I could have hoped, so I wanted to pass it along to all of you today! Whether you find yourself in need of a lint roller like I was, or you just need something extra sticky to help clean up a mess, this homemade lint roller is sure to be the perfect solution!

paint roller and duct tape

How To Make A Lint Roller With Duct Tape And A Paint Roller

Here’s what you’ll need to make a heavy-duty duct tape lint roller:

wrapping duct tape around a paint roller


  1. With the sticky side facing out, wrap a piece of duct tape around your paint roller and stick the tape to itself to secure it.
  2. Continue wrapping pieces of duct tape around the roller until it is covered from end to end in sticky duct tape.
  3. Your heavy duty lint roller is ready to use! Check out the list below for a list of ways to put it to work.
rolling a DIY lint roller over the seat of a car

Using Your DIY Lint Roller

Here are a few places where your homemade lint roller can come in handy for picking up hair, dust, and general debris:

  • Pet beds
  • Clothing
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Entryway
  • Tapestries & wall hangings
  • Bathroom floor
  • Car seats & floor mats

Do you have any tips, tricks, or hacks that you use to deal with pet hair?

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Bright Ideas

  • It’s a great idea thanks. I have 2 cats (one with short dark fur that does not lose that much hair and a big grey one with long silky fur that fall like tuft (not like regular pet hair). And that big cat loves rubbing and rolling on the carpet. However, its hair does not appear but the white carpet seems darker even after passing the vacuum. Then I discovered by accident that rubbing a running shoe a bit humid on the carpet works well and if you want to clean a couch then a rubber glove works well too. The hair will roll together and become easy to remove. However, your method is great because it covers a larger area. Thanks again for sharing your good tips with us.

  • stumbled on this suggestions and ran to Home Depot that evening, it worked great. My new go-to way to get stubborn cat fur off my furniture from my 3 furballs.

  • Thats a brilliant idea. Cant believe i didnt think of it. I not only have cat hair & litter too…there is always my hair too!! Will make this. I have been buying mine at Walmart and they are pretty darn good. But…this is better!

  • Thank you! Trying it out right now on my cat’s blanket. I like using a rubber squeegee (cheap Dollar store, shower one) on my carpet, especially my stairs, after vacuuming. It pretty gross how much fur it “squeegees” out.

  • I’ve been doing that for years but just using the duct tape on its own roll. The tape fills up fast and the time spent wrapping the tape around the roller, then cutting it off..waste of precious time. Just pull off a piece of duct tape and wrapped it around the duct tape roll and go to town…fast and easy. I duct tape roll my sheets each morning to clean my sheets of whatever accumulated during the night, like dry skin etc., and then spray lightly with an allergy protective spray.

  • I love that idea and am going to make one ASAP. I once saw that you could use a rubber squeegee to pick up dog hair. At the time, like all southern girls, I had a pair of flip flops on (which are rubber). So I dragged my foot across the throw rug a few times and sure enough – up came the dog hair.

    • Yes, it’s great! It works with all rubber-soled shoes – trainers, running shoes etc. A fine-toothed comb drawn across the carpet works well too.

  • I used to say the same thing about our last Cat who was short haired. I could not believe all the hair. The kitty before was a Balinese which is said to not shed as much. Unfortunately she didn’t live long enough to find out. I was talking about this awhile back with one of siblings.A neighbor of theirs has a Persian cat , but they said it doesn’t shed as much.Crazy stuff.

  • Genius idea! We go through lint rollers like crazy!! They work well, but this would be so much faster on the vehicle upholstery – anything that’s larger surfaces. Thanks for the idea.

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