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13 Highly Practical Essential Oil Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know

essential oil cleaning hacks

While essential oils can be useful tools for health and wellness, that’s not all they’re good for! I think it’s a shame that more people don’t know about how useful essential oils can be in other applications, especially cleaning!

In fact, there are many ways that essential oils can help you keep your home clean and sanitary. You can use them to make homemade cleaners, eliminate odors, remove stains, clean appliances, and more!

Since we’re all currently spending more of our time indoors than we’re probably used to, I wanted to share some of my favorite essential oil cleaning hacks I use around the house with you today. Keeping our homes clean and inviting can do wonders for our state of mind, especially in these uncertain times!

13 Practical Essential Oil Cleaning Hacks That Everyone Should Know

essential oil cleaning hacks

1. Freshen While You Vacuum

Turn your vacuum into a double-duty cleaning and freshening machine! All you need is a cotton ball and few drops of your favorite essential oil or oil blend.

Just add a couple drops of oil to the cotton ball (I love Simple Clean for this), then vacuum it up with your vacuum. As you continue to vacuum your carpets, the air moving through your vacuum will carry the scent of the oils throughout your house!

essential oil cleaning hacks

2. Deter Pantry Pests

Having trouble with pantry pests? Add a few drops of peppermint oil to a cup or so of white vinegar, then use the solution to wipe down your pantry shelves.

Vinegar and peppermint oil are both natural pest repellents and will help keep those pesky bugs at bay!

essential oil cleaning hacks

3. Boost Your Mop Water

After mixing up your mop water solution to clean your floors, add a few drops of lemon essential oil to it. Lemon oil will help dissolve greasy messes that may have spilled on your floor, plus it will leave your floors looking shiny and smelling fresh!

essential oil cleaning hacks

4. Eliminate Garbage Odor

Add 2 drops of tea tree oil and 2 drops of lemon oil to a cotton ball, then place the cotton ball at the bottom of your garbage can. Both tea tree and lemon oils have antibacterial and deodorizing properties, which will help prevent your garbage can from smelling like… well, garbage! ;-)

essential oil cleaning hacks

5. Clean Your Microwave

If the inside of your microwave is coated with splatters, grease, and gunk, never fear! Just add a cup of water and 5 drops of lemon oil to a microwave-safe bowl, then microwave it for about 3 minutes.

When the timer goes off, use oven mitts to carefully remove the bowl from the microwave. The lemon-scented steam will have loosened up the grime inside your microwave, making it quick and easy to wipe clean!

essential oil cleaning hacks

6. Keep Towels Fresh

You can use tea tree oil when laundering mildew-prone items like towels to help keep them fresh and clean. Just add 20-30 drops of tea tree oil to your wash load to get rid of musty smells and help prevent them from returning!

essential oil cleaning hacks

7. Wash Your Produce

Use a bit of lemon oil to make a produce wash for your fresh fruits and veggies! Add 2-3 drops of lemon oil to a large bowl of cold water, then swish your produce around in it to remove surface dirt and debris.

essential oil cleaning hacks

8. Super Sparkly Dishes

Before you start a load of dishes, add a few drops of lemon oil to your dish soap. The lemon oil will help cut through grease and mineral deposits, leaving your dishes sparkling clean and smelling fresh!

essential oil cleaning hacks

9. Easy Air Freshener

You can make a quick and easy air freshener spray using just a bit of water and your favorite essential oil! Fill a small spray bottle with water, then add about 6 drops of the oil or oil blend of your choice.

Replace the spray top, shake to mix, then spray around the house to freshen the air. You can’t go wrong with lemon oil for its clean, citrus-y scent, but Simple Clean or lavender would work well here too!

essential oil cleaning hacks

10. Deodorize Your Fridge

Give that box of baking soda in your fridge a boost of deodorizing essential oils! Just add a few drops of lemon essential oil to a fresh box of baking soda before storing it in your fridge.

The lemon-scented baking soda will absorb any lingering food odors and replace them with the fresh scent of lemon.

essential oil cleaning hacks

11. Erase Greasy Smears

Gum, oil, grease, and even crayons can leave behind greasy smears and stains on hard surfaces. These smears can be stubborn, but they’re no match for grease-cutting lemon oil!

Just add one or two drops of lemon oil to the greasy smear, then wipe it away to erase the mark.

cleaning labels

12. Make Your Own Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning applications, my go-to oil blend is Simple Clean! This blend features oils with powerful antibacterial, grease-cutting, and deodorizing properties, making it a great addition to all sorts of homemade cleaning solutions.

Check out my favorite ways to use Simple Clean here!

essential oil cleaning hacks

13. Clean Your Dishwasher

Over time, your dishwasher can get bogged down by greasy buildup and food residues. Follow these steps to clean your dishwasher, then keep it clean by adding 2 drops of lemon oil to your dishwasher detergent in each load!

Share your favorite essential oil cleaning hacks in a comment below!

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  • Hi,
    Thank you so much for the vacuum comment. I want to try it. I hate that smell of the place after I vacuum. I have to open the door.
    But, Do I put the cotton ball in the dirt cup where the dirt goes into?

    • no you’re supposed to vacuum up the cotton ball.I sprinkle some lemon oil on the vac filter too.You can also get an old parmesan cheese container (with holes) wash it out well with soap and water then put baking soda and essential oil in it and mix it around. I don’t think the baking soda kills the oil smell at all like someone said.Just sprinkle it on carpets and it freshens them up when you vacuum.

  • I’m pretty sure if you are using real authentic essential oils, you don’t want to use lemon oil on some flooring, we have travertine and that’s a NO NO!! I love using tea tree with towels, they seem cleaner and fresher when I do! I only need about 3 drops of the kind I use, it’s pure, without synthetics and fillers so less is more!!

  • Jillee, thank you so much for this post! I live alone and have no pets, plus I am approaching the status of “elderly”, according to recent news! ….but I recently decided to stop using a lot of premade cleaners due to toxic chemicals. I have found EOs online, in groceries, pharmacies, Target, vitamin stores, etc. and love experimenting. You just made my life easier!!

    • Debbie, thanks for your kind words! It makes my day when people take time to show their appreciation for all of the hard work my team and I do to provide these tips to our readers.
      As far as “Elderly”, I say, age is a state of mind! I like to think of us as we get older, we are just getting wiser and more experienced! :-)

  • Lemon oil also works wonders on stainless steel. We have really hard water and the dishwasher is a mess after loading the dishes if we open it with wet hands!! Lemon oil works when nothing else does!!

  • I don’t know what it is with essential oils but I must be allergic to them. My eyes water and my nose runs and I’m miserable around them. Tea tree oil is especially noxious to me, it just takes my head off!

  • When it comes to baking soda, I do not use essential oils with it. The reason? Baking soda eliminates odors – therefore, it eliminates the smell of essential oils. I know this because I’ve tried it before smacking my forehead and saying “duh”. Can’t smell the essential oil because the baking soda eliminated the the smell. I hope it works for you because it has never worked for me. Just saying. Love all your ideas Jillee and have used many of them – as long as it doesn’t use eo with baking soda. :)

  • I guess I just don’t understand this essential oil thing. My husband doesn’t like fragrance of any kind, so I can’t even use a pleasant smelling hand lotion around him. As for me, I dislike (extremely) the smell of coconut and I’m not at all fond of lavender. Do other people have this problem?

    • Scents, tastes, textures, etc. are certainly a personal thing! I have gone to stores to sample smells before purchasing. Personally not a fan of eucalyptus but it has many good qualities so I use it in blends in small amounts. As far as coconut oil… the refined oil has little or no smell as opposed to unrefined. Also, you can use almond, avocado or olive oils instead!

    • Over the yrs I have tried EOs with similar negative results. Fast forward and diagnosed liver issues which, thankfully, are in the rear view mirror, and now I love natural aromas (except ylang ylang). It’s now only the synthetic laundry stenches and commercial fertilizers that are revolting.
      Liver, the master detoxer, can get get overwhelmed, especially as we get older.

    • I know lavender tends to be the most well known oil, but im not really a huge fan of the scent either, it’s just really versatile. There are so many oils out there, citrus, floral, woody, mint, etc, i assure you that you could find something you liked. But beside the scent, they have real, live purposes. Cleaning, skin care, medicinal, anxiety, energy, etc. Find what you want to do with an oil than check out your choices. The best place to start? Edensgarden.com. they have the largest selection I’ve seen and the prices are affordable for real people. They have a no questions return policy and free shipping. I assure you I don’t work for them lol but they are the only reason I am able to have a small collection and it truly makes me happy.

    • Oh my goodness, I would have had to find a new husband! (just joking) But I happen to be a big fragrance gal in every aspect of my life! I recently got into essential oils and as I learn more and more I am really enjoying it. My interest peaked in a big way when one of Jillee’s posts talked about essential oils for your skin and hair and I now use a diffuser in my home. Also, I do not know why coconut oil smells so bad to you? My coconut oil, which I use as a carrier oil has literally NO smell at all. But it is organic, fractionated, refined coconut oil. Perhaps that is why or possibly was the coconut oil that you disliked old and rancid? I cannot stand the smell of tea tree oil and I didn’t like lavender until I purchased a better grade, real, pure lavender oil.

  • Great ideas. Some of the cleaning supplies are hard to locate in stores now. I have tried the air freshener. I use either regular witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. Awhile back one of my Nieces was trying to find the air freshener for the bathroom. They didn’t know I had made it in the small bottle. I may keep a can of the regular stuff around for when we have visitors.

    • Thanks Christym! I love that you take the time to give positive responses to so many of my daily posts! It’s people like you that make me love what I do!! :-)

    • Personally, I don’t want to waste good vodka on an air freshener unless I am standing under the spritz with my mouth open…!!! Laughter is the best……

  • >