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This Is The One Thing I Can’t Sleep Without

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Sleep has never come easily to me, and that makes it hard to get the amount of sleep I probably should be getting. So I’m always on the lookout for solutions that can help me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

Currently, my sleep routine centers around two things: using Slumber blend (either on my feet or in my diffuser) and listening to the “pink noise.” I’ve learned quite a bit recently about different types of noise that can help you sleep, so I wanted to share some of that with you today!

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Sound Machine

Let’s start by talking about 3 different types of noise (or “colors of noise”) that can help with sleep issues, and then I’ll share a simple way to bring those sleep-enhancing noises into your bedroom!

3 Types Of Noise That Can Help You Sleep

Sound Machine

1. White Noise

White noise, the most well known color of noise, sounds like a radio that is tuned to an unused frequency. Similar to the way white light contains the full spectrum of visible light, white noise has an equal intensity across all frequencies that are audible to the human ear.

Some people, who find that the background or ambient noise of a room makes it difficult to fall asleep, use white noise to mask it. This practice was replicated in a 2017 study, where researchers found that individuals with insomnia fell asleep faster when listening to white noise versus ambient sound.

Sound Machine

2. Pink Noise

Pink noise is similar to white noise, but the intensity of the higher frequencies is reduced rather than remaining equal. The sound is closer to steady rainfall rather than an untuned radio, which some people find more soothing and better for sleep.

Studies that have explored how pink noise may affect sleep quality suggest potential benefits like increased time in deep sleep and improvement in memory!

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3. Brown Noise

Brown noise, sometimes called Brownian noise or red noise, has even less intensity at higher frequencies than pink noise. Whereas pink noise sounds like steady rainfall, brown noise sounds more like heavy rain or even a rushing waterfall.

Brown noise may offer similar benefits to pink and white noise, including sleep improvement, improved focus, and relaxation. Different people prefer different colors of noise, so try them all to figure out which one you like best!

Sound Machine

My Noise Machine Pick: Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan

In the past, my husband insisted on keeping a small fan running in our bedroom as a source of sleep-inducing “white noise.” I didn’t mind the sound of the fan running, but I did mind how dusty the fan would get and how impossible it was to clean!

So I started looking into noise machines online, and eventually decided on the LectroFan. It boasted a variety of different fan sounds and I liked the compact and modern design. (And of course, it didn’t hurt that it looked very easy to wipe clean!) ;-)

Sound Machine

I eventually started testing out the other sounds our new noise machine offered, including white noise, pink noise, and brown noise. I ended up really enjoying the pink noise setting, and I feel like it truly makes a difference in how long it takes me to fall asleep!

While the LectroFan noise machine is obviously a bit more expensive than a simple bedroom fan, it was worth every penny in my opinion. I would recommend it to anyone who sleeps better with a bit of background noise!

Do you listen to sleep sounds or any sort of noise to help you sleep?

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  • I have a CPAP machine and find that the sounds my new one makes are, while not exactly soothing, very quiet and regular background noise. Plus the ritual of putting on the mask and focusing on my breath usually put me out pretty fast.

    However, I’ve had some luck with a couple different phone apps when I have trouble sleeping. Had never heard of anything but white noise, however, the sound patterns I choose are consistent with brown noise. The higher frequencies trigger migraines.
    Thanks for the info and the tips! Can’t get enough of all the great stuff you share.

  • I use a noise machine with white noise. Found out the hard way not to use the “water” noise! I had to get up to go the bathroom. No more “babbling Brooks”
    for me! LOL

  • I just found Long Train Sounds for Sleep : Night Train 8 Hour Sound by Brad McBride on YouTube. I’ve always loved the sound of a running train.

  • I agree with using a sound machine, which is great. I use the sound machine, but I now use it with a bluetooth enabled sleep mask and connect it to my phone’s music app with ambient music. I can still hear the machine in the background, which enhances the ambient music. I also use my essential oils diffused. Definitely helps me sleep like a baby.

  • I pull up a preaching/ teaching on my tablet and go to sleep like that. I make sure to choose someone who doesn’t get overly excited, but pretty much speaks in a low and steady voice. Because I can’t see the speakers face, my mind wanders, and usually I drift right off.

  • I don’t get the different colors of noise :-/ I guess what I listen to is just like a fan sound. My dh listens to crickets which would drive me nuts ;) (We sleep in different bedrooms). What I really want to fall asleep to is the sound of horse hooves on the road. I LOVE that sound and have been known to put it on my computer and let it play and fall asleep to that. I don’t know if I would want it all night though…

      • The first night I had my rescue kittens (a friend found them while out on a walk but couldn’t keep them because she already had a house full of rescues, so she made sure they were OK and then brought them to me) they didn’t want to sleep in the box I’d set up for them. No, they wanted to sleep in bed with their new mama. I put them on the bed with me and a kitten curled up on their chosen shoulder and started purring. I fell asleep so quickly I didn’t have a chance to turn off my bedside lamp. I’ll still fall asleep if one of them curls up in my lap, no matter what time of day!

  • For those who work swing shifts, and have a hard time just falling asleep there is a help called “Wholetones: the healing frequency music project”. Music played in certain frequencies with precise tempos can work with the biorhythms of the body to promote sleep. Apparently it comes in a box set of CDs or you can buy a sleep device. Or you can download to your phone. It sounds interesting and I am going to try it. I have a hard time falling asleep, always have, and most sound in the room does not help. The water sounds are soothing if I am awake, but when trying to sleep makes me afraid of something leaking.

  • I got so used to the constant hum of my humidifier that I have to have it running every night….even with no water in it at times. lol I’ve also used a noise machine for my kids since they were babies. I’ve tried the babbling brook, rain shower, and nature settings, bit if it’s the least little bit different in sound (like the different pitches of the rain falling or frogs croaking every so often) I catch my mind paying attention to it rather than falling asleep.

  • I use the app Audio Sleep Stories to fall asleep and if I’m tired of stories I use Chillax, which includes brown, pink and white noise plus allows you to fine tune the intensities ( and has a ton more stuff to play with) Both of them are free. I also have a small pillow speaker that I found on Amazon for a couple of bucks and just plug it in to the iPad and place the speaker under my pillow. Works like a charm and bothers no one!

  • I use the “Abide” app on my phone. It is a free app that can include a scripture based mediation as well as options for different background noises. I like the babbling brook sound, and from your description, I’m pretty sure that’s pink noise. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it definitely helps me fall asleep better!

  • I use earplugs to help me sleep. I do use a fan in warmer weather. It gets so humid and stuffy and it helps me to sleep better in warmer weather. I’m not one to need a background noise to help me sleep. For the person with the dog – a customer said they use the sleepy time blend in a diffuser and it helped her puppies go right to sleep.

  • I recently purchased a sleep mask with speakers and listen to a short bedtime story followed by ocean waves. I’m trying to get more deep sleep so will try pink noise tonight.

  • Great post! My mom who is almost 97 likes to turn on Xfinity cable tv channel Soundscapes. One of the feeds is meditative new music accompanied by positive thinking quotes. It’s a beautiful way to nod off.

  • Maybe we should buy something like this for our dog…in her old age she wakes frequently at night and it seems the slightest peep is enough to rouse her.

  • I use a small fan because I like bit of cool air when I sleep. I’m one who usually keeps my bedroom window open even in the winter (live in the northeast) and sometimes even use a fan to pull in some of the cold air. Good idea though.

  • I use a fan that sits just outside the door of my bedroom to mask noises. I have a noisy neighbor that likes to bang around their apartment, which is annoying. I’m one of those people that can’t have a fan blow on them at night, or I’ll wake up with a cold, so in the hall it will stay!

    The noise machine sounds interesting, but my fan is paid for, so for now, I’ll stick with that…..good to know there are options out there though; thanks!!!

  • I just asked Alexa to play pink noise. She found it quickly and I am trying it out tonight! I had never heard of anything but white noise before. I use echo dot to fall asleep every night.

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