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11 Annoying Problems You Can Solve With Lip Balm

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My husband and sons, like many boys, aren’t interested in carrying anything other than a wallet with them. They don’t even carry lip balm, which is odd to me since I know they all use it regularly. But there’s nothing inherently wrong with choosing not to carry lip balm. It just makes me laugh that instead of simply carrying a tube in their pocket, they keep it handy by stashing tubes all over the house! (There are tubes in a kitchen cupboard, in the drawers of both bathrooms, inside the end table in the living room, and so on.)

But having secret lip balm stashes all over the house has actually come in handy! Aside from supplying much needed lip moisture, there are plenty of ways to put it to good use. Today I’ll be sharing 11 everyday situations where lip balm can really come in handy! By the end of this post, you may be considering starting your own emergency lip balm stash! ;-)

11 Everyday Problems You Can Solve With Lip Balm

Dry, Irritated Nose

1. Dry, Irritated Nose

Repeatedly wiping and blowing your nose due to sickness or allergies can cause a lot of irritation! A dry, irritated nose can be painful and even lead to nosebleeds. To avoid this, use a bit of lip balm! Just swipe a bit of it onto your finger, then apply it to the irritated areas. You’ll get instant relief and lasting moisturizing effects.

Cracked Cuticles

2. Cracked Cuticles

Cracked cuticles can quickly become painful hangnails! If you notice a cuticle crack forming, swipe some lip balm onto it. It’s a quick and easy way to moisturize the area, even when you don’t have lotion handy.

At-Home Hair Color

3. At-Home Hair Color

Coloring your hair at home can be a great way to save money. But it can also be a very messy affair! To prevent accidental hair dye stains along your hairline, use lip balm! Just apply a layer of it all the way around your hairline. It will act as a protective barrier between the dye and your skin to prevent stains!

Nicks From Shaving

4. Nicks From Shaving

Minor nicks and cuts from shaving are all too common. And how do those little cuts bleed so much?! You can stop the bleeding in it’s tracks by applying a little bit of lip balm to your shaving cut. Problem solved!

Dandruff Remedies

5. Flyaway Hairs

Flyaway hairs or static got you down? A little lip balm is all you need! Just swipe a little bit of it onto your fingers, then use your fingers to smooth the hairs back into place. Bad hair days have met their match!

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Rogue Eyebrows

6. Rogue Eyebrows

Sometimes it’s not the hair growing on top of your head that won’t stay put—it’s your eyebrows! If you have an eyebrow hair that just won’t stay put, use some lip balm to fix it! Put a small dab onto your finger, and use it to smooth the hair back into place.

Stubborn Sticker Residue

7. Stubborn Sticker Residue

Some stickers can seem downright impossible to remove all the way. (I’m looking at you, TJMaxx price stickers!) But you can dissolve stubborn sticker residue with lip balm! Apply a generous layer to the sticker and/or residue, and let it sit for 10 minutes. You’ll be able to wipe both the balm and loosened sticker residue away easily!

Mascara Smudges

8. Mascara Smudges

Mascara smudges can occur due to crying, laughing, allergies, sweating, or a combination of all of the above. But you can use lip balm to erase those smudges quickly and easily! And best of all, it won’t affect your foundation or any other makeup that you don’t want to ruin.

Stuck Zipper

9. Stuck Zipper

Struggling with a stuck zipper? Swipe a bit of lip balm over the zipper teeth where the zipper gets stuck. It will lubricate the zipper teeth and help the zipper glide through them more easily.

Dull Shoes

10. Dull Shoes

If your shoes are looking a bit dull and you’re pressed for time, you can shine them up with a bit of lip balm in a pinch! Just rub a bit of it onto your shoes, then use a clean, dry washcloth to buff them to a shine.

Sticky Drawers & Doors

11. Sticky Drawers & Doors

If you are at your wit’s end with drawers, windows, and cupboard doors that won’t close smoothly, lip balm works great in a pinch! Just rub a bit onto your finger, then rub your finger over the hinges or tracks that are giving you trouble. Open and shut it a few times to work the lip balm in, and it’ll be smooth sailing from there!

Do you use lip balm in a unique or non-traditional way?

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Bright Ideas

  • My electrician husband uses lip balm to coat the bottom of a light bulb before installing one. It makes the “gritty” new bulb go in easier and same for removal when needed.

  • I use Carmex original. Yes, the are all over my house, car and at work! If I don’t have pockets, it is nestled safely between “the girls!” I can’t be without it! Since I’ve reached menopausal age, I also use a tube just for blemishes.

  • If I haven’t worn earrings for a while, it’s sometimes difficult to get certain ones into my ears. I have used lip balm to smooth the way and make the earrings slide right into my ears.

  • Not many people thread needles anymore, but I found that a little lip balm on the end of thread helps getting it through any needle (hand or sewing machine).

  • Great tips! I especially like the zipper idea. I know candle wax also works, but since I primarily use jar candles and don’t generally have tapers on hand, this is good to know! I personally would not want to use the same tube as I use on my lips for other uses, but I think it would be a good idea to have an extra tube in the junk drawer or toolbox for such uses. I would think the waxier the better, so cheaper versions that are more waxy would probably work great! No need for the more expensive natural moisturizing or medicating ingredients when the wax is mainly what is needed. Also, had never thought about it for small cuts to stop bleeding, genius! I think I need to put en extra one in my purse for non-lip uses like cuts, cuticles, and chapped noses! Once again, thanks for sharing such great tips!

  • Paper cuts are the WORST, and inevitability happen at work, where bandages and time to “treat” are in short supply. I keep a tube of one of the waxier balms (like the original Chap Stick) in my desk, specifically for the dreaded paper cut. A dab of this takes most of the grief out of a cut, buffering that cringe worthy pain when you have to bend or flex the area. I don’t know how a minty or mentholated version might feel…the goal is to use one of the thicker balms. It will soothe and protect the cut until you can access a bandage. Blessed relief!

  • I recently had my eyebrows microbladed. In order to protect, and have the color last longer I was told to use a lip balm with a SPF when out in the sun. Just swipe the brows with the balm.

  • I love these ideas and I do use some of them for lip balm. If you get Blistex or other medicated lip balm you can use it on those once in a while zits that pop up unexpectedly. It works well for me.

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