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How To Make Your Own Reusable Lemon Dust Cloths

Lemon dust cloths

Dusting just happens to be about my LEAST favorite household cleaning chore. Why? I have no idea. I just hate dusting.

So when I saw this idea featured on Apartment Therapy, I thought it might be a good motivator for me to dust more. I have no problem with “bribing” myself to do unpleasant chores. ;-)

Lemon Dust Cloths

I think one of the MANY reasons why I like making my own cleaning products so much is trying something new to keep my routine interesting. Because let’s face it, until we all have robot maids (like Rosey from the Jetsons), housecleaning is not likely to get any easier.

So make up a batch of these lemon-y fresh dusting cloths (you might even already have everything you need to make them), turn on the “Happy Working Song” from “Enchanted” REAL LOUD, and enjoy a truly special cleaning moment. :-)

Lemon Dust Cloths

Lemon Dust Cloths

  • Water
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Rags
  • Lemons
  • Airtight glass container

First, peel some lemons. I had about 6 small Meyer lemons that I had intended on making into a delicious lemon-y dessert, but instead were almost ready to be compost material.

Lemon Dust Cloths

Mix equal parts water and vinegar. Add a couple drops of olive oil.

Lemon Dust Cloths

Soak rags in the solution until fully saturated. I used a few dollar store washcloths I had lying around.

Wring out the rags leaving them just damp.

Lemon Dust Cloths

Lay the rags out flat, and place a couple lemon rinds on each cloth.

Lemon Dust Cloths

Roll or fold the rinds into each cloth, and place into your glass container.

Lemon Dust Cloths

Add a few extra lemon peels, and make sure the lid is tight. Store until needed.
Once used, wash the dust cloths and make a new batch!

Note: Vinegar is a great mold killer so I wouldn’t worry about these getting moldy.

I let my dusting cloths sit in the jar most of the day to get nice and fragrant, and then used a couple tonight on our entertainment center. Just as I had thought, it made my least favorite household chore a MUCH nicer experience. :-)

Lemon Dust Cloths

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  • What a great idea!! I just found your page, and am so excited to put some of your ideas to work! With this particular one, can you store for longer periods of time, in a dry area, or should it be refrigerated? Or should it be used that day? I’m just wondering if the cloths would dry up, and be less effective or not.. Thank you.. I can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  • Really interesting, I was searching around the web for some cleaning solutions and read a lot of similar ones. I’m happy I’ve found an innovative one. I didn’t know that I can use lemon for cleaning the dust! Thank you for creating something different and sharing it with us!

  • Great idea. I don’t think I would want to use a duster for dusting. We use those for quick touch ups at work. Plus all the extra dust the dusters kick up would aggravate my allergies big time.

  • While I adore lemon I dust with a large ostrich feather duster. It is so easy and fast the ostrich feathers hold the dust instead of spreading it around like regular dusters. I actually enjoy using this and can dust most of house in half an hour. It doesn’t move anything. Although I have gotten rid of knick knacks, it would do those without having to move a thing. Plese try if you are still using dust cloths. Once a week and it’s done. I love them.

  • Because these cloths will be damp with a solution that includes water, I’m surprised that they can be used on real wood furniture. I’m sure that they smell great, though! By the way, I hate to dust too!

  • When I was growing up, my Mom used to put on Strauss waltzes and waltz around the house while she dusted.
    No matter where I am now, if I hear a Strauss waltz, I get an almost overpowering urge to dust! – Will definitely give these cloths a try :-)

  • Love this idea, Jillee! I’ve already made several batches of your all purpose cleaning cloths that you posted awhile back. I keep them in jars in every bathroom and in the kitchen, and I LOVE THEM!!!! My house has never been so clean because I’m constantly looking for something to wipe down with them. I’m sure these dusting cloths will make me want to dust more too. Thanks to you, I’ve gone completely DIY with my cleaning and laundry products and it just makes me want to clean more!

  • Love This website and have truly switched to DIY on most things thanks to Jillee.
    Stain remover
    Window washing cleaner….fabulous
    Make-up remover and cleansing clothes

    Now I will try this….thanks Jillee!!

  • I’m a bartender & that’s my favorite way to have fresh bar towels..minus the vinegar& olive oil tho..
    After I’m thru cutting the fruit, I take the end peels & twist them up in damp towel & wring them out…
    POOF! Citrus-y fresh bar towels..

  • I love your board, have learned a great deal and I am too old to learn new tricks! Miss the fact I cannot copy and past into a document some of your great ideas. All that typing to repeat what you already aptly described for my own record file. I suppose you have a good reason for this?

    • I copy and paste into a Microsoft Word document & save it under a new name all the time. Just go back to delete photos if you don’t need them plus you may have to reformat line spacing and type size, but I have a whole file folder helpful Jillee hints on my computer.

    • I haven’t tried to that on purpose, but we have been changing some things. I would think that it’s easier to use our print-friendly button, though. It’s a light green button at the bottom of the post – before the comments. When you click the printer button, it will bring up a preview and you can click on anything that you DON’T want to print. :-)

    • Haven’t tried this yet but it sounds interesting. I found this website by accident and its becomes such a welcome email each day. OH GOODY, GOODY WHAT NEW TIP AM I GOING TO GET TODAY. This one here sounds like a little bit of aromatherapy. The light smell of lemons and the idea of loud fun music sounds great. Have a fun time dusting of you get this.

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