Make Your Own Scented Linen Spray

Linen Spray

Ever since my family and I have started discovering the beauty and benefits of essential oils…I’ve been a bit obsessed with making my own products using them. Mostly I have dabbled in cleaning products…but tonight as I was folding some bedding I’d just washed, I got to thinking about trying my hand at making my own “Linen Water” (which is a fancy way of saying….scented spray for sheets and laundry.)



I looked around online for some purchasing options and had to laugh a little at what I found. How about this lovely bottle of “Lothantique Linen Water” for $26.00!! Well, it IS a lovely bottle with an equally lovely label! I’ll give them that much. But come on….really?  $26.00??

I think we can do better than that. ;-)


Linen Spray

What we are going to need is:

1 tsp. lavender essential oil (or your favorite scent)
1/4 cup unflavored vodka (I had isopropyl alcohol on hand so that’s what I used)
3 1/2 cups distilled water

1. Mix the vodka and your choice of essential oil in the bottle (I love lavender!)
2. Then, add distilled water to the bottle until it is almost full.
3. Screw on the cap and shake the bottle to disperse the oils evenly throughout.
4. Shake lightly before each use. Use a bottle that has a fine mist to ensure proper dispersion of the spray.
(For an alcohol-free mixture omit the vodka, but make sure to shake rigorously before spraying, since the oil and water will separate.)

Linen SprayLinen SprayLinen Spray


Now go spray everything in the house from the curtains to bed pillows to the towels in the bathroom! The great thing about this spray is its’ subtle perfume that doesn’t overpower you, no matter how much or how many places you spritz it.


Linen Spray


Some OTHER ideas for using your lovely Lavender water around the house include:

  • When washing bedding and linens, add some lavender water to the rinse cycle. Your bedding will have a light lavender scent (lavender helps those with sleep problems).
  • Use when ironing, spritz a bit of the lavender water on the items being ironed. Will add a nice lavender scent to the garment.
  • Lavender water can also be used as a beauty aid, try it as a skin freshener on hot summer days, a hair rinse, splash in the bath or dab around temples for headache relief.
  • Insect repellent, try it for mosquito repellent use as well as a mosquito bite itch helper. Lavender deters flies and other insects too.
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  1. Lisa says

    What size bottle should be used? The instructions say fill the bottle after mixing the essential oil and vodka but doesn’t say the size bottle that should be used? How many ounces does this make?

  2. Rick says

    On my second batch and it is great. I also use it as a car refresher. MUCH better than the spray chemicals they sell :)

  3. Michaela says

    I love this idea. I’m curious, though, if there’s a way to do it without the Vodka? As a recovering alcoholic, I just can’t see buying or working with the stuff. Could you use ethyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) from the drug store?

    • Rick says

      I used regular rubbing alcohol and it works just the same :) The alcohol (vodka or otherwise) is just used as a drying agent. It does not affect the smell at all.

  4. Elaine says

    I love this tutorial for making linen spray. Do you think you could blog about making linen packets? I ave old dressers i want to use but want an easy way to refresh them! :)

    • Shannon says

      You could try mixing baking soda and essential oil (5 drops or so) and then putting them into a coffee filter, gather at the top and tie it with ribbon…OR…put it into a small jar with holes punched in the lid. Place in your drawers. The baking soda should help absorb any odours from the old dresser.

  5. Nancy Wilkes says

    Jillee! I really want to make my own linen spray, but can’t find any bottles, or containers ANYWHERE that are special enough to be gift-worthy. I’m almost tempted to buy the $26 linen bottle, just to have the BOTTLE. I’ve checked everywhere online, Goodwill, Pottery Barn, etc. Help!

    • Amber says

      For pretty bottles, don’t look around for places to buy just a bottle. Go to the grocery store! You can probably find some lovely shapes and sizes for what you need, full of something you would like to drink, for way less money.
      Organic apple juice comes in a vintage looking glass jug, and you can make some delicious hot spiced cider or just drink the apple juice!
      I also like to use orange essential oil and vanilla extract as a perfume. Subtle and safe!

  6. Just jamie says

    Jillee, you have THE best ideas and recipes… I just LOVE your blog! Thank you!!

  7. Jill Nystul says

    Oooo….the Aveda oils sound WONDERFUL! I LOVE the smell of Aveda products! I suppose they are only available through a salon? Must investigate further……
    thanks! :-)

  8. Anonymous says

    if you're looking for more essential oils that smell great (trust me, most of them smell weird or too hippie, esp when you're at the health food store), Aveda makes several that smell amazing. I work for an Aveda salon so I can order them, although my salon doesn't carry them on the shelf. Some salons do, some do not, so you just have to look around. Some of my favorites are the Chakra oils (I like the balancing one "#7"), and also other favorites are Infinity Nature #5 (Smells like Aveda's Brilliant line) and Air Nature #6 (smells like Aveda's Shampure). Hope this is helpful! I look forward to using your recipe to spray all of my things around the house :)

    • says

      Oh I loved the idea of using the Aveda Balancing Oil #7…but I didn’t want to spend $179.00 for it. Did I understand that price right?

    • Yourface says

      I gotta say, if I have some vodka I’m def gonna drink it, not spray it on my curtains. ;)


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