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refrigerator cleaner

I have to admit, today’s post wasn’t supposed to be about a homemade cleaner at all. But, as is often the case with me, I got distracted by something and plans changed. :-) It’s not really my fault though (never mind, it totally is!) The nice people at sent me several different caps for mason jars to try and I was so enamored with the spray nozzle cap that I decided a homemade cleaner was in order!

I looked around my house for some inspiration and determined that the thing most in need of a good cleaning was the inside of my refrigerator! OY! Starting with the hamburger I had thawed in the refrigerator that leaked, moving on to the orange juice spill that never got entirely wiped up, and several other messes in between, I had my work cut out for me.

I started with one of my most trusted and effective cleaning ingredients….vinegar. Since I’ve had success with the cleaning power of heated vinegar in both my Tub & Shower Magic and when cleaning my microwave, that’s what I went with for this cleaner recipe.

refrigerator cleaner

Chemical-Free Refrigerator Cleaner


Add two parts hot water and one part vinegar to a glass spray bottle, then add the lemon essential oil.

Spray mixture inside the fridge, let sit for a minute or two, and wipe with a damp cloth.

The hot water and vinegar will not only loosen stuck on food, but will also help to eliminate undesirable odors. The lemon EO helps sanitize and leaves a clean, fresh smell!

By the way, this will work wonderfully in your microwave too. Or you can try THIS safe and simple method from a previous post.

refrigerator cleaner

Either way, let the SPRING CLEANING BEGIN! 


mason jar caps

For more information on the mason jar caps, go to Unfortunately I don’t see the spray nozzles on their website currently, maybe we’ll just have to be patient!



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  1. purrna2go says

    As a substitute for the lemon EO, which I don’t have, I would add lemon peels or zest. I’m sure there is adequate fragrance and oil in the peels/zest.

  2. Judy Ann says

    I am so happy that the Mason Jar company is offering these lids.
    I have been using mayo jar lids so I don’t have to deal with the 2 part mason screw on lid and cap.

    I keep leftover soups etc. in mason jars in the fridge–since they can go in the microwave to re-heat.
    Also. since they are so cold, I do rinse them off in warm water first so they don’t have to heat up so long.

    I put candy, macaroni, etc in jars when I don’t use a whole container. Easy to see in the pantry when looking for something.

    Now, I will order some of the pourable lids to go with some of them.
    Thanks Jillee for letting us know about these great lids!

  3. Cynthia says

    When I click the link the spray nozzle is the first thing that comes up…$7! These caps will def add a bunch of uses to mason jars! How cool. Thanks for the link.

    • ramccclain says

      Can you please put exact link to the sprayer? I can’t seem to find anything but the pump(s).

      Thank you!

  4. Mary says

    Great timing! I need to clean out the fridge too. Yikes!
    I LOVE the spray lid and hope Mason sells it soon. I’m also going to look into their pourable lids. I have a bunch of wide mouth jars filled with my, err .. your.. powdered laundry soap recipe and a pourable lid would be absolutely perfect, especially with the vinegar softener.

  5. carol says

    looking on the masonjars website, the spray nozzle you have isnt listed —thats a useful top……how can i get that?

      • Deborah says

        If you follow her link to, you can cluck on Caps across the top, then Adapta Caps on the left. The spray nozzle is in there for $7.00. Cheers!

      • Deborah says

        Or “click” … Not sure what effect “clucking” would have but my iPad’s autocorrect seemed to think it was a possible approach ;)