Homemade Sparkling Apple Juice

sparkling apple cider

I went to a wedding reception a few years ago where they served individual bottles of Martinelli’s with little snack boxes. LOVE Martinelli’s and made a mental note about serving it at a wedding-related event “for the future”.

Well, the future is now. :-)


At our Open House for my son and his new bride tonight, we served a homemade version of Martinelli’s sparkling apple juice that (along with the “desserts in a jar”) was a HIT! Everyone wanted to know the “recipe”.
Well, if you’re ready…I will share the “recipe”. I hope you have pen and paper handy and are ready to be here for awhile…..

Homemade Sparkling Apple Juice

  • 2 cans apple juice concentrate (thawed) (We splurged and bought the Wal-mart Great Value brand!)
  • 1 (2 liter) bottle club soda (Again, we decided to pull out all the stops and bought the exclusive Kroger Store Brand)
  • Mix.

Were you able to catch all of that? Do you need me to repeat it? ;-)

It was SO good! I really didn’t hold out too much hope that it could compare with the “real” thing…but honestly, I think I liked it BETTER than Martinelli’s.  And it was SO pretty in the beverage dispensers I picked up on sale this week. (Which I am KICKING MYSELF for not getting a picture of!)  Next time I will add apple slices (like the above photo) purely for aesthetics. :-)

I do love a S I M P L E idea that is such a crowd-pleaser. Give it a try at your next gathering…and I can practically guarantee a happy crowd. :-)



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  1. Celeste B. says

    Jill – I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your blog!!!! There are so many wonderful and creative ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them!!!!! You're amazing! Thank you for sharing your talents!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rebecca says

    In Germany this is called “Apfelschorle” but they use mineral water instead of club soda.

  3. Daphne says

    I found this on pinterest and am SO excited! We love the expensive Martinelli’s stuff but only buy it for special occasions. Both of our sons b-days are in the fall and I hate serving pop at their parties. I’m going to do this for the parties this year! Thanks so much!!

  4. Allison says

    I found this on pinterest and am so excited!!! My daughter is allergic to citrus and I have. HARD time finding punches for parties with no citrus in them. Thanks so much for the “recipe”!!!

    • Karina says

      I’m just replying, because I’m allergic to citrus too! I’ve never met anyone else who was allergic. I don’t know why this excites me :-)

  5. says

    It’s certainly a lovely recipe, if you can find frozen concentrate that doesn’t have a bunch of added sugars–and especially without HFCS! I’ve picked up Martinelli’s (or a local equivalent) NON-sparkling apple juice which is half the price, and added soda water to it. It doesn’t taste watered down, and avoids all those additives in the frozen concentrate.

  6. Jennifer says

    May I suggest using the most amazing pure apple cider I’ve ever tasted…it’s hands down, better than Martinelli’s!!! It is a pure sparkling apple cider, without additives. You can find it at this website:
    I just thought you’d like to know; quality cider, worth the price!

  7. Rachel says

    Hello! I am really excited to try out your “recipe”! I was wondering, how many people were served from one recipe? I know it depends on how big the glasses are, but I’m make this for a Church Christmas party for about 100 people and REALLY don’t want to buy too much…