Cleaning With Microfiber – Part Deux

After the unexpected positive response to yesterday’s post and giveaway…I’m hoping you won’t mind if I post a PART TWO to this subject today…..because…..I JUST CAN’T STOP cleaning with my new microfiber cloths!

I had a million things I needed to get done around the house today…and was right in the middle of all of them when the DANG POWER WENT OUT! We had a pretty sizable snow storm here (after NO snow to speak of all year!) and apparently something, somewhere couldn’t handle the drastic change in the weather because the power was out for well over an hour! 

All laundry came to a grinding halt…all cooking ceased…TV, computer, not an option…only thing left to do? DUST! :-) After the workout I gave the Enviro Cloth yesterday, I decided to give it a break and try some NORMAL bookcase dusting. Well, as usual with me, one thing led to another and pretty soon I was taking every book out of the case, dusting it and rearranging the whole thing! (Well, the power WAS still out!) And when all was said and done…it was a great feeling to get rid of all that dust and clutter!

Later in the afternoon, after the power had returned and I was able to accomplish the rest of my planned tasks…..once again, I felt the lure of the microfiber cloths. I still hadn’t tried out the Window Cloth and was dying to know how it would work in my bathroom.

I was having a hard time believing what I was reading on the page of “instructions” that came with the cloth. Just water? Nothing else needed to clean my bathroom sinks, counters and mirrors??? How can that be?? Even as I was doing the actually washing and wiping down…I still couldn’t believe it was working. It’s all so contrary to the conventional “wisdom” I was brought up with. But despite all my disbelief and doubting….it’s kind of hard to deny the results.

Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to effectively shoot before and after shots of mirrors. You are just going to have to take my word for it that the transformation USING ONLY WATER AND THESE CLOTHS was pretty amazing!

BEFORE - grimy mirror, sink and faucet
AFTER - all shined up using only H2o!

And just for fun….I thought I would try something a bit unconventional with the cloths.  I took one look at the hubsters glass that he likes to keep his toothbrush in and was APPALLED!  Yuck!!  I was headed to the kitchen to throw it in the dishwasher when I decided to see what JUST WATER and these cloths could do with THIS mess! 

Score ANOTHER ONE for the microfiber cloths. No soap, no cleaner, no scrubbers, no soaking…just one cloth for washing…and one for drying.  Brilliant.

I also wanted to remind everyone that today at 4pm MST (6pm Eastern) I will stop accepting entries for Norwex Microfiber Cloths Giveaway and will announce the 2 winners!  Have to “clear the decks” for another awesome giveaway starting on Monday! :-)



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  1. LANELL says

    First let me say I LOVE YOUR SITE!! I know how much you strive to save your bloggers money and like everyone else in this ecomony every dollar is tight for me. When I saw this post I thought "Wait a minute! I have those microfiber towels stuck in a closet". Lo and behold I dug them out and they are exactly the same cloths. Same colors and everything. I had never used them because they were sold at Dollar General and Walmart as dish towels and they were not absorbent at all. I tried all your dusting and bathroom things and exactly the same result! I paid $5 for a pack of 4 of these last year. If you like I will check around and see if I can still find then and let you know. The only difference is the label.

    • says

      Although all microfiber is much better than using cotton cloths or paper towels, the microfiber cloths you are getting at the store are not the same. The Norwex microfiber has a finer thread and tighter knit to help you pick up and hold on to more. Also, the cloths have a silver based agent woven inside to make them Antibac and allow them to self-purify. On top of that, you get a 2 year warranty with Norwex Enviro Cloths! So, though you can do quite a bit with store microfiber, you don’t want to expect to get the same results as in the blog.
      Though I know this blog is almost a year old, I just wanted to make sure the notes in correlation did clarify.

  2. kcli says

    Wanna know what i LOVE-LOVE-LOVE about your site….it's because you admit that parts of your home needs attention and while you try to keep a tidy home, your house has gunk (like mine). After seeing your successful testimonials I can't wait to apply your small change/improvement.

    I too had several microfiber cloths stashed away because they didn't seem very effective. Little did I know that they are most effective when dry – duh!

    Yesterday I was painting a near a ceiling and was disgusted by all the dust on top of furniture when your lightbulb reminded me to pull out the cloths and give them another try. Yeah….Success!!!

    Now that the room is back in order I can't wait to try the ammonia/steam iron carpet stain removal technique this week.

    Keep the GOOD THINGs coming my way… ;-)

  3. Anonymous says

    So glad I saw this before the giveaway closed! I just got my own apartment and am new to all this cleaning everything! I also started following you on twitter. This would be so awesome to win! (:


  4. Anonymous says

    I believe that the Norwex cloths have silver in their microfibre which does make them antibacterial — so although you may get the same results as far as how clean things look when you use other brands, you would still need to disinfect with a separate product or chemical if you are trying to get rid of bacteria. With Norwex you get cleaning and disinfecting in one — love my Norwex cloths!!!

  5. Sabena says

    I love your site …….I’ve now been using MICRO-Fiber cloths to clean with for about 6 years now ……I LOVE LOVE LOVE them … i have TWO sets, YELLOW for the kitchen and GREEN for everything else …………FYI i use the sets sold for car washing (SAM’S club $13 /36pk)

  6. DeLynn says

    I love micro-fiber clothes. I use them for everything imaginable. I bought mine on qvc.I gave one to my daughters in law, my friends and to my sons for out in the garage. There were two sizes. The small ones were 12″ x 12″. I cut one into quarters and use them for cleaning my eyeglasses, kindle screen, laptop screen etc. Anything small… I recommend them to everyone !!!!!

  7. Kathy says

    I’ve been using these for years. We have several cats and 3 dogs, so shedding and dust balls are a perpetual problem. I attach mine to my Swiffer, using 2 big clips to hold it on in addition to stuffing into the corner-holders. I NEVER use the Swiffer cloths any more. The dust and fur and grit stick to the cloths. When done, I put on a rubber glove, and simply rub off the worst of the offending dirt/fur, then throw them into a special basket. When I have a few dirty, I wash them separately–NO softener; and in dryer NO softener sheets.

    Great for car windows; always have one in the car with me.

  8. Laura says

    Hmm…I have a microfiber cloth under the sink. A client of Mum’s gave it to her, and it’s never been used. Now I GOTTA try it out! It’s not Norwex. Prob Dollar Store. But, still worth a try! And PS. That glass was DISGUSTING. Can’t believe he put toothbrushes in it upside-down…yuck. :P

  9. Carol says

    After reading your post, I was curious what a plain ole off the shelf microfiber would do. Whadya know!!! It left my mirrors sparkling and streak free. Just water and some buffing until dry. Save your $$ and dig your hidden microfibers out. What a gem. Can wait to do my car windows.

  10. janilink smith says

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  11. janilink smith says

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  12. says

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    and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed.
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