Drano Saved My Marriage! {Or How To Clean Concrete Stains}

Did I get your attention? :-)

OK…I might be exaggerating a little bit (a lot?), but it really did go a long way towards easing some of the strain caused between me and the hubster after I did THIS to our back steps. :-(

A few months ago I did a post on how to make your own firestarters using egg cartons, lint and wax. MELTED wax. Melted wax that I thought I could EASILY pour into the egg carton without making a mess! hahahaha. I crack myself up sometimes. However, the hubster was NOT laughing about the aftermath. :-(

This is the sort of thing that drives him crazy! lol. I really shouldn’t laugh…but I can’t help it. The stuff that upset that man compared to the stuff that upsets me really is comical sometimes. :-) I was actually proud of myself for deciding to do it outside on the step instead of INSIDE on the kitchen table! hehe. Poor guy.

Anyway…I really DID feel bad about making such a mess, so when I heard that Drano can get stains off concrete, I was all over it! However, I really had my doubts, because I was dealing with WAX, and I had tried everything I could think of when it first happened with no luck. But I always have HOPE! :-)

drano concrete cleaner

So I poured some of this $3.49 bottle of Drano Max Gel on the offending stains, including a small GREASE stain from the nearby gas barbecue. I let it sit for several minutes while I watered the plants in the backyard, then using an old grill brush that I only use for dirty jobs like this, I put in some elbow grease. Then I hosed it all off (making sure it didn’t run off into anything sensitive…like my plants).

So….what do you think???? It actually came out a lot better than I thought it would! I predict the hubster will be pleased. :-) Oh, and the little grease spot? Didn’t stand a chance! I BARELY had to scrub it at all and it was COMPLETELY gone.

drano concrete cleaner

Well, you know me….(or at least I hope you are beginning to after all we’ve been through this past year! lol)…I couldn’t stop there! When I get a taste of success…I need more! Can you say obsessive personality? :-)

So I searched around for some more spots to work on. But, to the hubster’s credit…there just wasn’t much to choose from! I finally managed to track down these two small grease (I assumed) spots on the driveway.

drano concrete cleaner

And then this spot in the garage.

drano concrete cleaner

I was running out of Drano and about to perish from heat stroke, so I decided to call it quits after that last one. Besides, the results really do speak for themselves. I tried this trick on TOUGH STAINS and was very pleased with the results.  Imagine what it could do for mold and mildew stains.

Thanks Drano for saving my marriage!   (Or at least the hubster’s nerves!)     ;-)

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  1. says

    You seriously save my LIFE with your awesome cleaning tips! I have ONE spray bottle under my sink right now (filled with YOUR glass cleaner, no less) that I use to clean with and for everything else I use something natural :) thanks for being so awesome.

  2. Charon says

    Thank you so much! I have some spots on our patio that are driving me crazy. I’ve power washed, bleached, CLR’d. Nothing was working. I will try the Drano today.

    BTW, love all your tips and your stories!

  3. Sarah says

    Hmm, I wonder if it will work on a transmission fluid stain? I know I’m going to find out today!

  4. Janna says


  5. says

    I would NEVER be so careless as to drip candle wax on my porch steps! The Hubster must put up with A LOT from you…poor, poor man :-P

    Okay, now we’re even for you calling me a dork in public! hehe

  6. Catherine's not naturally crafty, says

    You were doing this outside??? in Arizona???in the summer??? you are crazy girl! But that’s a great tip and I’m going to try it on some stains on our garage floor. In Texas. In the summer. It’s like Arizona but, with humidity.

  7. Lori says

    Ok now that I have picked my self of the floor from laughing so hard, did you try boiling water!!!!???????

  8. says

    Only for wax, not for the stains – and i don’t know that it would work on concrete (and you’d probably need an extension cord), but for what it’s worth, there is a magical solutions for getting wax out of clothing, perhaps it is transferable. just lay a paper towel over the wax and then iron it. the wax melts again, soaks into the paper towel instead of the cloth, and the iron is protected by the paper from getting waxy (but i’d suggest you test that on scrap fabric or more paper towel – a waxy iron is doom for clothing).

  9. Rebecca says

    Is that a carabiner on the end of your grill brush?? That is such a good idea! Thanks for all your tips – love your blog!!