Getting Kids To Eat Healthy…Without Them Knowing It!

fruit collageI know I talk a lot about how No. 3 son is PICKY EATER, but let me assure you, I am NOT exaggerating. He IS a picky eater! Attempting to get him to eat fruits or vegetables is a losing proposition. That’s why this next story is so funny! (Well, to me at least.) :-)

I recently had the opportunity to try a new product from Kraft called Capri Sun Super V. What makes it SUPER you ask? Well, let me tell you. It actually contains vegetables. Each 6-ounce pouch contains a combined serving of fruits and vegetables (3/4 from fruit juice and 1/4 from vegetable juice) and 10% of the recommended Daily Value of fiber. Not bad compared to MOST fruit juice drinks that only contain 10% fruit.

A couple of weeks ago a package arrived in the mail containing a box of these new drink pouches for my family to try out. It just so happened, however, they arrived the day before I left on my trip to Harley-Davidson Summer Camp. I set the box aside and didn’t give it much thought until about a week later when I decided it was time to give them a taste and write this post.

Well, the box was nowhere to be found. I figured the hubster had put it away somewhere out of the way when the kitchen tile installation project began while I was gone. So I asked him about it and he said Sten drank every last one of them!

Sten = No. 3 son = WORLD’S PICKIEST EATER! The world’s pickiest eater had unknowingly consumed 10 pouches of fruit and vegetable juice! hahahaha! I had to laugh over that one. I actually didn’t have the heart to tell him what he’d done. It will remain our little secret. :-)

capri sun super v

Of course I’m not advocating SNEAKING fruits and vegetables into your kids’ diets. But hey, whatever works right? Statistics show that children are not consuming a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables each day.

The US Dietary Guidelines recommends four servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables for a 2,000 Calorie diet. Less than 50 percent of children in the US are eating these recommended amounts for fruits or vegetables (PR Newswire). With no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, a good source of antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, and three kid-friendly flavors (Fruit Punch, Berry and Apple)…think of Capri Sun Super V as a “secret weapon” in our battle to get kids to eat healthier!

And since kids cannot thrive on juice alone…here are some Fun Food For Kids ideas I have pinned to my “Little Ones” Pinterest board. Also, check out CHOOSEMYPLATE.GOV for more information on healthy eating.

Frozen Yogurt Dots

frozen yogurt dots

Homemade Pixie Sticks

pixie sticks

Grilled Cheese & Bananas “Ice Cream Cone”

banana ice cream cone

Apple “Fish” Snack

apple fish snack

Homemade Gummy Fruit Snacks

homemade fruit snacks

Owl Sandwich

owl snack

Snail Lunch

snail snack

Caterpillar Grape Kabobs

caterpillar grape kabobs

Snack Cars

Fruit Cars

Apples and Peanut Butter Teeth

apple peanut butter teeth

Hungry Caterpillar Snack

hungry caterpillar snack

Funky Fruits

funky fruits

Snowman on a Stick

snowmen snack

Peanut Butter-fly

peanut butter fly

Sunflower Snack

sunflower snack

Butterfly Snack Pack

butterfly snack pack

Palm Tree Snack

palm tree snack

Snack Flower

cucumber flower

Hummus and Carrots

carrots and hummus

LOTS of inspiration on how to sneak add healthy foods into our kids’ diets. And come to think of it…almost all of these snacks would pair well with Capri Sun Super V! To find out more visit their Facebook page.

So, I know I have a LOT of savvy readers out there…share with us your best tips for getting your kids to eat healthy (or at least TRYING to! I know how that goes!) and you will be entered to win a $1,000 Visa Gift Card (Grand Prize) or a $500 (runner up) gift card. Each comment posted generates an automatic entry into the sweepstakes.

Check out to find more Capri Sun Super V reviews!


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  1. Patricia says

    We make green smothies in our house to get more veggies into the kids. The new Capri Suns will be doing the work for us!

  2. Amy M says

    For some reason, my son has no problem eating the vegetables and beans in homemade vegetable soup. If the veggies are presented in any other way, he won’t touch them. Whatever works!

  3. MichelleH says

    When I serve something new I don’t say what’s in it until after everyone has taken a bite. I just made the kids chocolate chia seed pudding. After a few bites and saying ‘it’s good’, then I told them what was in it. My ‘picky’ eater helped himself to two more scoops. He’s the one I worry about getting protein and iron so I was thrilled for him to eat two helpings of the healthy pudding. If I had said ‘chia seed’ before eating, he wouldn’t have even tried it.

  4. Jenny says

    My sister introduced me to green smoothies. Every morning I blend fruits and greens (romaine, spinach, etc) and share half with my kids (4 and 7). There is no sneaking the greens in…both kids watch me make them and see how much “salad” goes in. Even if the smoothie turns out dark green or brown, the kids slurp it all up and beg me for more.

  5. Winterflame says

    My daughter (3) is addicted to yogurt smoothies (just frozen fruit and greek yogurt), so I made her a large mouth cup of it to drink with healthy meals she doesn’t care for. After she drinks about half I let her use it to dip her veggies, or meat in. She will devour anything that she can dip in her sweet.

  6. Vicki Fisher says

    My grandkids love muffins and quick breads, so we make zucchini bread, applesauce muffins, etc. I also replace oil in cakes, etc. with pureed pumpkin. I don’t actually hide the healthy ingredients from the kids, but even the picky one is willing to eat zucchini bread.