DIY Jewelry Organizer/Wall Decor

DIY Jewelry Organizer I am so happy today I feel like doing cartwheels! Well, maybe a somersault or two. A cartwheel would probably land me in the emergency room (or at least the chiropractor’s office) and then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the REASON I’m SO HAPPY!

For MONTHS I have been trying to come up with a way to store and organize my  jewelry collection. I know, it sounds kind of frivolous but it honestly has been stressing me out!

Even though there’s definitely not a LOT of it…it still drives me crazy having necklaces, bracelets and earrings all bunched together on a closet shelf or in a drawer. Actually, I have lost a lot of jewelry that way, because it gets tangled and broken.

I have looked at COUNTLESS ideas on Pinterest and Google and everywhere in between, but nothing was doing it for me. Either it wasn’t practical for the space I had available, or I couldn’t find the materials I needed to make it, etc, etc, etc.

Last week the stars were in alignment and I FINALLY came up with an idea that turned out to be PERFECT!

I was in Home Depot looking at blinds for our kitchen when providence intervened and for some mysterious reason I ended up in the aisle that carried something called “hardware cloth”. I had never heard of such a thing before, but it basically looks like chicken wire, with much smaller openings.

hardware cloth

I decided to buy a roll (I think it cost me $10 for about 5 feet) even though I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it. I figured it was a start!

magnetic board

The very next day…my sister brought me THIS cute magnetic board as a Thank You present (which I LOVE!) for designing some business cards for her.  Which actually has nothing to do with my jewelry organizer….except that I decided to hang it in my kitchen, replacing an old bulletin board I had hanging there.


DIY Jewelry Organizer

NOW the wheels in my not-so-crafty brain were starting to turn! (Can you hear the creaking? They are a bit rusty!)

I had some wire stuff, I had a frame…I could ALMOST see the finished product in my minds eye!


DIY Jewelry Organizer

After taking the corkboard out of the frame (which happened to be covered with piece of quilted fabric), I had my trusty assistant (No. 2 son) cut a piece of the “hardware cloth” to fit the opening. Something that was easily accomplished with a simple pair of wire cutters.


DIY Jewelry Organizer

I envisioned the whole thing being done at this point…but as I looked at the piece of quilted fabric that was laying on the table, at the last minute I decided to add it behind the wire mesh and taped it in place on the back with the only wide tape I had, clear packing tape. (That’s why you can’t see it in the picture below.)


DIY Jewelry Organizer

After putting a couple of Command picture hanging strips on the frame (No Nails! I love these!)….I hurried to put it up in my bedroom so I could see the final results of my brain child. 


DIY Jewelry Organizer


My final inspiration for this project came in the form of using shower curtain hooks to hang the necklaces and bracelets from.  I actually impressed myself with that one!


DIY Jewelry Organizer

All I can say is it couldn’t have turned out better! Even though I didn’t have a CLUE what I was doing when I started! lol. I definitely got lucky….and I’m PLEASED AS PUNCH about it.  Cheers!!  :-)


DIY Jewelry Organizer


DIY Jewelry Organizer

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  1. Laura Jean says

    I am so excited about this! My jewelry is a crazy mess at the best of times. I have two small jewelry boxes but they just aren’t cutting it and I end up throwing my necklaces on top of them in a tangled pile.

    This is exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t know that “cloth” existed! I am going to have to make a shopping trip soon! Thank you so much for sharing!


    P.S. We use those type of shower hooks in our bathroom to hang our loofahs/pumice stones/etc from the rod. They dry so much quicker there!

  2. Cynthia says

    Very cute. I’ve been wanting to make myself a jewelry organizer type device, but all the ones I’ve seen before have still been designed to sit on the shelf or on a vanity/dresser, on which I have zero space. I love that you can hang this on the wall! I’m gonna have to make me one soon.

    • Teresa Walker says

      What a great idea!! I’m definitely going to make this! I do want to use smaller hooks, because I have so much jewelry, thinking I will use the small hooks used to hang pleated curtains. Then I want to figure out what to do to put my pierced earrings that are not on hooks, but are on posts.

      • Kass1967 says

        –>Teresa. . .use a small piece of plastic canvas, the most holes per inch. Maybe put the plastic canvas at the top of the frame so the necklaces won’t tangle with them.

      • Cynthia says

        The plastic canvas sounds like a good idea. I suppose I’m just worried about my regular post/stud earrings falling off. And where would you put the backs? I suppose, though, you could somehow fasten a tray or box onto the frame to hold studs and backs…now I’ve got my wheels turning!

      • Karen in AZ says

        I use a piece of plastic canvas. I glue gunned some lace around the edges and stitched on a couple of plastic rings. I hang it on a couple of those nice command hangers (the lace is long enough to cover the “hook”.) It works great for earrings and there’s room to reach behind it to attach the backings. There are also different shapes (circles) that can be used.

        An alternative is to make one for your earrings with plastic canvias and another with the wire mesh for your necklaces and bracelets… (I have enough for both!)

      • Jennifer says

        You should try attaching a piece of your favorite ribbon over the wire mesh as a solution for earring posts. Just stick them through the ribbon and attach the backs on the other side of the ribbon. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to pull the ribbon real taunt, otherwise you will not have much room to remove (and then put back on again) the backing to your earrings.

  3. Marcia K says

    Ooohhh! Now you have me thinking! What if you wove pretty ribbon through it?? Would you still be able to hang earrings from the cross sections? Hmmmm!!

  4. says

    Great idea! Much better than what I’ve been using – a cork board with tacks which works but can be awkward. Just a note: do not hang silver as it will tarnish.

  5. Deborah Bates says

    You could use also plastic canvas (that you can get at any hobby store, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.) instead of the hardware cloth. Plastic canvas can be cut with scissors and comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

  6. Susan says

    I made an earring holder last year that I love – covered the cardboard in a picture frame with material, then ran strips of coordinating fringe/tassel across it horizontally. I, too, had been looking for a way to store my jewelry but I also have a lot of post earrings that wouldn’t work on one like Jillee made. Post or hook earrings can hang on the tassels. I use the tines of an old rake head for my necklaces.

    Since organizing my jewelry, I rotate through it much better – no more just using what’s laying on the top of the drawer, I can see it all! And by some strange miracle, the cats haven’t bothered the sparkly toy on the wall.