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13 Things You Can Clean In One Minute Or Less

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

It often feels like there’s not enough time in the day to keep things clean around the house, but there are plenty of cleaning tasks that don’t take a lot of time. In fact, some of those quick tasks only take a minute to do!

To help prove my point, I’m sharing 13 one-minute cleaning tasks with you in this post. This is not an exhaustive list of fast cleaning tasks, but rather a sampling to get you thinking about how you can better utilize those spare minutes you find throughout the day.

Devoting even a minute to keeping things clean can make a real difference, and save you time and effort down the road!

13 Things You Can Clean In One Minute

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

1. Your Phone

With how frequently we use them, our phones are exposed to a LOT of germs and bacteria. (A distressingly large amount, in fact!) The next time you have a minute to spare, why not give your phone a much-needed cleaning?

Start by turning off your phone and removing it from its case (if it has one). Clean the sides and back of your phone with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol, and wipe down your phone case inside and out.

Finally, polish your phone’s screen with a dry microfiber cloth. (If your screen needs a more thorough cleaning, try this ultra-inexpensive DIY screen cleaning spray.)

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

2. Make Your Bed

Smoothing out your sheets and blankets only takes a few seconds, but it makes a huge difference! The simple act of making your bed can make the whole room look cleaner and tidier.

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

3. Your Fridge

Cleaning out your entire fridge will certainly take longer than one minute, but even a one-minute cleaning effort can help! If you have a minute to spare, take a look at the contents of your fridge and toss out anything old or expired.

If something has spilled or splattered, dampen a paper towel with warm water and wipe it up. Even those two steps will make your fridge look much cleaner!

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

4. Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a job that seems like it will take longer than it does. But even if you only have one minute to spare, you have plenty of time to clean a makeup brush! (Then the next time you have a spare minute, clean a different brush! You’ll work through your whole collection in no time.)

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

5. TV Remote

The next time you’re catching up on your favorite shows, take a minute to clean your TV remote! Add equal amounts of water and rubbing alcohol to a small dish, dip a soft cloth into it, then wipe down your remote (without getting it too wet.) A cotton swab can help you get into those tight spaces between the buttons.

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

6. Coffee Table

If your coffee table is anything like mine, it’s often a gathering place for empty cups, junk mail, and dust. But it only takes a minute to get it cleaned up! Clear away dishes, toss out trash, and wipe up dust and grime. Much better!

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

7. Kitchen Sink Drain

No matter how clean the rest of your sink is, the drain is often a different story! It can get really gross and even start to smell after a while, but you can clean it up in under a minute!

Use an old toothbrush (or a small scrub brush) and a few drops of natural dish soap to scrub both sides of the rubber drain guard. While you’re at it, clean your garbage disposal by tossing in a few lemon and vinegar ice cubes!

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

8. Light Switches

If you have a minute to spare, grab a disinfecting cleaning wipe (or spray a cloth with an all-purpose cleaner) and clean the nearest light switch. Take a quick lap around the house and hit all the other light switches along the way too.

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

9. Doorknobs

Another quick whole-home cleaning task you can do in one minute is wiping down all your doorknobs! Doorknobs are notorious for harboring germs, so taking a minute to wipe them clean can go a long way toward keeping you and your family healthy (especially during cold and flu season!)

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

10. Entryway

Take a minute to tidy up your entryway. Hang up coats, hats, and bags, put discarded shoes where they belong, and sweep up any stray dirt or debris that has gotten tracked inside.

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

11. Laundry Baskets

I don’t know if this bothers anyone else, but I hate seeing the dust, hair, and other debris that tends to collect at the bottom of an empty laundry basket. But cleaning that debris out makes a great one-minute cleaning project! :-) Just dampen a cleaning rag and make your way around the house, wiping out the bottom of each basket.

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

12. Unload The Dishes

The worst part about seeing a sink full of dirty dishes is realizing that the dishwasher is still full of clean dishes. So if you have a minute to spare, go ahead and unload those clean dishes! It doesn’t take nearly as long as loading the dishwasher, and you’ll be thanking yourself later when it’s time to load it up again!

Things You Can Clean In One Minute

13. Your Purse

If you have time for a one-minute cleaning project, why not clear some of the clutter out of your purse? Toss out any trash and anything you don’t need, and put things back in an organized manner. (In the future, a purse organizer can help you keep things organized!)

What would you clean or tidy up if you only had one minute to do it?

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  • I’ve actually tried the lemon trick for the disposal. When I’ve tried it my mom or someone would ask what that horrible noise is. They thought it would damage the disposal which is why I’ve only done it a few times. I did actually try the cleaner on a small cloth for my phone. I used a cloth in my glasses cases and some eye glasses cleaner. They have recently come out with disposal wipes for phones etc that are in the cheapie section at Target. They work great.

    • I love using microfiber, and I know that a lot of people use them without any cleaner. Personally, I like using a spritz of something natural (rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide), to make sure that I’m killing all the germs while I’m cleaning. With a project like this, I don’t do it very often, so I want to make sure it is done well! :-)

    • It doesn’t take me much longer than a minute to empty my dishwasher because I really organise it when I load the dirty dishes. Dishes are in order by size, silverware is loaded by group; Forks together, spoons together, etc.
      Pots, pans, carving knives, are washed by hand, no matter what the manufacturer says. The pots I bought 44 years ago for my wedding still look great.

  • Is it just my boys or does anyone else’s only use the door to open and close doors over, then I’m left to clean black doors which should be white.

  • People thought i was a basket case for being picky about my laundry basket. lol
    Since i use it to put laundry away, why would I put clean clothes in a dirty basket?
    Seriously, who’s not thinking here?

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