11 Clever Cleaning Shortcuts That Will Save You So Much Time

cleaning shortcuts

While I love the feeling of a clean house, I don’t necessarily love spending hours and hours keeping it that way. That’s why I make it a point to identify and incorporate time-saving cleaning shortcuts into my routine whenever possible!

Today I’ll be sharing a list of some of my all-time favorite cleaning shortcuts with you. These shortcuts will help you dust, wash, and wipe your home to a squeaky clean state in less time than ever before! :-)

11 Cleaning Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

cleaning shortcuts

1. Streak-Free Windows

I’ve used this particular window washing method exclusively to clean my windows since discovering it several years ago. There’s no need to squeegee, wipe, or even dry your windows afterwards, and it leaves them perfectly shiny and streak-free!

If you’re looking for a faster way to clean your windows that will also save you a lot of effort, check out the full instructions and tutorial here.

cleaning shortcuts

2. Pet Hair Hack

Pet owners know that keeping couches and cushions hair-free can feel like a full time job. But as long as you have a rubber glove on hand, it doesn’t have to be!

Swipe at any lingering pet hair with a rubber glove on your hand, and the hair will stick to the glove. This is a quick and easy way to de-hair your sofa without wasting a dozen lint roller sheets!

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3. Dryer Sheet Dusting

Some of the design features in our homes can turn into magnets for dust, like baseboards, crown molding, and cabinet details. The next time you dust these areas, rub them down with a dryer sheet afterward to leave behind a thin layer of dust-repelling residue.

It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to do, and it can help keep those nooks and crannies cleaner for longer!

cleaning shortcuts

4. Dust Less With Wax Paper

Here’s another hack for people who hate dusting (including myself!) Keep the tops of your cabinets and your refrigerator clean by covering them with a layer of wax paper.

Then when the wax paper gets dusty, all you have to do is swap it out for fresh paper! No scrubbing through greasy dust required.

cleaning shortcuts

5. Fridge Liners

Another preventative measure similar to the wax paper tip above is to line your fridge’s bins and shelves with easy-to-clean fridge liners. You can buy rolls of fridge liner material online and cut it to any size.

Or if you prefer a more thrifty DIY approach, buy a few plastic place settings and the dollar store and cut those to fit our fridge bins and shelves. They work well and they’re easy to wipe clean (though they won’t offer the same grip as the fridge liner material.)

cleaning shortcuts

6. Shower Head Soak

Mineral scale buildup and hard water deposits can affect the water flow through your shower head. If your shower head could use a good cleaning, all you need is some white vinegar!

If you can remove the shower head, do so and place it in a ziplock bag full of white vinegar overnight. If you can’t remove it, pull a ziplock bag of vinegar over the shower head and secure it with a rubber band.

In the morning, rinse the shower head with clean water and it will be good as new!

cleaning shortcuts

7. Steam Clean Your Microwave

Baked-on messes in your microwave can take a lot of elbow grease to scrub away. That’s why I highly recommend steam cleaning your microwave before you even attempt wiping or scrubbing!

Get the simple instructions for steam cleaning your microwave here. With the help of this handy cleaning shortcut, your microwave will wipe clean in seconds!

cleaning shortcuts

8. Caches Of Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning up a mess is always quicker and easier when you have supplies nearby. That’s why I keep cleaning wipes in the kitchen and in both of our bathrooms.

But instead of spending a bunch of money on those expensive store-bought cleaning wipes, you can make your own at home for pennies! Get the tutorial for making your own DIY disinfecting wipes here.

9. Pillowcase Dusting Hack

Make dusting your ceiling fan quick and easy with the help of a pillowcase! Just slide a clean pillowcase over one blade at a time, press it against both sides of the blade with your hands, and slide it towards you.

All the dust will stay trapped in the pillowcase, and you’ll be finished dusting before you know it!

cleaning shortcuts

10. Use Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher can clean so much more than just dishes! Learn about 19 surprising things you can clean in your dishwasher here!

cleaning shortcuts

11. Blend It Clean

Instead of washing your bulky blender cup in the dishwasher, why not blend it clean? Just add a couple of cups of water to the cup and a small squirt of dish soap.

Put the lid on the blender cup, then pulse the blender a few times. The soapy water will clean the inside of the blender thoroughly—even the hard-to-reach area under the blades!

What are your favorite time-saving cleaning shortcuts?

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  • Ive had to use the shower head cleaning trick a few times., Our shower heads had gotten to the point where not much water was coming out. I did the cleaning as shown and it took care of the head being clogged with deposits.

  • The blender shortcut is a nice idea but it didn’t work out for me. Blender smells next day after letting air dry overnight. Maybe it depends on what you blend. We do smoothies and juices. I’m back to taking it apart and cleaning after each use, only takes a minute anyway.

  • Such great tips for cleaning places that often get ignored or are just tough to clean! I am a huge fan of making sure when I use cleaning products they are safe for my family and the environment. The same goes for whenever I get a professional cleaning done, like my carpets! I found a company that has the same values and wrote a good post about it. https://www.precisionchemdry.com/3-reasons-green/

  • I have used turtle wax to clean the Windows in my car and my house. It takes a little longer but you won’t have a build up the next year when you do your yearly window washing. The cream form of turtle wax that you get in the car section! It repels water and dirt. Try it! Its worth the extra time and there is no drippy cloth or squeegee to deal with.

  • The easiest way to clean your microwave is get a washcloth, get it really wet, squeeze out the excess water. Put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Let it sit for about 5 mins & then open up the microwave.
    All the gunk will be loosened – use the washcloth to wipe it up & that’s it! No chemicals. Just a washcloth and water.

  • I find there are too many chemicals for cleaning, at least for me. I only use essential oils or vinegar, does a wonderful job!!!!! However I do like several of your tips, Thanks ever so much.

  • For cleaning windows try June’s Miracle Cloth. All you do is wet it with water wipe and let the window or mirror air dry. You will have clean streak free glass.

  • Getting the blender clean. I use an Immersion blender for my morning smoothies. I mix all the ingridients in the blender cup, use that cup to drink my smoothie, then rinse it out, put in fresh water with a drop or two of dish soap and blend away again.

  • The vinegar in the bag to clean the shower head is amazing! I have used this method for many years.
    Instead of a rubber band, I use a pipe cleaner to hold the bag in place. It is easy to install and remove the bag without wearing any vinegar, lol.
    I find pipe cleaners to be an invaluable tool in my cleaning Arsenal for mane reasons.

  • I will definitely show this to my mom She will love this post. For our inside window she uses a microfiber cloth by Norwex. You just get the cloth wet.These cloths are amazing. I do keep a small container of the cleaning wipes for the toilet area on the floor. Sorry guys, I like the disposable ones better for this task. I do it with both of our bathrooms. My mom has a hard time bending down that far due to a form of Arthritis.

  • I love the scum buster and have used it since you originally posted it. I can’t get the paste to work on any of my pans. I’ve added more peroxide and it still didn’t do anything. I use so many of your tips I can’t figure out why this didn’t work. Your Miracle Whitening Solution saves me a lot of time with laundry! Love it!

  • Before washing a greasy pot/pan, wipe it out with paper towel then sprinkle with flour and brush around (I use a small cheap paint brush) including where handle attaches to pan and around inside and outside edges of pan, i.e., all over! Brush all the flour into the trash and you will have the cleanest, grease free pan after dish washing.

  • Love your site. Often find useful tricks. Thanks.
    I bought a floor steamer and in no time it was clogged and refused to work! I tried using vinegar to dissolve the calcium buildup but no use. Any advice?

  • I will try you window cleaning solution on my storm door windows. One window I will use it on. The other will be Rain-X. I’ve used Windex etc. in the past and the windows get spotted really quick with the next rain. But Rain-X seems to leave a residue that resists spotting so I use the product twice a year. It requires a squeegee, but in the long run, I do it infrequently. We shall see with this warm wet winter we have so far in Chicago.

    I’ve watch professional window washers and they just put a splash of ammonia in a bucket of water. But then they want the windows to spot faster so they have more work.

    This will be interesting.

    • Great idea! And how about on car windows? Gonna try it right away ( with the Jillee process first) since there are about a million childrens’ and dogs’ nose and paw prints on every window!

  • >