Inside The World Of Dirty Sodas (And How To Make My Favorite)

dirty diet coke can be as simple as adding flavored creamer to a glass of diet coke and ice, then enjoy

Dirty Sodas Are A Utah Tradition Turned Nationwide Trend

I’ll begin today’s post about how to make a Dirty Diet Coke with a disclaimer: there will be a lot of soda talk throughout this post, mainly about my personal favorite variety, Diet Coke. I say this because the last time I had the audacity to mention Diet Coke on my blog, the comments got a little out of control.

One of the many valuable lessons I took away from my experience with addiction and recovery was that most things are best enjoyed in moderation. I’m a happier, more well-adjusted person when I operate that way (within reason, of course), and that includes allowing myself to enjoy my favorite diet soda from time to time.

So now that we’ve covered that, let’s take a look at the specific soda-related topic we’ll be discussing in this post: “dirty” sodas.

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A dirty soda is simply a soda-based concoction with additional flavorings or ingredients: here a lime wedge is squeezed into a glass, then flavored creamer is added to the soda.

What Are Dirty Sodas?

A dirty soda is simply a soda-based concoction with additional flavorings or ingredients, which could include other sodas, milk or cream, simple syrup, fruit purees, etc. It’s rather like an Italian soda or ice cream float.

Dirty sodas have long been a phenomenon where I live, beginning with a small soda stand called Swig in St. George, Utah. Swig has become so popular that other soda shops have emerged all over Utah, and now the trend is spreading across the country.

There are now several drive-thru soda shacks throughout Utah and beyond, including Swig, Quench It, Sodalicious, and FiiZ. But if you’re looking for savings over convenience, dirty sodas are equally delicious when made at home, and they’re easy to make too!

As many of the soda shacks here in Utah sell frosted sugars in addition to dirty sodas, it only makes sense to enjoy one with a homemade sour cream cookie — it could make a great Super Bowl party treat! There are a million different flavor and soda combinations out there, but this dirty Diet Coke recipe is my personal favorite!

The Best Dirty Diet Coke Recipe

My favorite dirty diet coke has lime and coconut cream coffee mate added


  • Ice
  • 1 (12-ounce) can Diet Coke
  • Lime wedge
  • 2 Tbsp coconut coffee creamer (or 1 Tbsp coconut syrup + 2 Tbsp heavy cream)
Pour the diet coke over the ice once you've added your special ingredients, then stir (I use the straw)


Fill a large glass with ice, then slowly pour the Diet Coke over the ice. Squeeze the lime wedge into the cup, add the creamer (or syrup and cream), then stir. Add more lime or creamer to taste, if desired.

A finished dirty diet coke in a pretty glass with a matching lid and straw.

Sometimes I’ll double the amounts above if I’m making it in my 40-ounce Stanley tumbler, but other times the standard recipe is just the right size.

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Adding one more squeeze of lime to my dirty diet coke

More Delicious Dirty Soda Combos To Try

Half the fun of making dirty sodas at home is mixing and matching different sodas and add-ins. Try mixing different sodas with your choice of syrups, citrus, and cream. Here are some ideas to get you started, but feel free to dream up new ideas of your own!

  • Orange Creamsicle: Orange soda + vanilla coffee creamer
  • Raspberry Dream: Dr. Pepper + raspberry syrup + coconut coffee creamer
  • Butterbeer: Root beer + butterscotch syrup + vanilla coffee creamer
  • Cherry Limeade: Sprite + cherry syrup + juice of half a lime

Have you tried a “dirty soda” yet? 

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  • Unfortunately coconut creamer is not available anywhere. So with that said tried the coconut syrup and cream. Guess what? It curdled. Then it occurred to me that lime juice + cream equals curdling. Citric acid doesn’t mix well with dairy. May I suggest using plain unflavored non-dairy liquid creamer. Tried and succeeded.

    • Coconut milk and creamer are interchangable. Like coffee creamer and half and half. This would be a great way to add creaminess to a drink without it curdling, I guess.

  • I am definitely trying!! P.S. not this subject but just want to pass it on; Jillee, you look absolutely darling with your cute floral top and jeans. Sorry if I embarrass you! :-)

  • I love this drink and have never been a fan of Diet Coke. I use the sugar free syrups – coconut and lime. I ordered from Amazon. Thanks, Jill for another good idea.

  • Another easy one that my daughter and I have used is to mix some heavy cream (whipping cream) into a glass of nice cold root beer and it tastes like an awesome root beer float.

  • Oh, try a vanilla Dr Pepper! Dr Pepper and regular vanilla, like for cooking not the syrup kind unless you really like it sweet. I’m a coke and lemon nut and have been for 30+ years. But I really like the lemon so it’s usually a whole lemon juiced and a can of coke. One other thing I like on occasion is a ginger ale with blackberry flavor or cranberry. But they are now selling them in cans but you can’t get the blackberry one very often, so you have to make it yourself.

  • Love me a dirty diet coke! My fav is a vanilla cream zero – once found at my local DQ in Texas! (Coke, vanilla syrup and a splash of milk).

  • I’ve been doing this for awhile on Fridays. All the flavors of Diet Coke haven’t been in stores since the Pandemic- the others have come back. I’ve been doing my own version of the Cherry Diet Coke- just add the Grenadine and the Maraschino cherries. I recently learned how to make my own Coconut syrup – its impossible to find in the Midwest. You just boil 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar for 3-5 minutes. Then add 2T of the Coconut Flavoring ( by the spices). I’m so glad I learned how to make the Coconut Syrup. We’ve also made Italian Sodas – just add ice, club soda, the flavored syrups , half & half and top with whipped cream. They’re another fun treat to make.

    • I don’t know what the deal is but the only place I could even find the coconut syrup in stores was in Utah. That’s why I was so glad to learn how to make my own. Another blog I follow Cincyshopper had the post about it and how to diy with the coconut syrup.

  • We have always liked Dr Pepper with milk in it, from some idea long ago, so dirty soda doesn’t seem too odd to us. Can you give some suggested proportions/ratios for the added ingredients? Is it just a splash of each of the additions?

  • I guess we’re a lot dirtier in Wisconsin – I assumed these would have alcohol in them.

    But these do sound like fun to try – I can see making a “dirty soda bar” and putting out all different syrups and purees and sodas for party guests to make their own combos. That could be a really fun party treat!

  • I love Coke (or Diet Coke) with Hershey’s chocolate syrup in it! I also used to drink half root beer and half orange soda…..tastes yummy. Also at Christmas time I drink egg nog & 7 up. And if my tummy is upset I drink a ginger ale float with vanilla ice cream.

  • I am a coconut FIEND so this is something I can totally jump on board with! I need to make Dirty Diet Coke immediately…maybe with some coconut rum *gasp!* ;)

  • The idea of a “dirty” drink has been going for decades in bars! The tradition is to use 1/3 c of combined lime & coconut syrups (regular or sugar free), 1/3 c half & half (or fat free half & half), lots of ice, and 12 oz soda. Easy Peasy! And the diet version tastes amazing!

  • I actually just stopped at Swigg for a dirty Dr Pepper and cookies last night.mid recommend you keep the puréed fruit, use the recipe listed above, and drizzle those cookies with it! So delicious!!

  • Definitely chocolate Syrup! It’s awesome in coke, Dr Pepper, Pepsi or in club soda with lots of crushed ice and a splash of half and half…..yum!!!!! Obviously the club soda us the best one with chocolate syrup and a little splash of 1/2 & 1/2, tastes exactly like an old fashion egg cream from NY

  • Oh, these “dirty” drinks sound like so much fun! I hadn’t heard of them down here, but I have now. If anyone has a problem, they don’t have to imbibe, right? Thank you, as always.

  • I really hate diet drinks…the chemicals make my mouth pucker so I drink regular sodas. I guess I’m old fashioned but nothing is better than chocolate syrup in the soda. The old Frederick and Nelson’s in Seattle used to sell it in their restaurants. I used to work for a woman from the east coast who added the half and half to that. Really good and I don’t even want to think about the calories! Now I need to go out a get some of those flavored syrups and chocolate…….

    • I’m with you. I can’t comprehend why anyone would consume those deadly sugar substitutes, thinking they’re saving their health in any way. Just have a Coke, ladies. But then, for SURE add some chocolate syrup. It’s also great in root beer…along with some chocolate ice cream.

  • I quit drinking any kind of soda almost 2 years ago. Previously I had been drinking diet coke or diet pepsi with fresh lime in it for probably 40 years. I just loved the taste of lime in it. I was glad when they came out with the lime flavor already in it. Still will get a craving once in awhile but haven’t caved to it.

    • Karol!! The fresh twist of lime is still better than the Lime Cokes… Thats my fav way to have a pop too! (can u tell I’m from Chicago?) LOL!

  • I love Swig! I live in Saratoga Springs, Utah, but I will go clear to Orem for one! A Dirty Dr Pepper
    (this means coconut syrup added) with raspberry purée, cream, and packed full of ice is yummiest!
    But for home, I’ve created a sugar free drink that is so good and refreshing. It’s green tea with Cinnamon Vanilla Jordan’s Skinny Syrup and Rose’s Line Juice, full of ice. I LOVE it! I drink it all day.

  • I agree, all things in moderation and if I am going to indulge it will be on something worth while! This could be a very dangerous thing, hahaha. To make myself feel better I begin and end each day enjoying a large glass of water with lemon.

  • I’ve been buying Torani and DaVinci sugar free syrups for years. Best price is at Cash & Carry (I believe Smart & Final might be the same store). Even Ross and Marshall’s often have them. Great in coffees, sugar free baking, etc.

    • Hi Valerie :) just to butt in and add to the list…I live miles from anything resembling civilization, so I buy both brands of syrups online from They have a lot of low-carb goodies at pretty reasonable prices! :) My favorite is DaVinci French Vanilla…I use it in place of extract I made in everything! Made the mistake of using some 190 proof grain alcohol the clerk at the liquor store recommended….eww! I’m going back to vodka for extracts! LOL

    • Hi Nina :) I’m just guessing, but the smaller the ice, the better it tastes…lol just a personal preference, and I think that may be Jillee’s reason too :)

  • I love visiting Utah and the first place I go is a dirty drink place. Love them and all I can say to the people who say it sounds awful is..”don’t knock it till you try it” They are the best!! Thanks so much for the recipes!

  • Hi, I know the pull… health vs. happiness ;-) I have to hide my cravings for cold, sweet drinks! I can hide from others but not from myself though :-) so I try to strike a balance with natural fruit purees mixed with chilled club soda, they taste great and do the trick most of the times… Your post brought up some sweet childhood memories when life was simpler…. and we occasionally enjoyed soda floats. Basically, the recipe calls for a scoop of vanilla flavored ice cream in a tall glass topped with chilled coke but works well with orange and lime flavored sodas too.

  • I drink Diet Coke with Lime as my only soda preference. It is addictive by itself, but the addition of coco sounds like it will take it over the top. In a hypnotic state already – Must go to World Market. Must buy Torani Cocnut syrup.

  • I agree all things in moderation and this looks really good. I will definitely try it. Torani also has lemon and lime syrups so I might try those instead of the sweetened lime juice.

    It’s sad that even with your up front disclaimer, warning people about the topic, some people still feel the need to tell you how wrong/bad it is. If you don’t like it people move on. No need to tell the rest of us you don’t approve.

  • Jillee, thanks for your opening comments to your readers.
    The first amendment may guarantee EVERYONE the right to an opinion but it doesn’t recommend forcing that opinion on everyone else.
    Some of your followers occasionally get heated in driving home their opinions.
    Your blog offers free advice and information to your followers. It does not require readers to use the advice.
    I can pick suggestions that make sense to me and choose to ignore others, without denouncing OGTjillee for information I don’t use.

  • Here is something I did years ago and it is still a winner 50/50 Coke and Lemon Twist . I am not fond of “neat”coke but this is a winner on hot days. Diet drinks leave a bad aftertaste but this work with sugar free sodas as well

  • Last year for my husband’s 40th I made dirty Dr. Pepper since Dr. Pepper is his favorite drink of all time. We used vanilla syrup with half-and-half. He still prefers just plain Dr. Pepper, but oh, I LOVED the dirty version. I had to stop buying the ingredients because it really was addicting. Thanks for your post, Jillee and Kaitlyn. I just might have to check out the sugar cookie as well….

  • Oh my do I let my husband see this? He loves to have “different” things to drink, but he can be come obsessed, oh what to do…..

  • This is nothing new. In my younger years (a long time ago) we had ironport cream; ironport cherry, cherry cokes and many other concoctions. That’s what you get when you have an old fashioned drug store with lunch counter. :)

    • We did too. We called the drinks according to the syrup put into the coke, eg “cherry coke, etc except for the coke that had all the flavour shots and this we called a “garbage coke”.
      It is interesting, also that lime is added. Add some rum and you have a “Cuba Libre” a popular cocktail of the ’50’s.
      My Mom had a saying “what goes around, comes around”. Its nice to have revivals (of some things).

  • I have never had a Dirty Diet Coke, nor ever even heard of it, but after reading comments on how people are “hooked” on them, I thought of shaking it up a bit by using Coconut Rum, lime, and Rumchata in lieu of half & half. I mean, c’mon…. if you want to get down and dirty, go big or go home!

    • Now this is what I’m talking about! I was hooked on trying the Dirty Diet Coke, but I may have to try the Adult version!! Thanks for the original recipes and the tweaked suggestion!

  • I’m hoping to try one this week. They don’t sell the coconut flavor syrup where I live. Ive only seen it a store by my Aunts in Utah. I love the Diet Coke with cherry flavor. It masks the sweetener taste. I’m headed out to Utah this week, so we’ll see if I can get my hands on a dirty Diet Coke.

  • In my opinion, diet soda is better than soda with sugar. My doctor says one a day won’t hurt anyone. This sounds amazing and I’m putting ingredients on today’s grocery list. I saw a feature on Dr. Oz featuring Bob Harper (Biggest Loser trainer) with a one per day Skinny Root Beer Float of diet root beer with 1 T. cream in a very, very cold glass or mug. Your treats sound better. I’m going to try each one. I drink Zevia as it’s a stevia-sweetened soda and love it, especially the black cherry flavor. I love this post!

  • Tried this yesterday and it was out of this world good! I didnt have coconut syrup but I had vanilla syrup. Added lime and creamer and had it with pebble ice in a mason jar and straw. What a treat!

  • I can’t wait to try this Dirty Coke recipe! I live in MS and Sonic is THE place to go for super good sodas. They have happy hour from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM and all drinks are half price! And their pebble ice is to die for! I had no idea you could buy the ice by the bag so I will investigate this ASAP tomorrow! Yea, I was trying to quit my Diet Coke, did it for several weeks and recently fell right off that stupid wagon and started having one every now and then.

  • Let’s see…Cheerwine with h/h, Vanilla Coke with h/h, regular Coke w/grenadine and h/h, and Peach Nehi with h/h are my favprites. Also, who could pass up a Cherry Limeade with extra cherry (Sprite w/cherry) from Sonic during Happy Hour? Not me!

  • Fast food places in Oregon now have flavored pop. I love grape sprite! You can mix any combinations you want at the self serve machines! They are good!!

  • OK……As long as we’re confessing our “dirty” little Diet Coke dirty drink secrets, here’s mine: Occasionally, I’ll buy the largest size cappuccino at the local QT (gas station/convenience stop). I even doctor it up with an extra sweetener, cream and flavoring! I drink part of it, then put the rest in the fridge for the next day, when I mix it with ice cold Coke Zero……Aaahhh……….absolute indulgence!!!

  • When I saw the picture of the puree, and before I read what it was, I couldn’t figure out why you were putting in ketchup and mustard, but figured that must have been what made it “dirty”. Glad I continued reading to find out that it was fruit puree!!

  • On the east coast (NJ) we always had Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale for the holiday. It is not available on the west coast :( so now we mix our own :) It just would not bet he holidays without it.
    But in the summer–it is all about the lemonade mixers. I can lemonade concentrate and all kinds of fruit syrups when they are in season. I also can various flavors of cranberry juice. For BBQs & get togethers we put a bit of everything out & everyone makes their own gourmet lemonades. Cranberry Lemonade is usually our base.

  • I’m not going to lie, when I saw the word ‘dirty’ I was totally expecting alcohol! But these seem just as tasty and refreshing. Pop, or soda, isn’t the best drink, but it makes a fabulous treat :] thanks for sharing!!

  • You can get diet coke with Sugar Free Vanilla syrup at the fountain of Racetrac for .99. If I don’t think there is enough vanilla in it, or even if there is, I add the liquid vanilla coffee creamer to it. Yummmm. I got a small bottle of natural raspberry flavoring at HomeGoods recently and I put that in my Sprite zero. I recently picked up some watermelon flavor at Michaels and like to put that in my Sprite zero as well. Can’t wait to try a “dirty diet coke”! The possibilities are endless! Thanks for sharing, I thought I came up with this all on my own. haha

  • I’ve just recently started following you on instagram and your blog and I’ve really enjoyed it so “thank you”! My favorite drink combo is mtdew, a shot of strawberry and raspberry and the kicker…… a shot of red bull! It burns all the way down and tastes soooo good!

  • I used to work at an Arctic Circle, and we had “Lime Squeezes.” It’s just a lemon-lime soda (Sprite, Sierra Mist, 7-Up, whichever you like) with fresh lime juice squeezed in. The more, the better :)

  • My goodness…the memories! I grew up in Windsor, Ontario…right across the border from Detroit, Michigan. As a treat, Dad used to bring us over to Detroit to the Vernors store (maybe it was a factory?) and we would get a Vanilla Vernors or Chocolate Vernors. Oh, the yumminess! It is difficult to find Vernors here in Laramie but when I do, I will put some in a tall glass and add vanilla ice cream. :)

    • Vernors! As a born and bred Michigander, I’m high-fiving you on the Vernors mention. We can get it down here in St. Louis, where I live now, but I never thought of flavoring it. Inspired!

    • I was raised in Michigan and drank Vernors often. Our Michigan-born uncle living on Long Island introduced us to a glass of milk with Vernors splashed in. I don’t know his ratio, but I’ll do roughly 3:1 milk Vernors–enough Vernors to see some fizziness but not really see a color change to the milk. Vernors floats are great, too. I’ll have to try some other combinations.

  • Since I was about 5, I have loved cherry rootbeer. It was what my Dad ordered at Bob’s Big Boy and so that was good for me too….. and still to this day, that is my soda of choice. It makes me miss him though… :-)

  • They just put a swig by my house, it is amazing! My favorite drinks that I have tried are the bloody wild (mountian dew, mango puree, and strawberries) and the dizzle (sprite, pineapple chunks, and coconut cream). So yummy!

  • My daughter and I had a delicious drink at a restaurant recently. Sprite and cotton candy. Yummy!
    And to answer the question about artificial sweeteners in soda, they are very bad for you. I was sick for three days from the sweeteners in sugar free gum.

  • These sound like fun. We used to stop at the drugstore when walking home from high school. My favorite was to have a fresh lemon juiced into my Coke.

  • Kaitlyn, you and Jillee have just inspired me :) We have a SodaStream at home and now I’m just sitting here imagining all the gazillion different combinations I could make with my own blank canvas of carbonated water! :D Thanks a million!

    • Just Trixie! What a great idea! I’m afraid my Soda Stream has taken a vacation for a few months, but this inspires me to start creating with it once again…..thanks!

  • Thanks to all the comments on remembering the oldies but goodies. Took me right back to the corner drugstore/soda fountain next to our grade school. The lovely pleasure of being I an upper grade and stopping on the way home with quarter clutched firmly and expectant delight.
    To any who might scoff at the “non-purity” of this post: pooh! I agree, all things in moderation – and Dr. Pepper is my choice of guilty pleasure. Straight up!
    Right on, Jillee and keep your wonderful blog coming!

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  • Here in Panguitch, Utah, the local KB (Phillips 66 station) has had flavor shots next to the soda machine since I moved here 14 years ago…..I think Swig must have gotten the idea from them!

  • Love that you shared this! I’ve been making
    Homemade soda for my daughter for years.
    Using fresh fruit purée, different sugar free
    Flavoring and seltzer water. This way she
    Could indulge and not have the caffeine.
    One of our favorites is blueberry-coconut!
    “One Good Thing” Jillee is you can use snowcone
    Flavoring as well! So maybe my concoction would
    Be an idea for your healthy readers.

    • We do this as well with our grand-daughter. We mix the sugar free flavorings with just water and she calls her special drink soda. Sometimes we add a splash of diet soda. She thinks she is getting a treat and we get to be with her without sugar or caffeine !

  • Soooo funny the first thing that came to mind was an alcoholic drink, but I knew better, I also am living in recovery. :)
    Down south in Mississippi, Sonic is the only drink stop! Their pineapple sprite is wonderful but I never thought of making it myself! I would love to see a post on making these syrups at home… love this site!!

    • KEC if you are looking for recipes to make your own syrups look up jam and jelly recipes there are tons of flavors out there. When making them just omit the pectin from the recipe & you’ll have syrup. I make mine with crushed fruit but you can strain it if you want. They can be canned with the hot water bath method and then they are shelf stable. I can lots of flavors and have given them as Christmas gifts in with 7 Grain Pancake Breakfast baskets (all homemade items) and July 4th ice cream party toppings gifts. The syrups are great for flavored hot chocolates, waffles, drizzled over cake.

  • Jillee, you’re killing me! I am trying to give up my Diet Coke and you come out with this delicious looking recipe. Guess who’s running to the store today. I can stop drinking soda at a later date!

  • When I was in high school over 35 years ago we all went to the Westerner Drive Up…….my favorite drink was a Pineapple bourbon……..before I left for college I begged them for the recipe and they told me it was half Coke, half Dr Pepper and pineapple syrup….they even gave me a container of syrup to take with me to college. I still like the 1/2 and 1/2 mixture but haven’t had the syrup in forever!!!!!! Now I need to start looking again.

    • Sherry….so many of these drinks sound good, but yours sounds AMAZING! I’m wondering if we could simmer/reduce pineapple juice to make the syrup….or even use frozen concentrate! I’ve got to go try this right now….HA! Thanks for sharing……

  • Thank you for the memory Joan!
    I have often told the story of walking from high school to the local drug store to go to the soda fountain for a hot dog, chips and a fountain coke with real cherry juice in it and all for 25¢: People always looked amazed about getting all of that for such a small amount. I was given $1.00 a week allowance, so that 25¢ was well spent! Ahh….the memories of meeting friends at that soda fountain. We had it all!

  • I used to love chocolate and cherry cokes back in the day. Also in Germany in the late 70’s, they had a half beer, half coke with a shot of Cognac drink that was served in a pitcher.

    • One of my favorites in my younger days wad made from a gallon of lemonade, a 6 pack of beer and a fifth of vodka. Very refreshing on a hot muggy day!

  • Growing up, I loved to go to the local drug store. They had a wonderful fountain. I would order a vanilla coke with cream. It was soooooo good. Of course, we walked to the drug store and walked home. Most of the calories were burned up. Lol

  • To answer the question “what’s wrong with diet soda?” It is the artificial sweeteners that are the controversy. We actually had an oncologist tell us that studies showed a connection between sucralose and leukemia in men and advised my husband to not use artificial sweeteners. (This was after he was diagnosed with leukemia) He had been a heavy user for years in coffee and soft drinks.

    • ‘Also artificial sweeteners contribute short term memory loss. My grandfather was never a big soda drinker. But when he was diagnosed with borderline diabetes, the doctor told him that diet soda was okay to have. (Why the doctor never told him to stick with water, I’ll never know.) Five years after his diabetes diagnosis he was diagnosed Dementia / Alzheimers. Anything you put in your mouth has the potential to make you sick. Just do your research before you indulge.

      • Sorry to hear about the troubles your grandfather had. But his experience doesn’t implicate Diet Coke. Correlation doesn’t equal causation.

  • Working at a mom and pop hamburger stand in my teens, I was allowed to experiment w/ different syrups in my Dr. Pepper. cherry and vanilla was my favorite until we got a big box of olives in. The owner said if we could think of something to do with them, she wouldn’t send them back. A couple ounces of the juice and 5 or 6 olives added to the ice and Coke or Dr. Pepper became my new favorite drink. although I have given up carbonated drinks, this really sounds good right now…

  • My favorite “dirty” coke drink is Diet Coke (because a girl has to watch her figure}. with a shot of tequila and a lime. Simple and to the point. I order this when I go out and the bartenders look at me like I’m crazy but they are delicious!

    • We can get Diet Coke with Lime already made here. I never thought about the shot of tequila. Usually the alcoholic add-in is rum – making a Cuba Libre. I happen to have a full bottle of tequila in the cupboard…and some lime juice.

      Speak of which – the price of limes in the US is horrific! $1 each!

  • When I was growing up, we had Vanilla Cokes, Cherry Cokes and Chocolate Cokes. Made at the restaurant or drug store or soda shop, right there in front of you. Coke syrup, not canned or bottled Coke and it was mixed the way you wanted (more syrup than called for or less – your choice). Vanilla, Cherry flavoring (also a syrup) or chocolate syrup was added. It was SO good! Today, whenever I go to Big Boy or Steak – n – Shake, I STILL order a Chocolate coke/cola. It’s not the same since the cola is premixed, but I am still a happy camper when I have one. I could make it at home, but somehow it’s not quite the same (probably because at the restaurant it’s regular cola and at home we have diet). Still….. I think when I get home this evening, I will treat myself to a chocolate diet cola, kick back and remember all the good times that were had over [what is now called] dirty colas. Thanks for the recipes. I will be trying them.

  • Great post and well said. Good for you…I think we need to enjoy a variety of foods! My rule of thumb is eat all the right foods 80% of the time and the remaining 20% you can enjoy the ‘other ‘ foods life has to offer. This allows you to enjoy yourself at a dinner party once in a while with a glass of wine or to enjoy the wonderful desert. Life is short, enjoy each day and all it has to offer.

  • My Mom always said “what goes around, comes around”. Dirty Cokes are a recycled phenomena from the 1950’s.
    Here in Canada we had Cherry Cokes, Vanilla Cokes, Chocolate Cokes, Strawberry Cokes and of course Dirty Cokes but the Dirty Cokes contained all the above flavourings. The Cokes were made at the soda fountain, not taken out of cans (cans were not available back then, anyway!
    You brought back a load of delicious memories for me, thanks.

    • Oh my, I grew up in Virginia and when I was in elementary school we would go to the ‘drugstore’ for lunch. We would sit up at the counter and for 25 cents get a hot dog, chips, and a chocolate or cherry coke! Heaven. Cannot wait to try this Dirty Diet Coke since I
      have to have at least one each day!

    • I worked as a carhop at a small mom and pop drive-in restaurant in MT when I was in high school back in the late ’70s. The drive-in was stared in the ’50s by the mother of my employer. The fountain drinks with a shot of syrup were favorites with our customers as well as the employees.

      My personal favorite was a chocolate cream Dr. Pepper. :-)

    • Just what I was thinking Barbara. This concept has been around a long time. My Mom introduced her five kids to flavored Soft drinks when we were barely out of diapers (and I’m 50 this yr. lol). She also introduced us to adding salted peanuts to our Cokes, another yummy concoction. She also showed us how good pouring any soft drink, be it a cola or fruit flavored soft drink, over vanilla ice cream. I also like coal over chocolate ice cream lol. So yeah, they can say it’s a “NEW” craze but those who have been around a while or had parents who grew up in the days of Soda Fountains know better ;-)

  • Fun ideas. I have to have my diet coke about once a week, or else come friday evening my body is in as state of collapse. That dirty diet coke sounds good. My favorite variety is the diet coke with the cherry sold in stores. It’s also fun if
    Buying a fountain drink to mix in the cherry with

  • I live in Arkansas, nowhere near Utah. There is no such animal as Swig.

    I am, however, an incredibly HUGE fan of Diet Coke with Vanilla from Sonic. This is my truly guilty pleasure!

  • Oh yes!! I absolutely love Coke Zero with equal parts Torani Sugar Free Cherry and Sugar Free Chocolate syrup. And Diet A & W Cream Soda is good with the Sugar Free Salted Caramel syrup. Thank you for these other suggestions!

  • This concept looks so yummy. Something different with simple ingredients! One question though, wouldn’t the lime make the half and half go sour? I really stink at food chemistry so I just avoid mixing citrus and dairy without much thought.

    • In the States, half and half is one part milk to one part cream. While it has a variety of uses, many people I know tend to favor it as an additive in their coffee.

    • “Half &Half” here in Canada is usually 10% MFN (milk fat). On the East Coast of this country it’s also called “Blend”. Funny how the same thing can be called by so many names, isn’t it? Hope all this helps!

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