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9 Simple Pleasures To Make Time For This Fall

fall to do list

It has been unseasonably warm during the day lately, but the nights are definitely starting to get colder and there’s crispness in the morning air that tells you autumn is just around the corner. (Well, it’s technically fall now, as the equinox was last Thursday, but you know what I mean.)

Despite my summer-loving ways, I do love a lot about fall — wearing cozy sweaters, baking, watching football… what’s not to like? Today I thought I’d put together my own “Fall To-Do List” to share with you featuring everything I’m looking forward to doing over the next few months.

Feel free to borrow as much or little of this list as you like while you consider what kind of autumnal activities you’d like to find time for this year!

9 Things That Are On My Fall To-Do List

fall to do list

1. Practice Hygge At Home

One aspect of the Danish concept of hygge is cultivating a cozy, welcoming feeling inside your home, and it’s a great way to ready your home for cooler days and longer nights. Even simple things like adding a few more cozy throw pillows and blankets to your living area can go a long way.

But hygge isn’t all about decor — at its core, it’s about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying simple pleasures with people you love. Learn more by checking out my post on how to embrace hygge in your life and home!

fall to do list

2. Gather Around A Crackling Fire

With how often we use it, our Solo Stove fire pit was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while! It has made spending time in the backyard even more enjoyable because it produces a lot less smoke than the average fire pit or ring.

We love gathering around it on chilly nights to swap stories and roast a few marshmallows.

fall to do list

3. Read A Good Book

On a chilly autumn day, there’s nothing like taking some time off to get cozy and read a book. Snuggling up with a warm blanket, a good book, and a cup of homemade hot chocolate feels so indulgent, and we all deserve to indulge ourselves from time to time.

fall to do list

4. Spend Time In The Garden

If you’ve been keeping a garden this summer, there may be plenty of harvesting left to do before the snow flies, and it’s so nice to be out in the garden now that the summer heat has passed. Those who live in warmer climates may even be able to plant and harvest a round of cool weather crops like root vegetables, spinach, and lettuce before winter sets in.

fall to do list

5. Make Peach Jam

I can get peaches for a great deal this time of year, so I like to get a lot of them and make a lot of peach jam. Making peach jam is easy, and it’s even easier one you know the easiest way to peel peaches.

I’ve included a peach jam recipe in that post (which, full disclosure, is the same one on pretty much every store-bought container or box of pectin). There’s nothing like having a freezer full of delicious jam to enjoy all winter!

fall to do list

6. Wear Cool Weather Outfits

Time to get those fall clothes out! I’m all about cozy sweaters, turtlenecks, scarves, and boots in every style. If you read my recent post about decluttering for fall, you should have plenty of room in your closet for your autumn wardrobe now that you’ve cleared out some of your summer stuff.

fall to do list

7. Enjoy The Great Outdoors

I love the beautiful fall colors on the mountainsides that surround our high mountain valley, and I even enjoy watching the leaves fall off the tree in our backyard (but that may be because I never have to rake them!) Make sure to take some time to get outside and savor the beauty of this fleeting season.

fall to do list

8. Work On Outdoor Projects

This is the perfect time of year to tackle projects around the house you’ve been meaning to get to, like organizing the garage or repainting the deck. Summer is too hot for these projects and winter is too cold and snowy, so take advantage of the cool weather and get those projects done!

fall to do list

9. Bake And Cook Fall Favorites

One of the best things about autumn is the smell of delicious baked goods coming from the oven (and not sweating profusely while the oven is on!) The aromas of cinnamon, pumpkin pie, apple cider, and other cozy autumn favorites are hard to beat.

But fall isn’t just about baking for me. When fall comes around, I start craving soups, pot pies, and other comfort foods I haven’t eaten (or had the desire to eat) in months. Take a look at what I’m looking forward to cooking and baking throughout the season below!

14 Delicious Fall Recipes

  1. Cranberry Brie Pull-Apart Bread from Half Baked Harvest
  2. Sweet Potato Pizza from Camille Styles
  3. Classic French Onion Soup from Gimme Some Oven
  4. Instant Pot Hamburger Soup from Salt and Lavender
  5. My Favorite Chicken and Dumplings
  6. Pot Pie from The Pioneer Woman
  7. Butternut Squash Alfredo Pasta from Damn Delicious
  8. My Best Chili Soup and Corn Spoon Bread
  9. Brick Chicken
  10. Best Bread Machine Bread by Valentina’s Corner
  11. Apple Rings from How To Simplify
  12. Apple Cider Doughnut Loaf Cake from Epicurious
  13. My 3-Ingredient Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
  14. My Favorite Fall Desserts

What are you looking forward to doing this fall?

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  • I love our Midwestern falls. I grew up in a state where snow in October wasn’t unusual. We do have hot and humid Summers -but fall makes up for it. We can have days in the 70s through November. I’m so proud that Hygge is part of my Scandinavian heritage. One thing I love to make in the fall is an easy Pumpkin bread. It uses canned pumpkin, a spice cake mix and optional chocolate chips. It always gets eaten quickly at our house.

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