These Indispensable Tips Make Our Most Hated Chore Easier

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

If you’ve ever wondered which household task is most universally hated, wonder no more! According to the 2018 ACI National Cleaning Survey, over 50% of people dread cleaning their bathroom(s) over any other cleaning task.

I can’t say I found this particularly surprising, not least because it’s one of my least favorite chores. But the reason we dread cleaning the bathroom — because it’s just plain icky — is the same reason it’s a task that needs doing!

The best way to make cleaning your bathroom less unpleasant is to arm yourself with tips and tricks that make the process quicker and easier. Lucky for us, that’s exactly what you’ll find in this post!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Cleaning Tips That Save Time And Energy

The first tip I’ll share is a 5-step method you can use to clean your bathroom in just 15 minutes. I use it all the time in my own bathrooms and it’s such a time-saver!

This method is all about speed and efficiency, so it doesn’t address cleaning bathtubs, showers, etc. But don’t fret — you’ll find links to effective cleaning tips for those areas, including grout, mildew, and anything else you may need to clean in your bathroom later on in this post.

Here’s to making this dreaded chore a little less dreadful!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

How To Clean A Bathroom In 15 Minutes

You’ll need:

  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Toilet brush
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth
  • A few paper towels


Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Step 1 – Scrub The Toilet

Apply a generous amount of toilet bowl cleaner around the inside of your toilet bowl, then give it a good scrub with a toilet brush. Flush, then prop the brush under the toilet seat to let it drip-dry.

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Step 2 – Spray

Spray the rest of the toilet, plus the sink, faucet(s), and countertop, with your preferred all-purpose cleaner (or grab the recipe for my favorite homemade all-purpose cleaner!)

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Step 3 – Rinse

Dampen your microfiber cloth and use it to wipe down the mirror. Next, use the damp cloth to “rinse” the cleaning spray from the countertop, faucet(s), and sink.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Step 4 – Dry

Use a couple of paper towels to dry the mirror, countertop, faucet(s), sink, and toilet, in that order. (You’ll be working your way from the cleanest thing to the dirtiest thing, which helps to save on paper towels.)

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Use the last paper towel to buff a shine onto the mirror and faucet. Throw the paper towels out and put the toilet brush away.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Step 5 – Finishing Touches

Rinse the microfiber cloth and wring it out. Use the damp cloth to spot clean the floor, or to wipe up any hair, dust, or dirt that’s hanging around. Toss the microfiber cloth into your hamper or washer, and you’re done!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Useful Tips For Cleaning The Rest Of Your Bathroom

The 15-minute method is great for frequent cleanings, or occasions when you’re short on time, but it doesn’t address every corner of your bathroom. Some areas take a little more time and effort to clean, but they’re still very doable with the right tools and techniques!

Check out the links below for tips and tricks that will help you clean every nook and cranny of your bathrooms:

What’s your very best bathroom cleaning tip?

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  • I use holy socks and worn-out t-shirts and washcloths to do cleaning. After cleaning the bathroom, I toss ’em. Great way to reuse old socks etc!

  • Using white vinegar and adding my essential oils (peppermint, orange, spearmint, cinnamon bark, Christmas spirit– to just mention a few of my favorites) to the vinegar is an option. The vinegar kills germs 99,99% and you don’t even have to add the oils as the smell of vinegar will disappear in a very short time. I simply add the oils because they also kill the germs (if it is a high grade essential oil) and I love the smell that remains.

    • Personally, I would never even use the Clorox wipes or ANY of the products with chemicals in them. I had a cleaning service for 10 years and used all the nasty chemical products and then learned about how unhealthy they were to my body and learned about the top grade essential oils and since 1999 have not used the products the chemical company produces.

  • This basically how we clean our bathrooms. My mom always complains about all my dark hair she gets off the floor. It just kind of goes with having long hair. For the outside of the toilet I use the Clorox wipes on the bottom part. I usually don’t have to do much in the main bathroom. I do use it more for the master bathroom to get rid of that male smell in the bathroom. She has a hard time bending down that far. It also helps to keep the smell from being overwhelming.

    • Clorox is extremely bad to use for one’s health–it can cause a lot of problems. You may want to research this–especially if you have children–

    • We also retouch the bathroom during the week. I use the Clorox wipes because it’s the only thing that takes care of the urine odor. So please get off my back!

  • People always seem to forget the outside of the toilet. I scrub my toilet using disposable scrubs & then pop those in the trash. I then spray the outside of the toilet, plus the seats, both sides. Starting at the top, I wipe the entire commode down (including the handle) with paper towels reaching the floor last. I wipe the back of the toilet, coming around the outside rim & hand wipe the floor as I finish up. Then toss the paper towels in the trash. I don’t like to rewash any toilet rages or floor rags. Too much hair!

    • I agree on remembering to clean the outside of the toilet. Many years ago when I did housekeeping as a business, my first client reminded be to do this very thing and it has stuck with me all these years.

      • Agree with Debra and Elaine, something seems to be missing from expert’s steps above. Step 2 says to spray ‘the rest of the toilet’ but there’s no mention of removing/cleaning after spraying using a separate cloth or paper etc to clean the seat, the rim, cistern etc, in fact everywhere little (and not so little!) boys may have left their mark!

      • My apologies, completely overlooked fact that step 4 says to wipe down everything, finishing with the toilet! I don’t use any disposable cloths, scrubbers etc though, just rinse cloths in my ‘dirty jobs’ basin with disinfectant then wash in machine with appropriate load.

  • LOL! I put my answer on the wrong post!

    My two hates if you want to call them hates (I like housework), would be vacuuming and washing floors. They are both hard on my back and knees (when I have to get down to get under beds, it kills my knees).

  • I guess many people consider this the worst chore because of the yuck factor, but for me it is a piece of cake compared to the things that cause me to have to get on my hands and knees like the baseboards, crooks, and crannies on the floor or anything else that gets me bending over or squatting. I think maybe it is just a sign of age and a bad back because I use to think the bathroom was the worst job.

      • Karen, I hated doing windows outside too, until my hubby said, why don’e you use the painting extention pole for your window squeege. No more ladders and I stay on the ground!

    • That’s why I’m usually the one to wipe the bottom half of the toilets.I live at home due to circumstances. Anyway, my mom has a hard time bending down to reach it. She has a form of Arthritis that makes it hard to bend and just getting older.

  • Also, the longer you wait to clean it the harder it gets! So just do it every 3 days or so and things are bound to be less discusting than you’d expect!
    And last but certainly not least:!

  • Its hard to believe that’s the most hated! Maybe its just me but I think dishes and all kitchen related cleaning is far worse. I get myself excited by trying new cleaner recipes (my favorite being alcohol, Dawn, water and oils), but i am weird like that.

    • Suzy George – I love using alcohol in my kitchen. I use it on the stovetop, countertops, and spot cleaning floors. Many of the commercial cleaners make me cough so I have learned to use more natural ingredients. They may smell strong, but do not bother me like chemicals found in store bought cleaning agents.

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