Get The Frizz Out…Naturally!

The last time I bought anti-frizz hair serum I think money was really tight…so I decided to forego my FAV productBiosilk Silk Therapy Serum, and instead bought this got2bstuff for about 6 bucks.  No offense “got2b by Unisex” but ICK! I haven’t really liked it since the day I purchased it. It’s super thick and sticky and just felt like it weighed my hair down.  But of course I wasn’t going to waste it!. So month after month I have used this stuff (I swear! The bottle was bottomless!)…until now. The bottle is FINALLY empty, and I was looking forward to going back to my tried and true BioSilk.

So there I am…in the grocery store…eyeing the hair products shelves when I see it! I think I heard angels singing! I was so happy to be reunited with my old friend!
If my life had a soundtrack you would insert the Record Player Scratch sound effect here. You know…the one that sounds like a record needle pulled violently across an album? Because when I saw the price for that TINY little bottle…($15 for 5 ounces!) I was slightly mortified. I guess I shouldn’t have been because I’ve purchased it many times in the past….but I guess I have had enough of a shift in attitude about paying for over-priced, over-packaged stuff since the last time I bought it…that I experienced genuine sticker shock.
I went ahead and bought it though. You see, I HAVE TO have some sort of anti-frizz, smoothing product to put in my hair after I wash it and before I blow dry it or my hair comes out looking something like this:

True story.

But ever since I bought that little bottle…I’ve been experiencing this vague feeling of “buyers remorse”. Especially when I think about the homemade version of things I’ve been making for pennies on the dollar! *ding ding ding ding ding*!   It FINALLY occurred to me (I can be a bit slow) that I needed to look for a homemade, natural alternative!

Did you know that most hair serums are loaded with silicone? Silicone, that over time, coats the hair, causing it to weaken and break after extended use. Well that’s ALL I need!

After quite a bit of time researching this (believe it or not, there’s not a lot of people making their own hair serum! lol.)  I did manage to come up with what looks to be a very promising homemade version of the over-priced stuff they peddle in the stores. It has 4 ingredients….two of which I already have on hand.

Now I’m on the lookout for these two oils:

Camellia Oil Blocks Harmful UV Rays, Maintains a Healthy pH, Promotes Hair Growth, Conditions Scalp
Avocado Oil is highly therapeutic oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B5 (Panthothenic acid), Vitamin D, E, minerals, protein, lecithin and fatty acids. Perfect hair moisturizer. Great substitute for silicones!!!!
Castor oil is rich in fatty acids and is soothing and lubricating. Smoothes cuticles and softens coarse hair

And here’s the recipe………

Anti Frizz Serum Recipe for Hair

4 ounces Camellia Oil
1/2 ounce Castor Oil
1/2 ounce Unrefined Avocado Oil
25 drops Essential oils for scent
Choose a natural, organic essential oil according to the healing properties desired. Use myrrh or peppermint for dry hair, lavender or rose oil for fine hair to normal hair, or add lemon or chamomile for golden highlights. Avoid using synthetic oils.

Combine all ingredients in a DARK GLASS bottle (sunlight is damaging to all oil types). Shake well before each use
To Use: Apply a small amount to damp hair before blowdrying or apply a very small amount to dry hair for smoothing and shine.

So excited to try this! Now my hair can look like THIS instead! ;-)
Anyone want to buy a $15 dollar bottle of BioSilk??? :-)



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  1. Confessions of a Beautyholic says

    I am always ASTOUNDED by all of the things you come up with! I love your blog and have a board on pinterest with all of your recipes on it! I hope someday that I can actually try out all of the things I see on here!

  2. DerFarm says

    ummmm…you can get avocado oil in any decently large grocery. You'll probably find it with the other strange nut oils in the foreign section.

    I use it when I can't get pure Tung Oil for cleaning and refurbishing tables and cutting boards I make.

    As far as Camelia oil goes, it hides under the name of japanese Tea Oil and is primarily used to make luxury soaps. They bubble up better. It's also expensive. You might want to look into using grapeseed oil, as the process to make it is approximately the same.

    Reminds me of the time my son wanted to dye his hair purple. He has very thick, incredibly black hair and I convinced him that using grape kool-aid would do the trick … and it would have if he was blond. He ran around for 2 weeks smelling like a popsicle.

  3. Anonymous says

    JIllee….trying to see your Pins but every time I open your site all I see is your title (One GOod Thing by Jillee) an ad, things I might also like and other peoples comments. I can't ever see any of your recipes. I love your ideas but can't access them. Any suggestions for what I need to do to see them?

  4. Anonymous says

    JIllee….trying to see your Pins but every time I open your site all I see is your title (One GOod Thing by Jillee) an ad, things I might also like and other peoples comments. I can't ever see any of your recipes. I love your ideas but can't access them. Any suggestions for what I need to do to see them?

  5. Jill Nystul says

    Beautyholic…one thing at a time. Just keep them pinned and try them when you can. They aren't going anywhere. ;-) So glad you like the blog!

    DerFarm…just when you have me convinced you are a smart aleck who just likes to make fun of my laundry supplies…(kidding btw…I know it's all in fun!) you come up with some awesome info! Thanks so much! This is good stuff. I'm convinced "my" readers are the smartest in the universe!

    Anony…well that simply won't do!!!! What browser are you using? We'll get to the bottom of this!

  6. Anonymous says

    You can also wear your hair curly. If you eliminate silicone from your hair care routine you should eliminate sulfates as well. That will cut down on a lot of the frizz. has a bunch of great tips.

  7. Denise from Ark says

    Going to try this…someday. Last Christmas JCPenney Salon ran a BOGO Free sale on 12oz Biosilk serum, and the same ad included a $10 coupon good on any purchase of $35 or more. I bought 2-12z bottles (HUGE!) for $32. My stylist says she can't even get them for that price. I filled an empty 2z bottle for the travel case, filled another one for DD (and she comes over and uses it regularly, too) and have used it for a year and still have 1/4 of the first bottle left. I use it-generously- every time I wash my hair (but try to limit washing to twice weekly). So it will be a while.

  8. Anonymous says

    Probably best that you did forego that bottle of BioSilk. One of its primary ingredients is alcohol. Say what? Yes, it is true. Right on the label. That stuff actually dries your hair out.

  9. Anonymous says

    Just curious… but once you have purchase all the ingredients for this haven't you basically spent about the same amount as the BioSilk?
    My boyfriend always says, if you can't make it for cheaper then go ahead and buy it.

    Now on the other hand a jar of coconut oil is about $7 and that is for a huge tub of it. Also works really well.

    • Michelle says

      You can actually purchase a 16oz bottle of 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for $5.99 at Trader Joe’s. Coconut Oil is one of a few oils that will actually penetrate the hair shaft and not seal it (sit on top). It will help lock moisture into the hair shaft, which is why it’s recommended to add to wet/damp hair, but can definitely be used be used on dry hair (straight or curly). It works very well, but use with a light hand or it will weigh your hair down and it will take a good scrub to get it out of your hair if you cleanse every day. However, if you cleanse every other day the coconut oil will absorb into the hair shaft and it will be easier to cleanse your hair.

    • Keely says

      Sometimes (for me at least) Its not always about the price but the quality…I make my own laundry soap, yes it is a lot cheaper but I know what I am getting chemical fillers and things I cant even pronounce paying tons of money for water:/ on the other hand fabric softner isnt really cheaper to make, BUT like I said w/ the soap you know what you are geting, whats going to be sitting on your body, some people they dont care, other have sensitive skin, so it does matter :)

  10. Michelle says

    When I’m in a bind, Thanks to my teenage daughters….I use olive oil. It’s works great for me. I stock up on it whenever it’s BOGO. It’s great, for everything…, nails, skin, chapped lips too :)

    • Michelle says

      @ Michelle, does the smell of olive oil bother you? I can hardly stand the smell of EVOO when I use it to cook. I thought I would get used to the smell as with other things, but to no avail. I was so glad to find out coconut oil worked. I used it as you use olive oil.

  11. Carol says

    I ALWAYS had to use gel in my hair, always! or it would frizz out. I don’t know exactly where I came across the website I was on, (it was for curly hair) but everyone was talking about Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoo and Conditioner (SLS Free = sodium lauryl sulfate free ) So I tried it, and loved it! I do not HAVE to have gel, as a matter of fact, I don’t use any, anymore. My hair is SOOOOOO soft (I never thought I would say that with thick/coarse hair) So there is No going back to regular shampoo and cond. I also use Moroccan oil along with the Burts Bees. Anyone with curly/frizzy hair should try Burts Bees…. You should try it Jillee :) Its hard to get used to it not lathering but thats because is sls free! You won’t be sorry.
    I need to make some of this hair serum though, seriously.

    • Jillee says

      Carol…that sounds WONDERFUL! I’m already used to the no suds thing. Once you realize the suds are really just an illusion that manufacturers use to make us think it’s working better, you get over it pretty fast. :-)

  12. Sue says

    Castor oil doesn’t make sense to me. It is lubricating, but it is also very drying. I can’t stand homemade soaps that contain it, my skin just shrivels. I’m sure it would do the same thing to hair.

  13. Winter Boomershine says

    I have curly hair; the kind that is thick and course enough in its natural state I worry about putting someones eye out. Anyway, I wash with homemade conditioner, no shampoo, then towel dry (gently) and rub in a few teaspoons of coconut oil. My hair drys beautifully, I keep my curls and lose the frizz. Try it, just coconut oil, who knew?!

    • Debbie Smith says

      I have curly hair too… AND live in South Florida (FRIZZ!!!). I use a product by Ouidad (curly hair stuff) called Climate Control. GREAT for frizz! Also… love coconut oil like this post… Jojoba Oil works great too. I just rub some on my hair after towel dry.. and no frizz.

    • Kate says

      Dear Winter,

      Could you tell me how you make your conditioner? Also, do you ever shampoo? I tried to shampoo with baking soda and condition with apple cider vinegar last summer and my hair got very waxy and clumpy. I’m interested to know what your natural hair regime is :)

      Thanks a bunch!

  14. Betania says

    So… do you know if it’s possible to change the castor oil? I’m from Brazil and I’m sure that is not possible to find this kind of oil here… =\ what a shame! Tks!

  15. Debbie Smith says

    Jill… I was sitting at the airport in … ummm… London once.. and a woman walked by me.. sniffed and said “ahhh… I really miss Biosilk!”. tip: I found if I bought the BIG 3 pack of Biosilk (Shampoo, creme rinse and Biosilk).. it is cheaper than just the Biosilk alone~ So I buy the pack.. and throw out the shampoo and creme rinse~ :) OH.. thats at Target!

    • Ana says

      sounds wasteful…i want my hair to look and feel good but the thought of throwing 2 bottles full of chemicals away just to save a few bucks on another bottle of chemicals?…Whoa! that’s just mind blowing, don’t think I can say anything else without getting upset…I will just laaugh at the ridiculous mindset aand leave it at that
      . I think the original recipe posted sounds way better than the original it was made to imitate….plus it’s not made of petrochemicals that just end up causing cellular damage….an added bonus for those of us that are health conscious is that we can mae it aandkeep it in a glass container and forego further toxin exposure from not using plastic or bpa container.

  16. pam says

    I have hair that is heavy, wavy, and wants to be frizzy. If I let it dry unstyled, it’s fuzzy, fat, & big wavy hair. It isn’t a pretty kind of wavy, so I blow it straight. With all my skin reactions to silicone products, I’ve had less & less choices of shampoos & conditioners that fit in my budget. Finally I’ve resorted to a all purpose home soap from the health food store. It’s a bit harsh, but my Kirkland/Costco conditioner took care of that. Well now Costco doesn’t make that type of conditioner anymore. So I’m going thru the process of finding a milder shampoo and a replacement for the conditioner. It’s been murder to accomplish this.
    I tried “poo free”, and I couldn’t get a comb through my hair! Tried Shea butter as a conditioner, the comb wouldn’t move. I’ve tried conditioners from the health food stores, but my face breaks out & I get mild headaches if coconut oil or olive oil are used. I’ve tried jojoba oil as a spray on treatment when my hair was wet. That left my hair piecing and overly weighed down. I’d love to try this recipe. But I don’t want to waste $$$ if it won’t work. Has anyone here tried it for hair like mine-where the style is straight versus curly?

    • Carol says

      Try Burts Bees! I love it! My hair is wavy and frizzy before I used Berts, now its wonderful, soft and not dried out! I also let mine air dry when possible and use the straightener afterwards. Its in better condition now,after a year of using the straightener on it than it was before when I didn’t use the straightener…go figure! I also use “One and Only Moroccan Oil” from Sally’s Beauty Suppy.

    • katie says

      Idk where you live but whole foods has GREAT hair care products that are still under $10 for a regular sized bottle. Most, if not all, of them are organic soap sulfate paraben free and have yummy herbal and fruity ingredence. I love the jason line it seems the most affordable and they have differently targeted shampoos!!

    • Dawn says

      Pam, we might be hair twins. I had all the same issues and tried a ton of different products. I use Say Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner now. No more skin reaction. I’m still trying to find something that’s not too pricey that works for before hair drying/flat ironing that will leave my hair smooth and shiny.

  17. Alyssa says

    You can buy a bigger bottle of the biosilk at Costco for aout $15 but it’s a big bottle not a little one. I bought one before I switched to Moroccan Oil and it lasted me longer than a year to use. so like $1 a month. That’s worth it to me. Especially since I’m now paying double for the Moroccan Oil but I love it and it works so well.

  18. Nicole says

    First of all you shouldn’t be purchasing your salon hair products at any grocery store. The price will always be higher than a salon. It’s called diversion… Someone illegally gives the products to such stores and people like you who buy them are actually causing the prices of the said products to increase. So do a little research and you’ll find plenty of hair serums at reasonable prices. They are also concentrated so a little goes a long way and they will last you a while. Secondly, don’t buy castor oil and put it in your hair!! Leave this up to the professionals don’t make your own hair products!

    • Alison says

      Nicole, “leaving it up to so called professionals” is what got my hair in the mess its in now. So thank you very much for the advise but I will stick to my homemade products that work with out killing my hair.

      • Jocelyn says

        I know it’s a little while after the fact, but I’ve got to put in my two sense. Check out the book “No More Dirty Looks” it’s all about the lies the beauty industry has weaved to make us believe they make the best products for us. I love that you make your own frizzy hair serum. I just recently purchased Argan oil by Josie Moran, and I’m hoping for some success. I’ve got super super curly hair that I used to flat iron, but I’ve decided to let it be natural. I’m still experimenting with different natural remedies to let me curls go WILD (sexy wild! ). I might give this recipe a try also! Way to go!

  19. Suzy says

    Thanks for the info..recently tried a serum that is great, and no greasy feeling…I use it on dry and wet is En’tyce Daily Moisturizing Serum..awesome stuff….bought it from this website…

  20. Living in da 'burgh says

    LOL! Really? I spent years “leaving it to the professionals” and all I got was an empty wallet and unhealthy, unmanageable hair. A year ago I switched over to natural homemade products and for the first time in 40 years my hair is healthy, shiny, and chemical free. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get a compliment. The same thing applies to skin care products. People use your common sense – natural products going on your body or in your body are always going to be better than a bunch of chemicals Please don’t fall for all the advertising – it is all just hype. Trust me, I make my living in marketing so I know of what I speak.

  21. chelsea says

    has anyone acutally tried this?? i want someones point of view who has used Biosilk before and compare the two. i made this yesterday but havent actually got to try it yet. instead of Camellia oil i ued Grapeseed oil, and i used peppermint essential oil. i just want to know about everyone elses experience with it.

  22. Danielle Kellogg-Howard says

    So I have never used biosilk but I have tried other hair smoothing serums from sally’s, I also don’t have curly hair. Just plain long straight hair, but because my hair is so long (a bit past my waist) my ends get frizzy, and I don’t like that. So I wanted to try this, like some of you the price was a bit high for me. So I talked to the lady at my local health food store, they did not carry the camellia oil, but suggest I try argan oil. She also suggested we cut the recipe, only making ¼ a batch which ended up only costing me $18. She mixed the oils for me and left space for me to put my own essential oil in. I love it; it has worked better than anything I have ever bought. My hair needs to be trimmed very badly (split ends) but the only person who has ever cut my hair and not messed it up my whole life, (way too many professionals who have messed it up) was my mother and she had a stroke about a year and a half ago. This has helped my split ends even look better. Love it! Thank you so much!

  23. j.valiante says

    I have really weird hair,top is strait, underneath curly…so when I brush it it gets frizzy underneath and I feel like Bozo,well I don’t spend alot on hair products so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Suave keratin infusion shampoo,took about 2 to three washings ,but now I don’t even need conditioner,but I do have thin hair ,so those blessed with thick hair(lol)might need the conditioner (with keratin).Only two dollars for the shampoo!

    • lu-bee says

      I also swim alot and this is what I do..
      Before I leave the house I massage a mix of coconut oil and aloe gel into my hair. Then I comb it all through and plait ( braid) it. When Im at the pool I put a swimming hat on and pop my plait beneath it.
      Sometimes I go in the sauna after I swim while the coconut blend is still on. Then I shower and and wash it all out, and my hair is in tip top condition!

  24. says

    Can you post again after you’ve tried it? I don’t have most of those ingredients and I don’t want to make the investment until it has gotten a good review. Love you blog btw! I’m going on a homemade everything spree since I’ve found it.

  25. Tracey says

    I have very long, thick and naturally wavy hair. I was addicted to biosilk until I lost my job and now make half the amount of money as I used to. I started using sweet almond oil since I had it on hand for other DIY products and it works amazingly. I don’t need to add anything else. Its not too heavy that I can use it every day even if I don’t shampoo each day. So easy since you don’t have to mix anything. Just use about a size of a nickel and I’m good.

  26. Vicky says

    Everybody who has commented so far seems to have thick, curly, coarse hair. Is there anybody who has used any of this that has finer, thinner hair…but still tends to frizz? Would love to hear if this works for that type of hair, and if you had to make any modifications! Thanks!!

    • james says

      BTW, i have coarse, wavy hair which i love – thanks to my parents im not bold :)
      i have been using Olive oil and Argan oil for a while now, works really well for my hair and cuts dwn on frizz (i wash my hair everyday). . while hair still wet, i rub in about 1/4-1/2 (or less if you have very short hair, using too much can make ur hair feel and look ioly and greasy) of either olive or argan oil into my scalp and hair.. Finally, i add a little gel, but the trick is not to let the gel touch your scalp. . i do not like to blow dry my hair and or comb it. . very rarely would i ever use a blow dryer. .

  27. james says

    One more time, lol
    Anyone knows what other ingredients are used in the commercial anti-frizz serums to make the serum light and less greasy or oily….? the home made ones are very thick and tend to be oily and greasy.. . i considered adding some rubbing alcohol to the mix, but i think it will work against the frizz dry the hair even more therefore defeating the purpose of the serum. . any ideas, anyone …?

  28. Caroline says

    I quit silicone-serum a couple of years ago, and my hair has never been better. I use a silicone free conditioner and Broccoli seed oil. I don’t mix the oil with anything, I just use it like a serum. It is perfect for me. It’s thin and light, but still really effective. Plus you only need a tiny drop, so it lasts forever.
    Broccoli seed oil, people. I’m tellin’ ya.

  29. Ashley says

    I would rather buy the $15 biosilk. At my local herb store ONE bottle of essential oil is almost $30 for simple lavender scent. I would rather buy the BioSilk and be done with it.

  30. Lori says

    I’ve been using your recipe for about 3 weeks now, and it works great. It’s not as smooth going on as the Silk Therapy, but it has made my hair really soft and healthy. I also noticed that I lose a lot less hair (when styling in the morning) than I used to. I did make one change, I replaced the Camellia oil with grapeseed oil (I read they do essentially the same thing), because I can get grapeseed oil for about $6 at my local grocery store. Since I’ve been using this I’ve been able to stop using mousse (which I thought also helped control my frizz but now beleive contributed to it) and my hair behaves! Thanks for posting this, I not only save money but I truly believe I have a better product.

  31. Edra Rusboldt says

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  32. says

    I have that thick, wavy, coarse, dry hair w color added. I used to rinse my hair w a cup of warm water & 1 tablespoon of baking soda to rinse before I washed my hair. It worked great to remove heavy hairspray & product build up. I stopped because I color my hair & it stripped my color, a bit. I now realize that it stripped my @ home color products & not salon coloring. I use to have gorgeous bouncy curls, smooth & silky. The build up of silicones caused so much frizz. I’m returning to my one cup of warm water & one tbs baking soda pre shampoo rinse. & trying out the Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoo & Conditioner. I’ll keep u’all posted. Removing all the guck from the hair, first is the First step to non-frizzy hair. Than’s to Adrien Arpels “Three week Beauty makeover book from over 30 yrs ago. I forgot about my book & it’s homemade goodies when I moved back home to San Antonio, Texas. I’m searching for my book. Happy Hair days until next time

  33. Ky says

    I’ve been batteling my frizzy hair for .. ever. Nothing ever seems to work. I used to have a CHI hair straightner, and after useing it was the only time I ever loved my hair. It broke though, and the replacement just doesn’t cut it. I’ve tried a few diff products.. loved the biosilk, but not the price. I have thin wavy/curly hair, and it just looks like a rat nest when I don’t straighten it. Blowdrying barely does anything for it, it still frizzes. I’m going to try working with coconut oil, and I might try out that recipie above when I can afford all the oils, and I’m also going to try out the mayo oil recipie someone posted.

    what I as wondering… is has anyone had any luck recreating the biosilk smell?? O absolutely love that scent.. anyway to add that into the recipie? I’m not crazy about any of the scents I know of for my hair .. besdies what I’ve seen at a salon.


  34. blanka maria says

    My hair is thick, course and blonde and highlighted. I have been using Kerastase for years and it has gotten to the point of being so dry I can barely wash it – it is hard and brittle even when wet. Silicon build up is the culprit. It doesn’t wash away and takes a while to wash out, even with a silicon free shampoo. But after one wash with the Shielo Hydrate Shampoo, my hair is back to feeling baby soft again! I love Shielo and I have never even heard of this brand! I am going to use this as my regular shampoo until it is gone. Its from the Shielo brand, called Shielo Hydrate Shampoo.

  35. Julia Perrodin-Dunning says

    Hi, guys! I wanted to gently suggest using a substitute for castor oil. Even though it’s so good for you in many ways, it very unfortunately contains a potent toxin, ricin, which causes severe allergic reactions and permanent nerve damage to many of the workers who harvest the seeds to make it. The oil we use is safe, but the damage it does to workers whose job it is to harvest and refine it is unnecessary. There’s no need to throw away what you have, though. A good option to replace it when you’re done is hazelnut oil… :-) Thank you for this recipe, Jillee! I will be using it on my tresses during the brutal Louisiana humidity season which is… all year long! LOL


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