Get Rid of Armpit Stains FOR GOOD! Make Your Own Deodorant

Once again…I am taking my blog inspiration from one of your comments. Karen left a comment today on my post “Whitening Whites…” saying that ever since she started making her own all-natural deodorant, she hasn’t had any problem with armpit stains! Well, that was enlightening…to me! Since we put in all that effort to get those pit stains out….makes sense we should try and KEEP them out!

Becca and Mrs. Jones Soapbox also left comments awhile back on “Goodbye To Yellow Armpit Stains!” saying it was the aluminum in antiperspirant that causes the yellowing….but it never occurred to me to substitute a homemade version. duh. And as usual…this all-natural version is SO easy to make! How many times can I ask myself…why didn’t I start doing this a LONG time ago?? No doubt…a lot more times. :-) But that’s ok with me….because it means I’m EVOLVING! :-)

Karen’s recipe for all-natural deodorant is as follows:

1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup baking soda
10 drops tea tree oil
Shake it up real good, then just apply to clean armpits.

Since I didn’t have any Tea Tree Oil on hand (I gave all mine to my daughter for our Oil Cleansing Method Challenge. Note to self: order more!) I did a little searching online and turned up several similar Natural Deodorant Recipes. I’m going to share this one I found at (mostly because I love the name of her blog! And she has a really nice smile!) Plus, I already had everything on hand.

Natural Deodorant

2-3 Tbsp Coconut Oil
1/8 Cup Baking Soda
1/8 Cup Arrowroot Powder or Cornstarch

I actually doubled this recipe. I figured as long as I was making it…I might as well make a decent amount all at once. I used the cornstarch instead of the arrowroot powder…mainly because I have TONS of cornstarch on hand (I go through a lot of cornstarch cooking for my son with Celiac’s).

Warm the coconut oil in the microwave for :30 seconds (or less), or just until it liquifies.

Then mix the soda and the cornstarch together and slowly add the coconut oil until it forms a thick paste.

It already smells good from the coconut oil…but I decided to add some Lavender essential oil because I LOVE the smell!

I decided to just keep mine in a half pint mason jar and use in this lotion-y state. But Maggie keeps hers in the fridge and uses it more like a rub-on deodorant stick. Whatever floats your boat. :-)

I was so excited to try it…I couldn’t wait til tomorrow morning…so I put some on tonight.  Smelled goodfelt good…so far I’m diggin’ it! 

Oh….and did I mention it saves $$$ too!?!?  Deodorant can be expensive! This really is just a no-brainer idea. Glad *I* thought of it!  Errr….I mean YOU guys thought of it! :-)  Thanks for sharing everyone!  As usual.



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  1. Anonymous says

    LOVE your blog, love you! Will definitely try this. But I hate to disappoint anyone. Aluminum does not cause the stains; perspiration does. I have not used aluminum for at least 10 years (only natural products) and I have stains on clothes. Sweat is waste from our bodies. So the stains are from bad stuff leaving – healthy to get out!

    • Lenore says

      I would have to agree that aluminum does not cause stains. I used to not have yellow stains even when using alum-based deodorants; but only heavens knows as to why I started having armpit stains only about 2 years ago. I used antiperspirants since then.

    • Lauren says

      I also agree. And I’d like to add, that unfortunately, after trying and trying and trying COUNTLESS times with multiple coconut oil homemade deodorant recipes, the coconut oil also stains clothes. Its worse though, it makes you look as though you’re damp and sweaty when you’re not, and doesn’t come out until the clothes are washed. In some of my clothes, it didn’t come out at all. Very disappointing. I’ve continued trying to tweak my recipes to fix this, but so far, still no luck.

      • says

        So interesting, thanks for sharing. I also found that natural deodorant with coconut oil stained my shirts….I’ve asked many people since then if it happened to them, and no one else had this experience…except for you! I’ve since wondered if perhaps it was the wax, not the oil, that stained. (I used beeswax in mine.) Did you have beeswax in yours?

        • Joanne says

          I just mix coconut oil and baking soda don’t bother measuring and no stains, no smells. It will also last over a couple of days if you don’t have time or don’t wish to shower daily. Should mention that I apply mine without drying armpits I also use an epilator so have virtually no hair regrowth, not sure if this makes a difference

    • Kristin says

      I’ve purchased mine from both Spark Naturals and Bulk Apothecary. B.A. seems to have way better prices, but not as large as a selection of “Blends” like Spark. doTerra is good quality as well, but for the price I prefer the other two.

  2. hey noni, noni says

    of course you use doterra oils, the best! My sister makes her own and she puts it in her old deodorant container and puts it in the fridge for five minutes to solidify! genious =)

  3. Jill Nystul says

    Fontaine…I ordered my oils through a rep for doTERRA Essential Oils. You can find out more information here:

    I can suggest someone for you to order through if you want to email me, or you can go to this link to find a product consultant near you:

    You can always find different brands on and at your health food store too.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Jill Nystul says

    hey noni noni….does your sister have to KEEP it in the fridge? Or does it stay solid? I've wondered about that because I think I would like a solid…but don't want to have to go to the fridge each time I need to use it. :-)

      • Kristal6571 says

        I’ve recently started using this recipe and find it works very well. I didn’t melt the coconut oil, the recipe I found said to mix the solid oil with the baking soda and arrow root. I used a fork to break up the oil as I mixed everything together and it was very effective. I keep mine in the bathroom drawer and I haven’t had any trouble with it turning to liquid.

  5. Anonymous says

    I used this recipe for about 6 months with so so results and I didn't really care for the messy application. On my continued search for a better deodorant, I came across using Milk of Magnesia (Magnesium Hydroxide). I use a store brand, unflavored, and pour it into a spray bottle. I squirt it daily to my underarms and have excellent results.

  6. crazywoman says

    Thanks Jill, I had missed that comment. And I just now found your answer.

    And, I had also missed the comment from Anonymous, just before I commented, about baking soda having aluminum. That is baking POWDER, not baking soda! And you wouldn't want put baking powder in your deodorant. People often get baking soda & baking powder mixed up. (Baking powder contains baking soda BTW.)

    • makalove says

      And fortunately not all baking powder contains aluminum. Rumford is the brand i have bought. You can also make your own: for each teaspoon of baking powder called for in a recipe, mix 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon cornstarch. What’s great about this, besides the lack of aluminum, is that baking powder can loose its “oomph” over time (you can tell if yours is still good by boiling 1/2 cup of water, then stirring 1 teaspoon of baking powder into the water – a vigorous boil means it’s still good, if nothing happens chuck it and get a new can or make your own).

      i will TOTALLY be trying this recipe, thanks Jill!

  7. Anonymous says

    Crazywoman & Emily,
    Sorry about the aluminum thing. I had read it in so many places on the web and other blogs that I believed it. I researched a little more now and see that it may not be correct. Some say that it is the processing that creates the aluminum in the baking soda. BRM processes theirs differently so they then claim it is alum-free.

    I will say that when I first used BS I used regular Arm & Hammer and it was gritty and did not feel good to me. Bob's Red Mill is much finer and feels fine to me. So, even if it's more expensive than the regular I will buy and use it for that reason alone.

    Again, sorry for the misinformation.

  8. Hello from me, StacieT - DIY Girl! says

    I used the first recipe as I do not have coconut oil in my home. I put in the 10 drops, shook it all, and still have powder, not paste. I am wondering if anyone tried the first recipe (cornstarch, teatree, baking soda) and could share with me how much liquid (teatree or other liquid) you put in as 10 drops leaves it all still powder.

    You can see that recipe 2 (with the coconut oil) has much more liquid in it, especially since the powder portions are 1/2 of the first recipe.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Michele says

      Hi Stacie, I made the first recipe. Must say, I am thrilled with the fact, it works. Your arm pits smell like, nothing. No wondering, is this shirt clean? Because it really smells like nothing. My husband is even impressed. I just added enough water to thin it out then stirred it really good. Then I used my old Ban roll on bottle. The problem is the water eventually seperates and then it needs to be stirred. I have been looking for a better applicator bottle. So far, no luck. But, I won’t give up. I love the homemade product better than store bought.

      • CherryBear says

        Have you tried the website ? If you look under the “containers” tab and natural cosmetic containers, you will see that they have deodorant containers. I know this post is really old but I just came across it and thought I’d reply. Good luck =)

  9. Anonymous says

    I plan on making this soon! I was thinking about the deodorants that firm up a little too much, and recalled that one of my local health foods stores carries empty jars and containers for your DIY cosmetics, one of these being empty white deo stick container.. Just make sure the bottom is all the way down, pour in, let it firm up, and voila! Hope this helps those of you with the deo's that are too hard.. I'm not sure I would like the paste, so I'm considering the powder or hard stick form.. we'll see!

  10. EmilyM says

    No big deal about the aluminum thing! :) That is the wonderful thing about blogs such as this…we can all come together to share information, express opinions, and learn from each other. But, ultimately, it is up to each of us to research the topics we feel strongly about and then to make the decisions we feel are best for ourselves and our families :)

  11. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know if you can refill the deoderant containers that have the soft solids in them that you just twist up a small amount each time? Maybe that would make it easier to apply.

    Also, do you know if there is a way to make it smell more like man deoderant? I would like to try this for my husband, but he has certain scents he likes. Thanks for any thoughts….

    • EmilyM says

      I personally wouldn’t use a deodorant container (just my preference). To get the deodorant to completely absorb into my skin I have to rub it in a little…I don’t think applying it straight from the container would get it absorbed enough for me. The other thing I would worry about would be the deodorant melting. Coconut oil starts to get soft at about 74 degrees and is completely liquid around 76 – 77 degrees. Even though we typically keep our house cooler than that sometime just the heat and steam from my shower soften the deodorant.

      You might try eucalyptus essential oil for your husband? It smells a bit more manly :) and is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. You can also get coconut oil that doesn’t have any scent, so I’m sure that would help!

      • makalove says

        If your deodorant liquefies at room temperature in your house, you can try melting it back down and adding some grated beeswax, just a teaspoon or so of shavings at a time until you have the right consistency (spoon a little onto a saucer and stick it in the fridge briefly to see how it does for you).

      • Anne says

        Hi, I use a similar recipe, and have been making it for friends and family too, for the men I use lemongrass essential oils and I found the eucalyptus was too strong a scent and the guys preferred the lemongrass as its a subtler scent. Also a favourate amongst the woman is geranium rose … which has the added benefits of calming pmt … lavender to relax and destress .. you can use the different essential oils according to specific needs. (Lemongrass also is good for insect repellant… oh I could go on and on.. there is lots of info out there. just a few drops is needed per batch.

    • Rae Evans says

      I’m getting ready to make deo for my teenage son, and I will be using a combination of sandalwood and clary sage. Very “guy-like” smell, relaxing, anti anxiety and hormone balancing (what EVERY teenager needs!) I’m making his shampoo and body wash with the same essential oils. For my husband, who is hooked on tea tree, I am considering a mixture of tea tree and sandalwood. I still need to mix just the oils to see if I like it though.

  12. Taryn says

    I've been using this coconut oil recipe for about a year now. I like mine a little creamier so I just add in a little more coconut oil until I get the texture I want. I also use orange EO for fragrance. I put it in a small canning jar — the shallow ones — and apply with a round make up pad. I won't go back to the commercial stuff and the coconut oil makes my arm pits super soft. Wonder if that's a desirable trait. LOL

    The only problem that I've had was in the beginning when I was making the switch. After so many years of using anti perspirent the first couple of weeks I had trouble with blocked sweat glands but that has all worked itself out now.

    • Linsey says

      How did it work itself out? I have blocked glands right now and it’s driving me crazy!!! How did you treat it? My doc prescribed me a hydrocortisone cream. So much for saving money and going chemical free lol

  13. Anonymous says

    One other thing that I've found controls smell in the HOT summers is waxing or sugaring the hair out by the root. It hurts, but if you get the hair out by the root, the smell of underarms is ALMOST nothing, even when the temp is over 100.

    • makalove says

      It’s so interesting, i don’t know if it’s a difference in how people perceive smells or what, but if i remove my underarm hair, whether by shaving, depilatory, or waxing, i feel like i smell AWFUL. i haven’t shaved or otherwise taken my underarm hair off in almost two decades. i certainly have a bit of a smell, but people are supposed to put off smells! Nullifying and covering up our natural smells has left us unable to smell things that pretty much all other animals can, such as danger, safety, and which mate(s) to choose. :)

  14. Donna Fling says

    I just made my first batch using arrowroot, ccnut oil, soda and a few drops of a combo essential oil called Purifiaction. So far I love how I smell, the real test will be tomorrow after my workout or when I am under a lot of stress (when stinky b.o. seems to rear it’s ugly head). Thanks for the hints!

  15. Mel says

    Ok, sounds like something I would LOVE to try, but I was wondering, does it last all day long? You know, sometimes by 2 or 3 o’clock, some ladies will have that “beginning” “deodorant’s used up” odor starting or a hint of smell. No time to reapply thru the day.

    • Anne says

      sorry this may be a bit late for to answer you, you may have found out already yourself… but for others wondering … I experimented just after I started using the recipe, I went 48 hours 2 days without reapplying deodorant and I was only just starting to get that ‘hint’ you were talking about. One of the people I now make it for has a full time job AND is a yoga teacher.. she uses it without worry that she’ll be ‘unfresh’ in class.

  16. Lisa Curtis says

    Do you have to keep it in the fridge for it to stay firm ? Also, The first recipe seems to not have much liquid to make it a cream, is the recipe missing something ? Someone else asked this and its not been answered that I can see yet.

  17. Michele says

    I made the first recipe. Must say, I am thrilled with the fact, it works. Your arm pits smell like, nothing. No wondering, is this shirt clean? Because it really smells like nothing. My husband is even impressed. I just added enough water to thin it out then stirred it really good. Then I used my old Ban roll on bottle. The problem is the water eventually seperates and then it needs to be restirred. I have been looking for a better applicator bottle. So far, no luck. But, I won’t give up. I love the homemade product better than store bought. Maybe I will try the coconut recipe for the summer.

  18. Sara says

    I’m so glad to see that you use doTERRA’s oils! I love them and use them daily! I’ve recently done laser hair removal on my underarms and was unable to use any deordant for a few days afterwards. I’ve always used a natural deordant stick (mineral salts that you get wet) but was advised not to after as well. I used straight purify under my arms and no issues at all!

  19. Kellee says

    I just found your blog and am excited to keep reading. But first a quick question about the homemade deodorant.
    I work out at a pretty intense level – will this deodorant keep me from being politly asked to ‘take a shower’ at the gym???

  20. Jane says

    Yikes! I tried this with baking soda, corn starch, and coconut oil and it did horrible things to my under arms! About half an hour after applying this my under arms started to burn. Half an hour after that they were so bad that I had to go wash it off. They were swollen and painful for a couple of days after that and then a whole layer of skin (everywhere the stuff touched) peeled off. I think it was the baking soda that did it. I know I’m not allergic to the coconut oil because I use it regularly as a moisturizer. I should tell you that I’m extremely sensitive to… just about everything… but please do be careful if you’re trying this. I have been reading the comments on other blogs and it sounds like it’s not too uncommon for people to have a bad reaction to the baking soda.

    • Jessaca says

      This happened to me too! I know I am not allergic to coconut oil (I put it on my face with no reaction), or anything else, then I noticed my cornstarch is “fortified with calcium” and wondered if that made a difference. I am super bummed because I love that I don’t smell, but my pits are red and sore. :’(

      • Rachel says

        I had the same problem but wasn’t sure which ingredient was the cause. It made my pit red & lumpy & they were tender too. Then my skin completely peeled. You think it was the baking soda? Have you guys tried other recipes with better results?

        • Jessaca says

          Okay, so I made another batch with unfortified cornstarch and had the same bright red, itchy, peely pits. Then I added more coconut oil because I had only used enough for the powders to mix, I smelled worse and still itched but wasn’t as red. I have switched back to regular antiperspirant (which I hate now) because the alternatives weren’t working! :( I loved that I smelled like nothing for 2 weeks!

          • says

            I had the same problem with all the homemade deodorants. Red, itchy, painful, peeling armpits. You can try reducing all the ingredients in the mix so it’s less concentrated, and also don’t “rub” it in, just sort of pat it on. That seemed to work OK for me, but then I noticed what another commenter below mentioned – the coconut oil residue on my clothes. Impossible to get out unless you wash everything in hot water! So I’m back to what works best for me – the liquid version of the natural deodorant stone. I’m afraid on the hottest of summer days I still have to use a commercial deodorant/antiperspirant! I’ve also used my husband’s deodorant (Old Spice) since it’s JUST a deodorant (not antiperspirant – no such thing in the women’s section) so it doesn’t have the aluminum.

    • Harper says

      OMG! I used this and made it for my son and friends…i even changed up using coco butter once with shea butter, and another with coconut oil…
      THE BAD:
      No matter which I used all of us (5) had irritation under both underarms. MORE on the left side though.
      1. itching and burning after half of the day (ESPECIALLY AFTER A WORKOUT)
      2. We are African American so our armpits turned the LITERAL CRAYON BLACK… and then began to shed skin…(GROSS) with burning and extreme sensitivity…(WHYYYY SWEET BABY JESUS!?) lol
      THE GOOD:
      1. Well, we didn’t stink at all…lol it does perform well in that aspect…lol

      ***CAN ANYONE HELP!? Help us get our armpits NORMAL AGAIN? And figure out what went wrong!? :(

      • bythehorns says

        If you get any irritation replace more of the baking soda with arrowroot or cornstarch. You may need to put as little as 1/2 or 1/4 of the amount of baking soda in. Some people can be very sensitive to it and it does have abrasive qualities that’s why it works so well for cleaning. Perhaps if you are right handed you apply it with more pressure to your left arm pit so that may be the reason you have more irritation on that side.

        You only need to apply a small amount and it will work. Anyone have issues with it staining their clothing is most likely over using it. I think we all have a tendency to “overuse” products because of our “the more you use the better it is” mentality. Don’t put too much coconut oil in. You only need enough to bind it together and to make it smooth easily onto your skin without crumbing.

        I put mine in a small dried beef glass jar with the snap on lid or some of the store bought containers I had from buying deodorant. When I travel I always take it in a closed container just in case it gets too warm and melts. If it does melt just stir it up again and you may or may not need to add more arrowroot to stiffen it up to the consistency you like.

      • brandy says

        same happened to me! I scrubbed my pits with exfoliants and pumice stone.after a couple months they were back to normal. I played with the recipe adding more oil and cornstarch and less baking soda. Now its ok. Oh, but when mixing you have to make sure it isn’t too powdery or it will get on all your clothes. Good luck!! I didn’t give up and now I have one that works. The baking soda can be harsh and I was devastated because I had just been working on lightening my pits.

    • ms.b says

      It’s the baking soda for me. The rash was horrible. So, I mixed sesame oil, tea tree oil, and orange oil, and it works without a rash. I dip my fingers in it and rub it on like lotion, and it works ok. At least there’s no rash. I’m still looking for the perfect deoderant mix.

      I had made a bunch of coconut oil with baking soda deoderant and didn’t want to throw it out, so I added lots of peppermint and repurposed it as toothpaste. THAT works great. ;-)

  21. says

    I actually have had luck using a plain crystal stick, wetting it under running water and applying it to my underarms. I also spritz with a spray bottle that has doTERRA’s Citrus Bliss and distilled water because I love the smell of it! I have been interested in trying a homemade deodorant though, so appreciate all the comments.

    • Janice says

      I recently switched to the crystal stick (Walmart) and I absolutely love it. A relative had breast cancer and her doctor suggested she switch from aluminum based deodorants. Her lymph nodes under her arm are fine and she is a cancer survivor who is sensitive to all who use aluminum based underarm treatments.

  22. jasmin says

    Thanks Jillee!! I made the Natural Deodorant with the coconut oil, baking soda & cornstarch. It works like magic for me. No bad odors at all, and I live in the desert! I smell fresh all the time, even at the end of the day, the shirts smell fresh all the time.My armpits are soft & pampered. I gave my Mom to try – she says it works very good too, but she got her cloths stained with white stains…any solution for that?

  23. Stephanie says

    Hi there, I just wanted to ask about the sweating part of this…how did you get past sweating? I sweat a LOT *sorry, gross!* and I am always really self conscious about it. I would LOVE to try the home-made deodorant, but I’m just not sure about the sweat aspect of it all.

    • Tay says

      When I decided to get off of antipersperant and go natural I did it during the summer so my body could cycle through the change without having any embarassing pit stains while I was at school. I too am a very heavy sweater…or I use to be. I think using the antipersperant actually made me sweat MORE. Once I quit using it and went all natural it took about a month of uncomfortable sweating and then my body responded and I still sweat but not nearly as much as I used to!

      • says

        me too Tay. And after a year I only sweat when I’m exerting myself. AND if I sweat, I make a trip to the bathroom, wipe down my pits with a baby wipe and continue with my day. I’m overly conscious about the way I smell but have not had an issue since I started doing this. My husband tells me when I start getting stinky and if I remember to wipe down, he doesn’t smell a thing :) Works for me!

  24. Suzy says

    Thank you so much Jillee! So many scents trigger migraines and it is so hard to find “fragrance” free products. Your site has helped me in so many ways. I hope you know how much you are appreciated!

  25. Sharon Murri says

    Made the recipe for myself with 1/2 cococut oil and 1/2 organic coconut oil and for my mother I used only organic but found that this made it very difficult to combine so I ended up having to add regular coconut oil to make it solid. Mom did not like it but I was using it for days around the house and the expensive $8.00 deodorant for when I needed the extra protection while I was out and about. Since the clinical stuff came out, I had been freed from carrying deodorant with me due to hormonal changes but now the cost is outrageous. This recipe does pass the sniff test from being in 80 degree heat for about 4 hours or just lounging around all day. However, I wanted just one deodorant that I could put on in the morning and not worry through the day no matter what I was about so I hit upon a perfect soluntion. This recipe plus one tube of clinical deodorant at 1.7 ounces for which I bought the cheapest I could find at Walmart for $4.99. Did you know that this is only about 4 TBs after you get it all twisted out of the container? For my brand that is $8-11, so roughly $2-3 per tablespoon? Am I out of my mind or is this crazy and I have been doing this for about 4 -5 years now… Anyway, sorry for my digressing, using my first recipe attempt I twisted the entire tube into my container and gave a good stir. I use a cotton make up remover pad to apply once in the morning and have been on the go and outside working in this heat and humity and still pass the sniff test. I especially like that it has a fresh scent so I know that it is still working, can apply liberally since it is now way more cost effective and even alittle bit more healthy. I do have to say that the original recipe caused a rash when applied right after shaving but not so much now. Thank you

  26. mia says

    Hi Jillee,
    Thank you for your website. I’ve learned a lot.
    I baking soda as a deodorant before. I just applied the powder directly and turned my armpit black. I used lemon juice to remove the discoloration. Then I saw your ingredients, followed the direction and made one but it still made my skin very dark. I guess it’s not good for my skin. I use baking soda for so many other things – I swear by it but not didn’t work for me as a deodorant.

    Keep the good work!

  27. Wendy says

    Ok I can completely see where this would work as a Deodorant….but most need something to prevent the moisture from sweat which causes embarrassment also…does this help in this manner?

  28. says

    Our family has been using this for a few months now and it is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! The easiest way to remember the recipe is equal amounts of arrowroot powder and baking soda and just enough coconut oil to mix well, not too much or it will be oily. If you use “just enough” oil you can put it in reusable deodorant stick containers. There really is no need for fragrances unless you just want it. It works!!! I can oh so verify! Yes, you may sweat more, because it does not have an anti-perspirant ingredient, but that is actually better for your body. AND, there really is or has not been body odor, and believe me I have checked over and over to make sure. With bought deodorants I had to reapply ALL throughout the day because I would even gross myself out. :( This is wonderful! Never buying store bought chemicals again! Simply Amazing!!! Your sight is wonderful! Thank You!
    Always Experiencing Him,

  29. AmandaV says

    I had a quick question. Does anyone know or had any experience with adding beeswax to this mixture to make a solid stick?? I like in the far south and the humidity is insane here. I’ve been using this recipe for almost a week now and LOVE it!! Now if I can only convince hubby to try it ;)


  30. says

    Rickella: Lou Ana Pure Coconut Oil is “refined” and processed–that’s why it looks yellow. “pure” and “all natural” just means they didn’t add anything to it. It doesn’t smell very coconut-y either. It’s great for cooking if you don’t want the coconut smell/taste. I use a brand (for eating and as a lotion) called “Nutiva Extra Virgin Pure” coconut oil which definitely smells like coconut. I had to get it at the health food store. I had to laugh when Jillee said to warm it in the microwave until it liquifie.! I live in San Antonio, TX and my coconut oil at “room temperature” is always liquid! LOL!!

  31. says

    I made a version of this..can’t remember the measurements. I mixed it in a bowl, then grabbed the closest small container I could find to store it in. The container was being used for a cinnamon mix. I washed it, rinsed it, dried it and put the deodorant mix in. A couple of days later I put some of the mix on and could definitely smell the cinnamon! It even kinda burned. I didn’t get any soreness or peeling skin or anything, and I kinda enjoy the cinnamon smell! Good luck ladies!
    p.s. mine sits on my nightstand and stays solid. My house temps stay around 75*. I just rub my fingers on it and it softens it just enough. It may be a little messy, but nothing to hard to wash off =) I always say..God made us waterproof! No matter how messy we get we can always wash up =)

  32. Kris says

    I’m also wondering how you get around the oil stains on your clothes from using the coconut oil?….I love the homemade deoderant but it was leaving awful oil stains that I don’t know how to get out. Any suggestions??

    • Ellen says

      We need to go back to hotter wash water. I’ve found that using tepid to cold water DOES not clean my clothes. I also make my own laundry detergent now and LOVE it. It’s very inexpensive and can be as scented or unscented as you wish. I do not scent my detergent and find that my clothes have a wonderful clean scent–no xenohormones or crappy chemicals next to my skin or down the drain.

  33. Laura says

    I’ve been using the coconut oil recipe for months & I LOVE it! It’s cheap, IT WORKS!, and it doesn’t leave a gummy residue under my arms. The only problem I’ve had is that my armpits have a red ring around them. They don’t burn or itch & the ring isn’t raised, it’s just red, so I’m still using it. The biggest testament is that this deodorant works for my 17-year old SON. ‘Nuff said :)

    • Ellen says

      Laura, that’s an interesting experience you shared about the redness on armpit. I found that, over time, using a particular deodorant stick with hemp oil (from health food store) gave that red under my arms and redness sometimes. The ingredients in that deodorant are minimal, no aluminum so I don’t have any idea why my body was reacting that way. Since I don’t sweat that much during the cooler time of the year I’ve been recently using cornstarch baby powder under my arms. I like it a lot and plan to see how useful it will be in the warmer months (I live in Massachusetts).

  34. says

    Okay, so I tried the tea tree oil recipe and I have to tell you… I AM NEVER GOING BACK! I love this! I have dark spots under my arms that I was told was because of using anti-perspirant and I have tried every store bought deodorant out there. I either had to re-apply them, or they simply just didn’t work. :( I was a little put off by the fact that it was a powder but I just grabbed an unused cheap makeup brush and use it as an applicator. It never touches my hands and applies evenly. It only takes a thin layer and the scent of the tea tree oil is gone within minutes. It lasts ALL DAY LONG!!! It does not stop you from perspiring obviously, because it is not an anti-perspirant but there is ZERO odor! (Anti-perspirants are actually bad for you anyway, because they don’t let the toxins out.) I’m going to try the coconut oil recipe for my boys because they don’t want to use a powder. Thank you so much for posting this. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!

    P.S. My brown spots… disappearing!


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