Get Rid of Armpit Stains FOR GOOD! Make Your Own Deodorant

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Once again…I am taking my blog inspiration from one of your comments. Karen left a comment today on my post “Whitening Whites…” saying that ever since she started making her own all-natural deodorant, she hasn’t had any problem with armpit stains! Well, that was enlightening…to me! Since we put in all that effort to get those pit stains out….makes sense we should try and KEEP them out!

Becca and Mrs. Jones Soapbox also left comments awhile back on Goodbye To Yellow Armpit Stains! saying it was the aluminum in antiperspirant that causes the yellowing….but it never occurred to me to substitute a homemade version. duh. And as usual…this all-natural version is SO easy to make! How many times can I ask myself…why didn’t I start doing this a LONG time ago?? No doubt…a lot more times. :-) But that’s ok with me….because it means I’m EVOLVING! :-)

Karen’s recipe for all-natural deodorant is as follows:

Shake it up real good, then just apply to clean armpits.

Since I didn’t have any Melaleuca essential oil on hand (I gave all mine to my daughter for our Oil Cleansing Method Challenge. Note to self: order more!) I did a little searching online and turned up several similar Natural Deodorant Recipes. I’m going to share this one I found at (mostly because I love the name of her blog! And she has a really nice smile!) Plus, I already had everything on hand.

Natural Deodorant

  • 2-3 Tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1/8 Cup Baking Soda
  • 1/8 Cup Arrowroot Powder or Cornstarch

I actually doubled this recipe. I figured as long as I was making it…I might as well make a decent amount all at once. I used the cornstarch instead of the arrowroot powder…mainly because I have TONS of cornstarch on hand (I go through a lot of cornstarch cooking for my son with Celiac’s).

Warm the coconut oil in the microwave for :30 seconds (or less), or just until it liquifies.

Then mix the soda and the cornstarch together and slowly add the coconut oil until it forms a thick paste.

It already smells good from the coconut oil…but I decided to add some Lavender essential oil because I LOVE the smell!

I decided to just keep mine in a half pint mason jar and use in this lotion-y state. But Maggie keeps hers in the fridge and uses it more like a rub-on deodorant stick. Whatever floats your boat. :-)

I was so excited to try it…I couldn’t wait til tomorrow morning…so I put some on tonight.  Smelled good…felt good…so far I’m diggin’ it! 

Oh….and did I mention it saves $$$ too!?!?  Deodorant can be expensive! This really is just a no-brainer idea. Glad *I* thought of it!  Errr….I mean YOU guys thought of it! :-)  Thanks for sharing everyone!  As usual.

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  1. Anonymous says

    LOVE your blog, love you! Will definitely try this. But I hate to disappoint anyone. Aluminum does not cause the stains; perspiration does. I have not used aluminum for at least 10 years (only natural products) and I have stains on clothes. Sweat is waste from our bodies. So the stains are from bad stuff leaving – healthy to get out!

    • Lenore says

      I would have to agree that aluminum does not cause stains. I used to not have yellow stains even when using alum-based deodorants; but only heavens knows as to why I started having armpit stains only about 2 years ago. I used antiperspirants since then.

    • Lauren says

      I also agree. And I’d like to add, that unfortunately, after trying and trying and trying COUNTLESS times with multiple coconut oil homemade deodorant recipes, the coconut oil also stains clothes. Its worse though, it makes you look as though you’re damp and sweaty when you’re not, and doesn’t come out until the clothes are washed. In some of my clothes, it didn’t come out at all. Very disappointing. I’ve continued trying to tweak my recipes to fix this, but so far, still no luck.

      • says

        So interesting, thanks for sharing. I also found that natural deodorant with coconut oil stained my shirts….I’ve asked many people since then if it happened to them, and no one else had this experience…except for you! I’ve since wondered if perhaps it was the wax, not the oil, that stained. (I used beeswax in mine.) Did you have beeswax in yours?

      • Joanne says

        I just mix coconut oil and baking soda don’t bother measuring and no stains, no smells. It will also last over a couple of days if you don’t have time or don’t wish to shower daily. Should mention that I apply mine without drying armpits I also use an epilator so have virtually no hair regrowth, not sure if this makes a difference

    • Kristin says

      I’ve purchased mine from both Spark Naturals and Bulk Apothecary. B.A. seems to have way better prices, but not as large as a selection of “Blends” like Spark. doTerra is good quality as well, but for the price I prefer the other two.

  2. hey noni, noni says

    of course you use doterra oils, the best! My sister makes her own and she puts it in her old deodorant container and puts it in the fridge for five minutes to solidify! genious =)

    • Rebecca C says

      that’s a good idea. i was just wondering how best to apply this. the old deoderant container sounds good.

  3. Jill Nystul says

    hey noni noni….does your sister have to KEEP it in the fridge? Or does it stay solid? I've wondered about that because I think I would like a solid…but don't want to have to go to the fridge each time I need to use it. :-)

    • Rebecca C says

      coconut goes liquidy at about room temperature. so it would be a solid in the fridge and probably pretty liquidy in the heat and humidity of a bathroom.

      • Kristal6571 says

        I’ve recently started using this recipe and find it works very well. I didn’t melt the coconut oil, the recipe I found said to mix the solid oil with the baking soda and arrow root. I used a fork to break up the oil as I mixed everything together and it was very effective. I keep mine in the bathroom drawer and I haven’t had any trouble with it turning to liquid.

  4. Anonymous says

    I used this recipe for about 6 months with so so results and I didn't really care for the messy application. On my continued search for a better deodorant, I came across using Milk of Magnesia (Magnesium Hydroxide). I use a store brand, unflavored, and pour it into a spray bottle. I squirt it daily to my underarms and have excellent results.

    • Sonya says

      I am using this, too! I am still amazed that it works as well as it does. I plan on giving the recipe above a try, too, just to compare :)

  5. crazywoman says

    Thanks Jill, I had missed that comment. And I just now found your answer.

    And, I had also missed the comment from Anonymous, just before I commented, about baking soda having aluminum. That is baking POWDER, not baking soda! And you wouldn't want put baking powder in your deodorant. People often get baking soda & baking powder mixed up. (Baking powder contains baking soda BTW.)

    • makalove says

      And fortunately not all baking powder contains aluminum. Rumford is the brand i have bought. You can also make your own: for each teaspoon of baking powder called for in a recipe, mix 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon cornstarch. What’s great about this, besides the lack of aluminum, is that baking powder can loose its “oomph” over time (you can tell if yours is still good by boiling 1/2 cup of water, then stirring 1 teaspoon of baking powder into the water – a vigorous boil means it’s still good, if nothing happens chuck it and get a new can or make your own).

      i will TOTALLY be trying this recipe, thanks Jill!