Cut Fat, Calories and Your Grocery Bill! Make Your Own Cooking Spray.

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Today’s post comes from the files of “Captain Obvious”!  I mean really…making your own Cooking Spray is about as easy as “making” a bowl of cereal with milk…but for WHATEVER reason, it wasn’t until I happened to see this pin on Pinterest that it even occurred to me to “make” it.

And I probably STILL wouldn’t have tried “making it” if it weren’t for No. 2 son requesting GF cornbread today.

I was on the very last spray in my can of spray canola oil and had zero desire to go to the store to buy more. Sure, I could have just “greased” the pan with some butter or shortening, but that didn’t seem all that appealing either, especially when I remembered the “Make Your Own Cooking Spray” idea!

Kitchen genius.

  • It’s as easy as 1 (pour) – 2 (shake)  – 3 (spray)!
  • It cuts the amount of fat you use when cooking.
  • It saves money!
  • It eliminates nasty additives like BUTANE??
  • No sticky residue build-up on pans!

Well, I don’t know about you….but that is MORE than enough reasons for me to NEVER buy another one of those ridiculously over-priced cans.

cooking spray

Ready to find out how to make it??

To make your own cooking spray……pour oil and water into a spray bottle and shake well before use.

Well OK, that is the EXTREMELY simplified version…but you get the picture. The EXTREMELY complicated version isn’t much different. :-)

Homemade Cooking Spray

by Natures Nurture


1 part olive oil (or your choice of oil)
5 parts water
1 misting spray bottle


Mix in your spray bottle 1 part olive oil to 5 parts water. In my 12 ounce bottle, I poured in 2 ounces of canola oil and added 10 ounces of water. Shake well and you’re done. That’s it. Store in a cool, dark place.

cooking spray
Make sure the bottle you use is a MISTING spray bottle.  (A plant mister would be perfect!)  But the bottle I got at Walmart for about $1.50 works fine too.

I just used plain canola oil because I was out of olive oil. I think I will try that next time. Both worked well. I just prefer the taste, texture, and performance of olive oil.

Finally, just for fun, I printed out a  “Cooking Spray” label and slapped it on the bottle just so there would be no mistakes. And since most likely the spray bottle will be handled by oily, messy hands in the kitchen, I covered the whole label with clear, packaging tape.

I can hardly wait to use it again! I feel another batch of GF Cornbread coming on.  I’m sure No. 2 son won’t mind. :-)

This post is brought to you by Amazon:

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  1. Cathryn says

    I’ve tried using plain olive oil in a mister before, but it doesn’t seem to have the same non-stick power as pam. Maybe adding water will do the trick…I’ll give it a try.

    Also, would you mind sharing your GF cornbread recipe?

  2. jenne says

    I love ur products and I think it is totally hilarious that when I viewed this article, there was an advertisement to “Try Pam” Cooking Spray.

  3. Mrs. P says

    That is such an awesome idea! I’m definitely going to try this out next week! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Deebi27 says

    Great idea and MONEY SAVING, but does anyone realize the fantastic value of Olive Oil? Olive Oil is the only major type of oil that increases the good cholesterol (HDL) and decreases the cholesterol (LDL) and in the blood stream. This is a very good thing for your health!

  5. Alex says

    Hey Jillee, Been doing this for a few years now. My mum went on a trip to Canada and stayed in a fancy, 5 star hotel – they did the same when cooking waffles. She brought the idea home and we’ve done this ever since and never had a problem. Alex

  6. Pattie says

    Going to try this. I have been using a mixture of 2 parts oil (canola) and 1 part liquid lecithin. Works really well except that I can’t use a spray bottle (too thick). I have it in a squirt bottle and use a (silicone) brush. I also have to shake the bottle because the oil/lecithin separates.