My “House Seasoning” and How To Cook The Perfect Chicken Breast

I’ve had a few people ask me lately when I have mentioned my “House Seasoning” in dishes that I’ve shared…what exactly IS my House Seasoning. Well, the reason I usually put it in quotation marks is because I’m saying it somewhat “tongue-in-cheek”. I personally think of a “house seasoning” as some exotic blend of complicated-sounding (possibly in a foreign language) spices, herbs and seasonings.

Mine is not really like that. :-)  BUT, it is the result of LOTS of years of using basic spices and finally coming up with a combination that we all like. So I’ve kind of stuck with it.

So in all its’ grandeur…I present to you…..

Jillee’s House Seasoning

  • Kosher Salt
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • Onion Powder
  • Garlic Powder
  • Dried Parsley Flakes

I don’t premix this. I just add each individually. And I almost always start by rubbing in a small amount of cooking oil or extra virgin olive oil so the mixture will “stick”.

A few tips about cooking chicken breasts in a skillet on the stove:

I have cooked a LOT of chicken over the years. A LOT!!!  So I kind of have it down to a science…at least to have it turn out the way WE like it. We like it nice and browned on the outside and thoroughly cooked but moist on the inside.

This is how I do it.

Oil and season one side of the chicken while on a plate. Put a small amount of oil in a skillet. Place chicken seasoning side down into the pan….season OTHER side….THEN turn on the pan. (I do this because I HATE putting chicken into a HOT pan and having it spit oil all over the place.) Put a lid on but leave about a 1 inch opening. We are trying to prevent the oil splattering everywhere, but we don’t want to STEAM the chicken.

Turn the burner up to HIGH.  As soon as you’ve got a good sizzle going on….turn it back down to medium and cook the chicken for 4 to 5 minutes (depending on size/thickness). DON’T TOUCH IT! Resist the urge to move it around or flip it or keep checking underneath it…you will mess up the browning process. After 4 to 5 minutes check for color, if it’s to your liking, flip it.

Cook another 4 to 5 minutes. Check that side for color and when it’s where you want it, turn the burner off, but keep the lid on the chicken for another 5 to 10 minutes. This allows the chicken to continue to cook a little longer and “rest” at the same time.  That way when you cut into it the juice won’t go running all over your cutting board or plate.

Hopefully this little step-by-step will help someone who likes their chicken like we do. :-)


The perfectly cooked and seasoned chicken breast.
Today’s Lunch.  (I’m kind of on a chicken/lime/cilantro kick lately.
I can be a BIT obsessive about food.)

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  1. C J says

    Just found you on FaceBook. This was the first recipe I tried and we loved it. I was worried the chicken would not be done but it was perfect. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes.

  2. Joy says

    Was there an answer to how much of each you use? I was thinking of putting this in a jar for my picky sister for Christmas (others getting rubs, but too spicy for her).
    Thanks and I love your blog – the best.

  3. Deserae says

    This was fabulous on baked pork chops. Just the right combonation of seasonings I have been needing to get my picky eaters to join the clean plate club.

  4. Faye says

    With the cilantro/lime, do you just squeeze lime all over the chicken and top with the cilantro? Or do you do something else? Looks delish!

  5. Kari says

    During the last step when you turn the burner off but leave the lid on, do you remove the pan from the burner or let it sit over it? Thanks.

  6. nancy says

    This is such a great idea!! My boys LOVE seasoning! I can follow recipes but I am not so great at testing and adding. I was just curious why you do not premix the seasoning and keep it in a “House Seasoning” jar? It would be great if I had a jar like that, but if it somehow makes it not as good, I won’t do it.
    Thanks for all of your help and ideas!

  7. mary g. says

    i have always been intimidated by cooking chicken on the stove (i rock the oven, but the stove….well, not so much). thank you for your step-by-step instructions. i am bravely putting chicken on the menu for tomorrow night’s dinner…. :)

  8. Ashley says

    Get a splatter guard and then you can get rid of that lid! I bought one recently and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! lol