Saturday, April 21, 2012

No-Slip Hanger Trick!

This is one of those ideas that I can’t help thinking….”Where have you been all my life!?!?!?”

Clothes sliding off hangers and onto the closet floor is probably one of my Top Ten pet peeves! (And I have a LOT of pet peeves! At least about a thousand!)

Diane at In My Own Style came up with THIS solution….and it couldn’t POSSIBLY be EASIER!

Are you ready for this???



Step One:  Buy some Fuzzy Sticks (a “crafty” name for good old-fashioned pipe cleaners. I guess no one cleans their pipes anymore.)

Step Two: Wrap 1 (or more if you want) around each end of the hanger.



Step Three:  Hang garment on hanger.


Step Four: Just TRY and get that sucker to slip off! It’s darn near IMPOSSIBLE now. :-)

(And this particular sweater is one of my WORST offenders!)


Repeat steps 1 – 4 until you have “fixed” all your slippery hangers!



This works so well….it’s really quite remarkable!  And it’s actually a fun little craft. One I’m sure the kids would LOVE to help you with.

Especially if you use bright colors like Diane did.  I’m boring. :-)

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24 thoughts on “No-Slip Hanger Trick!

  1. Sandy B

    You are a freakin’ genius! I usually buy those pretty crocheted hangers at the local church teas but this is so much cheaper and easier. Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea.

  2. Sandy

    I have been seeing the one on Pinterest where you use your hot glue gun and just drizzle it on the top of the hanger, but I like this one a lot better. Plus I have a whole bag of pipe cleaners in my craft drawer…. yay!

    1. Faith

      bit of feedback on the Pinterest one – works wonderfully. My daughter tried it, since she regularly had half her clothes falling onto the floor of her closet, and she doesn’t have to worry about it any more. =) Loves it so much she made some and took over to her sister, so if you run out of pipe cleaners that is a viable alternative.

  3. Kim

    OMG so simple. I love it. My grandma used to do some kind of macrame knot witchcraft with gimp, but never passed on the skill on to me….this will work fine. Back in the 70′s I used to see whole hangers done up in what was then known as “chenille pipecleaner” They went really fuzzy fat and then skinny. They were cool too. If using metal hangers, double them up. That secret was passed on.

  4. holly

    so the only pipecleaners i had on hand were glittery ones from a school project my daughter did last october. they were halloween colors, too. but nevertheless, i tried it with them. =( didn’t work. i’m assuming it’s the fact that they are glitter ones and don’t really have the same texture as regular pipecleaners. i was determined to make something work though, so i tried using sports soft wrap (self sticking) at the end of the hangers. worked great! lol i am still going to try the pipecleaners though!

  5. Marilyn

    This is beyond genius!!! I will shamelessly steal this as my own…kidding…but I’ll be heading to the craft store this week! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

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