DIY Beauty Solution: Make Your Own Lip Stain and Plumper!

I know…it sounds kinda weird…but you’re going to have to trust me on this one!  It’s actually very cool!

When God was handing out LIPS….I thought He said HIPS….and asked for very THIN ones! haha. I totally just made that up. Lame. I know. But true! :-)

I am not “blessed” in the lip department. As a matter of fact…my sisters have always made fun of me because whenever I look in the mirror I pucker/purse my lips in a totally unconscious effort to make them appear fuller. I can’t help it! It’s completely involuntary…like a tic! So my sisters are mean for making fun of me….don’t you think?!? Meanie sisters.

Anyway…back to thin lips. I am aware that all those “lip-plumping” products are mostly hype…but despite that…whenever I hear of one….I am immediately intrigued. Especially when it’s a DIY recipe like this one from Cara at  I’m quickly developing a crush on this website.

Last week I tried the DIY Translucent Face Powder which I think is brilliant! Tonight I’ve been mixing up my own lip concoction that I’m pretty excited about.

This is so easy…it’s almost ridiculous. The hardest part about this whole project was coming up with something to store it in. (More on that in a minute.)

The two ingredients are Vaseline and Flavored Drink Mix. Since Dr. Oz completely put me off using traditional Petroleum Jelly…I decided to use my homemade version.

The recipe on calls for Hawaiian Punch Lemon Berry Drink Mix but since I couldn’t find that…I improvised and bought Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juice Red Drink Mix and True Lemon Lemonade Drink Mix and mixed the two.

1 teaspoon Lemon Berry Drink Mix (I mixed one singles-to-go packet of Hawaiian Punch with 1 packet of Lemonade to make my “Lemon Berry Mix”)
3 teaspoons Vaseline (or Petroleum FREE Jelly)  (my little container only held about 2 teaspoons)
sprinkle of water

Directions :
Mix the water and the drink mix together until the mix is completely dissolved, stir in Vaseline until smooth.

FYI it will tingle a bit for a few minutes when you put it on, that’s the lemon making your lips BIGGER! (Well, I don’t know about THAT…but you definitely feel a tingle and your lips DO feel a bit “plumper”.)

This is what it looked like on my less-than-luscious smackers. (And yes, that IS the signature lip pucker. I do without knowing it…I swear!)

It definitely gave me some color (which I desperately need since my lips are basically invisible without it!) and while my lips FELT plumper…I don’t think they actually LOOKED any more voluptuous. Oh well, 1 outta 2 ain’t bad! :-)

Oh, and I forgot to mention…the TASTE is DELICIOUS!  I was licking my lips for HOURS after applying. lol. It’s actually pretty nice because the current stuff I use tastes awful!

So I put a my new Lip Stain concoction in this little re-purposed Carmex lip balm jar and now it’s all ready to be slipped into my purse.

Wondering what happened to the signature YELLOW Carmex container lid??? Well, I took an idea I’d seen recently on for removing the printing on containers and took it one step further.

First I tried their method on a sour cream container.  WORKED LIKE A CHARM! (I am very excited about the possibilities on this one! (More on this in a future blog post I’m sure!)

Then I decided to see if it would work on my old Carmex container lid. Well, while it required a little more elbow grease than the sour cream container…but eventually it did work and now I have a cool-looking container for my latest and greatest homemade beauty product. :-)

Blog post success!


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  1. Eileen says

    What is great about this is that it’s safe for my 11 year old daughter to use, too! Could you possibly use coconut oil instead of petroleum (or homemade) jelly? I already ordered coconut oil, haven’t ordered any beeswax yet, lol!

    • Grace says

      Hey Lori, if you go to website that Jillie has listed above for her cookies (food+words) you will find a gloss like this made from mint and cocoa. It has a really nice brown coloring.

  2. Celia Webb says

    Please make sure to use only containers labeled plastic “2″ or “5″. Acetone will not melt these any other plastic is doomed! Glass and/or metal is better.

  3. Lynn says

    You are most definitely becoming my favorite blogger! I LOVE your posts, ideas and recipes. I’m trying several, and can’t wait to try this one. Thanks for the great work you do, for sharing, and for making my days more “fun”! :)

    • says

      Aww…thanks Lynn! You are very sweet to say that. I’m thrilled you like and are trying some of the ideas! Makes my day. :-)

  4. Susan Hart says

    There are lots of different kinds of beauty. There are many beautiful women with thin lips, and you can certainly count yourself among them! Thanks for the petroleum jelly tip, I had no idea. I’ll definitely be making my own.

  5. Amy Weatherford says

    I read your blog everyday first thing in the a.m. You have the best ideas! I am putting a binder together to pass on to my children of daily thoughts, short cuts, ideas, etc. so when i’m gone they have some of this great knowledge I have learned along the way. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  6. Amy says

    I am going to try this, with coconut oil instead of Vaseline…. seems simple – and yum :)

  7. says

    You are becoming one of the favorite blogs to read! Your tutorials are accurate but zestful and friendly-and funny- at the same time.


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