DIY Beauty Solution: Make Your Own Lip Stain and Plumper!

I know…it sounds kinda weird…but you’re going to have to trust me on this one!  It’s actually very cool!

When God was handing out LIPS….I thought He said HIPS….and asked for very THIN ones! haha. I totally just made that up. Lame. I know. But true! :-)

I am not “blessed” in the lip department. As a matter of fact…my sisters have always made fun of me because whenever I look in the mirror I pucker/purse my lips in a totally unconscious effort to make them appear fuller. I can’t help it! It’s completely involuntary…like a tic! So my sisters are mean for making fun of me….don’t you think?!? Meanie sisters.

Anyway…back to thin lips. I am aware that all those “lip-plumping” products are mostly hype…but despite that…whenever I hear of one….I am immediately intrigued. Especially when it’s a DIY recipe like this one from Cara at  I’m quickly developing a crush on this website.

Last week I tried the DIY Translucent Face Powder which I think is brilliant! Tonight I’ve been mixing up my own lip concoction that I’m pretty excited about.

This is so easy…it’s almost ridiculous. The hardest part about this whole project was coming up with something to store it in. (More on that in a minute.)

The two ingredients are Vaseline and Flavored Drink Mix. Since Dr. Oz completely put me off using traditional Petroleum Jelly…I decided to use my homemade version.

The recipe on calls for Hawaiian Punch Lemon Berry Drink Mix but since I couldn’t find that…I improvised and bought Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juice Red Drink Mix and True Lemon Lemonade Drink Mix and mixed the two.

1 teaspoon Lemon Berry Drink Mix (I mixed one singles-to-go packet of Hawaiian Punch with 1 packet of Lemonade to make my “Lemon Berry Mix”)
3 teaspoons Vaseline (or Petroleum FREE Jelly)  (my little container only held about 2 teaspoons)
sprinkle of water

Directions :
Mix the water and the drink mix together until the mix is completely dissolved, stir in Vaseline until smooth.

FYI it will tingle a bit for a few minutes when you put it on, that’s the lemon making your lips BIGGER! (Well, I don’t know about THAT…but you definitely feel a tingle and your lips DO feel a bit “plumper”.)

This is what it looked like on my less-than-luscious smackers. (And yes, that IS the signature lip pucker. I do without knowing it…I swear!)

It definitely gave me some color (which I desperately need since my lips are basically invisible without it!) and while my lips FELT plumper…I don’t think they actually LOOKED any more voluptuous. Oh well, 1 outta 2 ain’t bad! :-)

Oh, and I forgot to mention…the TASTE is DELICIOUS!  I was licking my lips for HOURS after applying. lol. It’s actually pretty nice because the current stuff I use tastes awful!

So I put a my new Lip Stain concoction in this little re-purposed Carmex lip balm jar and now it’s all ready to be slipped into my purse.

Wondering what happened to the signature YELLOW Carmex container lid??? Well, I took an idea I’d seen recently on for removing the printing on containers and took it one step further.

First I tried their method on a sour cream container.  WORKED LIKE A CHARM! (I am very excited about the possibilities on this one! (More on this in a future blog post I’m sure!)

Then I decided to see if it would work on my old Carmex container lid. Well, while it required a little more elbow grease than the sour cream container…but eventually it did work and now I have a cool-looking container for my latest and greatest homemade beauty product. :-)

Blog post success!


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  1. Amy Weatherford says

    I read your blog everyday first thing in the a.m. You have the best ideas! I am putting a binder together to pass on to my children of daily thoughts, short cuts, ideas, etc. so when i’m gone they have some of this great knowledge I have learned along the way. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  2. Susan Hart says

    There are lots of different kinds of beauty. There are many beautiful women with thin lips, and you can certainly count yourself among them! Thanks for the petroleum jelly tip, I had no idea. I’ll definitely be making my own.

  3. Lynn says

    You are most definitely becoming my favorite blogger! I LOVE your posts, ideas and recipes. I’m trying several, and can’t wait to try this one. Thanks for the great work you do, for sharing, and for making my days more “fun”! :)

  4. Eileen says

    What is great about this is that it’s safe for my 11 year old daughter to use, too! Could you possibly use coconut oil instead of petroleum (or homemade) jelly? I already ordered coconut oil, haven’t ordered any beeswax yet, lol!

  5. Jamie says

    I saw on another blog they used the little round bead containers from Hobby Lobby. I think I will try the coconut oil also, by the way natural and organic coconut oil is sold at wal-mart by the olive oil.

  6. says

    For those of you who asked about using coconut oil instead of petroleum jelly (or the homemade version) I would definitely say YES! I think that would be a great alternative. :-) I’m going to try it!

  7. Georgann G says

    How long does the stain last? Does it wear off evenly? I’m trying to avoid a pink rim around the outside of my lips as my lips often get that way when they are chapped.

    Love so many of your ideas! Made the moisturizing shave cream and shared with friends. Fabulous!

  8. Dee Dee says

    This is an awesome idea for some color! Just want to pass on a little tidbit of “been there, done that” though. If your homemade petroleum jelly gets very “liquidy” in the heat, you do NOT want to put this in your purse (and certainly not if you make it with straight coconut oil)! I made a simple coconut oil and sweet orange EO lip balm and stored it in a carmex container like this….they are not water/oil tight! I had quite an oily mess everywhere and it wasn’t even that warm yet! Just thought I’d let y’all know!

  9. Pamela says

    Jill, I have been up WAYYYYY too late the last couple of nights since I found your blog. I absolutely love it! Had already bought the items to make the Duggers’ laundry soap, but was looking up any alternatives before making it. That is when I found you. I come from a long line of penny-pinchers and am proud of it. My 18 year old son calls coupon clipping my “card game.” Think I must be part pirate because I love the hunt of treasures at rock bottom prices; free is even better. (Although all this earthly stuff is just temporary and the true treasure lies in Heaven.) Anyway, I want to say thank you. Most of my friends have already been sent the link to your blog and the rest will soon. You have a true talent and are blessing so many people with it. Might I suggest you check out my sis-in-laws’ blog ? I think you two could be good friends. lol. Now I am off to make our oil face cleanser for my daughter and myself. Then the lip tint after we make our non-petroleum jelly. Then the fabric softner. Oh, and the “oxi” cleaner worked wonders on a shirt I thought was lost to the “play clothes only” pile. The list goes on and on. Thanks again!

  10. Lee Ann says

    I tried the lipstain today – was very excited about it as i had been trying to find something like this. Everything went together well and I applied it with a lop brush and then was off to work. As soon as I got in the car my lips started to burn and tingle which I thought was a good thing. When I arrived at work the burning was more intense but the color was still there and also the taste. Five hours later and my lips feel like I have been sucking on lemons all day! They are very dry and puckered and I have been basting them with regular lip balm to try to overcome the drying effect of the stain. There is still some color but it wasn’t worth the condition my lips are in now. I will keep looking.

    • says

      Good ol’ Cool Aid (Stevia to sweeten the mix if needed) Coconut oil would be nice. (has exfoliating properties when used in a facial massage.) Coconut oil is good for a myriad of helpful things. So many choices/possibilities.

  11. says

    Cool site and great ideas! I make my own lip-plumping lip balms with coconut oil, jojoba or any other healthy oil, beeswax and doTERRA essential oils. The two that do the plumping trick are cinnamon as mentioned above and peppermint! Taste yummy, too, especially if you add in a little clean local honey.

  12. sergeantrocky says

    I just made the petrolum jelly with cocnut oil instead of olive oil and then used that to make the lip gloss and it worked great. Me and my daughter made several flavors, I am thinking these will be great gifts for her little friends for christmas. Thnaks so much for the idea!

  13. Rosebud958 says

    I love all this !!! Just came across your DIY on Pinterest yesterday … last night made the Lavender Scrub & Lemon Scrub .. Love them !!! Taking some over to my sisters today .. She used to sell Jafra Cosmetics, still does a little , & personally your scrubs compare to theirs are equal … and yours so much cheaper & easy to make … I’m hooked now … Thank You !!!! Have been pinning so much …can’t wait to make so much more of your DIY … This is like a ‘Drug’ … can’t stop … Not that I know what taking Drugs is like :-) … Just wanted to say THANK YOU !!! …

  14. Mary Hill says

    Thanks, for your blog and recipes. my daughter has been using them for a while, and says they all work for her. I had just purchased most of the stuff (laundry stuff and such and didn’t need any at the time) but been making a gro. list to start.
    Also, thanks for the petroleum jelly info, been using it on my dry lips for quite a while. won’t anymore.

  15. Jamie SIkes says

    I mixed mine into my carmex. I didn’t feel much of a tingle, but it tastes yummy, I wish the color was darker, I think I am going to mix more of the drink mix into it next time.

  16. Launa S. says

    Just made the “non” petrol. jelly, and then the lip stain/gloss. I used almond oil instead of olive (my preferance) and I actually had the “lemon berry” flavor, no mixing of the flavors as in the origanal directions. I found that it gave me a different color than the mix of punch and lemonaid. So, I now have 2 ideas for seperate colors. Mine gave me a very natural pink, but the punch looks to be a more bold red. can’t wait to try them both and give them as gitfs. Oh and my lips feel fab and it stays on a long time, moisture and color.

  17. Kitten Bordeaux says

    This is a fantastic idea..and sorta a DUH! for me..dang, why didn’t I think of this. I added a teeny bit of Argan Oil for shine and since the color was too pinky peach, I added a couple drops of food came out wonderful. Thanks ever so much.

  18. JanB says

    Hi Jillee! Thank you for all the great tips!
    I love your blog and reading it is one of the highlighst of my day. I’ve made your petroleum free “balm” WHICH I LOVE and just finished making your petroleum free lip tint plumper. I have a question – do I mix the entire t. of drink mix into the 2t. of balm? It seems a bit goopy and grainy. THANK YOU for all you share with us!

  19. Jan says

    You can also find the small containters like for the lip gloss in the travel section at Walmart I think they are a dollar and they come in colors. They are about the size of a Carmex jar or a little bigger, would be great gift and jars are perfert. The travel section is usually at the end of the shampoo section.

    • Giselle says

      thats what happened to me my 1st time..
      i poured my powder, n added HOT water to it.. mixed WELL.
      and then i added my kinda melted wax, n mixed well..
      then poured in my container, and refrigerated it!
      hope that helps :)

  20. Giselle says

    i just made some.. 1st time was a fail!lol…
    i just put mine in the fridge for a little, so the wax can harden.
    i find that if the wax is melted too, n then i pour it in my container, it sets nice and smooth.
    then pop in the fridge, and there u go :)
    the lemonade does sting.. so if u dont like that, leave it out!

  21. Marguerite says

    The above is where my mine is headed. If I am going to take the time to make my own beauty products I want then Chemical free. Pondering what Icould use as I wear a deep Burgandy lipstick. (Not chemical free but want to change) Just found your Blog and am enjoying it.

  22. Star Harrelson says

    Hey Jillee! Did you know that nail polish remover will also
    remove hair dye from your skin, the counter or even the wall !
    How do I know? I went through a 3 year period where I dyed my hair black (& my hair was very long at the time).


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