How Many Cups In A Pint? A Quart? A Gallon?
Hang This Up In Your Kitchen And Never Wonder Again!

Capacity Reminder ChartOK….this is going to seem like a REALLY weird post….but I really LOVED this idea and wanted to share it! And since that’s really what “One Good Thing By Jillee” is all about (finding cool stuff and sharing it!) that’s what I’m going to do. :-)

I saw this on Pinterest recently. It’s from a website called Beyond The Grades. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that’s where this comes from….because it’s a THIRD GRADE teacher’s website. lol.  Nothing against Mrs. Rivera. Her website is amazing! I just have to laugh at the fact that this is 3rd grade stuff that I find so amazing. :-)  I apparently didn’t pay too close attention in 3rd grade.

So here is the 411 on how to remember how many cups are in a gallon, etc.

There are 2 Cups in a Pint
There are 2 Pints in a Quart
There are 4 Quarts in a Gallon

Two “C’s” fit inside a “P,” two “P’s” fit inside a “Q,” and four “Q’s” fit inside a “G.” Brilliant!

It still takes a few minutes of mental visualization, but with this diagram in mind, you can easily figure out that there are four cups in a quart, 16 cups in a gallon, and so on.

I decided to make my own version of Mrs. Rivera’s chart to print and hang in my kitchen. If you click on the link below, you can print one out too! 

Capacity Reminder Chart

Capacity Reminder Chart

I hope someone else finds this as helpful as I did. :-)

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  1. Krystal says

    This is brilliant! I for one am always running back to Google to try and remember how many cups are in a gallon… My husband finds it hilarious. Thank you so much for the post! Makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one!

    • Peggy says

      I’m almost 80, and find that I can not remember this break down. How clever. Thanks so much. You are certainly NOT the only one.

  2. Gale says

    I absolutely love this! I too am always trying to remember how many in each…and I work in a school kitchen! lol Definitely printing this baby out and hanging it in my kitchen!

  3. Elizabeth says

    I’m pregnant and because of health issues I have to drink a gallon of water per day so I recently had to figure the breakdown out. This would be helpful for me and for my 9 year old as a reminder…thanks

  4. Mel says

    I actually find this to be awesome! Don’t be embarassed!! I’m always running to google to figure this out and no matter how many times I look it up, I don’t seem to remember the next time. Sometimes we all need things broken down to a third grade level! Printing it now! Thanks for the post!

  5. says

    This would look cute done as a needlepoint sampler for a new bride (or an old one who, like you, wasn’t paying attention in 3rd grade). ;)

  6. Carol Sampson says

    Jillee, this is so great! I’ve already printed it out and taped it inside my cabinet. I like to surf the web for recipes and sometimes find one (usually English) that has measurments in millileters, etc. Any chance you might know of a similar chart for metric measurements?

  7. Helen says

    Too cute! love it, and since I somethings do go blank I will proudly print this and keep it handy.

  8. Karina says

    Very cool, thank you! I have a similar one tacked inside the cupboard door where baking supplies are kept. I also keep a conversion chart for measurements, one for produce, i.e. one medium apple = 1/2 C sliced apple, etc., and a substitution chart that includes little tid bits like how to make butter milk. All are kept in sheet protectors so if I spill they easily wipe clean.