This Is The Best $13 I’ve Spent In A Long Time

clip on strainer

Even though last month’s Amazon Prime Day fell a bit late this year, nothing could deter me from my annual tradition of tracking down the very best deals and sharing them with all of you! :-) Many of you snatched up the kitchen gadgets and gizmos that were on sale, and I’ve heard some really positive feedback from several of you about your new gadgets!

I also happened to buy a couple of new kitchen tools that went on sale on Prime Day, and one particular tool turned out to be the best addition I’ve made to my kitchen arsenal in recent memory! So in today’s post, I wanted to tell you all a little bit about it, in case you could use one in your own kitchen as well!

clip on strainer

My New Favorite Kitchen Tool: The Kitchen Gizmo Snap’N Strain Strainer

Ground beef makes a regular appearance in our everyday dinner rotation, whether in the form of tacos, spaghetti and meat sauce, goulash, etc. And I’ve never felt like I had a good way to drain the fat out of the ground beef that didn’t involve either dirtying a strainer or accidentally dumping a good amount of it down the drain of our kitchen sink!

Enter the Kitchen Gizmo Snap’N Strain Strainer. All I have to do is clip this silicone attachment to the lip of my pot or pan, and then I can safely pour the fat out (or the water, or whatever liquid I want to get rid of) without losing any of the food!

Here are a few of the specific reasons why this particular strainer attachment has so quickly becomce my new favorite kitchen tool.

5 Things I Love About This Strainer Attachment

clip on strainer

1. It Fits Almost Any Pot Or Pan

Finally, a strainer you can attach to any pot or pan! It will even snap onto a big mixing bowl. It’s made of flexible silicone, which helps ensure a perfect fit and seal no matter where you attach it.

Just push it onto the edge of your pot, pan, or bowl and use the clips to secure it. Easy!

clip on strainer

2. It Has A Spillproof Pour Spout

No matter what you’re straining, pouring a bunch of hot liquid and food into a colander often results in a hot, splashy mess. But thankfully, this snap-on strainer has a spillproof spout that makes pouring tidier and eliminates spills.

clip on strainer

3. It’s Dishwasher Safe

Anything that makes kitchen cleanup easier is a friend of mine, so the fact that the the Snap’N Strain Strainer is dishwasher safe was a big selling point for me! And as an added bonus, it also takes up a lot less room in my dishwasher than my old plastic colander.

clip on strainer

4. It’s Made With Heat-Resistant Silicone

Hot fat and boiling water can damage certain materials, but that’s not an issue here due to the heat-resistant silicone construction of the Snap’N Strain Strainer. From ground beef to bacon, you can strain fat and grease out of you hot pan without worry!

clip on strainer

5. It’s Affordable (And Comes In Fun Colors!)

At just $17, this strainer attachment won’t break the bank. And you get your choice of four fun colors: lime green, red, purple, and orange. Get one in your favorite color to add a pop of color to your kitchen!

Even though the Kitchen Gizmo Snap’N Strain Strainer arrived on my doorstep just a few weeks ago, I’ve already used it so many times I’ve that I’ve lost count! If you could use an easier way to strain things when you’re cooking in the kitchen, I heartily recommend giving this one a try for yourself!

What’s your current favorite kitchen gadget?

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  • I totally agree! Have gifted 6 to others already and its not even Christmas yet. Will gift many more cuz I no longer loose half the pan full nor steam burn my arms. Genius!!!!!

  • I’ve seen this item, and I love my kitchen gadgets, but I use a colander backwards in the pan. It does the same thing so I have a saving of $17 and trying to find a place for it in my kitchen.

  • The snap-n-strain strainer I will look at. I have always used a turkey baster to pull the grease out of a pan and into a grease jar. The baster is hard to clean and the strainer looks to be much easier to clean.

    Thanks for your work!

    • I use a baster, too, to remove grease from the pan. I purchased a set (3) mini bottle brushes with long wire handles, and they work perfectly! The ends of the brushes have a little fringed ball which help to clean out the rubber bulb of the baster.

    • I have one!!! It’s my favorite go-to gadget for straining homemade broth each week in my InstantPot. I keep all my veggie cuttings in the freezer along with any bones I buy or have frozen. After the broth has been made and cooled a bit, I use this for straining it into freezable containers. I always have broth on hand now and, as expensive as broth is in the stores, it’s a great savings!!!

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