How {And How Often} To Wash Your Bras

caring for bras Sorry guys….this is definitely a “girly post” today. Consider yourselves officially excused for the day. ;-)

Of course if you are in a relationship with a female and want to SHARE this valuable information, I guarantee  you will score some MAJOR relationship points! haha….like how I tried to guilt you into reading this?  I’m sneaky that way.

Anyway…back to bras.  Let’s face it….good bras aren’t cheap! However, I personally think they are worth their weight in GOLD!

Let me tell you why I think so……..

A few months ago I finally forced myself to go to Victoria’s Secret for a professional “bra-fitting session” (something I had been procrastinating for like….FOREVER!) and shelled out close to $100.00 for TWO bras!! Outrageous, right??? Well, yes….and no.  That night, the hubster (who, bless his heart, isn’t the most OBSERVANT man on the planet) couldn’t get over the “transformation”!  lol.  After that experience I decided a “good bra” (whether it’s V.S. or something else) is definitely a worthwhile investment.

But after forking over that kind of moolah…you definitely want to take good care of your investment! On average, a good bra should last six months to two years, but improperly washing your bras can cause all kinds of tragic results and a much shorter life-span. PROPERLY washing them will help our bras last as long as possible.

 caring for bras

How To Wash Your Bras:

caring for bras You’ll want to use cool water, a gentle detergent or soap, and a delicate wash cycle or hand washing. There are commercial soaps made for delicates, like Woolite, but you can easily make your own.

Option #1:

Homemade Wash for Delicates
One cup hot water
1 teaspoon baby shampoo
One to two drops essential oil

Heat water in a microwaveable cup. Add remaining ingredients and stir briskly until well mixed. Pour the solution into a sink of lukewarm water by swishing your hand through the water. Hand wash your wool items and then rinse well.

Option #2:

Use Fels Naptha or Castile Soap. Simply dilute the soaps with water and use it in the gentle cycle or for hand-washing.


If you are washing a sports bra or a very basic bra, washing on the gentle cycle in your washing machine should be fine. Using a fine mesh washing bag (so hooks can’t get through) is recommended  — it removes the risk of tangling and snagging.

When the washing machine cycle’s complete, remove your bra(s) from the bag, reshape, and lay flat to dry. Never, ever, under any circumstances put your bras in the dryer! The heat will deform the garment, damage the fabric and decrease the elasticity.

 caring for bras

If you are washing one of your EXPENSIVE bras, you definitely want to invest in some quality hand-washing time.
  • Fill the sink or other basin with lukewarm water (or the temperature indicated on the fabric care label).
  • Add a small amount of mild soap/detergent into the water. (see “recipes” above)
  • Fasten all closures; turn the item inside out. Immerse it in the sudsy water. Let soak for five minutes.
  • Carefully knead the garment while immersed. Soak another few minutes.
  • Drain the soapy water and refill the basin with clean water, kneading the fabric again. Repeat this step until no soap remains in the fabric.
  • Drain the basin again and gently press any excess water from the fabric. Do not wring the material.
  • Lay the item flat on a dry towel, then roll the two together, squeezing the towel gently.
  • Spread the fabric out flat on a second towel and allow it to air dry.
I know it seems like a lot of work…but trust me on this one…your bras will love you and “support” you for a good, long time if you will just give them a little T.L.C.


caring for bras



And finally….the burning question that I’m sure everyone is wondering about…how OFTEN should you wash your bras?

Well, most lingerie professionals say that while you don’t have to wash your bras after every wearing, you should wash after 2-4 wearings (allowing each bra at least one day of rest in between each wearing). Of course you’ll probably want to wash more frequently if you’ve been sweating excessively or wearing perfumes or lotions, but the best advice I can give is…use your own good judgement. :-)  How’s that for getting myself off the hook?


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  1. Josie says

    I usually wait until I’m down to my ratty old bottom-of-the-drawer bra and then do a big sinkload at once. Because there are a bunch of them, I put them in the washer for a final spin ONLY then re-shape cups and dry appropriately. The spin step definitely cuts down on drying time, and non-drippy bras mean I can hang them in the bedroom in private instead of in the shower for anyone to ogle. I’m not sure if the spin does any horrible damage, but I only recently started hand-washing them, so any reduction of washer-time is a plus.

  2. Debbie Shannon says

    I’ve rolled my underwire bras in towels. It’s more like folding it because obviously the underwire doesn’t give. It’s pretty easy to figure out. In the past couple years I’ve changed my bra washing and wearing habits and the fall exactly in line with your recommendations. Guess I can pat myself on the back?

  3. Katherine says

    I used to work at VS in the intimates department (yes, there are other departments of VS- PINK, cosmetics, cash wrap, etc) and used to do bra fittings all the time. My training for doing bra fittings? About 20 minutes in the back room and some practice fittings with other associates. Not all VS employees are created equal. Find the most senior associate (or usually the bra specialist near the dressing room) to do a bra fitting- they have the most experience. They should ask you about what size bra you are currently wearing, how tight the band feels, whether your bra digs into your shoulders, if you have trouble filling the cup (or overfill) and what type of effect you are going for. I will tell you that most people don’t like what size bra we fit you as- vanity numbers exist in bras as well as jeans. But it is important to know that there are “sister” sizes to bras. A 34C can be swapped with a 32D or a 36B, so just because you may not see a bra you like in your size, you may be able to find one in your sister size and it may fit just as fine.

    I have a large collection of bras and I usually wear each one 3 times before I wash it (unless its a sports bra- which you STILL don’t put in the dryer just because its squishy and doesn’t have a wire in it). Everyone’s bra tastes are different- my favorite bra isn’t cute but it gives me lift and support, doesn’t hurt my shoulders (try the Incredible bra at VS if you have that issue- self adjusting straps!), and it is comfortable all day long. A good bra can really make an outfit look great. They are worth the money and will go a long way if you treat them right.

  4. Denise says

    There are several private salons that you can also go to which carries lingerie priced in line with VS. When visiting a friend in Virginia, she treated me to a fitting at an awesome store called the Full Cup. It was truly a pampered session. I have never spent that much on a bra before but I absolutely did not feel guilty. The “girls” definitely appreciated it.

  5. says

    I live in San Antonio–I have to wash them after one wearing! And they go in the washing machine with other cold-water clothes, then I hang them up (all on one hanger with on arm hole through the top of hanger). But I don’t wear underwire (and I’m a 40DDD) because then I feel like I’m wearing a vest instead of a bra. The only bra I spend a lot of money on is my “Shock Absorber” sports bra that I wouldn’t be able to run without. And that one goes in the washer, too.

  6. Lindsay says

    I recently had to go get refitted since pregnancy changed my chest dramatically. I went to Dillard’s instead of VS because unfortunately, they don’t carry extended sizes. While the woman in the bra section tried to be helpful, she kept giving me bras that clearly did not fit, despite the “size” listed on the tag. After about 25 mins I went and grabbed 5 different bras from 5 different brands in the “same” size. Only 1 of them fit without squishing me or making me overfill the cup. Point is, different brands DO have different sizes. Try a few out and see what is comfortable. I spent $65 on two department store bras (thanks to a sale) instead of wasting my money on stuff that didn’t fit.

    • JoAnna from Idaho says

      I too am very full sized try Lane Bryant, they are spendy but cheaper or in line with the prices quoted here and they have good sales frequently. I have never been happier with my bras as I am now.

      • Katy says

        I’m disproportionately petite – a 30D. Yes, you read that right. I bought my first correctly-sized bra (I was wearing a 34B for AGES!) just a few years ago at Dillards because they were the only ones who carried that size in my budget. Then I found – they carry tons of odd sizes and often have super good sales! I do actually order the “sister size” 32C from them – they’re a UK company and seem to run a bit on the small size, so their 32C fits me like 30D should. Hope that helps!

        • Cherie says

          I second the recommendation for I’m a 32G, and there are very few American companies that make anything close to that size. British sizing is a little different, so I definitely recommend getting fitted at one of the boutique style stores that are here in the US (most stock brands like Fantasie and Freya, which are pretty good guides for British sizing). You can find something that’s not a push up (obviously completely unnecessary for me). And best of all no one will try to convince you to go up in band size to make up the difference in cup sizes.

          • Beth says

            I also love Since I found them about 7 years ago, it’s the only place I buy my bras. Not only am I an odd size (32H), but I live in an area where there aren’t any specialty stores to get a fitting (no offense, but Victoria Secret doesn’t count). I usually have to order and try on 3 bras for every 1 I keep. Figleaves has prepaid return/exchange labels included in every shipment, and I’ve never had any trouble getting refunded.

      • StoneMaven says

        For those of us who haven’t been able to buy off the rack in more than a decade (Back when I used to be a DD, thanks kids!) I recommend Figleaves dot com. They carry up to a J cup (what I expanded to when I was feeding my last son) to the 42-H I wear now. They have a decent return policy so I can order a few different styles to try. I REALLY miss being able to walk into a Layne Bryant or even Penny’s to try on bras.

    • Cydne says

      I second the different lines, different sizes bit.
      I am bigger sized at Victoria Secret & in Maidenform bras than my measurements would indicate. Other brands seem a little closer, but even within the same brand different styles can fit differently.

  7. CarolG says

    Oh Jillee…at $100 for 2 you got off easy! I have a prosthetic and a really good bra can cost over $100 for one, especially if I want a pretty one. Yes, my bras are treated with kid gloves!

  8. Penny says

    The longtime owner of the bra boutique I go to told me many years ago that the best way extend the life of your fancy, expensive bra (or any other bra) is to turn it inside out, hook it together, put it in a lingerie bag, wash it with the rest of the laundry and air dry it. Her observation was that handwashing with lingerie store liquid doesn’t remove the human ‘soil’ well enough and actually deteriorates the bra — especially the elastic — faster. So it brings customers back more frequently to replace their bras.

    If you look at an expensive bra, it is really just an upgrade of a regular one with lace or overlay. If you protect it from the hooks by closing them and using a bag, it can withstand almost anything. I am going on six years with my three $100+ bras using this method and they still have a lot of life left.

    • Cindy says

      Penny, I’m gonna try it, and if it works I’m gonna love you forever… lol… I hate having to hand wash my bras every weekend (and I change them every day, and use a different one when I sleep, not to mention the ones to go to the gym…. way too many bras to wash…). Thank you.

    • Bobbi-Jo says

      That is EXACTLY what I was told from the boutique where I buy my bras from. And, I agree, Jillee, you got off VERY lucky if you only paid $100 for 2 bras. Mine are close to $150 EACH! For molded cup bras I was told to wash them with one cup inside of the other (they do not always come out of the machine this way but the cups are not deformed).

      Also, you should never adjust the straps on the bra. Buy your bra so that it fits on the outer most hooks, the store should adjust the straps for you and approximately every 6 months you should hook your bra on the next set of hooks. You will be able to tell when it’s time to do this as the straps will start to slip down your shoulder. Just by moving to the next hooks it will no longer slip. Once you are on the tightest hooks and it starts to slip it is time to replace.

      As Katherine says, VS (and other similar stores) do not have well trained personnel. The boutique that I go to does not measure you, they look at your body and give you a bra to try on and then fit from that (bigger band, smaller band, bigger cup etc). This group of ladies has extensive training (approximately one week of training a year!) that they have to take and are “Certified Bra Fitters”. They see every bra on you and will not sell one that doesn’t fit properly!

      • Bobbi-Jo says

        I should clarify about the molded cup bras… one cup inside the other so they are outside of bra to inside of bra not inside to inside. I hope this makes sense… trying to visualize it and type that visualization is not as easy as it seems! lol Basically, don’t fold one cup the wrong way. Keep both cups the way they are supposed to be, just twist the middle.

    • Gemma says

      I get almost all of my bras from M&S (I live in the UK but you can buy online too). They have excellent bra fitters and a fantastic range of sizes, including bigger sizes. All I have ever done is follow the washing instructions on the label (doing the hooks up of course), wash on 40 and air dry. My bras last for years. I have one hand wash only strapless contraption, which has those rubber stick to your skin bits on the edges. I accidently threw that in the wash last week but it’s still alive. Won’t be doing that on a regular basis though :-)

  9. Penny says

    Oh yes, and those pricey bras I mentioned above have underwire and haven’t had a blowout in six years in the washing machine on the regular cycle. Haven’t needed to baby my stuff at all.

  10. Jennifer says

    I have been buying Victoria Secret Bras or La Perla Bras since I was young and honestly, I have never really went through all that effort for the bras. I usually wash them after 3 wears unless I had a lot of body spray on and then I just wash it right away. I wash them and dry them in the washer but try to always clasp the clasps because they bend or cause other clothes damage. If the bra/s are very embellished then I would advise to get a mesh bag and throw it in the wash (the mesh bags are also good for stockings as well). But honestly I have kept on average my bras from Victoria Secret for 6+ years and possibly more because I freecycled them after my second child when they no longer fit me.

  11. Misty says

    Just an FYI for the bigger chested girls out there (like myself) I always get my bras from Lane Bryant. I don’t really fit in the clothes, but they have the smaller band sizes for girls who wouldn’t normally shop there. (I’m a 36DDD.) They have really pretty stuff that is awesomely (is that a word) supportive. I get the balconette style. They have a sale twice a year where it is buy 2 get 2 free. I always wait for that sale and get my 4 bras and I’m good to go. :)

    • Elizabeth says

      I ALWAYS get my bras at Lane Bryant!! I’m a big girl now but used to shop at VS when I was smaller, and I think Lane Bryants bras are comparable to VS, just bigger! The buy 2 get 2 is great! Saves the money!

    • Amanda says

      I love love love love love the Balconette it is the best bra ever!! Its the only ones I will wear and I get the 36 DDD as well. I recomend them to any full chested girl I know. I took my future mother inlaw there and she swore she was too skinny to get her bras there. Found one that fit her and it acutally made her back hurt for the first few days becasue she wasnt use to having her boobs up where they should be since she was a teenager!!

    • says

      I agree that LB is great! They don’t carry my size in the store (I’m a 42G – they only carry up to DDD in the store), but they order them for me and ship them to my house for free. I used my coupons I get in the mail and went during their lingerie sale and got 4 bras for $100!!!! Anywhere else, my size costs a minimum of $100 per bra.

    • Becky R says

      I LOVE the balconette style! I’ve always bought VS but a while back, the Hubs found a major sale the buy 2 get 2 as well as some percentage coupon etc) so I decided to try them. I never want to go back… I’m a 38DD and they just look so nice and I love the shape.
      As far as cleaning goes, I’ve always just hooked my bras, throw them in cold wash (lace or delicates in a mesh bag) and run them with my other clothes. I just unhook them and hang dry them on a hanger in my closet and they’re good to go. I’ve always had bras last for years.

  12. Vicki says

    I can not shop at VS because they do not carry my size. I get my bras from Belks and $65 is one on sale. For this price I treat my bras with kid gloves. I was unsure on how often to wash so thanks for the advice.

  13. Tina says

    I lost 30 pounds and was in a new relationship. I was ready for some upgrades in the undergarments. I went to VS and the ‘bra-specialist’ was young enough to be my grand daughter. She had no clue how to fit me and kept bringing me the wrong size. After 30 humiliating minutes the girl told me there was NOTHING in the store that would work for me. I left in tears feeling like crap about myself. Lesson here NOT all ‘specialist’ are the the same. Last year I went into another VS found a senior associate and now have great bras!

    • says

      Those twits know nothing! I hate being told that a ‘professional’ knows my size through my shirt when I fool em every time! I’m a bra expert myself so I don’t take any crap from sales people. I’m actually a custom bra maker and professional fitter but I seem to have a brain fart when it comes to making bras to fit myself probably and especially because I haven’t done it in a while. So i still buy em. ever heard of the idiom that the shoemakers wife has no shoes? Well this bra maker has no handmade bras! LOL!

      If you wear underwire or molded cup bras, your best bet is a bra ball. A hard plastic ball with vents that protects your bra in regular wash. And it is impossible to accidentally throw in the dryer so no slip ups there.

      • Trish says

        I get the “oh, you don’t look like you’re that size” EVERY time. I usually buy my underwear from VS and they always ask me if they can fit me for a bra. Don’t know how many times I have told them they don’t carry my size and they insist they do. (36J). Yeah, right. I used to go to a specialty shop when I had to make campus visits 4 hrs away and they always had multiple choices in my size in stock, now I go to one locally but they have to order the bras in for me to try. frustrating.

  14. Thea says

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to keep the bra cups from curling outward after washing. I buy quality bras from VS, department stores and, most resently, nursing bras (which I have to wash more often) from Motherhood. I hand wash them and hang them to dry. But, not matter what, after just a few washings I notice the cup curling back. It seems the fabric on the outside of the cup is shrinking. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Also, I wonder if there is any way to fix the bras I already have because with a new baby I really can’t afford to go out and spend another $100 on new ones.

    • Jenn says

      I was told that this is a product of improper fit. You need to go up a cup size. That it is the stretching on the bottom against overfill on top that makes the fabric curl. My response was, “but i’m not spilling out” But then when i tried a larger cup I realized that my fitter was right. You don’t realize how the cups have stretched and are now uneven. The new ones are so much more comfortable, the wires don’t dig under my arms and it does lie flatter against my sternum. That flat doesn’t happen for everyone, regardless of size, if your boobs are set closer together or farther apart.

  15. Hollie R says


    I attended a “fit for the cure” event at a local Dillards a couple of weeks ago. The fitter I had was excellent, she explained the “sister” sizes to me, and how a bra should look and fit – did you know the middle part is supposed to fit flush against your sternum? (i do now). I ended up buying 6 Wacoal bras for $170 (amazing sale prices as these are usually $50-$75 each) which is a lot of $$ at once – however the last time i purchased this brand was two years ago and the ones I got then are still in pretty good shape- at that time I could only get two so i have been alternating them for two years. I wash them in a mesh bag on delicate and then hang dry, the ones that have foam in the cups need to be laid flat in the drawer – not folded together if that makes sense. PS- not all fitters are the same my MIL went to another Dillards in another state and had a bad experience. Go find the most experienced fitter if you can – the time is well worth looking and feeling better.

  16. Rose says

    I only buy VS underwire bras. I toss them in with my regular wash in a garment bag and line dry. I have had NO ISSUES washing them this way with regular detergent. My bras last me forever too (perhaps too long…;-) ). No reason to complicate things if you don’t need too :-)

  17. Pam says

    You did VERY well getting 2 bras for $100! A good bra is a must so I am willing to fork over the money for them. Nordstom’s has a wonderful fitting department and run semi-annual sales. I am hard to fit so all mine come from Paris and few stores carry them. You should always hook the bra before placing it in the mesh bag to prevent snags. And never wear them two days in a row or all the form you paid mega bucks will become misshapen. Good post, Jillee.

  18. Margaret says

    Always, always, ALWAYS use a mesh bag when you mashinewash your underwired !!!!!!

    If you do not, the underwire can “creep out” from the bra and get stuck inside the mashine. It is not cheap to repair the damage !

      • Karol says

        If you have a sewing machine or are good with a needle, a small rectangle of ultra suede, which is washable, folded over the poke-age and sewn down on either side of the wire, fixes it quickly and permanently. ultra suede comes in lots of colors too. I’ve had to fix a few over the years. I wash them in the washer and dry in the dryer and they last forever.

  19. Madeline says

    I just want to chime in and say I personally quit VS a long time ago. They don’t carry my size and I’m really turned off by their marketing. I got fitted at an Intimacy store and it CHANGED my life. I went from thinking I was a 34DD to being a 30F. I actually enjoy having breasts now! My bras fit and the girls stay put. Their stuff can be very pricey, but feeling good about yourself is WORTH IT.

    • Cydne says

      My VS bras always fell apart faster than my others & didn’t hold me where I should be. Also, I agree that their marketing is terrible. Nothing like walking through the mall with your child and seeing a giant picture of a mostly naked lady.

  20. Ms. Salti says

    Just an FYI to those using VS lingerie detergent; it bleaches the color out of garments. I used it to clean a couple pairs of my flip flops in the sink and the straps on them lost a lot of color. I was very upset by this because they were my favorite flippies and the detergent smells so good!

  21. Kaycee says

    As a member of the IBTC (itty bitty titty committee), I often have trouble finding bras that fit properly. I’m a 34A or 32A depending on the brand. VS just doesn’t fit right. Anyway, when I do find a bra I like, I wash them in a mesh bag with my regular laundry and hang them to dry. Most of my bras last a year or longer.

  22. Sandy says

    I work at a plus size clothing store that has a huge focus on intimates! Remember that just like when you work out, your muscles need a day off, so do your bras. After wearing them all day, they get used and abused and need a break to get it’s shape back. Over washing them can wear them out quicker, so it really is okay to wait a few wearings to wash them. Letting them breathe is the key to them still feeling good after a couple of times wearing them! I give the little plastic hangers to the guest so they can take them home to hang the bras to dry. This works just as well!!

    • says

      I have to switch between underwire and non-wired, or else I end up with pressure points from the wires even when they fit properly! That was only a recent discovery, and you’d never believe how surprised I was to find myself having to plan which bras I was going to wear (or more specifically, if I have anything planned that requires the underwire bra and the cleavage-tastic shirt) just to avoid the wires two days in a row. Glad to think of it as giving the bras a day off! ;)

  23. Tee says

    The best bras I’ve bought this far are from Aerie. I personally love ‘Katie’ but I’m sure their other bras would measure up too. But I’ve had these bras for YEARS. And I was totally into the whole washing by hand until I accidently put them in the washer and dryer and they came out perfectly fine. I’ve been washing these bras with tanks and tees (very light clothing) and drying them in the dryer and they’ve remained in perfect condition- not a stitch or thread out of place and they’ve retained their shape and form!! Their bras range from about $20 (on sale) to about $45. They have really awesome sale and their rewards program is pretty cool too- every like 5 bras you get a free on and they send lots of offers and coupons. I don’t work for them nor am I affiliated to the company in any way, I just wanted to share how extremely satisfies I’ve been with their bras over the last 3-4 years.

  24. Leah says

    Oh wow. I am a cheapskate. I think paying over $20 is too much! I even took my straps off of my oldest bra and put them on another one because of my shoulders feeling dug into. I can’t ever find a bra to fit right. Most bra cups are too close and I spill out the middle or too far apart and I still spill out! I am currently nursing and have yet to find a good modest bra. My bras are all probably 9 yrs old! I’ve tried all of motherhoods bras. Guess I will wait till I’m done nursing then I’m going to try out a new one at one of these places mentioned!

    • Tee says

      Well whenever you’re done nursing check out their clearance sections in the back of their stores. I don’t care for those too much because they don’t have a lot of the ‘Katie’ (the perfect t-shirt bra!!) in that often (because it sells out) but they’re are always other styles and for really cheap!!

  25. Gj Amber says

    This is so appropriate! Just found out they stopped making the bras I have used for years. Will have to check out the places and kinds mentioned. Thanks to all for sharing. This is like having a large group of friends. One question I have to ask-does anyone notice that one side is bigger than the other?

  26. Linda says

    Thank you, Jillee, Katherine and all of you for the helpful comments. I went with a friend to VS to be fitted and I made the mistake of asking to see bras in my size. She looked mortified and said they don’t make bras to fit 44 and 46 DDD. Oh well. I have a lot of really nice bras from Lane Bryant stores and I wash them in a gentle cycle and line dry. Same with my every day white basic bras. One small gentle load and line dry. I have bras that are 10 years old and still wearing them. I’ve lost a lot of weight this year due to gallbladder surgery but I still have the big bustline so I try to take as good care of my bras as possible.

  27. Annabele says

    Wash after 2-4 wearings?? Is everyone going to pretend that we wash our bras that often?
    First off, unless you’ve been sweating excessively and the garment SMELLS like it needs a wash, few things needs to be washed as frequently as we throw them in the dirty clothes hamper! (socks and underwear are the exception, of course.) Save some water!
    Second, I own exactly two good quality bras (yeah, my budget is about $100 every 24 months). One black and one nuetral. If I washed every 2-4 wearings, I would have to do laundry twice a week! I can barely squeeze in a load or two on the weekend as it is.

    Truth time: how long has it been since ou last washed the bra you are wearing?
    I think its at least been a month for me. Where my ladies at?

    P.S. Love your blog, Jillee. (:

    • Natasha says

      It’s been a month for me with my good bras. But I have about 7 good bras and a load of what I like to call my everyday bras and sleep bras. I only go out in my good bras and soon as I get in I switch to an everyday bra or no bra at all.

    • Jessica says

      I hear you! I have a drawer full of cute colored bras, patterns, lace, etc but after getting married last year I gained some weight, got frustrated with everything pinching and my girls falling out everywhere and I bought two bras – a black and a neutral beige. I wash them twice a month during summer, hot wash with regular clothes and regular detergent, then hang to dry. I only wear them when I have to (during the day at work and if I *have* to go anywhere in the evenings or on weekends!); they come straight off when I get home at night! I have a separate sports bra, but it’s a cheapy because no one sees me when I work out.

      Now I have even had to add a bra extender to the clasp of these two bras because the band isn’t big enough anymore. I seem to have stopped “growing” but no way am I forking over money for new bras until these two literally fall apart. I have worn Lane Bryant’s Cacique Balconette bras for years. When I started “growing” recently I went to Kohls and tried on Bali, Warners, Playtex, etc in similar sizes and NOTHING compared! I’m waiting for the buy 2 get 2 sale at Lane Bryant (which usually comes right before Christmas) before I invest again. Should be just about right timing too! :)

      Bottom line is, I think there’s NO WAY women should have to shell out that kind of money for undergarments unless they’re made of gold. $100+? Heck no. I wait for the good sale and they’re only about $25-$30 each. For these girls, that’s worth it. Oh, and I used to be 38DD, now wearing 40DDD before the extender. My husband doesn’t mind….but all my shirts do!

    • Cydne says

      I’ll be honest. I have one decent bra & a back-up bra that mostly contains me. So I wash every 2-3 weeks because I can’t stand wearing the back-up bra. I have tried 5 in the last 9 months and hated them all until I found the one I am wearing. Finding a bra stinks.

    • Deb says

      I’ll bite, Annabele! The one I’m currently wearing is fairly new, but I’ve worn it at least a dozen times and will probably wear it a few dozen more times AT LEAST before I wash it. Most of my bras only get thrown in the washer (and – gasp! – dryer) a couple of times a year. I alternate a half dozen different bras (the one I have on now was $5.99 at TJMaxx, but I plunk down $50 for VS occasionally), shower daily and rarely sweat from anywhere except my scalp, so this works fine for me.

      I have to agree with you that most of us launder our clothing waaaaaay too frequently, but it’s really just been recently that I came to that conclusion, and mainly because I lost a lot of weight over the past eighteen months and have spent a ton of money on new clothing. Since I’m sick and tired of “new” clothing (particularly sweaters, and most particularly ones with a high acrylic content) looking years-old after a couple of washings, I put everything except socks and jeans through the smell-test before I launder it and as a result, I have sweaters I’ve worn all through the winter without ever washing and they still look like new.

  28. Amy says

    This may sound wierd, but I keep baby shampoo in the shower and wash my bras while I am in the shower. When I am done I hang over shower curtain rod to dry. I used to wash mine in the washer but noticed the wear on them, then I thought hey, I might as well take it into the shower with me. I always have clean fresh bra when needed, and they stay newer longer.

    P.S. Jillee is awesome

  29. Mary Beth says

    Other stores such as Boscov’s, Macys, also have certified bra fitters. Also look to see if you have a local lengerie store (esp. if its been around for years). Many people swear by Victoria Secret, but there is also Playtx, Warners & others that are just as good. Just a couple of tips I have found from experts… 1) a good fitting bra can make you look 10 pounds thinner & younger by giving you the proper lift. 2) Bras with 3 hooks fit better than bras with less and bras that hook in front are really only good for that special night out. 4) Balconette bras really only work well on smaller busted women. 5) If the straps are not adjustable, don’t get it’ materials stretch and elastic wears out. 6) When wearing your bra, you should not be able to see a difference between your body & the bra at the top of the bra cup, if your breast spills out past the top of the bra you need a bigger size cup. There are also quite a few really good videos on the web that detail how to get & measure for a good fit. good luck.

  30. Jessica says

    I shop at My Intimacy-they only store that carries my size. They told me that using Woolite is a relaxant to your clothes, why your sweaters won’t shrink when using it, but that also means it will relax the elastic in your bras!
    remember that 90% of your support should be from the band and then the straps are just the icing on the cake.
    They do fittings to, but its not by tape measure. Two woman might wear the same size bra, but have very different measurements. this can be due to loss of volume in breats or just how their rib cage is shaped. My bras are $70-140 each. My sports bra was the most expensive. I ride horses and finally have a bra where the girls don’t bounce.

  31. Lily says

    Is there a way to fix creases?? I JUST bought this new bra at VS last Friday. Fifty dollars. I wore it out to dinner on Friday night and the next morning I realized that there are creases in the cups! I didn’t throw it in a laundry basket or anything over night, so perhaps the damage happened in the store and I just didn’t notice it? Whatever the cause, I am a very sad girl, and a poor college student who shouldn’t simply go buy another. Help? Please?

    • says

      Many Victoria’s Secret bras have memory foam in them. Most every bra you get there is VERY delicate and you should never fold them in any way.

      Most creases happen because people fold the cups in on each other to save space or it was improper wrapping on the cashier’s part.

  32. Michelle says

    I owned a bra shop for 5 years. I had extensive training from 3 different companys on fitting their bras and prostetics. Time after time women came in and said they have never had a good fit. When I put them in a well fitted bra they gushed about how they never had this good a fit. When I told them the size the bra was, they got offended and stated they weren’t a D cup or they weren’t a 38 or whatever part offended them and refused to buy the one that finally fit and the best they ever had because of the number or letter. Then there were those who just plain wouldn’t spend 30 dollars on a bra when they could go to Wal Mart and buy 2 or 3 for that price. I realized I was giving people the sizes and service so that they could go buy from stores that were cheaper and in doing that, every company fits differently, so they still didn’t get the right fit. After 5 years of trying to conduct business in that area I wised up and closed up. While I held my going out of business sale ladies came and bought handfulls of bras in random sizes because they were cheap. Moral of the story, support your local shops or they go away. Add up the cost of all those cheap/clearance sale bras you bought by their dollar value alone and now never wear because of discomfort or non fit, and be honest, you could have spent that money on 2 or 3 properly fit quality bras and look better feel better and have proper support?
    I have good bras that still look new after many years of wear because I have taken care of them. After every wearing, hand wash, line dry prevents soil build up especially under the arms or breast which discolors the bra and irratates the skin. Use less soap to prevent buildup. A proper fit also makes the bra last longer because it doesn’t have to streatch to it’s outer limits 12 hours a day.

  33. Jessica says

    Ok. Love this….aside from one thing. Woolite. I used to work for Victoria’s Secret and was told NEVER use woolite to wash your bra, it breaks down the fibers in the bra, making the bras lifespan shorter. I recommend using either detergent that you can buy from vs or another mild detergent. Just not woolite. :)

  34. Anna says

    Girls, girls, girls.. All what you’re saying here is true, but a good bra (I’m 34G so I do need a good one) doesn’t have to cost that much. I’m getting my from UK, from Check it out, they’re awesome. And those sales! :)

    I wash my bras when they start looking like they need it.. Usually I guess once a month..? Handwash only. I acctually need to do that like today :P

  35. L.L. says

    Do u usually have to pay for a bra fitting?
    I have tried using mesh linger bags but even tho’ i closed my hooks on my bra it still ripped the bag. ANoter bag I bought, the zipper got stuck once so I tried to undue it and the seam ripped:( I bough them both at target, the cheapest available, so I don’t think they were really good quality. WHere is a good place to buy them where they are not really cheaply made and cheap quality? Also can u so a post about how to make ur own mesh garment bag please?

    • says

      Bra fittings are always free and no-strings-attached at Victoria’s Secret. They will sometimes have a “bra fit event” or “bra wardrobing event” (which they will email you about) where you get a free perfume sample, just for trying on a bra.

    • says

      Bra fittings should always be free. I know we do not charge at Eye Kandee, however some retailers charge a fee and then take if off the purchase of a bra.

      In any case to get a proper fitting you need to go to a specialty store, as most these larger department stores use an archaic system.

      To properly care for your bras Eye Kandee recommends that you soak in your sink with gentle lingerie wash for about 10 min then rinse. Roll in a towel to get excess water off then hang to dry.

  36. says

    THANK YOU for making this post!!!

    I’ve been working at Victoria’s Secret for 3+ years now and I can’t tell you how often I get asked questions about washing and how many dirty looks when I say “Victoria’s Secret recommends you always hand wash your bras about every 5 wears”. It is worth taking care of such an investment though.

    Contrary to popular belief, there is NO warranty on V.S. bras so it’s up to the customer to maintain them. If you have to put them in the wash, it’s at your own risk, but do so in cold water, all closures fastened, in a lingerie bag, etc.

    The company always tells us to tell the customers to NEVER EVER EVER put a bra in the dryer. V.S. bras are seamless because they use fabric glue. It may come undone if you put your bra through the dryer. Also, some of the bras have Memory foam technology which is meant to react to body heat and form to you. If you throw it in the dryer, well…it’ll look like it went through the garbage disposal. I’ve seen it. Someone tried to return a bra that way.

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