Homemade Wipes for Baby, Makeup Removal, and Cleaning!

homemade wipes

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Here is an oldie but a goodie from all the way back on September 10, 2011……..

If you’ve read my blog lately…you’ll know I’m kind of on a “homemade” kick. Not necessarily homemade cookies, cakes and buns….but more along the lines of cleaning supplies, beauty products, etc.

I haven’t gone off the deep end and started making my own dishes or shoes or anything like that (of course, never say never!) but more and more I find myself looking for alternatives to the high-priced, over-packaged, chemical-filled stuff. Sure it’s economical, sure it’s the “green” thing to do…but quite frankly…what I like MORE is the feeling of accomplishment and “sticking it to the big corporations” that market this stuff. :-)

One thing I still buy and use are those disposable make-up remover cleansing cloths. I really dislike washing my eye makeup off in the sink with soap and water.  It’s just a messy proposition and I usually end up getting soap in my eyes and melted make up all over the sink, the counter and my white towels!


homemade wipes



Problem is…those makeup remover cloths are EXPEN$IVE! Especially the brand-name ones. So for quite awhile now I’ve been buying the cheapest, store brand ones. But ANOTHER problem is…the cheap ones are CHEAP for a reason.  They aren’t as soft and/or moist as their more expensive rivals. The last couple of months I have started adding my own lotion to them before I use them and it’s been a HUGE improvement! Makeup comes off much easier without unnecessary rubbing and pulling on your delicate eye skin…and it leaves your skin moisturized!

Tonight I saw an idea at WhiteHouseBlackShutters.com for making your own wipes with all-natural ingredients you probably already have on hand.


coconut oil


The main ingredient (besides water) being coconut oil. Coconut oil is a fantastic addition because it contains Lauric Acid, which has natural antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, and soothing properties.

The process is so simple I’m not sure you even need a “tutorial”, but if you’re a VISUAL person and need pictures, here you go!


homemade wipes

homemade wipes



Cut a roll of paper towels in half, place each half in a container with a tight-fitting lid, then soak each half with 2 cups warm water and the desired mixture (see below). The ingredients differ only slightly depending on what kind of wipes you’re making.

After you have added the water, snap the lid on (you’ll have to smoosh it a bit to make it fit) and turn it upside down. Wait 5 to 10 minutes then turn the container right side up, take the lid off, and remove the cardboard tube in the center. It should come out easily. Now grab the first towel in the center of the roll and pop it up for easy dispensing!


Recipe for baby wipes:

4 cups warm water (one reader recommends DISTILLED water to inhibit the growth of mold), 1-2 tablespoons Coconut Oil, and 1-2 squirts of baby wash, and/or 20 drops Lavender essential oil.


Recipe for makeup remover wipes:

4 cups warm water, 1-2 tablespoons Coconut Oil, 1-2 squirts of baby wash or favorite face wash, and/or 12 drops Frankincense, 12 drops Melaleuca, 12 drops Lavender essential oils.

Note: A couple of people who have tried this have said their wipes started developing mold within a couple of weeks. A couple of things to try are:  Making smaller batches so you are using them up faster….OR….adding some Melaleuca essential oil, which inhibits the growth of mold. I haven’t had the mold issue…but I live in SUCH a dry state, that might have something to do with it.


Recipe for cleaning wipes:

4 cups warm water, a few drops of your favorite concentrated cleaner, and/or 20 drops Lemon & 20 drops Lavender essential oil.  (Use coupon code JILLEE to save 10% on any Spark Naturals essential oils!)


Making homemade wipes takes just a few minutes of work and saves loads of money!



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    • Anna says

      I’ve been storing the cleaning wipes in a jar in my fridge recently on here, they’re white and over a week later no mould. For the eye makeup remover I think in the fridge would perhaps even be a benefit helping with puffiness all thought could be a pain trekking to the fridge every evening or trying to remember before you head up stairs. Bacteria etc like a warm environment so even just putting something in a cooler spot will help a little.

    • pegt13 says

      hi there we been making our own wipes for bathroom use. we have discovered a recipe using baby shampoo,lotion, and vinegar(optional). If you get the water really hot like almost boiling. you won’t have any mold issues. the recipe we found was 1 oz baby shampoo and 1 oz baby lotion to 22 ounces of hot water. we found some breadkeepers from rubbermaid, or if you cut them into using a sharp knife(no serrated edges works well) hope this helps we have been making them for about 1 year now and we love them.( brawny and bounty and scott brand paper towels works great.

  1. says

    I made the makeup remover wipes over a month ago now. I used purified/bottled water, the coconut oil, and two squirts of neutrogena oil free acne wash (b/c my sister had it in the cupboard) and my wipes have not developed mold at all! I bought medline disposable soft washcloths from Amazon.com 500 for $26 and I cut them in half (1000!!!) and put them in an old wipe dispenser and I could not be happier!!! My mascara comes off so much easier than it used to!! I don’t have to rub quite so hard as before and I’m saving TONS! At first I used one and it was really oily and I was worried it woul make me break out since my skin is incredibly oily already, but I tried it again after letting them sit all night and the oily feeling was gone! (I think it just needed to soak in). I will never go back to store bought wipes!!

    • Heather Walker says

      I also purchased the medline dry cleaning wipes and am using them for everything. I made baby wipes, makeup wipes and granite cleaning wipes. They are an amazing deal and I am so glad that you posted this!

  2. Cheri says

    I currently use the Equate brand of makeup remover cloths from Walmart and I’ve noticed recently that they’ve made them thinner and also less wet. While reading this post, I began to wonder if it would be possible to save the used clothes until I’ve accumulated a sizable amount and then put them in my mesh bra bag that I use to run my bras through the wash. If the cloths stay intact going through the wash, maybe I could reuse them using one of the solution mixtures above? Not sure if it will work, but thought I’d pass it along to anyone else out there that likes to try to be as green as possible.

    Btw, I also keep a makeup cloth in my shower and a shower mirror (couldn’t live without it!) to clean up any eye makeup easily since I wear the 30 day contacts and don’t like getting too crazy with the face wash while trying to get my eyeliner and mascara off. It really does make getting it all off much easier when you can see what you’re doing and can use a dampened (from shower water) makeup remover cloth to remove any eye makeup that the face wash doesn’t completely remove.

  3. laraina Parker says

    Coffee and sugar now come in reusable round plastic containers (in pretty bright colors! ). I think they would be fun to use. Also, I cut foam rubber with an electric knife, thinking it would cut paper towels too.
    Great idea can’t wait try it!

  4. Missy says

    Does anyone use waterproof mascara? I can’t hardly find find ANY makeup remover that removes waterproof without scrubbing and using tons…May Kay has been the only brand so far. I would much rather make my own IF it works. Also – I think using purified water would be a must. Too much bacteria resides in tap water to sit over that much time with other ingredients that might promote growth. :)

    • Terri says

      My question too. My skin is super-sensitive and all I’ve found that works well for removing waterproof mascara is the Neutrogena pads in the little round blue container. Then it’s on to Almay foaming face wash for the remainder. Regardless, I have had to stop wearing makeup daily since the removal process becomes painful if used daily. I have a jar of coconut oil and I’m thinking of trying just that to see if it will work….without adding anything else.

      • says

        I use straight coconut oil to remove eye make-up, even waterproof. You just need to let it ‘soak’ on your lashes for a little longer. Then use a soft cloth (like an old t-shirt scrap) to remove it. Tissues, toilet paper are a little harsh, I would think paper towels would even be worse.

      • Nicky says

        I use straight coconut oil too, works really well for all makeup, even waterproof. My method is to put the oil on my eyes/eyelashes, let soak in for a few seconds. Then I take a circle cotton pad and wet it, then use that to remove it. Works really well, fast, and is very gentle!

        That being said, I would love to give this a try. I would imaging the paper towel wouldn’t be as harsh as expected given it is being soaked in water and oils. Definitly worth a try!

    • Alyssa says

      I currently use old fashion cold cream – store brand to remove my waterproof mascara. It works well. I put it on “dry” then use a wet (hot water) cotton pad to gently wipe it off. But I am going to give the wipes a try!

    • Cheryl Haynes says

      I use waterproof mascara also! I found a tiny dab of baby oil on my finger gets it off, slightly rub it on, wipe off with tissue and then I just wash my face. I have been this for 30 years! Its the only thing I found to remove mascara and not eyelashes!!!!!

    • jenw says

      Sens’Eyes by MakeUpForEver (found at Sephora) is my fave eye makeup remover…hands down. Make up melts off with NO scrubbing, even waterproof mascara. And, it doesn’t leave an oily film on your eye. I’ve tried all kinds of oils out there (coconut, olive, baby) and different commercial products…this is the only one that doesn’t leave an oil slick on my eyeball. It is pricey but you only need the tiniest dab, so it really lasts a long time. Worth the money, IMO!

      I’m going to try to make my own remover wipes using cloth wipes…one less paper product! I have some made from OBV and they’re wonderfully soft. I already use them to wipe down my face with warm water in the morning. I think I’ll try to work up a spray (using Jillee’s recipe) and just spray on the wipe as needed.

  5. MK says

    I’m very leary about using paper towels to clean around my eyes, since they are designed to clean countertops, not delicate skin! Think of the toughness of those fibers they are made of! Why not store the solution in a bottle and use it on softer cotton balls/pads.

  6. Judy L. says

    I’ve been making my own face/body wipes for 7 months now. I half this recipe (2 cups total) and add witch hazel and aloe vera for their soothing properties, and a pinch of Vit E to help prevent the mustiness. I store the solution in a glass jar in the fridge, only using about half a cup poured over the halved paper towels at a time. This solution will usually last about a month if in the fridge. The wipes themselves I just keep in the bathroom cupboard – no batch has lasted beyond two weeks, and since I started adding the Vit E, I haven’t had mustiness within that time. I find a repurposed protein powder container works wonderfully!

    • Mark says

      Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is very high in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), and the uses for Coconut Oil are almost endless. Mix in Coffee, high temp cooking oil, etc. MCT’s produce more Ketones than any other dietary fat, and the lack of these Ketones are now believed to be part of the problem with the recent boom in Alzheimer’s cases, as people just don’t eat enough good fat. Similarly,cases of facial Goiter’s are becoming more prevalent due to lack of Sodium in the diet.

      Pickup some Coconut Oil….your body will love you for it.

  7. says

    When I used to purchase the Olay face cloths, I’d always cut them into 1/4′s. 1/4 of those cloths was plenty big enough to to the job. My mom would just wash the whole cloth and reuse them by dampening them and then using a face wash product that she diluted and put into one of those containers that makes the soap foamy, like you can get at Bath and Body stores. (I think she’d use one part face wash to something like 4-5 parts water.) Now days I just use coconut oil to remove my eye make up and a drop of high quality face cleanser, and then sometimes I’ll just wash my face with coconut oil and follow that up with a nice steamy hot cloth sort of like a facial. When you buy a high quality cleanser you don’t have to use much, just a little. We get so used to using crappy products and have to use so much more of it to get the results we are looking for that when we do get quality products we end up wasting them by using too much.

  8. Sue says

    When I made HM baby wipes I just cut a paper towel with a sharp knife and it work just fine. In the pictures you show a container with a red cover to store the HM wipes. What kind is it and where did you buy it?

  9. Gail D. says

    A while ago I decided to try coconut oil as a moisturizer, thinking it was cheap enough. However, I have acne and developed blackheads everywhere! I would, therefore, caution all of you to watch your skin very closely. Also, I wonder if a few drops of tea tree oil might stop any problems with mold? Just a thought.

  10. Dandylyon says

    Great idea!!! a quick FYI, the best eye make-up remover I have ever tried is…. Grapeseed oil, but a few drops on a cotton ball or pad and everything comes right off. I use it to take all my makeup off. Plus my lashes are so soft now and it makes your skin glow.

  11. Ginger says

    You have to steam the oil off your face thoroughly. You can’t just wipe it off. I use the “Oil Cleansing Method” that was posted on this site (I think), and my face is always soft, clean, and feels exfoliated. No breakouts-and I was worried, because I get blackheads and acne very easily. Right now I use a combination of EVO and castor oil. I recently bought some coconut oil, and yes it is expensive, but you don’t need much to do the job. I just dip my finger in and get some on the tip of my finger. The jar mine came in will last for years-if it’s still good at that time.

  12. says

    Though it was a long time ago for our family – I made my own baby wipes out of a bolt of white cotton flannel. They went right into the diaper pail with the dirty diapers, and were washed the exact same way. All together. They lasted for years!

    At home I kept them in a sudsy solution of Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Soap and water, in a Crock Pot situated on a sturdy dresser right next to the changing table. This Crock Pot had a “warm” setting – and it was wonderful to have nice warn wipes for the little bottoms. I never ran out of diapers or wipes in all those years. For going out – I just put them, wet, into a zip lock bag.

  13. says

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    • DEENA says

      Alovera is a great to remove make up. It also a great moisture for the face. Don’t for get is great on any type of burns.

      One thing I have learned, in fact my mom and myself discussing the other day. We both believe u can over work ur face. I use a face wash maybe once a week. Maybe moisturize it at the same time. Mostly I just use good old water on a cloth. Cheap and easy.


  14. says

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  15. SharonS says

    As it happens so often with your ideas, this was perfect timing! I’ve been using the coconut oil to wash my face and really like it. The problem has become removing it. My wash cloths don’t absorb water like they should I guess because of the oil I wipe off my face with them. Cold water in the laundry isn’t removing all of the oil. I started using kleenex to wipe my face first but that is a messy process. I had a partial roll of paper towels on the holder just now, mixed up the coconut oi and water, cut the towel roll in half and put it in an empty container I had saved to reuse. Perfect size! This will hopefully help with my wash cloth problem. It should also be great for camping and for a little refresher on those hot days when you just need to cool your face and arms. Thanks for the idea.

    • Heidi says

      If you use dryer sheets that may be your problem. Yes they make towels soft but don’t have the absorption that they will with out the dryer sheets. All dryer sheets and the liquid has a waxy film to them. I stopped using them when I put a sheet on some cloths that just came from the dryer . The sheet left a greasy stain on a new shirt. Now I only use backing soda in the wash. No static cling .

  16. Rebecca Ednie says

    I bought a great new make up remover mitt that requires NO remover or chemicals or lotion to remove your makeup. Only water! And yes, it works. I was so dubious but its FABULOUS! They sell a zit mitt that cleans your pores and one that exfoliates your skin too and I liked mine so well that I ordered both. http://www.microdermamitt.com/shopexd.asp?id=5&bc=no
    I don’t make anything from posting this so it isn’t spam. Just a happy customer. I read the comments as someone above said she can’t wear makeup everyday because her skin is too sensitive when she removes it so this might help.

  17. Cath says

    Regarding the water you use, it would make more sense to use boiled water than distilled water to control contamination, as well as a sterilized storage container. The same concept as making canned food. Naturally, it would make sense to use a glass storage jar and lid that could be boiled. Using distilled water, however, might mean that you’re taking out the chemicals that are normally added to water to purify it. That might make a difference if you’re chemical sensitive. Or, all this might be overkill.

  18. Jlynn says

    This all sounds like fun to try. I love all the good tips too. I have one to tell myself. I have read before that using jojoba oil along with other emollient oils will help to keep them fresher longer. I hope this is helpful to all.

  19. Becky says

    I have been using these wipes forever since I came across your tute on pinterest last year sometime. They are AMAZING! I have had acne forever (and after my pregnancies my hormones always made it worse) and these saved my skin. I mix up one half of a roll at a time of 2 cups water, 2 T coconut oil, 2 T baby wash (Aveeno),10 drops tea tree oil and 5 drops green tea extract. No more acne, awesome skin and they never mold (I use them in about 2 wks left out on counter). They don’t always get all the eye makeup off but I just finish off with a qtip and coconut oil to get it all off. THANK YOU!!

  20. Deanna Ammons says

    Hello Jillee, I just wanted to thank you for your blog and all the hard work you do to help us all. I also want to thank you for this blog. My father in law found out in April 2013, that he had ALS. He came to live with us at that time and had problems with dry skin. You put me onto coconut oil and all it’s uses, they were all priceless. My father deteriorated quickly and was soon paralyzed from the neck down. When Hospice came in they allowed me to make his “wipes” for his daily bath. I took this and tweaked it just a bit to work for our circumstances. I had bought some baby wash rags, the cheap ones since they seamed to stay the softest and Dad’s skin was sensitive to this, and every morning I would put the rags into a casserole pan and cover them with 3c. hot water, 2-3 Teaspoons of unscented castile soap, 6-8 drops of lavender E. O., and 2-3tablespoons of coconut oil. I’d mix this up and pour over the rags. The dish was one that could be kept warm with a heating pad. There were enough rags for each part of his body. We would use it and toss it into a pail to be washed later. My dad did not have to be rinsed off and his skin looked better than most in his condition. Thank you for helping us make his last days much more comfortable. <3

  21. Derris says

    I’m wondering which ‘recipe’ would work best for doggie wipes. I don’t like to bathe my boys too often because it dries their skin, but I like to keep them smelling fresh. Ideas??

  22. says

    HELP – What is “favorite concentrated cleaner”..can you give me some examples??? Want to make the cleaning wipes for Gifts but am not sure if Castile Soap is what is needed or something else.

    Also, for Sensitive Skin, has anyone had problems with ingredients in the facial wipes?

    Thanks for the help.

  23. Lauren says

    To keep the mold problem at bay, I just add a tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide to the mix. I made two batches over a month ago, stored in my bedroom and no mold or strange smells. I also used olive oil instead of coconut oil and have had great results.

    To cut the paper towel roll, I just used a serrated bread knife. It didn’t cut smooth like butter, but didn’t matter much once the rolls got wet.

    Thanks Jillie!!

  24. Lisa says

    This suggestion is solely for the makeup remover, and unless I’m already duplicating someone else’s suggestion (my system for some reason wouldn’t load all the comments), maybe this could be tried. I used those cotton cosmetic rounds from the Dollar Store that come in a sleeve of 80 for $1-$2. They’re incredibly soft and durable, and you can only put so many in a travel sized container, so maybe there won’t be enough left to allow mold to form. Just a suggestion…

  25. Rose Baker says

    It is essential to use distilled water for anything you are planning to make. The reason is water has living organisms. Distilled water is the abscence of any living organism. If you use a saline mix to clean your sinuses out, use distilled water, the last thing you want is an amoeba crawling into your brain. Or fungi.

  26. Dru says

    I have read all the comments and have decided to make my solution with 2 c boiling water poured over a green tea bag. After it cools a bit, I added 1 T. coconut oil, 1 T. my favorite cleanser, and when it’s room temperature I’ll add Rosemary E.O. and Cucumber E.O. And maybe a little Vit E.
    But what I really wanted to say is, how about using old T-shirts for the cloths? Several comments were made about what to use instead of paper towels. I have some nice, soft T-shirts that will work, I think, in an empty cottonelle wipes container, and I’ll just throw them in the wash with the whites (the only time I ever use hot water and extended wash time).

  27. rej says

    Hi Jill are you adding a total of 6 cups per roll or just 2 cups per half a roll? I am not good at English n the following sentences got me confused
    soak each half with 2 cups warm water and the desired mixture (see below

    4 cups warm water 

  28. says

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  29. Stephanie says

    Love the wipes!
    Wiped my little ones’ honey buns and he said ooohhhh! These wipes are softer than store bought and I love knowing exactly what is going in them, plus, with 4 kids the price of making these is awesome, too!

  30. says

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