Make Your Own Reusable Cleaning Rags

Reusable Cleaning Rags

I know I’ve probably said it a million times already, but I just LOVE making my own homemade cleaning products! It’s so easy to do and so rewarding. Not to mention how much better they are for you and your family and how much more economical. There really is no downside here.

Making your own cleaning rags that are ready when you need them and can be used over and over again is just a great idea. It makes me feel good every time I reach for one. Unlike the guilt I feel when I reach for a paper towel. ;-)

If you feel the same way….let me share with you this super simple “recipe” I borrowed from my sister Rebecca’s website – Camp Wander. :-)

Reusable Cleaning Rags

DIY Reusable Cleaning Rags

adapted from Camp Wander

Reusable Cleaning Rags

Layer rags in a large glass jar. Mix together all of the ingredients together and pour over the rags.

Reusable Cleaning Rags

To use: wring out and clean cupboards, countertops, or children…with confidence. Wash and reuse!

Reusable Cleaning Rags

Pretreated cleaning rags save time and energy. After you try them you will wonder how you lived without them. :-)

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Reusable Cleaning Rags





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  1. Jeanne says

    The problem with this recipe, though, is that adding vinegar to liquid castile soap can de-saponify the soap and basically curdle the liquid soap. (I found this out the hard way, with an oily mess in my spray bottle after making a DIY spray cleaner that had liquid castile soap and vinegar in it.) The Dr Bronner’s website even has a page about it, at:

    • Sarah C says

      Nice to know, think I’ll replace the castile soap with liquid hand or dish soap (and since my dish soap is the ultra concentrated kind I’ll reduce to 2 tsp instead of 2 TBSP if I end up using the dish soap – which I probably will)

    • Sarah says

      I wish I’d read this before I mixed mine up! I put the vinegar in first and noticed that the mixture curdled. Ew! Then I tried using the hot water first and the vinegar last, which worked, but now I see if you mix the soap and vinegar they cancel out the cleaning power of both. Oh well. I’m sure the surfaces I just cleaned aren’t dirtier than they were before and the essential oils gave me the added bonus of clearing my sinuses! I will use a different recipe next time.

  2. Sarah C says

    Any particular reason why it has to be a GLASS jar? I have plenty of large plastic tubs with lids that I’ve saved from protein powder, is there a reason one of those would not work?

    • says

      Sarah – you can store these in plastic if you don’t plan to leave them for very long. But essential oils will break down plastic so it’s always better to use glass.

  3. Shaunes says

    How of you clean the rags? Do you launder then and repeat the soliton again? Or just put them back in the jar?

    • Sarah C says

      I followed the link back to the Camp Wander site, where the original recipe is – it says to mix all the ingredients and then dump over the rags; ring out the rags and then store them. So my plan is to save the solution in a separate jar out in the garage so that after the rags are all used, I can wash them and then just use the leftover solution to rewet the rags. Seems like it would be less waste that way.

  4. christy m says

    I like this idea. It’s very useful. I hope guys are able to get the email problems
    Fixed. I miss reading it.

  5. Kristin says

    I thought there was a post once that you shouldn’t mix vinegar & Castile soap together because they counteract each other & the purpose of each?

  6. Susan says

    Where are you, Jillee? I miss your emails every morning! Have I done something to offend you? If so, I apologize! Please come back!

    • Rita Montague says

      You can click on the RSS feed and get your newsletters that way. It always comes. Never have to worry about the email. :)

    • Gwyn says

      The company that does the mass emails was having server issues but I got emails this morning so perhaps it’s all been fixed? If not it isn’t you and they are working on it. :)

    • says

      It should all be fixed now! Gwyn is right – my email provider had a mass outage. If you subscribe you other blogs you might not have gotten their emails for a few days either. I’m crossing my fingers that there won’t be any more problems.

  7. says

    I love this!! I am always looking for natural alternatives to those store bought cleaners. And I am always a big fan of anything that saves me time and money. Thank you for this :)

  8. CTY says

    Becky– I know vinegar should not be used on granite–guessing the same goes for marble.

    Also, still no e-mails in my inbox :(