11 Tasty Add-Ins That Make Eggs More Flavorful

Spice up your scrambled eggs with cottage cheese, Worcestershire sauce, mayo, or diced green chilis.

A few weeks ago during one of our meetings, our conversation turned to scrambled eggs. (We have been known to get side-tracked from time to time, and this was one of those occasions.) We started discussing what to add to scrambled eggs to make them taste better, which eventually turned into quite a debate!

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Plain scrambled eggs are a great breakfast or dinner, but adding something special makes them taste even better.

Since it ended up being such a fun and interesting conversation at our meeting, I decided to start the same discussion on the One Good Thing by Jillee Facebook page. The post received a TON of replies, and we had a great time reading through them all! I made a list of my favorite suggestions from that Facebook post, and decided that all of this great info about scrambled eggs deserved its very own blog post. :-)

While scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple, they can get pretty boring if left plain. Here are 11 easy and delicious ways to add more flavor to eggs, so you can make your best scrambled eggs ever!

11 Delicious Add-Ins To Try For More Flavorful Scrambled Eggs

Adding something creamy to scrambled eggs like cottage cheese or mayo makes them taste rich and delicious.

1. Creamy Dollops

Add a dollop of cream cheese, sour cream, mascarpone, or cottage cheese to your scrambled eggs for a richer, creamier breakfast. (I will mention that cottage cheese definitely has its own interesting texture when combined with scrambled eggs, so if you have texture issues you may want to opt for one of the smoother options like cream cheese.)

Adding Worcestershire sauce to scrambled eggs before you cook them gives every bite a savory flavor.

2. Salty Sauces

Add Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, or soy sauce to your eggs. Adding a splash of a salty sauce while you’re scrambling the eggs will distribute the sauce throughout the egg mixture. So when you’re done cooking, every bite will be deliciously savory and salty!

Milk, cream, or nut milk added to your scrambled eggs before cooking makes them creamy and rich.

3. Milk & Cream

A splash of milk, heavy cream, or even milk alternatives (like almond, cashew, and soy milk) can add a creamy, fluffy texture to your eggs.

A spoonful of mayo in your scrambled eggs makes them incredibly moist and tasty.

4. Mayo

I know, I know… mayonnaise can be a touchy topic. Some people can’t stand it, but it does make a surprisingly great addition to scrambled eggs! Just mix a teaspoon or so of homemade mayo with your egg mixture for deliciously moist, rich eggs.

Hot sauce or diced green chilis can be added to scrambled eggs before or after cooking for a spicy flavor.

5. Hot Sauce

Hot sauces make a deliciously spicy addition to scrambled eggs! It’s best to add hot sauce after you’ve cooked the eggs. (Take my word for it—a hot pan can make spicy hot sauce particles go airborne, creating a very painful pepper spray-type situation.)

Another way to add spiciness to your scrambled eggs is to add some chopped green chiles to the egg mixture before cooking.

Putting club soda in your scrambled eggs before cooking makes them light and fluffy.

6. Volumising Ingredients

For big, fluffy scrambled eggs, try adding some club soda or baking soda. Add 1 tablespoon of club soda for every 2 eggs you’re cooking, or 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda for every 4 eggs you’re cooking. Just whisk it right into your egg mixture, and enjoy your soft and fluffy eggs!

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Add a tiny pinch of bouillon granules to your eggs before scrambling them for a deep, savory flavor.

7. Bouillon Granules

One easy way to add deep, savory flavor to your eggs is to sprinkle a few chicken bouillon granules into the egg mixture. (You want to add just a tiny pinch because bouillon granules are essentially concentrated chicken broth. A little goes a long way!)

A splash of honey or a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg brings out the flavor in scrambled eggs.

8. Baking Spices

For a sweet spin on your scrambled eggs, add a sprinkle of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, or a drizzle of honey. A bit of extra sweetness brings out the natural flavor of your eggs!

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Top your scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of fresh or dried herbs to add a distinctive flavor.

9. Herbs

Adding herbs to your scrambled eggs can add a pop of fresh flavor that really makes them impressive! Try a small amount of fresh or dried oregano, sage, or herbs de Provence. You could also get some herbaceous flavor by swapping out the butter or oil you use for cooking for an herb-infused oil. Yum!

Diced onions sauteed in butter is a classic way to add a delicious flavor to scrambled eggs.

10. Butter & Onions

One of the most classic ways to dress up your scrambled eggs is to add a combination of good ol’ butter and onions. Melt some butter on your stovetop over medium heat, then add some diced onions and sauté until the onions are translucent. Add the eggs, cook to your desired doneness, and enjoy!

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Add a bit of grated cheese to hot scrambled eggs - try different flavors like cheddar or even pepper jack.

11. Cheese

The last (but certainly not least) addition I wanted to mention is good old shredded cheese. You can’t go wrong with sprinkling a handful of cheddar over your scrambled eggs as they cook, or pepperjack if you’re going for more of a southwestern flair!

Whether you like your scrambled eggs wet, dry, firm, or fluffy, adding one of these 11 elements will bring something new and exciting to your morning plate of eggs! (Don’t like ’em scrambled? Consider steamed eggs or poached eggs instead!)

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How do you like your eggs?

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  • I beat two eggs, place in fry pan, don’t scramble, just keep flat, add cayenne pepper, flip over on other side. Warm up a keto friendly tortilla (I like the spinach and herb one), lay your egg on top, roll up and eat. Yum!!

  • You use the Japanese word ‘umami’ but did not include that you can add Miso Paste to scrambled eggs, this add a delectable flavour to eggs or anything else you might want to add it to. Speaking of Japanese ingredients, Togorashi (Japanese 7 xspice) is delicious on eggs or cheese as well as hundreds of other things.

  • I miss the yoke of an egg. My favorite part of the egg. But real eggs up’ed my cholesterol a lot. So switching to egg beater, I wasn’t satisfied at all. But here is my trick. Pour a measure of eggbeater in a pan. as it begins to set up I shape it into a round. Then in the center of the egg I add a bit of instant potatoes *(teaspoon-ish) Stirring in the center with a fork.. As the egg continues to set, I add a dollop more of egg beater over the center, mixing it a bit, salt and pepper etc. and when ready, flip it over. All it does is mimic the texture of a real yoke. But adds no real flavor. And the rest of the egg is light like the whites. Silly notion I guess, but I’m enjoying a more realistic egg now. Thanks for letting me share my little notion

  • I have always made mine in an omelette style! I use three eggs mixed with approx 1/4 c skim milk & mix with a whisk! Lay in a well greased pan, then add sliced mushrooms! I lightly salted & let it cook until it’s ready to flip over without breaking! Usually never breaks & I always praise myself when I don’t splatter a drop! I then, sprinkle shredded cheese & once it’s melted, it’s pretty much ready to eat! If I don’t have mushrooms, I’ll either use dried onion flakes or if I have an onion, cut into tiny pieces! I like little things added in, because just the egg got boring to be! I’ve been living alone for 20 years & every Sat & Sunday, I make these, ya gotta step it up! Oh, I like to add ketchup or for awhile, I dipped in onto sour cream!

    • I’m with you Amy. I always add a little water to my eggs and then whip. Learned that from a chef that was on TV many years ago “Jeff Smith”

  • I like to put bacon bits and onion flakes into the eggs as I whisk them. The onion flakes moisten up as they cook, and then I sprinkle shredded cheese on the cooked eggs and let it melt a few minutes before eating. If I’m making an omelet, I’ll also add chopped tomato. Yummy!

  • I’ve done my own version of the popular just crack an egg cups that are so popular now. I use a little hash browns, onion, green pepper, ham and grated cheese. I usually when I’m working so this part at night the day before. I use a little soufflé type dish . I use 2 eggs whisk them with a fork and then add the chopped mixture . I do this in the microwave and it takes 1-1 1/2 minutes. Just stir after 1 min and check.

  • Fresh chives chopped into the eggs as you’re beating them adds a freshness that brings scrambled eggs up a notch. For a special day’s breakfast I also like to add smoked salmon. I use a scissors to cut it into thin strips and add it to the pan for the last 30 seconds. Serve with toast or brown soda bread for an amazing start to the day.

  • I use plain greek yogurt 1 tablespoon per egg along with 1/4 tsp cornstarch as the base. Works great for omelets, and with any other herb etc

  • I add dill. I also add chopped green or red peppers, onions and usually bacon and ham. All of these ingredients are cut up and placed in my freezer until I am ready to use them

  • I put the eggs in the pan break the yolk and add dry ingredients oregano /pepper/onions/turmeric /salt(optional;let cook /fold over and cut according to the size of your bread/or just scramble the eggs;healthy and delish

  • interesting all the variations noted here! if I’m in a hurry I scramble eggs with nothing, sometimes remember to add a bit of water to fluff them up. I’ve been using butter for years now – it’s natural and tasty! I’d say a little milk and/or cheese makes eggs better and I love adding chives, pepper, any herb as well. Mushrooms are great when I have them. The wonderful thing about scrambled eggs is how easy it is to flavor them any way you like, just like an omelet, only easier. If I want the Mexican flavors I usually go ahead and make a quick breakfast burrito so I don’t have to add the salsa while cooking the eggs which I don’t like. but a scrambled egg with beans and/or potatoes and/or cheese and some salsa wrapped in a burrito – heaven!

  • To help me get my daily greens, I add a couple of minced kale and chard leaves. Looks pretty and doesn’t overpower the eggs (really masks the greens, for the most part).

  • My mother always added milk to our scrambled eggs. I like cottage cheese and I buy the small curd, which takes care of the texture problem. I came across a “recipe” recently for cooking with butter, not maragine. Melt a a teaspoon (I never measure and very seldom use a recipe) in a pan, add eggs and when they are about half cooked, add another teaspoon. Finish cooking. When done, add another teaspoon and melt, then serve. Salt and pepper or whatever to taste.

  • If I only have a large onion and say I only need half of it, is it safe to keep the unused portion in a sealed plastic bag? If yes, for how long for it to be used at a later date?

  • My favorite are my leftover green beans and Bacon. I drain them well and flash fry them with a little butter and then add the eggs . I scramble them together and then melt provolone cheese over then. I serve them with sliced fresh tomato which I sprinkle with sugar and salt and black pepper and hot buttered toast. Yum!

  • I like to make a breakfast pizza with crust, beaten eggs, tomato slices, Italian herbs, and cheese (if you can handle the last). Bake at 425 F for about 20 or until crust brown and cheese melted in the center.

  • Chopped scallions and cheddar cheese with scrambled eggs is a southern favorite. (I love it!) Also, Southwest style topped with salsa, sour cream, cheese, avocado.

  • Smoked salmon is fantastic in scrambled eggs and needn’t be expensive as you only need trimmings.
    Left over salmon from dinner is a great addition to, add chives or other herbs for a little extra colour.
    For special occasions add tomatoes cut into water lilies, a few moments work for a really special look.
    All above are great with addition of a warm croissant.

    Lucy, Kent England

    • I love smoked salmon trimmings, they are versatile, inexpensive and the darker flesh is where the majority of the Omega 3 is; what could be better? Win:Win

  • The best omelet I’ve ever made….melt some butter around the bottom of the pan. Whisk the eggs, milk, American cheese & lump crab meat…..OMG

  • If your eggs need to set for a while & stay warm before serving (like Easter breakfast at church) add lemon juice to keep from turning green.

  • This blog is making me hungry. Some very interesting ideas that I’m going to be trying soon. We eat a lot of eggs, and I am always looking for new things to try. One of my favorite ingredients to add is feta cheese and chopped baby spinach. First time I heard this, I wasn’t really sure how good it would be but I was willing to try. OMG so so good!

  • Since I’m not an egg-lover, I will usually eat scrambled eggs with ketchup…I know, I know… But, years ago, I discovered the magic of garden herb cream cheese! Just mash a smear of the cream cheese on a plate. Place the scrambled eggs right on top, to soften the cheese. Then, mix the two together. It is absolutely delicious!

  • I always add chives, or red capsicum, or both, depending on what I’m making – but for scrambled eggs definitely both. It’s delicious, but you might call the capsicum peppers in America, but in Australia we call them capsicum, the red ones are sweeter, but you could use any of the colours, red is just my preference. Chives are really yummy though, although as you said you could use parsley, chives just have a nice oniony flavour.

  • I add a generous pinch of frozen vegetables, my favorite to try are peas or peppers (chopped and flash frozen from the garden). We line a cookie sheet with wax paper and spread diced vegetables across it from the garden (or grocery store), freeze for an hour, then gather the wax paper up and pour into a freezer bag. This way you can just grab a bit at a time to add to eggs or other foods without thawing out the whole bag.

    • Christy, we add cheddar cheese to our eggs, too. We call them, LOL, Cheese eggs. I have been known to toast two slices of bread, scramble some eggs, and eat a scrambled egg sandwich for breakfast.

      We have tried a lot of these ideas in our eggs. We have added crumbled bacon to our eggs, too. And I added some chopped onion one day last week. Yum!

  • Hi Jillee,
    Another tasty addition that we use at our home is a bit of dry mustard, or a spoon of Dijon. Zips it up without being overwhelming!

  • I make French toast batter, and when I am thru making the French toast, I just add a few eggs, depending on how many I’m cooking for, whisk with a small amount of water (just enough to make steam to “puff up” the scrambled eggs a bit. The batter already has milk and vanilla, so it is a good way to make 2 for 1 breakfast items, and use up the French toast dip at the same time.

    • What is your french toast batter? When i make french toast, i just beat eggs with fork, add a little milk, vanilla extract, nutmeg, & cinnamon then dip the bread in there & cook it in the pan.

      • You can add cooked rice to scrambled eggs. Either brown the rice slightly in butter before you add the eggs or just add it cold from the fridge.

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