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This Brand Makes The Most Comfortable Bras Ever

Most Comfortable Bras Ever

A few months ago I was shopping around for a pair of comfortable walking shoes. I wasn’t sure where to begin, so I decided to get some feedback from my followers on my Facebook page! The response was amazing, and I got so many good shoe recommendations that I decided to write a whole blog post about them! (If you missed that post, you can check it out at the link below.)

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Most Comfortable Bras Ever

The Best Brand For Comfortable Bras

So when I recently decided to shop around for a better and more comfortable bra, I knew exactly what I had to do! :-) I took to Facebook yet again to ask my followers what brands have the most comfortable bras, but it went a little differently this time. Instead of getting responses that recommended many different brands (which is exactly what happened when I had asked about comfortable shoes), I received dozens of responses from people who were all recommending the same brand: Wacoal. Just take a look at some of the responses I received:

  • “Wacoal is amazing. I went for my first professional fitting as an adult at Nordstrom and was lucky enough to get the Wacoal representative to help me. I am very large and full and this brand is amazing.” – Christi
  • “Love how many are saying Wacoal! I was fitted at Dillard’s, and I have really loved them for about 5 years now!! They hold up well too.” – Lee Ann
  • “No bra beats Wacoal, especially if you are busty.” – Amy
  • “Wacoal strapless bras are amazing.” – Tracy
  • “Wacoal. Hands down.” – Erin

Most Comfortable Bras Ever

Who could possibly ignore such an overwhelmingly positive response? :-) I bought a minimizer bra from Wacoal the very same day, and it’s been my favorite bra ever since. It’s seriously SO comfortable, and I never think bras are comfortable! No matter what you’re looking for, Wacoal will likely have a bra that will fit your needs exactly. Some of the many styles they offer include full-figure, minimizer, push-up, nursing, sport, strapless, t-shirt, wire-free, and more!

Most Comfortable Bras Ever

Finding The Right Fit

But unfortunately, choosing a bra style is only half the battle. The other (and tricker) step is to figure out what size of bra you need. I highly recommend getting fitted by a professional! Most department stores and lingerie stores will have someone who can measure you and give you your correct bra size, and these fittings are typically free. And even if you’ve been fitted for a bra in the past, there are several reasons why it might be a good idea to go get fitted again:

  • You’ve recently lost or gained weight.
  • You’re going through menopause.
  • You’re pregnant or recently had a baby.
  • It’s been a few years since your last fitting.

Most Comfortable Bras Ever

But if you’d rather measure yourself at home, you can do that too! All you need is a measuring tape and a few minutes of time. Get full details and video instructions on how to take proper measurements at Wacoal’s Bra Fit Calculator.

Have you tried Wacoal bras? What did you think? Do you agree or disagree that Wacoal makes the most comfortable bras ever? I’d love to hear your opinion! Leave a comment below and we can keep the bra conversation going. :-)

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  • I LOVE Wacoal bras!!! I sold thousands of Wacoals while working in a lingerie shop. Helping women understand which style works best with their body and the correct size was amazing. Wacoal truly has a bra for every shape and size.

  • Been wearing Wacoals since I first tried them in 2005. Amazing lift and separation for a 38DD figure. Have tried other bras in recent years (hoping others might be catching on to Wacoal’s designs and making them for less), but have yet to find anything comparable.

  • Over the last few years I have become very concerned about the foam in our bras. I have started taking out the foam pads and replacing them with organic cotton pads.
    Foam has s lot of toxic chemicals in it and we have our bras on for hours against our breasts.

  • Coobie I have found is the greatest, especially for small breasted or those with mastectomies. I accidentally found them in a medical supply and they come in all colors. So very comfortable. They also have the lace camisole style in many colors for those too low necked tops.

  • Wacoal doesn’t work for me, either. I am thin but very busty and the Nordstrom fitters have been obsessed with selling me minimizers. I HATE minimizers! I don’t want to be minimized; it makes me look like a big fat rectangle on little skinny legs. I want my girls up where they used to be and separated so they actually look like breasts, not excessive torso fat. The best bra so far is made by Pandora, a UK brand. I got it at a wonderful little shop named Zovo here in Seattle. Even there, a store completely dedicated to fitting bras and great selection in large cup sizes, it has taken three fitters to get to this one fabulous bra. It’s the only one that has never ridden up and stays flat to my chest no matter how I move. It’s wired but it’s the most comfortable wired bra I’ve ever had. I tried to find the same style online a couple of years later and haven’t succeeded so I’m going back to Zovo to see what they have by the same maker. If you have access to them, I really recommend them for people with a similar shape to mine.

  • I am not a fan of Wacoal. The brand is recommended for breast cancer reconstruction patients, so I was hopeful it would work for me after my mastectomy and reconstruction. No such luck! I’ve tried the brand with 2 different professional fitters the result was still the most uncomfortable bra I’ve ever worn by far. I find the scratchy stitching along the cups and straps to be downright painful.

  • After reading comments I can only assume that I got the Nordstrom fit woman on a bad day. I have tried to wear the underwire model that is 42D. I cannot wear it for even an hour. Fat bulges over and under the back. It is so horribly tight that I am miserable. Bought an extender and it is still dreadful fit. I’ve lost 20 lbs since I bought it. I say good wishes to those of you who are happy. I am not a Wacoal believer or supporter.

  • I have worn Wacoal for many years after a fitting at Nordstrom’s. They often put a 44 into a 42D because it is good fit. They stopped making the one I wore for years-why o’why do companies do that! I couldn’t find a style with Wacoal that I liked as much. Went to the Soma vanishing back and wore those for several years. Recently, they “improved” that style and went to a different material. As far as I can tell, no one commenting on them likes the improvement. Back to the drawing board. Just bought a very nice bra at Steinmart ( only one in my size) of a brand I had never heard of. If men had to wear bras, there would be better quality and pricing! Jillee, thanks for giving us a forum to share good things!

  • When I was in my 60’s, my oversized breasts were not only too big but beginning to sag. I went into the Bon Marche and asked the lady in women’s intimate apparel if she could recommend a bra for me that would not only make me look smaller (tired of leading with my tits everywhere I went) but would lift these puppies up where they were supposed to be. She put me in a Wacoal minimizer bra and I have been wearing them ever since. Comfortable, well made, and they took about 10 years off my looks. I am 77 now and still wear them.

  • My favorite bra is Soma vanishing back. Back closure. They also over front closure.
    Fits well, plus straps are not too thin. Most important you are able to adjust the straps from the front.
    I have tried several over the years. But this one is the best. At least for me and my needs.
    I am large busted.

  • Hi Jillie,
    What does going through menopause have to do with finding a comfortable bra? By the way, I love your blog!

  • Wacoal is available at Steinmart at a lower cost!! You may only get 1 each time you go, but the savings is substantial!

  • I have worn Wacoal in the past but the best one I have found is Elomi (by Goddess) They specialize in larger busts. They are from the UK I believe and due to my size and shape,short, chubby and large busted, theirs is the only bra I have ever had that actually has wires wide enough to get all me in with no over-spill.

  • I’m sure they make great bras. However, spending that much for a good bra unfortunately isn’t an expense I can justify. I think my last 2 were Warner’s brand and it was good sale. So maybe if money wasn’t an issue I’d pay that price for a good one.

  • I have narrow sloping shoulders so getting a bra with straps that stayed on was always a challenge. I would spend half the day fidgeting with a fallen strap. I even resorted to using silicon thingies that fit on the strap to keep it from slipping, but in hot weather, they were uncomfortable and not completely reliable. Convertible bras that allow you to move the the straps to different positions worked for the slipping problem but the metal hooks on the end of the straps that go into the loops were also uncomfortable. Wacoal makes bras (Basic Beauty T-Shirt Bra 853192) that have straps that are closer together in the back so there is no slippage ! They are fabulous!

  • Just had my professional bra fitting 2 weeks ago,I bought 3 wacoals.yes best bra,so comfortable ,stylish considering I’m busty.beautiful comfy bras.will buy no other now!

  • I, too, am a fan of Wacoal bras and have a few in my lingerie drawer, BUT my absolute favorite of favorites for bras is the Sensuous Lace bra from Soma. I don’t even know that I’m wearing a bra – it’s so comfy and very sexy. I hope you’ll give this one a try – I know you will love it, too.

  • I was ready to jump on the band wagon, but after looking at the bras, I didn’t see a single front hook style. Arthritic shoulders make this a necessity.

    • I always hook mine from the front and then spin it around to the back and put my arms through the straps. Taking if off you can take off the shoulder straps, spin it around to the front and unhook it.

      • I’m a custom bra maker and bra fitter. You should NEVER spin the bra around unless it’s an actual necessity. It’s very bad for the bra to do this. It puts a lot of strain on the fabric, even more than wearing it for a day. You are cutting it’s life by 2/3!

      • I guess I don’t understand how hooking the bra in the front and then spinning it around would put extra strain on it?? Maybe if it’s a dainty lace bra? I have a bad back and very large chest, and I’ve been hooking my bras that way for years! I typically buy bras around the $50 range, they all last for a good five years and I only have 2 that I use daily. I get tired of looking at the same 2 bras, but I think using them for 5 years is a great lifespan!!

      • So are you saying that we should be reaching behind to hook our bra??? This is news to me at the age of 48. Never occurred to me that anyone put their bra on any other way other than to spin it around!

  • A friend recommended Wacoal to me years ago. When I went to cthe department store to be fitted, I was disappointed when I was told they do not make a size 44. I keep checking, but no change.

  • I guess I am unique. I am short wasted, small build and small chest. Finding a size 30 B, actually a 31 but impossible to find that, has been my biggest problem. Most stores only carry 1 or 2 styles. So after 2 or three stores (most same brand, just pick the one that fits best. Will look into Wolcoal never heard of them before and have been to a lot of stores. Generally don’t go to Dillards due to high end and I am on a tight budget.

    • Many of their bras come in 42C! You must have just looked at a style that they had run out of your size. Keep looking, you’ll be glad you did!

  • nope. Wacoal does not have a bra for me. I’ve tried them all. I am short-waisted and have large bosoms. ALL bras with underwire cut into me. I have found the Annette reversible bra the only bra I can call comfortable, supportive and a good silhouette. Available at herroom.com.

  • I am small bosomed. Never heard of Wacoal and it probably wouldn’t be for me. I got two Warners lightly padded bras at Beall’s (a Florida store). One was 36A and the other 36B. They are very comfortable and look good under t’s (even though I don’t fill them out totally).

  • Wacoal was not the bra for me. I was professionally fitted and paid too much in my mind for a bra that dug into my armpits every time I sat down. Uncomfortable and not a flattering shape for me.

    • Not all ‘professional’ fitters are truly professional. They didn’t fit you properly if it dug in like that.

  • If you live in Utah, I highly recommend Lace by Louse. There are two stores, one in Riverton and one in Bountiful. They are terrific. There is nothing like getting a professional fitting. I went about 6 years ago and got my first Wacoal. I have never looked back. With a little care, they last a long time.

  • About 7 years ago shopping at Nordstrom’s for a bra fitting. Had a few picked out (1 was a Wacoal) and I saw some women making a fuss at the bra clearance rack over the Awareness Bra. I asked my sales person about that bra and I haven’t looked back. I went from a 34 B to a 32 DD. Oh my! the Awareness Bra has comfy straps, great lift and support. I have (had) white, black, taupe, beige, and black/red combo. Also try the Wacoal B Smooth Seamless Bralette. Pull on over the head or step in. Great bra for exercising or when you don’t want any underwire, back clips. Wonderful Bras.

  • I have been wearing the Wacoal racer back cotton bra for years. Straps stay up and sooo comfortable all day. Great for sports like golf and walking.

  • I found the Wacoal bra about 10 years ago and have never looked back! I am thin but big busted (thanks, Mom:-) and their company is one of the few that have the 32DDD. LOVE them and wear nothing else

  • Looks like they have a very limited selection. I’m a B cup and my size is actually a 33–which makes it impossible to find anything that fits right. They typically make things in a 32 (which is too tight) or a 34 which will ride up if I lift my arms. Just no luck for me. I can’t believe a company leaves out A+B cups though and limits their inventory of those smaller sizes so much. Weird.

    • They do have A & B cups, they just might have been out of that size in the particular style you were looking at. :-)

    • They simply don’t make bras in odd inch sizes. You should wear the smaller size with an extender. You could also have a seamstress shorten the back of a larger slightly. Just unpick the hooks and eyes, trim the fabric a bit on both sides and resew the hooks and eyes. It’s a very simple adjustment.

  • I figured out why we old ladies are so grouchy: we HATE wearing bras! But, we have no choice and that makes us even more grouchy!

  • I’m full busted and had never found a strapless bra that I didn’t fall out of until I was fitted for the wacoal. It’s by far the best strapless I’ve ever had. At 55 y/o it gives me a beautiful shape as well. It stays in place though it took me awhile to get used to “not” having to pull it up. It can also be worn with straps,, overall my best bra!

  • Thanks so much for the recommendation. I hate bras and never find them comfortable so I’ll definitely get myself to Dillard’s and try them,

  • I actually thought you would say Olga No Side Effects Bras or their sister company Warner Bras. I know of Wacoal and I’ll try them out!

  • When I saw the title of today’s post I thought for certain you would say Third Love bras! SO comfortable. They have half sizes which help tremendously in finding a perfect fit. And you can try one for only $2.50 (cost of shipping) for a month. Check out their website.

  • The older I get the harder it seems to find a bra that fits well. I have never heard of this brand Wacoal?

  • Wacoal Halo Lace full coverage bra is the only bra for me and has been for many years. The cups are a supportive stretchy lace that accommodates uneven breast size and the underwire never digs in! Glad you like them.

  • I have worn Wacoal’s for about 10 years. I really love them. I am a plus size lady and they work well for me. I wash them in Forever New Fabric Care Wash. You can buy it at Macy’s. They laundry really nice. My bra’s look just like they did the day i bought them. I also air dry them . I wouldn’t wear anything else. They also have nice styles and colors .

  • They do. I have been fitted by a Wacoal bra fitter twice in my life and they have always been spot on. I have not done it in a very long time, and unfortunately the last two bras that I bought from them were not as good as the ones before. I will be on the lookout for their next professional fitting. They are always the best.

  • I hear you Jillee! I hate bras and it is way better to find one that you can’t feel (well as close to can’t feel as possible)!! I also need SUPPORT – genetics, weight loss and kid equals needing SUPPORT!!!! OK, I hadn’t heard of Wacoal before, but I have just found out they are sold in Australia in David Jones. Personally, I found my “best” bra about 6-7 years ago from Intimo (party plan in Oz) – expensive, but comfy, personal fitting, excellent customer service. I will definitely checkout Wacoal though as it looks as thought the price point might be slightly better. Thanks for sharing Jillee!

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