D.I.Y. Faux Carriage Garage Door

File this D.I.Y. idea under “B” for BRILLIANT!!!  Some people are just SO clever!garages

I ran across this on a message board at TwoPeasInABucket.com.

For $30 (for hardware, frog tape and Rustoleum black gloss paint)…she transformed her perfectly good, but plain, garage door into an “old carriage door” but still enjoys the convenience of the roll up door!  Genius.

I love how the paint looks like darkened, light reflecting windows….even close up!

I give this D.I.Y. project 4 stars out of 4!!!






BRAVO Miss D.I.Y.’er!  

I am awarding you “Best In Show”! :-)

And that’s today’s….

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  1. Megan Lynn says

    I must say that is VERY brilliant! My parents are in the process of updating their home and I think this would look great! Not sure if they’ll like it, but it’s definitely worth showing!

    Stephanie, I know I’m posting my comment late in the game, but I think they would fit just fine while the door rises. Most (I say most because I know next to nothing about garages) garage doors have a curved track at the top of the doorway, so I’m assuming the door curves up before they hit anything.

  2. Miss Laura says

    Great job my dear.
    I bought my hardware on sale at
    HD for about $9- in July 2013.
    I’m thinking of making my
    windows with plexiglass & grid cut
    to fit around and separate panes.

    My husband is picky, or
    I’d go with your way. Much easier.

    1/3 of curb appeal is the garage door.

  3. Miss Laura says

    Hi again.
    Well, we decided to go the Rustoleum way this coming weekend.
    Plastic grids will most likely turn yellow (common complaint) so
    your way won out. Can’t wait.

    The garage door needs plastic sheeting
    below the bottom of the window area to the ground
    which will protect the door and hardware from drips.
    A plastic sheet on the driveway as well. Ship happens.

  4. Miss Laura says

    THANK YOU so much for this great DIY project. In about an hour this early evening I painted on the faux carriage door WINDOWS and OMG, they look fantastic. The bright white background paint and carriage door hardware was already done.

    We let the paint dry 2 hours and removed the tape so the paint would be somewhat flexible still and not crack. It worked beautifully. There is just one tiny paint flaw, which a child’s art brush will fix.

    We are elated with our garage door. I’ve always loved carriage doors and now our garage door is one. HOORAY!

    Ties in beautifully with our new grid windows and exterior white shutters. Eventually, the tract beige will become banana cream pie yellow, and with my Adirondack chairs will be very welcoming.

    Thanks again.