My "Secret" for Wiping Out Ring Around The Collar

 If you were old enough in the 70’s (or even ALIVE then)…you will no doubt remember the “Ring-Around-The-Collar” commercial.

You know…the one where the husband’s white shirts are mocking the mortified housewife with the sing-song chant, “Ring-around-the-collar, RING-AROUND-THE-COLLAR!” Poor woman! Could she LOOK any more horrified???

The commercial was for Wisk Detergent, and claimed it not only got OUT ring around the collar, but prevented it from coming back. Well, I don’t know if that’s true or not, because I refuse to buy that stuff anymore.

$16.00 for a 50 ounce bottle of the stuff?   I don’t think so.

How about $1.00 for a bar of this stuff worth it’s weight in “Gold”?  That I can do.

I first learned about the cleaning power of Gold Dial soap several years ago when my little ones were….little. A friend of a friend said it was great for rubbing on baby formula stains. Just dampen the spot with water; lightly rub the soap on the spot, and then rub fabric together to dissolve stain. Wash as you normally would! Worked like a charm…even on yellowed, set-in stains.

She also said it worked onring around the collar. At the time my husband wasn’t working in the “white collar” world…so I didn’t really get too excited about this news. But the last several years he has had to transition into wearing a white shirt and tie everyday and we’ve been using the Dial Gold Bar soap to deal with the inevitable ring around the collar ever since. To his credit, he is usually the one who launders his own dress shirts (way to go hon!), and since I’m past the baby formula spit-up stage (something to be THANKFUL for this Thanksgiving Day!), I don’t use this laundry trick much anymore. But last week I was doing laundry and noticed the dreaded R.A.T.C. on my son’s church shirts. Along with the equally dreaded ring around the CUFFS! So I pulled out the bar of Gold and gave them the treatment!

See amateur pictorial below:

launder as usual……..and….

Once again, as in past posts requiring photographic support, my camera phone photos leave a lot to be desired…but I think it’s pretty obvious that this trick definitely does the trick!

Try it! I guarantee you will be amazed! If not, I will personally refund your $1.00 for the bar of soap! Not really. But seriously, I bet you have $1.00 in change hanging around in the bottom of your purse right now.

Best $1.00 investment you’ll ever make. ;-)
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  1. says

    This is a great process. But Think about this… Why do this ever time when you could just simply prevent the dirty collars in the beginning.

    Get out It is s ring around the collar prevention strip. Apply it in the morning and just throw it away at the end of the day.

    P.S> you can also use club soda or vodka to remove those stains :-)

  2. Carl says

    Yeeeaaaahhhh….I’m gonna have to call bull on this one as well. Just tried it tonite and it didn’t work.

  3. KSmith says

    Hi – I agree with Bunny. The “dirty” shirt tag says slim fit and the “clean” shirt says regular fit. Clearly, these are two different shirts. Shame on you… people really do want to save money and use alternative cleaning supplies. You really shouldn’t mislead people and put your blogs on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc…

    ONE GOOD THING – I’ll be sure and let my fellow bloggers and readers aware of your website.

  4. brandi says

    I do this same thing with fels naptha soap. When making homemade laundry detergent I just keep about an inch piece out and use it just like this. It works on every stain that I’ve tried it on! I have a 3 year old and 6 month old so it has been tested on many stains :)

  5. Bryan says

    Well, it worked for me. One of my shirts only had minor collar stains, the other wasn’t quite as bad as the one above but was quite noticeable (I’d had to be outside a few weeks ago on a particularly hot/humid day while in a suit and tie). Rubbed the Dial soap on the collars and cuffs and both white shirts came out perfect. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Joan says

    I don’t know why I didn’t just search pintrest for “Ring around the collar” sooner? I guess I thought no one else would remember to commercial jingle! Since I hit my 40s, I have been visited by the dreaded ‘night sweats’ and several of my favorite pajamas have started to discolor around the neck. No matter how much I wash them, and no matter what product I spray on them or soak them in, the rings will not go away! I am filled with hope reading this blog post and am headed to the store to buy gold dial!

  7. Renea says

    Do you think this would work on underarm stains? I have tops that are looking really bad and would love to find a way to get them cleaned up. Love your website and thanks for taking the time to blog about all this stuff and for trying it out before you post about everything

  8. Tona says

    Hi there, what a cute site this is… I was just looking for a solution to ring around the collar, I saw one that said use palmolive dish soap, one said use cream of tartar… And then I saw several with a picture of dial soap, gold bar… So I clicked on yours :) I am a “show me the money” kind of girl… I noticed that in your picture of the dreaded ring around the collar and cuffs, it’s a “slim fit” size and then in the “ta dah, stains all gone” picture the shirt is a “regular fit” size…. So, does it work or doesn’t it?? Since you didn’t actually do a before and after of the same shirt.. I just want it to work soooo bad, because I am like that horrified house wife from the 70’s commercials, (yes I remember those) however am not a stay at home housewife, I work and go to school and take care of the family… So I just don’t have time to mess around.. Besides, I hate ironing, so I don’t want to keep trying things that don’t work and then needing to iron them… UGH… :) Let me know. Thanks. Tona

    • Jillee says

      Tona…I’m glad you asked. I PROMISE, IT WORKS! :-) I wish the hubster were here to answer this because he actually does this to his work shirt collars EVERY TIME he washes them. (Now don’t think less of me….he PREFERS to wash his own shirts….he’s very particular about his it is done! lol). I’ve actually tried to talk him into “just” using the homemade Shout…just because all you do is spray it on…but he SWEARS by the gold bar of Dial!
      Hopefully this helps and answers your question.
      As far as the pictures go…I need to take new ones. Those are so old and when I was using my camera phone. :-) Putting it on the list! Thanks for leaving a comment!

      • Bunny says

        I am a 300 lb fat man. I sweat all day and my white shirts have never looked as disgusting as that before picture. You are showing before/after pictures of two different shirts. You even used photoshop to black-out the labels on the before shirt. When someone confronted you about it, you didn’t even respond to the critism; you just said you had a poor quality phone (which has nothing to do with showing two different shirts). Maybe it works, maybe not. However, it is obvious you are exaggerating the results so you have material for your website. Time to stop blogging and go back to the work force.

  9. Aims says

    Do you think this would work just as well if applied as in the 'liquid form' from a spray bottle, or do you think it is also due to rubbing the soap directly into the fabric?

  10. roboref says

    I'm so thankful I found your site. I'm using so many of your hints this week that my husband thinks I've gone crazy.
    I'm so excited about this one.
    One, this commercial plays in my head almost every time I do laundry. I almost remember every word.
    Two, Whisk doesn't work on ring around the collar. I'm so anxious to try Dial gold on the shirt my husband wore to our son's wedding and we almost threw it out because of the yellowing.
    Can't wait to do laundry! Who said that?

    • William says

      ATTENTION READERS-look at the shirts, the pic of the dirty shirt says “Slim Fit” and the clean one says “Regular Fit”. THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT SHIRTS. It appears the author even tried to manipulate the photos to darken the tags so you will not catch on to her deceit. This woman thinks you are too stupid to notice and don’t give a shit if about wasting your time because you don’t matter.
      p.s. I have no ulterior motive here and I just found this site looking for a way to clean some shirts. I can’t stand liars so I wrote this and hope everyone sees it because you people do matter.

    • Timothy Shands says

      Gonna try the Dial Gold as soon as possible, Whisk has never worked for me and I have tried several other solutions to no avail. Thanks!