Cleaning Those Nasty Stove Burners!

I used this method yesterday to clean my burner pans (which thankfully weren’t as nasty as the FIRST time because this time I actually knew how to clean them once they STARTED getting nasty!)

Once again I was AMAZED at how WELL IT WORKS and at how EASY IT IS!

For those of you who haven’t tried it….you simply MUST. Period. One of the best tips I’ve ever found on Pinterest…and that’s saying a LOT!

This time along with the burner pans I put the actually BURNERS in too. (Yes, my stove is an electric dinosaur.) No surprise….they came out GREAT!

I have 3 words for you today:   BEFORE and AFTER

These were my stove burner pans on Saturday. I know…..NASTY! What can I say? I cook…a LOT! Can you can tell which burner I use the most???

This shows each burner pan sealed in a ziploc bag with just a splash of ammonia poured into each.

The same burner pans…less than 24 hours later!

The pictures speak for themselves….


I read this blog post over at The V Spot on Friday….decided to try this cleaning “trick” on Saturday, and you can see the results from Sunday!  Less than 24 hours later with NO SCRUBBING INVOLVED, the cleanest my stove top and burner pans have EVER been! The ONLY thing I did in addition to what Vivienne at The V Spot did was used a little paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to rub off some last little bits of gunk that needed the tiniest bit of elbow grease to get off. As a matter of fact, I think the baking soda/peroxide paste actually “polished” them a little and restored some of their original shine.

I was HIGHLY SKEPTICAL of this….but figured I’d tried everything else under the sun to get these things clean with no success…might as well give this one a whirl. SO glad I did!  Now it’s YOUR TURN….I dare you to prove me wrong! :-)

Miracle Cleaner 25

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  1. melissamevans says

    …I've been staring at my stove lately and thinking that it's time to scrub these suckers! I'm seriously going home tonight and trying this. :) EXCELLENT/USEFUL post :)

    • Amy says

      I was just wondering the same thing.. have you tried this and did you use this method on the little ringy thingys.. lol let me know!! doing this tomorrow (after dinner is done of course) :)

  2. gamer39 says

    I have used this trick before except with the racks out of the oven placed in a garbage bag outside overnight. I had forgotten all about it! I will try for the stove pans, I have scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed on those. It is a horrible job.

  3. Anonymous says

    I remember my mom using ammonia to clean her oven. She put a bowl of ammonia on the lowest oven rack with strips of cloth from the bowl to the bottom of the oven. She would leave overnight and literally wipe the oven clean the next morning.

  4. Jill Nystul says

    M.Kurdziel…You are amazing yourself! :-) Thanks so much for the kind words. I LOVE that you love the stuff I post. Makes it all worthwhile. Hope you keep coming back!

    Anony….I just threw those nasty pans in the baggies…gunk and crud and all. I didn't do anything to them. Then I literally just poured a "splash" of ammonia into each bag and zipped 'em shut! I would estimate each splash was about 3 tablespoons?? Didn't touch them til the next day. That is when I used a little bit of the baking soda peroxide paste to get off only the smallest bits of gunk left. The rest literally slid off when I rinsed and washed them in the sink. Hope this helps!

    • says

      This is a life saver. My stove has larger drip pans than I can buy in the store so I have endlessly tried to clean them. Thanks to you now they are clean and do not have to worry about them anymore.

  5. Anonymous says

    Sorry, that should have said— Did you use the ammonia before or after the HYDROGEN PEROXIDE step? Also are the burners wet or dry when you add the splash of ammonia?

  6. Anonymous says

    Did you use the ammonia before or after the ammonia step? And are the burners wet or dry when you add the splash of ammonia?

  7. M.Kurdziel says

    You have the most amazing blog! I adore you!! Pure genius :) I look forward to reading your blog every day!

  8. Jill Nystul says

    Karen…I did the same thing! They cost like $30.00! What a waste. ugh. This is not only MUCH cheaper…but virtually NO work! Amazing is right! :-) Thanks for leaving a comment!

  9. Karen says

    I had ordered new stove burners before I tried this the first time I saw it posted on Pinterest and was amazed how the gunk just rinsed off. the most amazing post on Pinterst so far…


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