By Special Request: My Mom’s Navy Bean Soup!

navy bean soup


A delicious accompaniment to English Muffin Bread!

Navy Bean Soup

Put (1) 16 ounce package of dried navy beans in a pan and cover with water. Bring to boil. Let boil for 5 minutes. Turn off heat, cover with a lid and let sit overnight. (According to my Mom, this takes the “gas factor” out of the recipe!)


navy bean soup


In the morning:

Rinse and drain beans
Put in crock pot and fill 3/4’s of the way up with water
Add one small onion (or 1/2 of a large onion), finely chopped
Add 1 ham hock
Salt and Pepper to taste
Let cook on low all day.

(My Mom said you can also simmer on the stove, just need to pay more attention to it).

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe-it looks DELICIOUS! However, I've never used dry beans before…do I just "rinse" them off the way I would an apple before eating it or do I have to "soak" them for a few hours? I don't want to mess this up!!

    Thanks so much!

  2. Anonymous says

    Oh-SILLY ME!! My computer didn't load the top half of the page so I didn't see the first sentence you wrote about overnight soaking!!

    Please disregard my question ;-)


    • Beth says


      To prevent broken teeth, before you rinse and soak your beans (any kind of dry bean) you should sort them. No matter which producer, dry beans sometimes contain small rocks. To sort beans, put a handful on a plate and move them around to see that all the beans are just beans, no rocks, dirt clumps or any other debris from the fields. Once you have looked them over, place in your colander, and grab the next hand full of beans and look them over, continue until all the beans have been sorted, rinse then soak.

      I find a pound of baby carrots really adds to the flavor of bean soup.

  3. Angela says

    I wish there were a nitrate free version…I LOVE ham and bean soup and haven't been able to eat it due to migraine issues. :( If anyone has any suggestions, please help!!

    • Beth says

      Skip the ham, it isn’t necessary. Bean soup with an onion, carrots and celery is fine, actually delicious. I don’t know about turkey sausage or bacon, if they don’t have the nitrites you could sure use them.

  4. Tanya Banana says

    This sounds sooo good. my DH has been on a bean kick so this will be fun, as another "anti Gas" tip put a carrot in the mix. I cant wait to try it. thanks for sharing!

  5. Jackie Self says

    @ Angela, Whole Foods sells a brand of meats called Wellshire. I buy these all the time. Our Easter ham was nitrite free. Also make Polish sausage and other types. I bought a semi-boneless ham and plan on making this!!

  6. Penny says

    Hi, I have been searching for hours for a “simple” navy soup been recipe. Many I found sounds really delicious but has soooo many seasonings which will alter the taste I am looking for. This recipe sounds and looks really good. I will try it and let you know what we think. Thanks

  7. Jennifer C. says

    I’m wondering if the ham hocks have to be pre-cooked or placed raw into the pot with the beans?

  8. Jeni says

    Hi I was curious what size crock pot you are using? Mine is huge and I’m curious if filling 3/4 up with water with a large pot would be too much water.

    • Kathy says

      Wondering the same thing here. Seems like a lot of water in it. Making it for dinner tonight and not sure what to do. Guess I’ll probably drain it. And chop up the ham hock then? Or maybe it will just fall apart? Making the english muffin bread too!! Yummy.

    • Angelina Messner says

      I think my crockpot might be too large, too. It’s been almost 9 hours and I have beans and water. Doesn’t look like the nice soup in the picture. Should have gone with my instincts and used less water. Bummer. So, any clarification you can provide, Jillee, would be great.
      – Angelina

  9. Stephanie W says

    Looks like a winner. I think I’ll check the bag to get an idea of how much water to use. My Nonna’s recipes were like this too but in Italian! Pinch of this, enough to fill the palm, etc. I miss her! :)

  10. says

    I usually put 3 small ham hocks in the bean soup. I am SO happy all of you like this wonderful English Muffin bread, it goes with the bean soup beautifully. Thanks Jill (ee) for sharing your Mama’s bread. I love to give it away….I have given away hundreds of them. Never found anyone who didn’t like it. SO proud of my Jillee!!!