How To Clean That Greasy Stove Hood Filter


Today’s post is going to AMAZE you….and at the same time probably GROSS YOU OUT a little. You’ve been forewarned.

I didn’t start out my day with the intention of grappling with this particularly onerous task…but as is often the case with me, one thing led to another and there I was, off on one of my cleaning tangents. Of course the RESULTS made it all worthwhile…but not before I asked myself (several times)….how did I get myself into this???

Cleaning The Greasy Stove Vent Filter

Well, it all started with a burnt out light bulb.  I was making a grilled cheese sandwich for my youngest on the stove when POOF!…the light above the stove went out. Since I have this thing about needing to SEE what it is I’m cooking…I had to put the cheese sandwich on hold while I went in search of a new bulb.

As I was changing the bulb I unfortunately noticed the condition of the UNDERSIDE of the hood above my stove. OY!!!  Kinda wish I hadn’t done that. You see normally all I see is THIS SIDE of the stove hood, which I manage to keep pretty clean. Looks nice doesn’t it? Well don’t let that fool you…underneath lurks a beast!

cleaning the greasy stove vent filter

A beast in the form of the OVEN VENT FILTER! I must have looked at that thing a hundred times and not even thought twice about how dirty it must be….until today that is.  This blogging stuff is getting to me!  And of course once something gets in my head…as the hubster will attest…you might as well forget it. It’s all over. There’s no use in even TRYING to get it out.  It’s there to stay until *I* decide it goes.

So slight change of plans for the afternoon. I finished the grilled cheese sandwich and went to consult with my friend Google. It didn’t take long for me to find an incredibly helpful and informative website called The Manly Housekeeper where the (manly) Mark did a post about this very subject just 12 short days ago! How weird is that?

I immediately decided the idea had merit…so I was off and running with it. Little did I know what I was getting myself in to.

Mark’s “How-To” on cleaning greasy oven vent filters is simple.  Haul out your biggest pot, fill it with water and bring it to a boil.  Then add 1/2 cup of BAKING SODA….VERY SLOWLY! Literally, you have to add it about a tablespoon at a time because it IMMEDIATELY fizzes up quite alarmingly! (The fizz goes right away.) Then take your caked-with-grease filter and submerge it in the pot. (Well, 1/2 of it anyway.)


cleaning the greasy stove vent filter

For the first few minutes I watched in fascination as the boiling water went to work on the grease. You could see it just melting off. But my fascination soon turned to disgust (bordering on horror!) as I continue to watch my filter “cook” in the water. I think the pictures tell the story…


cleaning the greasy stove vent filter

Don’t worry, this came clean easily with some Dawn dishwashing liquid.

Oh. My. Goodness. I couldn’t believe how much grease just kept bubbling up to the surface! I finally decided that I should empty this pot o’ sludge…and give the vent another treatment with a clean pot of water and more baking soda. So I took out the vent, and dumped the grease slick out in the backyard (I wasn’t ABOUT to dump it down my sink!). When I got back in I decided to try rinsing the vent with really hot water out of the tap before boiling it again, but it turned out that’s all it took to get the rest of the grease out. I kept rinsing until the water ran clear….and that was that.


Before and After pics:

Cleaning Vent Filter

After letting the vent dry for the rest of the day propped up on top of the stove…I returned it to it’s “home” tonight and had to admit it was a pretty great feeling knowing it was now a GREASE-FREE zone.  All-in-all it really was a simple fix…one that could have been a lot worse had it involved hand-to-hand combat with the grease. Come to think of it…the only time my hands touched grease was taking the filter out in the first place. Thanks Manly Mark! I owe you one! :-)



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  1. Anonymous says

    I, too, am a new follower. I can't believe I'm saying this but I can't wait to try this. I did the dryer maintenance you posted & am amazed that my dryer is running so much more efficiently now. I've told all my friends, lol.

  2. Karen says

    I just found your blog last week! It's awesome thanks so much! :-) I always just throw my filter through my dishwasher about once a month. (Do this to the filter from the bathroom as well.) It works great!!

  3. Stoblogger says

    This is excellent information for a grimy filter. Once it's clean I think running it in the dishwasher at least once a month would keep it clean. What do you think?

    • says

      . I put mine in the dish washer and it comes up really well. I also spray sticky range hoods with “preen “of all things. Leave a few minutes and the grease just wipes off so easily. Great on BBQ as well.

      • says

        I do the exact same thing! I just stick mine into a dishwasher and run it on hotter setting and they come out pristine and shiny every time – and I don’t even need to wash the pot afterwards!

      • Tammy DeMaria Karnik says

        Thank you! I was wondering how to get the “rest” of the underside clean! I’ve tried Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, which do work, but completely fall apart before I finish the job. Great Tip #2!

  4. Jill Nystul says

    Jody…thank you for letting me know. My site is hosted by, which is owned by Google so I doubt there is a problem…but I will look into it and see if there is some weird code problem going on. thanks for the heads up!

  5. Gumbo Lily says

    Great tip!
    Just wanted you to know that lately when I come to your blog, I get a warning from Trend (virus/spyware protection) that says you are a dangerous site. You don't look dangerous to me — except you might be dangerous on grease and grime!


  6. MotherHen says

    Thank you!! I have tried to clean the filter several times & just never got it really clean, I think that has changed now, lol :-)

  7. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for another great tip. I have been enjoying your site for a few weeks now, ever since my daughter sent me a link. I had to thank you today because I just added "clean the hood filter" to my to-do list yesterday. I'm not dreading as much now!

    You're doing a great job! Thank you!!!


  8. Heather says

    oh yuck, and thanks so much ! Mine is really nasty and I need to clean it. Thanks for this, you've been pinned to my pinterest! :)

  9. Sandi K. says

    I have 2 of these in my vent hood (actually a microwave), so I get double the pleasure! Thank you so much for this tip! I have soaked them in Dawn power scrubber, I have sprayed heavy duty de-greaser on them, I have thrown them away and ordered new ones (only to have them back in the same condition in no time). NEVER thought of boiling them!?! Can't wait to see if I can finally get those things clean! Thanks so much!!