How to Make Your Scratched Dishes Look Like New Again!

Scratched dishes

After nearly a quarter century of use…this set of Mikasa French Countryside dishes that I got for my wedding have served me well! Sure they have a fair amount of grey scratches from metal utensil use…but for the most part they have worn like IRON! I figured that putting up with the scratch marks was just the price I paid for their years of loyal service.

Scratched dishes

Little did I know there is a SIMPLE FIX for this problem and it has been sitting on the shelves of my grocery store since 1882!!! Well, not MY grocery store, since it’s only about 15 years old…but SOME grocery/general store…SOMEWHERE!

Apparently over 130 years ago, back in Indianapolis, some chemist guy was making some rhubarb soup (or something like that) and noticed how shiny his pans were when he was done. Being an entrepreneurial spirit…he took the active ingredient in rhubarb and formulated a cleaner that he then sold to local taverns.

Thus the name…Bar Keeper’s Friend.

Pretty amazing when you think about it. Something created that long ago is STILL the BEST option for a accomplishing a number of household tasks!

Including, removing scratches (that I thought were permanent) off dishes with relative ease!

Scratched dishes

OK, I’ve chatted quite a bit. Can you tell I’m trying to use up some space in this post with WORDS and BIG PICTURES because this is such a simple fix it doesn’t take long OR take up much room in today’s post?

But that doesn’t change the “WOW Factor” of this product to me. 

So if your “well-loved” dishes are suffering from a similar condition…give Barkeeper’s Friend a try. It’s sold in most grocery stores along side the Ajax and Comet. You can also go to the Barkeeper’s Friend website to see even MORE uses. Gotta love multi-tasking cleaners! :-)

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  1. Anonymous says

    I have been uing Bar Keepers Friend for several years now. I use it to remove the marks from my porcelain sinks as well as to shine my stainless cookware. Works like a miracle. Love this stuff!

  2. Lilybean says

    I break a lot of dishes, so I get mine all second hand. I get all white but otherwise any old pattern that's handy in the thrift store that day. Sort of a shabby chic thing.

    But they all come with scratches like this, and like you, I thought they were permanent! Trying this soon.

  3. Greylady3 says

    Also works like a dream on smooth top stoves with no scratching. Cheaper than the stuff they sell for cleaning the stove top and works better.

  4. Anonymous says

    I love BKF for cleaning up marks on my walls…better than the magic eraser and costs a lot less!

  5. says

    Love this! I have the same French Countryside china. It's been awesome, but many are scratched, like yours. I thought I needed new dishes. Who would have known? Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says

    I have that exact same set of dishes, AND I have BKF under my kitchen sink… BUT I had no idea about this handy trick! Thank you so much! I'm going to go try it right this minute!!!

  7. Betsy says

    I did this to some of my dishes and it worked beautifully, but found the grey marks came back after a few washings :( Hopefully your dishes have better results. But it's good to know I can spruce up my dishes before my mother-in-law comes for a visit!!

  8. Emma says

    Wow – don't think we get this stuff in Australia. I'm wondering if there would be an equivalent?