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Make Your Own Homemade Deodorizing Disks


I recently had someone ask me via the One Good Thing By Jillee Facebook page how they could get rid of the smell eminating from their trash compactor.

It wasn’t long after that I came across an idea for deodorizing DIAPER PAIL DISKS at  Diapers, Dirt, Donuts, Doodling and Digital that I thought was so smart!

I figured if these dandy disks could help with the smell in a container full of dirty diapers…it could certainly help with the trash compactor(or trashcan.)

These would also work well behind a toilet, under a sink, or anywhere that could use a little freshening.

And…they are SO SIMPLE to make! You probably already have everything you need on hand right now.

The ONLY difficult thing about this idea (at least for me!) was waiting for the disks to dry and harden. (Anything involving WAITING has the potential to make me cranky. I am SO impatient sometimes! I take after my dear Dad, and unfortunately, I think at least one of my kids has taken after ME!)

deodorizing disks

DIY Deodorizing Disks

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1 – 2 cups distilled water (or you can boil your water for 10 minutes.)
  • Lavender essential oil (or whatever oil you choose. Citrus would be good too!)
  • Silicone mold or muffin pan

I decided to use these cute flower-shaped silicone molds. I thought they were appropriate. Flowers vs. Stink. :-)


deodorizing disks

Add a 3 to 4 drops of essential oil to approximately 1/2 cup water. Pour the water/oil mixture into the baking soda and mix well. Continue to add water until you have a THICK paste.

Divide the mixture into your molds or muffin tin cups.

deodorizing disks

Let dry 24 to 48 hours until completely hardened. Mine took about 24 hours…but live in an uber dry state! So depending on where you live…it could take a little longer.

I love the way they turned out. Cute design for a practical purpose!  And they smell SO good!

deodorizing disks

According to Jennifer at Diapers, Dirt, etc…each disk should last about a month in a diaper pail. I’m guessing a month is also long enough to leave them in a smelly trashcan or compactor. Then when you are ready to replace it, take the OLD disk and crumble it into a load of laundry to help deodorize there as well.

Now go forth and make the world a better smelling place to dwell!

deodorizing disks

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  1. says

    Can’t wait to try these out! We have a nasty diaper trash can (for my nighttime bed wetter :( ) and the stench can be so bad.

    • Terri says

      Here is what we do – throw the diapers in the washing machine with Jillee’s homeade liquid soap , fill the tub and let it begin the cycle, then stop it again – go back to bed. In the morning complete the cycle.

  2. kathy says

    this sounds great but……… i cant afford essential oils or silicone forms. will it work in muffin tins? can dried orange or lemon peels ground up be used or would it change the consistency? i cant waste my supplies trying different things out so if you think these would work?

    • Landon says


      This might be hard to remove from a muffin tin without breaking them. One fairly inexpensive idea that came to mind when I read your comment is that Walmart sells silicone muffin cups that don’t cost very much. They are the same size & shape as the paper liners for muffin pans & can be used with or without a pan. If you got some of those you could easily mold these discs & reuse them time & time again to make more discs or muffins. The best part is that over time they pay for themselves in not having to buy any more paper liners. They are also very easy to clean. Just turn them inside out & wash with hot soapy water.

      Almost anywhere sells these muffin cups now. If you have a Hobby Lobby in your area you can print a weekly 40% off coupon from their website & make them even cheaper. :)

      • Krissy says

        You could line your muffin tin with wax paper, I would think. Keep the wax paper pieces and recycle them for each time you make these. Or check Dollar Tree for the silicone. I would also like to know about an essential oil alternative. I’m just guessing but you could probably leave out the essential oil. You would still get the benefit of the soda neutralizing the odors, just not the fragrance.

      • says

        Kathy, I actually (today) fund 2 silicone pans at walmart for $ .49 each! They have small sea shell, tropical tree, etc…for the molds, which, I don’t care what the design is. It will serve its purpose. :) Another idea is possibly a small melon baller and scooping the mixture onto a cookie sheet or something like wax or parchment paper and letting them dry out. I think the melon baller idea would work well as long as you are not too worried about how “pretty” they are. Another idea I have is perhaps you know someone that you could get empty baby food bowls from? Fill them maybe a 4th full? Hope these ideas help! :)

      • says

        Sorry…lol…another thought is that at the Dollar Tree by me, we have a couple silicone pans for a buck each! They also carry some essential oils too! I also wonder if the fragrance crystals that many now use in their wash could be substituted for the essential oil? You could dissolve the crystals in a small amount of water before adding the water to the baking soda. Since we are able to break these disks into our laundry, I do not see why this wouldn’t work???

      • Erica W says

        Great to know they have silicone stuff though because I am also on a super tight budget, but would like to get a few for crafts to do w/my kiddos!

        I personally wouldn’t use any EO from the dollar stores (or fragrance crystals)… they probably contain toxic additives & are no doubt not a pure form of an EO, so they wouldn’t be good for inhaling, laundry, etc.

      • Sage Gypsie says

        Most likely the oils found at Dollar Tree are fragrance oils, not essential oils. Some scents in essential oils are quite inexpensive . The citrus oils in particular are inexpensive, and I have found eucalyptus eo in my Wal Mart for under $3.00 .

      • Melissa says

        Or use a melon baller and place them on a cookie sheet like cookies and let them dry. Just an idea, I haven’t tried these.

    • michelle says

      If you have been making the no grate laundry detergent recipe, maybe you could use some of the laundry scent boost crystals instead of the essential oil. There would be no problems with using it in the laundry afterward. I would think the scent would be strong enough to last a month.

    • Mindy says

      You can get oils at so many places now. You would be surprised at the prices too. I got mine at MOM’S Organic market. I bought several different ones and the most expensive one was $10 for the bottle. Some were $5. They truly last a LONG time. I was really surprised!

    • Meghan says

      I used a foam egg carton. We had just finished using the eggs, so it was free. Since I was planning to pitch it when I was done, i just tore the edges slightly to remove the disks. That also prevented cracking and breaking. It worked great! They are not quite as pretty as the silicon flowers, but they are effective and cheap! :)

    • CTY says

      What about placing wax paper onto a cookie sheet and then filling cookie cutters? For fragrance try things growing around you. Pine needles, rose petals, fresh basil or rosemary, orange & lemon rinds. I am hoping to use them as a car deodorizer. You may not want to toss them in the washer though–unless maybe tied inside an old pair of panty hose. But they could freshen a garbage disposal.

      • heidi says

        Good suggestion. While I use EO’s frequently for many different things, I try to use what I can grow first if it is still possible to be effective for the specific usage of the time. I started my herb garden just a few years ago and with very little investment, and time it grows a little each year and has actually taken the place of some of the times I would have used EO. Just make sure you know what you are using and how it is safely used. You can not get much more pure than the plant itself!

    • ashley says

      I wonder if you rinse and reuse yogurt cups (or similar throw away item) as molds? then if for some reason you can’t get them out you can just cut the cup with scissors?

      I liked the idea of a muffin tin with parchment paper though or maybe lay a strip of ribbon/yarn/etc into the muffin tin ‘holes’ (for lack of a better word) leaving both ends hanging out so that you could pull the ends to help pull the dried disk out. I wonder if it would stick to the disk though? I do it with batteries, will have to give it a try with these :)

    • Bethann says

      I get essential oils at walmart for; 88 cents they have some ones that smell really good and others that are nasty just have to smell them all :] maybe you could try the dollar store with christma just pasingyou may be able to find some shaped ones on clearance???

      • Kristina says

        Bethann, where do you find the essential oils at Walmart ? I have been looking but unable to find them.

      • Andrea says

        Kristina, they are in the home candle section. Not to be confused with the room fragrance section that has the Febreze type products. At least that’s how it’s set up at mine :)

    • Amy says

      I don’t know your budget but I found my silicone mold on sale at joann fabrics. It was on clearance after Easter and I only paid a couple dollars for it…I have found other cheap post-holiday items there as we’ll and like someone else mentioned, it’s just a mold and I’m not at all concerned they look like Easter eggs. Haha. However, if you can find them at a dollar store that might be even less expensive. Good luck!

  3. June says

    Wow! How simple!! Thank you very much! I can’t use air freshners/deorderizers as they make my hubby sneeze and get all congested. LOVE this idea and I’m gonna make some right now! And I’m with ya on the patience, sigh.

  4. Patricia says

    Love love love this idea! Also live the idea of tossing them in laundry when you’re done with them! Repinned it so I can find it later! Love your blog!

  5. says

    thanks for sharing. definitely going to give this a try. my son’s frog tank stinks up his room even after we clean it. ick. hoping this will help. and i like the idea i can throw it in my laundry after the month is up. double duty – love it!

    • Christa says

      Kim, I use a small mason jar filled with baking soda and lavender EO next to my kids hermit crab tank. We have 4 of them and before I started using the powder the room always smelled like a pet store. So, yes, it will work to take away aquarium stink!

    • Georgann G says

      If you’re planning to up-cycle them (crumble into the laundry, etc), you wouldn’t want to have added dye.

  6. Ayshela says

    Patience is always the hardest part, and it seems SO many of us are bad at it! Must be why life gives us many opportunities to practice.

  7. Mama T says

    This is such a cute idea! I usually just mix a little EO with baking soda, and put it in a shaker can and sprinkle it in whenever it smells. I also use the same mixture as a carpet powder. I like the idea of crumbling the disks up and adding them to laundry!

      • Denise says

        EO is essential oil. You can google it and they sell it at a lot of places. I usually buy mine at (Mountain Rose Herbs) and it is great quality. Jillee uses doTerra which is also another great brand. Good luck!! :) :)

      • Krissy says

        Duh! I just wasn’t putting the EO abbreviation together in my head. Thank you! Do you just add the drops into the baking soda and shake it on the carpet?

      • Mama T says

        Yes Krissy, I usually just put a few drops into some baking soda, and shake it up then sprinkle on the carpet, let sit for 30 minutes or overnight, and then vacuum up.

    • MommaP says

      I LOVE the idea, tried it the second I read it, but mine just crumbled when dry. What did I do wrong?

      • ChrisAnne says

        If they crumbled, you must not have had them completely dry. Let them sit another 24 hours and the should firm up.

      • Twocrazydogsmom says

        Try adding a little more water to your paste and pack them in the mold firmly:)

    • Paula says

      i have trouble with my linen closet smelling. Could I use them in there or do you recommend something else.

    • Karen says

      I am trying this recipe for the first time. I plan to make them for my toilet tanks, just like the clorox discs. I hope they work and not dissolve quickly.