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Make Your Own Homemade Deodorizing Disks

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I recently had someone ask me via the One Good Thing By Jillee Facebook page how they could get rid of the smell eminating from their trash compactor.

It wasn’t long after that I came across an idea for deodorizing DIAPER PAIL DISKS at  Diapers, Dirt, Donuts, Doodling and Digital that I thought was so smart!

I figured if these dandy disks could help with the smell in a container full of dirty diapers…it could certainly help with the trash compactor(or trashcan.)

These would also work well behind a toilet, under a sink, or anywhere that could use a little freshening.

And…they are SO SIMPLE to make! You probably already have everything you need on hand right now.

The ONLY difficult thing about this idea (at least for me!) was waiting for the disks to dry and harden. (Anything involving WAITING has the potential to make me cranky. I am SO impatient sometimes! I take after my dear Dad, and unfortunately, I think at least one of my kids has taken after ME!)


deodorizing disks


DIY Deodorizing Disks

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1 – 2 cups distilled water (or you can boil your water for 10 minutes.)
  • Lavender essential oil (or whatever oil you choose. Citrus would be good too!)
  • Silicone mold or muffin pan

I decided to use these cute flower-shaped silicone molds. I thought they were appropriate. Flowers vs. Stink. :-)


deodorizing disks


Add a 3 to 4 drops of essential oil to approximately 1/2 cup water. Pour the water/oil mixture into the baking soda and mix well. Continue to add water until you have a THICK paste.

Divide the mixture into your molds or muffin tin cups.


deodorizing disks


Let dry 24 to 48 hours until completely hardened. Mine took about 24 hours…but live in an uber dry state! So depending on where you live…it could take a little longer.

I love the way they turned out. Cute design for a practical purpose!  And they smell SO good!


deodorizing disks


According to Jennifer at Diapers, Dirt, etc…each disk should last about a month in a diaper pail. I’m guessing a month is also long enough to leave them in a smelly trashcan or compactor. Then when you are ready to replace it, take the OLD disk and crumble it into a load of laundry to help deodorize there as well.

Now go forth and make the world a better smelling place to dwell!


deodorizing disks

This post is brought to you by Amazon:

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  1. Mama T says

    This is such a cute idea! I usually just mix a little EO with baking soda, and put it in a shaker can and sprinkle it in whenever it smells. I also use the same mixture as a carpet powder. I like the idea of crumbling the disks up and adding them to laundry!

  2. June says

    Wow! How simple!! Thank you very much! I can’t use air freshners/deorderizers as they make my hubby sneeze and get all congested. LOVE this idea and I’m gonna make some right now! And I’m with ya on the patience, sigh.

  3. kathy says

    this sounds great but……… i cant afford essential oils or silicone forms. will it work in muffin tins? can dried orange or lemon peels ground up be used or would it change the consistency? i cant waste my supplies trying different things out so if you think these would work?

    • Landon says


      This might be hard to remove from a muffin tin without breaking them. One fairly inexpensive idea that came to mind when I read your comment is that Walmart sells silicone muffin cups that don’t cost very much. They are the same size & shape as the paper liners for muffin pans & can be used with or without a pan. If you got some of those you could easily mold these discs & reuse them time & time again to make more discs or muffins. The best part is that over time they pay for themselves in not having to buy any more paper liners. They are also very easy to clean. Just turn them inside out & wash with hot soapy water.

      Almost anywhere sells these muffin cups now. If you have a Hobby Lobby in your area you can print a weekly 40% off coupon from their website & make them even cheaper. :)

      • Krissy says

        You could line your muffin tin with wax paper, I would think. Keep the wax paper pieces and recycle them for each time you make these. Or check Dollar Tree for the silicone. I would also like to know about an essential oil alternative. I’m just guessing but you could probably leave out the essential oil. You would still get the benefit of the soda neutralizing the odors, just not the fragrance.

      • says

        Kathy, I actually (today) fund 2 silicone pans at walmart for $ .49 each! They have small sea shell, tropical tree, etc…for the molds, which, I don’t care what the design is. It will serve its purpose. :) Another idea is possibly a small melon baller and scooping the mixture onto a cookie sheet or something like wax or parchment paper and letting them dry out. I think the melon baller idea would work well as long as you are not too worried about how “pretty” they are. Another idea I have is perhaps you know someone that you could get empty baby food bowls from? Fill them maybe a 4th full? Hope these ideas help! :)

        • says

          Sorry…lol…another thought is that at the Dollar Tree by me, we have a couple silicone pans for a buck each! They also carry some essential oils too! I also wonder if the fragrance crystals that many now use in their wash could be substituted for the essential oil? You could dissolve the crystals in a small amount of water before adding the water to the baking soda. Since we are able to break these disks into our laundry, I do not see why this wouldn’t work???

          • Erica W says

            Great to know they have silicone stuff though because I am also on a super tight budget, but would like to get a few for crafts to do w/my kiddos!

            I personally wouldn’t use any EO from the dollar stores (or fragrance crystals)… they probably contain toxic additives & are no doubt not a pure form of an EO, so they wouldn’t be good for inhaling, laundry, etc.

            • Sage Gypsie says

              Most likely the oils found at Dollar Tree are fragrance oils, not essential oils. Some scents in essential oils are quite inexpensive . The citrus oils in particular are inexpensive, and I have found eucalyptus eo in my Wal Mart for under $3.00 .

    • michelle says

      If you have been making the no grate laundry detergent recipe, maybe you could use some of the laundry scent boost crystals instead of the essential oil. There would be no problems with using it in the laundry afterward. I would think the scent would be strong enough to last a month.

    • Mindy says

      You can get oils at so many places now. You would be surprised at the prices too. I got mine at MOM’S Organic market. I bought several different ones and the most expensive one was $10 for the bottle. Some were $5. They truly last a LONG time. I was really surprised!

    • Meghan says

      I used a foam egg carton. We had just finished using the eggs, so it was free. Since I was planning to pitch it when I was done, i just tore the edges slightly to remove the disks. That also prevented cracking and breaking. It worked great! They are not quite as pretty as the silicon flowers, but they are effective and cheap! :)

    • CTY says

      What about placing wax paper onto a cookie sheet and then filling cookie cutters? For fragrance try things growing around you. Pine needles, rose petals, fresh basil or rosemary, orange & lemon rinds. I am hoping to use them as a car deodorizer. You may not want to toss them in the washer though–unless maybe tied inside an old pair of panty hose. But they could freshen a garbage disposal.

      • heidi says

        Good suggestion. While I use EO’s frequently for many different things, I try to use what I can grow first if it is still possible to be effective for the specific usage of the time. I started my herb garden just a few years ago and with very little investment, and time it grows a little each year and has actually taken the place of some of the times I would have used EO. Just make sure you know what you are using and how it is safely used. You can not get much more pure than the plant itself!

    • ashley says

      I wonder if you rinse and reuse yogurt cups (or similar throw away item) as molds? then if for some reason you can’t get them out you can just cut the cup with scissors?

      I liked the idea of a muffin tin with parchment paper though or maybe lay a strip of ribbon/yarn/etc into the muffin tin ‘holes’ (for lack of a better word) leaving both ends hanging out so that you could pull the ends to help pull the dried disk out. I wonder if it would stick to the disk though? I do it with batteries, will have to give it a try with these :)

    • Bethann says

      I get essential oils at walmart for; 88 cents they have some ones that smell really good and others that are nasty just have to smell them all :] maybe you could try the dollar store with christma just pasingyou may be able to find some shaped ones on clearance???

    • Amy says

      I don’t know your budget but I found my silicone mold on sale at joann fabrics. It was on clearance after Easter and I only paid a couple dollars for it…I have found other cheap post-holiday items there as we’ll and like someone else mentioned, it’s just a mold and I’m not at all concerned they look like Easter eggs. Haha. However, if you can find them at a dollar store that might be even less expensive. Good luck!

    • Terri says

      Here is what we do – throw the diapers in the washing machine with Jillee’s homeade liquid soap , fill the tub and let it begin the cycle, then stop it again – go back to bed. In the morning complete the cycle.

  4. Jennifer says

    I once made a version of these with eucalyptus for use in the shower to help with congestion. They need to be stored in a airtight container when not in use as they will lose their scent over time. Which makes me wonder if the lavender scent will last a month in the bottom of a trash can. Gonna try it anyway! Thanks!

  5. Christie says

    I am definitely doing this one. I need one for my trash can. I usually just pour baking soda in the bottom. What a mess. On a funny note, did you know that the ad banner at the top is for bleach… hahaha. Ironic.

  6. Mary Kay says

    Do essential oils have to be used? I saw the oils you use to make scented candles and wondered if you could use that? They could be put in containers around the house as opposed to air fresheners.

    • Landon says

      There’s the Original Blue Ultra Dawn link from the site you linked above.

      “Chronic Health Effects: From MSDS:
      No chronic health effects reported.

      Carcinogenicity: This finished product is not carcinogenic. NTP: No IARC: No OSHA: No
      This product is not subject to warning labeling under California Proposition 65.”

      First a disclaimer. I realize that in written form it is impossible to pick up on the tone intended by the person doing the writing. I am in no way expressing my views with any attitude, anger, contempt, etc. I am simply & calmly stating my views. So, I’m sorry, but I don’t see the harm in using the product in the way it was intended to be used to clean the kitchen or other areas of my home where it can be helpful. I’m not drinking it, inhaling it or spraying it in my eyes. The warnings listed are no different than what is printed on the bottle & common sense instructions for what first aid steps to take if ingested, or coming in contact with my eyes. As far as skin contact, gloves are an easy enough solution.

      Yes, there are household chemicals that have to be handled extremely carefully and not mixed with other chemicals, but can someone explain to my why Dawn gets picked on so much? I’ve been using or exposed to it for 40 years & I’m completely healthy.

  7. Jacki Holmes says

    A question if you don’t mind…..

    I love the thought of making these but how do they hold together after a couple of weeks in place? I have rough slate floors and would hate to have this fall apart behind the commode and have to get BS out of all those crevices in the slate.

  8. Ada says

    Talk about timely! My brother is taking the car for a roadtrip this weekend and I was wondering if I should spend a couple bucks ($ is SUPER tight for the next couple of weeks) to get a new air freshener for it or try to figure out a way to DIY it (time is also tight, but not quite as much as $ right now). I already have all of these ingredients in my laundry room. Thanks!

  9. michelle says

    I was so excited about trying this one until I realized I was all out of my lavender essential oil. :( boo! But then I decided to improvise with some lavender scented purex crystals I had from making the diy fabric softened (also found on this site). I couldn’t be happier with the results! They smell great and they came out a pretty light purple.

    • Sharon says

      I have 3 cats and a dog and a somewhat stinky spouse when he has been working in the shop painting or refinishing a piece of furniture – his very creative hobby. I love the natural scents of baking and cooking. I have often freshened up the house before (or even during) having someone visit. Take your fresh or even dried herbs, crumble and fill an old metal coffee pot or pan with a couple of cups of water. I use whatever I have dried or fresh from the garden – Basil, Oregano, Dill, Thyme and/or Rosemary. Put on the lowest simmer setting on your stove. I even use cinnamon and nutmeg and a drop or 2 of natural vanilla extract (a nice winter warming scent). I throw in some baking soda and make a thin paste then soak up the water in the pan after it has cooled and the guests have departed with a sponge or one of the disposable dusting pads. I wrap the wet sponge or pad tightly in plastic wrap and store in my freezer. I label the package with the scent used so that I can “refresh it” after tucking it in a hidden spot in the bathroom, kitchen or wherever. It lasts several weeks even after dried out. When it needs to be refreshed, redo the process after rinsing out the sponge or pad thoroughly.

  10. Shana says

    Fantastic idea!! My nose (and my hubby’s) will appreciate this when walking past the kitty potty!! Going to put one of these near the bunny’s cage too.

    Right there with you on the patience aspect…inspired by all the different uses of baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, I purchased industrial sizes in these products last weekend. Due to my inability to wait for the baking soda and vinegar to mix without creating a volcano of epic proportions, I am now in need of more vinegar!! Mr. Husband got a great laugh watching me trying to stop the foaming overflow. But I felt somewhat vindicated after the foaming was done and there was vinegar and baking soda all over the kitchen floor and counter I got my mop and towels out and went to work!! He was impressed by how well those two simple ingredients cleaned our well traveled kitchen floor!!

    Wait until he tries out the homemade body wash I am going to make him this weekend!!



  11. Calliope says

    I did this exactly as written above but…they don’t really work.
    My thoughts: baking soda will absorb any smell even the eo’s. 3-4 drops won’t be enough.
    I’ve put 3 pieces a)behind the toilet, b)in a small plate in the dining room, c)in a small plate in the living room and I’m really sorry to say that zero nice smell comes from them and not so nice smells still linger around

    • Luna says

      Unfortunately I had the same issue, they lost the smell after 48 hours and they crumble completely. I reused the material and added more oil, same results. :(
      I’m actually really interested in making these work but they just crumble and the smell is gone.
      Any ideas around here to help? :)

    • Roxy says

      I was wondering if these actually work, read your comment and did some research before doing it.
      I found this article which goes into the science of how baking soda works. So I think it might not absorb the smell from the oil depending on its pH.

      “On the other hand, the science advisory board of The Straight Dope confirms that baking soda, which is really sodium bicarbonate, can in fact neutralize strong acids and stabilize strong bases. That’s significant because, according to the scientists, a bad odor “is almost always the result of strong acids (in the fridge, often lactic acids) or bases (found in spoiled meats).”
      Read more:

      I went ahead and followed the directions (mostly). I used the least amount of water possible and left them in the mold for about a week. I used those ikea ice cube molds (hearts). I kept checking them for dryness and most crumbled but were moist enough to be pressed back in. Today I took them out and all but 2 look nice but most are pretty solid. They don’t smell like the tea tree oil but I think I”d like them around for a convenient way to store baking soda I use in my cleaning routine. My mad scientist husband, suggested to try starch (i’m thinking cornstarch) to get stronger cohesion. If you’d like me to follow up with how it works out, pls let me know :)

  12. T says

    Just wondering if the silicone muffin cups will absorb the scent of the oils? Can I use the same muffin cups I use for baking or should I invest in another one just for this purpose? BTW, love your blogs!!

    • Amanda G. says

      I made the shower discs with the eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender using my muffin pan. Learned my lesson there. I made a batch of to-go homemade oatmeal (even after washing the pan a couple times) and they tasted like the shower discs. I had to put a baking soda mixture in the tins and bake it, several times, before the smell and taste finally came out. So if you are going to make these, I would not use molds you plan on using for food.

  13. r says

    I just made mine! I made my fist tray orange scented and the second chocolate. I know, I know doesn’t smell to fresh, i love trying new things. But, putting baking powder on your carpet isn’t good for your vacuum. I did this for a while, but then I found out about it.

    • Amanda G. says

      Where did you hear that? I looked it up online, and only could find one place where it said it was bad. Further into the article is a plug for a carpet freshener alternative, so I’m not sure how reliable that article is. I use baking soda on our carpets all the time, as does my mom, and have never noticed a single thing wrong with our sweeper. Not trying to be bitchy…just curious. :-)

  14. Lisa M. says

    I did two batches: In one I added about 1 tsp cornstarch to 1 cup of baking soda; in the other I used just 1/2 tsp cornstarch. And then since I was feeling REALLY impatient, I baked the suckers on super low heat in the oven for about half a day. End result: I’d say about a third came out looking perfect, a third came out a little crumbly but still obviously the heart shapes they were meant to be, and the other third just fell to pieces. I’m not sure how they would have behaved if I’d just let them sit and dry peacefully.

    But anyway, they still smell great. I didn’t think there was any smell until I left the house for a while, and came back to realize that the ones I’d left sitting on the kitchen counter had the whole place pretty good. It was subtle, but definitely there.

  15. Jack's mommy says

    I made my first batch tonight using mint extract. In the hospital mint is used to cover up some really bad smells. Figure if mint extract is safe for baking why not the diaper pail. Plus it cleared out the stuffy nose I had. A little goes along way.

  16. Brittney says

    I can’t get mine to stick together either! Help I love this idea and want to use them!! I tired a second batch and let them dry for a full 48 hrs, nope just a fine powder when I touch them. I also tried baking them..didn’t work either! Am I the only one!?! :). Thanks!- Brittney

  17. ajclark86 says

    Has anyone tried these with the diffuser type oil? Im not looking to use in tbe laundry and love the idea of lining my cup cake pan with cheese cloth to contain the crumbles for the fridge, trash, bathroom ect. But finding EO has proven very difficult in my very small area of North Carolina. I know Walli world carries the diffusser oil and was curious. Thanks!

    • ashley says

      i’d be afraid to use my muffin tin with food after. i’m paranoid about these things. i’ve ordered EO’s online from amazon/vitamin shoppe before… pretty inexpensive

      maybe if you use an old yogurt cup or something as a mold? I’m thinking about trying this


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  4. […] Combine ¾ cup baking soda with ¼ cup distilled water into a thick paste. Add in 20 drops of essential oil of your choice and pour entire mixture into silicone muffin pan or similar. Allow disks to dry for 24-48 hours, then pop them out and store in an airtight container or plastic bag. Attach to the underside of the lid of your trash can with a slit plastic herb container or similar, and enjoy your funk-free trash can smell.{found on onegoodthingbyjillee}. […]

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