No-Slip Hangers – 3 Different Solutions!

no slip hangersI have posted about making your own No-Slip Hangers once before here. These were pretty much life-changing for me! :-)

I can’t tell you how aggravated I would get over shirts, sweaters, skirts and dresses slipping off the ends of the hanger and onto the floor in a heap! It was almost a little ridiculous. You’ve heard of “road rage”?  It’s kind of like that…but without the car….and I’m standing in my closet. Otherwise it’s the same. lol.

Anyway, let’s just say it’s ONE OF THOSE THINGS that get under my skin and so when I discovered this FIRST no-slip hanger idea, I was so THRILLED that I never even considered anything else.

But since that time (thanks to YOUR comments) I have discovered two MORE ways to EASILY make your hangers HOLD ON to your clothes, rather than letting them go slip, sliding away. (Naughty hangers!)

So I’m going to share all three ways so you can take your pick! Dontcha just LOVE having options in this world??? I sure do! I’m an options-loving kinda girl!



(Or as I have always called them…good old fashioned pipe cleaners)

 no slip hangers




no slip hangers




Sorry, I didn’t even take any individual photos of this one….it’s THAT simple! :-) (Refer to top picture for a visual.)

rubber bandsAfter having used all three versions for awhile now…I can honestly say I don’t really have a STRONG PREFERENCE of one over the others. (I currently use all three in my closet.)

But if I were FORCED to choose by the “hanger police”, I would probably pick the GLUE GUN GRIPPER because it’s every bit as effective as the other two, it’s the least noticeable of the three when hanging in your closet, AND you get to use a GLUE GUN!! :-)

There ya have it……OPTIONS!  It’s the word of the day!

So which one is YOUR favorite OPTION?


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  1. Landon says

    Jillee, this is G.E.N.I.O.U.S!! I am very familiar with the clothes on the floor while the empty hanger dangles from the rod rage. I will be trying the glue gun gripper on my daughter’s hangers. Her clothes seem to be the only ones in the house that are constantly jumping off the hangers!! LOL Whatever the gripper doesn’t work for the pipe cleaners will & there are always plenty of those around here.

    • Ayshela says

      My daughter did this to her hangers, since she hangs pretty much everything but her underwear, and she LOVES it! She was such a fan she made some glue-gunned hangers for her sister and for her best friend. No more tank tops or wide necked shirts on the floor!

      • Landon says

        Our hangers have the little dipped out rectangle in the top edge that is perfect for my daughter’s camis & tank tops, but those wide necked tops are the worst! They are so cute on my daughter, not so cute on her closet floor.

  2. Christy says

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    One Good Thing by Jillee Forum

    I received this email last night after I had activated my account with the forum yesterday afternoon. I am not understanding what membership requirements I didn’t meet as I answered all the questions during registration.

    • Landon says

      This happens all the time with vbulletin & its nothing personal. All it means is that something about your username or your email address looked iffy to the filter, so it got kicked out. If you PM the username & email address to an Admin (Jillee) they can be on the lookout on the registration list to approve that username & password. Unless you administrate a message board you would be shocked at the number of spammers that sign up & are deleted every single day. In order to keep a place clean, family friendly, and spam free each registration have to be approved individually. You would truly be shocked at what would show up on a site that is not monitored.

    • says

      hmmmm….well THAT shouldn’t be happening. The MAIN thing that we are asking to differentiate REAL users with spammers is we are asking what one of your INTERESTS are (like DIY, cleaning, homemade solutions, etc). Did you answer that question? I will keep an eye out for your email address Christy.

      • Christy says

        Yes I did answer that question. I will re-register and see what happens. I love all the information on your blog and would also I like to read the forums. Thanks for the help.

  3. says

    LOVING your ideas in general, but this one is great! I have another option for you, for people with padded hangers. I got frustrated once with sleeveless tops and dresses slipping off. When my back was turned…I grabbed all of hangers, my sewing box and sat on the front stoop sewing shank buttons to the hanger tops, about half an inch from each end.I’ve been using them for about a year and my frustration level went waaaay down. I can’t wait to rubber band all my other hangers. I am SO using this in the bride’s closet at the farm!!! Thanks!

  4. CTY says

    Wait–your supposed to hang your clothes ;)
    I like the pipe cleaner, ahem, fuzzy stick idea. I have a bunch hanging around from when I had to buy a 3 variety packs because they didn’t sell the color I needed in individual packs.
    I’ll have a rainbow closet. I could use the colors to organize them, no maybe I should just focus on getting off the floor!

  5. Ellen Gardner says

    Hmmm… My glue gun’s glue dries hard and smooth, not rubbery so maybe the other 2 would work better for me.

    • Lori W says

      Try silicone caulking. It’s stickier and will grip better to stop those hanger slide-offs, and, if you’re doing a bunch of them you can get out the caulking gun and really git-r-dun!

    • CTY says

      I have a spray bottle with water in it, I lay the sweater on the bed give a few sprays, reshape & let it set a bit. I have also been known to wear it even if not completely dry. Scandal, outrage I know.

    • says

      From Lynn Long on Facebook:

      I have one more that also keeps the hanger from leaving shoulder marks. Get some pipe insulation foam, cut it to the length of your hanger, slice one side, poke a hole for the hook and slip it over your hanger. I use these for sweaters and such and hot glue for the rest.

    • Sandra says

      Easy. I bend a wire hanger (or two) in the middle so the two “elbows” face downward. (This is where Jillee’s ideas would work well!) Bend the elbows up in the air to keep spaghetti straps from slipping off.

    • Tricia says

      I’ve just finished doing all of my coathangers. I used a strip of thick foam wrapped around the end to create a nice sponge like padding then used a cheap bandage to hold it in place. Works great.

    • Gail Hartsfield says

      Have you thought about using old shoulder pads glued to the hanger for your sweaters.

  6. Fran says

    i used the old fashioned crocheted covered hangers now. totally non slip. i get them from garage sales and second hand shops. i never have problems with clothes slipping any more. it’s so annoying. i like the glue gun idea.